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Work your way toward challenging exercises in this express Cadillac workout with Portia Page. She uses the push/pause method which works into your entire body and then resets so you can get ready to work more. She includes challenging variations to exercises like Tick Tock, Magician, and so much more!
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May 04, 2016
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Hi, I'm Portia page and with me is Eric AQuESTT p dog eat dog. It's the pony show. Are you guys ready for a Cadillac or a trapeze express? Let's hope so. Are you ready, Miss Erica? Yes. Okay. Fast and furious. Here we go. Starting.

We have this bar at about shoulder height for Erica. She is starting with the long yellow springs and loops instead of handles, we're going to start with some work for the back of the shoulder to get the upper body warmed up. This is also core work. Working with the springs. You're going to notice how hard she works. Starting with some rows, narrow rows. We're really looking for her to be as upright as possible.

Reaching down into the feet to ground, and that by the way, you'll be doing eight k. We're gonna do a little bit of push and pause. I'm going to push her with eight repetitions, a slight pause, and then push for four again and then pause and move on. Once she's reached the eight. I want you to take a break. Ms Erica with the arms extended. Long lift, a little taller.

There we go. I want to watch that height. She's tall, but she gets away with it because of her hair. We've got to watch it. She keeps the height here in her torso. Quick breath. Take a nice long breath. Reach down through your feet and up through the top of your head and power for four. Now for little faster pace. Three, four. Now pause. Stand tall, reach the arms long. I'm going to go into some wide rows now again for a cycle of eight.

Good. Why? But still lower than the shoulders with the elbows. We don't want the elbows to lift up and then she kind of looks like this, right? As a matter of fact, as she's pulling the arms back, it's almost like there's an imaginary tabletop underneath her elbow and that props up her upper body gives her a nice wide collarbone in smile. Have you reached your eight yet? Okay. Stand tall. Reach long through the arms. Push again for four. Four low faster.

Three get a little longer extension with the arms and one excellent. Now you might need to adjust your stance. We're coming into the chest expansion with chest expansion is a very different feeling with these springs in the standing position. She's got her full body length that she's working with. As she presses her arms back, you really feel that tension in the low abdominals, don't you?

The sandwiching of the spine to help her elongate again. She's going for the eight repetitions of push to really work into the entire body. Good and once she's reached her eight. Yup. Little more widening through the collarbone. Good stand tall, reset. Push again. Little quicker.

Smaller range of motion for four and three and two. Now hold their standing extension with tension already in the springs. Lift and lower good eye gaze in sternum, lift to the ceiling and then a little release through the arms. Don't release all the way with the arms though because if you do the springs will pull you forward. We want to keep upright once you've done your eight. Yup. We're going to hold that pause.

Slight tension in the arms and push for another four counts. Even though this is express trapeze, it's still going to be tough. Good. How are you doing Miss Erica? Okay. Get even taller. Good. Keep the tension. Hold there. Reset. Find an ounce more of energy.

Lift taller and push for four and three like a little pulse. Almost like the hundred standing. Excellent. Readjust your stance. We're moving into bicep curls. You have to kind of gauge where you need to stand so that your upright when you stand with slight tension in the springs. Otherwise they'll just spring you forward and you might go dive bombing through the center here. We don't want that to happen. It might be fun, but you never know. BICEP curls.

You'll notice that she's not quite getting a full extension of the arms. It's a little tricky because the springs, you hear that sound of the springs and if that's bothersome, just keep a slight bend with the elbows that keeps the tension in this springs and keeps that Nice tensioning between the body and the communication between the springs, the straps, her hands, and the rest of her body reset. Have you done your four pulses yet? Okay, ready? Go for widen the collar bone. Give me that smile, Miss Erica. There we go. One more now. Stay there. With the elbows bent, she's going to use the elbow bend and the tension in the springs to come into a squat sound. Okay? Yep. You'll notice here that it's very much like a wall squat, but she has no wall behind her.

She gets the tension to hold her upright from the springs because they're at just the right height. This is tricky though. We've got to watch to make sure that the knees are tracking in line with the hips and that they're tracking in line with the center. The footage, she's bends down. What number are you on? Good. She's only halfway through. Just doing a great job. You can keep the elbows bent and just come down and up from there. Good little broadening through the collarbone, pulling back through the shoulder blades. Good.

Low belly in Nice and tight. Good stay tall. Quick breath. You ready for a quick four? Let's push it and you're going to go into your squat. Yes. For. I'm going to do these with you three and two. So much easier for me. One and awesome work. Okay.

Little turn towards the camera please. You'll notice she's taking a wider base with the feet. This gives her better foundation. Gonna work. Two separate arms here. One, this is drawing a sword. This one here is internal rotation, so we work the rotator cuff.

