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Mat Workout

35 min - Class


Feel what is going on in your body with this Mat workout using the Oov with Daniel Vladeta. He teaches a restorative, motor-control class that is great for people who are recovering from injuries as well as those who need more stability in their bodies. By working slowly and learning how to control your movements, you will facilitate breathing in your diaphragm so you feel more in-tune with your body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Oov, Towel, Overball, Theraband


Hi, I'm Daniel Vladeta, and we're going to do a restorative motor control class today with you. This is a great class for anyone who is recovering from any sort of injury, back injury, hip injury, or ...


Thank you for this very informative and detailed class. Oovs are still on back order through Balanced Body :((. Is there any other way to get one shipped to the U.S.? I would appreciate another class with extensions/prone.
Great class. Thank you very much.
I loved the pace the control and fluidity of movement is amazing. My clients live it because they connect with their bodies in a deeper level.
love this class
Hi Tina,
Balanced Body have the Oov back in stock.
We had a shipping and manufacturing delay and are now just catching up.
There is another group class that has prone/extension work in it.
This is a restorative class.
when teaching this to my clients i use a slower pace is that ok? i am trying to emphasize the eccentric contraction to build strength and hold for 5 seconds
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I purchased Oovs for my studio after attending the Pilates on Tour / Brent Anderson & Daniel Vladaeta class. The Oov is amazing at the changes my clients have experienced. One young athlete that has had to use an inhaler for asthma no longer feels the need for her inhaler! Also, I do myofascial length testing to incorporate within Pilates & manual therapy to determine tx strategies. With pre Oov and post Oov use, the myofascial testing shows incredible change within the myofascial slings / lines.
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This was a fantastic class for my unstable left psoas. I felt both the psoas and left sacrum more balanced after this class. I could do this a few times a week and feel more prepared for faster activities.
I really like Daniels method , I've just ordered a Oov in the UK and have been practicing the class using a very deflated Pilates ball instead while I wait for my Oov to arrive ( I'm sure this is a poor substitute ) Please more classes from Daniel !!!
I can't get enough on the Oov!!! I was introduced to it at POT, and have just the few that I have been able to get at my studio. With my limited experience, I've still been able to help my clients make amazing discoveries for themselves and feel wonderful. We've started an oovment here!!! I'm so excited to take the full course in July!
Just to update my previous comment, Oov has now arrived, can defiantly confirm Pilates ball was defiantly a very very poor substitute, love the Oov core muscle defiantly work better and a much nicer moving experience just love roll up and extension work with the Oov ,looking forward to more classes.
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