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Cadillac Workout

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Work your way toward challenging exercises in this express Cadillac workout with Portia Page. She uses the push/pause method which works into your entire body and then resets so you can get ready to work more. She includes challenging variations to exercises like Tick Tock, Magician, and so much more!
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May 04, 2016
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Thank you both for a great class. Lots of ideas. I like that this was to the point, clear and got a lot accomplished in a short time.
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Wonderful class! I have a tall male client and a Balanced Body Tower on an Allegro reformer and I've always wondered about the angle of his knees to hips if he were to do the Seated Side Bend because when he sits on the reformer his knees are higher than his hips... any thoughts? Put him on a box? Thanks so much! He only wants Tower exercises that
"strengthen his core" for his Cross Fit training. Thanks again!
Loved the class Portia. Quick question: would the magician be okay for someone who has had neck herniation? I tried it and it didn't seem to put too much pressure in the cervical region.
Thank you for this lovely class.
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Quick and effective...have watched only for the first time....and I wonder how Erica's shoulders felt in the couple of days post session. Seems like a heavy workout for the back of the (my) shoulders, arms... Love the mood that you have created, Portia, with the soothing voice, but keeping it light. Am curious about the 8+4 push/ pause approach and would like to hear about the theory behind it.
Are they using arm springs or leg springs? I didn't catch that detail. GREAT exercises!
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Valya - Yes, sit your student on a box (either the short box or you could try a moon box to see if that will work.
Amy - I wouldn't suggest doing Magician for someone with neck issues.
Leslie - Erika has quite a strong upper body - she felt it, but all in a good way With the 8+4 push/pause approach, I was utilizing a bit of interval (HIIT) training philosophy of pushing hard for a short time (push), recovering briefly (pause)
Great work out! Thank you both!
Thank you for the "quick and dirty" workout! I would love more Cadillac express workouts!
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