Got To watch her right foot because she's a runner, tight gas struck and yet also want to watch it. The right wrist here does not pull. We want the action to happen from the arm, not the wrist itself. Good. You see, it's hard to see because the hands are close together, but she's got internal rotation on the left arm and that draws sword working the back of the shoulder and the shoulder joint on the right. Really great work as she's pressing down through the feet. Good little wider. You get your foreign, oh yeah, that she might forget that. Remember, push, pause, push three, four.

Now she's going to come a little bit lower working in the arms and getting some legwork in there. I'm going to join her on this. Yep, you're ready. You'll notice that she's not doing much pulling with the arms. She's a little bit, but because she's got a wider stance, it means she's further away from the anchor point and more tension on the springs. It's gets really tough. Are you getting a lower body workout? Yup. Make sure that the right shoulder doesn't come forward. Yep. There we go. And then draw the ribs back over the hips.

What number are you on, Miss Erica? Okay. Thank goodness she gets to pause for a moment. All the pauses is to reset and breathe and then pulse four. Watch that right foot three, a little faster pace. Good. If you can draw the lower belly and lift tall through the chest.

Excellent face back towards the open end here. Chest expansion. This is just to reset the body. You'll notice that we're going to do that a little bit later when we're on top of the bed here. Good up a little taller. That's it. Push yourself for those eight counts. Pause to breathe. One full deep breath to energize and rejuvenate and then push again for four could really keep the shoulders back pressing down through the soles of the feet, reaching through all four corners.

By the way. Lovely manicure. Good four and three and two and one because it's expressed. We're going to turn her back the other way and she's going to do the other side super easy. All she has to do is turn towards the lovely train if it's coming or towards the water. And we're going to look here and make sure that we see the alignment of the upper arm underneath her shoulder and that we see nice neutrality here through the thoracic spine and where the Scapula is laying on top of the rib cage itself. Soften the knees a little bit, Erica, so there's not um, hyperextension through the knees. How you doing there? What number?

Good as you pause and reset. I'm going to give her a little guideline here to lift a little taller through the back of the neck. Do you see that height that she just gained? Now bring the tailbone down to the low abs in. Good. Push for three and two and one. Good. Now add the legs a little wider. Step. Good.

Lifting up to the back of the neck, reaching down through the tailbone as you come down. We're going to watch this right foot. I'm going to guide her here a little bit less than your range. Erica, if you're having trouble with this foot rolling in. Good que toe socks. She has on too. Yeah, mine sort of match. Nice distraction. Lift up taller. What number are you on? Okay.

Big Tall breath. Reach. Lengthen and go. Push, breathe. Watch the shoulders here. Come on, you can do this foot. Oh, okay. Now quick. Let's, yes, let's come into our tic talk here. Let go. The front one. She moves away from the end.

Draw your low belly in and I call this tic talk, but it's really only the talk cause she's not going to come in towards the open end of the Cadillac. Only reached towards the outside palm up or down. Good. And then come back to a squat again. She goes into eight. Really working on that right side of the leg, reaching out, lifting up, using the tension here on the spring to help engage the side body. Good. As you lift up Erica, really drawn through the low abs and reach out through your right arm. Good. Where are you? One more eight this time it's a little different.

Stay right where you are. Keep the tension lower and lift that left leg good. And again, just the eight on this time on this side. See if you can bring your left hip back a little bit. Stacking it. Yup. Good. Phil. The difference, you get a little more engagement in the back of the leg there. Good. Keep the tension here in your left hand. Circles good.

She knows what the choreography is so she's moving on from lifting lower to the circles and it will be eight in each direction and she's smiling like this means nothing at all. Just to let you know, this is a tough workout. This is a lot of work and we're only done with one side, a little more opening through the chest, trying down through your right arm, good draw in through the low belly and I believe you are ready for the other side. Could come on in release this spring, grab the other one, step out. You'll notice that she's stepping in line with where the connection is here. That way, the spring won't pull her forward or back. Make sure that that right foot is in a good position and begin your talk.

Good. Woo. You might need to readjust where you're standing. It will make a difference on the side depending on your strength. We've got side body strength here. We've also got to strengthen that stability, like to really hold her up and find that balance for just a half a second before she drops back down into that ple a or squat right in the middle there. Are you breathing Erica? Yes. What number? Good. One more. She's going to hold out at that end, reaching, reaching, reaching like she wants to get out that exit door, but we're not going to let her leave just yet because she's gotta finish these.

Square your hips and pelvis. Yup. A little bit more towards me or the top hip here. Good. His site is proving a little more difficult for her and just recognize for yourselves that this will be the same for you. You might have one side that might be a little smarter or easier to do than the other side. Know your limitations. Cut back on the reps where you need to readjust where you're saying stances if you need to. Good. Are you breathing? All right.

Drop the shoulders and lift the chest. Good. You're almost there. I know I'm going to move out of the way cause she might come springing back over here towards me. Okay. All right, fantastic. We now transition to being on the bed itself. We are back seated facing the open end, roll down bar, hands on the outside, lifting nice and tall. One thing I sometimes like to do is take this, I'm on the other side.

If that feels good and just slide your hands in and just gives you a little guidance for the risks to keep them straight sitting up as tall as she can. Reaching and stretching into the roll down bar. Press down just a little bit to engage and lift and then we're going to go into a few little simple rollbacks. All I want her to do is roll and warm up her spine. Good and please don't stay down there all day.

Okay. Simple, simple, always getting that simple connection first and then the tuck and roll. Really feeling that tucking, curling and pulling in through the lower abdominals and as she comes up, not allowing the shoulders to roll in. She's doing a really great job of keeping the scapula connection back here. We're not quite ready to go back to our push pause yet. Right now. I want her to do one more roll down just so that she gets reacclimated rejuvenated.

Get in that nice juicy rolling for the spine and roll back up. Now we will begin. This is thank you Miss Erica. The steering wheel roll back halfway before you begin. Get a little longer curl, reach to the toes and now a little more tension and then steer towards me and back to center and to the other side and center.

So we're really looking on wanting to keep this curl in in the low back. Nice and long. This is a lot harder than she's making this look. I'm giving her no support whatsoever. Only gentle guidance to keep the ABS drawn in. What number are you on? Eight. I thought so. Let's have you roll back up. Lift tall through the chest, reconnect a little pressure down. Now we're going to work a little bit more.

Roll back for, keep the scoop in the lower abdominals. Really pull in a little bit more. I know it's getting tough. Getting towards the end of the day. Chest up, shoulders down and roll up quick and easy. Roll back down again. Now we move onto the next exercise. This one is a little tougher. She's going to cross one leg over. She's steering towards me and steer with a pull and a reach.

So it's a little row and every time you draw that bar towards, I want you to think about scooping in. Good. You got four more pulling and I am going to give you a break when you come back up, cause this is tough work. Lift through the chest, draw back through the shoulders instead of lifting through the belly. I want you to draw back through the belly, but lift to the chest. Good. Reaching into the opposition and roll up. Bring your leg back to the center. Let's have one roll down here.

This will be your rejuvenation and your refill of your tank if you will, and roll back up. Nice. Reconnect with the roll down bar. Sit Up Tall, cross the other leg over, scoop back. I'm going to give some gentle guidance here. Steer towards the camera and pull. Now as you pull in, Eric, I want you to think about deepening the scoop here. Just one millimeter. Good.

She's using the breath or to really help in scoop and pull in. Pull it even tighter. I know you're counting, right? Yeah. Good. Makes sure they've got a good grip on the roll down bar there without gripping it to death. Good. Come back, come up, roll down again. Revitalization rejuvenation.

Re lengthening and then I'm going to have you push for, for, come on up. Cross, back over. Okay. Scoop and rural by really pull back from the low deep abdominals and for could really pressed down through the shoulders and pulled back from the backside of the underarm to open and broaden to the collarbone. Good up. Roll down. One juicy roll down. Reconnect, reach and stretch.

Good. No rest for the weary. We roll back up right crosses over, left lift tall, lift right through the sternum, roll back and scoop and steer and now row. So much easier to queue than it is to do good and roll back up. Finish off for the one nice juicy roll down. When you get all the way down, I want you to really connect an anchor, the upper back for just one full breath as you reach who the toes and then let that exhale. Just guide you out. Keep tension on the pull down bar and release. I'm going to let this go to the other side so it's out of the way.

Roll back and spins that your head is here. Feet this way. Bring your legs into the leg springs. All right. It's going to do some standard leg spring work here. Centered you. Okay. They're good.

I think you might want to come just tidge towards me. Yeah, there you go. Good. And maybe work your hips down that way a bit. You're good there. All right, excellent. I wanted to work a little harder. Anchor the tailbone, anchor the upper back and let's just start. Let's just start actually start with some frogs who bring some tension into the straps and then reach out long. Now I'm going ahead and leaving the push through bar here. If this is in the way or you've got an extra tall client or someone whose legs are really long, you don't have to have it sprung.

We're just ready to go cause this is express and I know Eric has not going to touch the bar. Good. Where are you? All right. Really easy for the tailbone to lift, so you want to make sure that as you draw the knees in that you really reached down through the tailbone and get that stretch through the back of the hip and in through the hamstrings. Now lift and lower turned out good. We're working up to magician. We're going to do a few other leg things here and then come into a single leg and we'll, I'll show you how you can build up towards the magician.

Don't worry, I'm not going to make her disappear. [inaudible] where are you? Good. All right. Really think about reaching long through here as the legs come up. Excellent. And we've got the upper back anchored the top ribs softening towards the back and then circles. Good. Keep these somewhat contain, not really big. I want you to keep control of the springs. If you get big and loose and sloppy, the springs take over. Not a good thing.

Good. Excellent. You see her reaching down through your arms and that helps her to anchor her torso. Good. Going the other direction, making sure that we're not seeing movement here in the low back, that we're seeing movement in the legs and at the hip joint. Good. Where are you starting? Good. Feeling a little something in the back of the size there? Yes, that's a good thing. Don't worry. We'll get a stretch for those in a minute.

Excellent. Okay. Let's go ahead and take out the foot closest to me. That foot's going to come down here. Just move this over to the side. For the moment. We've got the left leg set up for a single leg bridge, but before she comes up into a bridge, I want her to wait into this right foot here, bringing the leg down without hyperextending the leg, but just really reaching. So we're still really taxing the hamstrings.

I'm just going to give her a little bit of guidance here as she comes up into a bridge, rolling her hinge in whatever feels the most comfortable, and then really reach through this leg and press down and up. And I'm going to let her control it now, but if you're getting out of control, you can have someone spot and just give you a little bit of help here. I'm also putting my hand here just in case the hip is dropping. She's not doing any dropping at all foot. Still not reaching here, so we're good to go. Where are you? You're close. Three more yet. Now what this is doing is preparing the back extensors, the glutes and the hamstrings for that tough magician coming up.

Good and roll down. I'll take this, let that go out of the way. Grab this one. Good first pressure. We bring the knee a little bit lower than this one just to where they can really get this tension and work here in this leg, and then this leg presses up, the spine rolls up or hinges up, and then it's a lower end lift of the strapped leg. Really pressing down through the heel of this foot and reaching that energy basically from the anchored upper back all the way down the through the top of the right thigh and out through the strap leg. Excellent job.

Really pressed to your hands to Erica so you feel the chest expand and open. Fill the drawing in of the lower abs. Good. You're almost there. You're so close. All right, let's leave this foot in. Just bring the knee in. Got it up to you. Okay, now she is ready to disappear. Oh Bam, Bam. Oh, I'm just kidding. All right. You good there? Okay. Anchor your upper back.

Really press through the heels and then begin to float. Whoa. Now can you reach in and press out if you can reach the legs a little bit lower. Really feel the work through the back of the leg. Now I have my hand here, but I'm not doing anything. This is all her. Yeah, and she is doing a wonderful job. She's making it look so effortless.

It's like she's floating. Oh, I feel like I could have a sheet and then I take the sheet off and she'd be gone. But rolling. You're done. Yes. Yeah. Don't worry. You're done. And I'm going to let you strap out. I know we did eight and four in the others, but really there's no need to do eight and four here. Let go. We'll let these drop in here. Roll yourself up my dear. Take the feet here. I promised you a stretch and here is a stretch.

We've got one red spring on the pushdown bar. Pull down, rollback. Stretch through a little bit of assistance here. Always feels wonderful. And then roll back. You're going to do stu, four of these. I know it doesn't seem fair. Does it come into the extension part of it? Another little stretch here and then push through.

I will say that sometimes the red spring can be a lot to push down, especially after a pretty intense workout like that. So just change to a blue if you need to. What we're looking for is control of that push through bar. So if you see a lot of jerky movement and uncontrollable movement, the tension is too much drop to a blue. I think that this is for four. Okay, good. All right. Scoop, reach, stretch. Give you a little added assistance here. She needs that hamstring stretch after all that hard work, come back up.

Ooh. Okay, fantastic. Let's have you come this way first. Okay, we're going into a single arm. We tested this earlier. Again, if the red is too much, bring it down to a blue spring. Bring the hand slightly in front so that a lot of times the elbow here and in this position, she has no strength to push that bar down. Bring it under, connects to the underarm, the other arm reaches out and then she pushes through and anchors through this hip and gets his beautiful side stretch here. And again, you only get four of these. So come back up. Keep it rhythmic control and then pull. Reach, stretch. Good. I like to keep this extra tension here.

Helps them to anchor the hipbone down. If you are working out on your own and you don't have somebody to give you that nice guidance, you must think. Anchor the opposite. Sit Bone. Good. And I think you have one more. Okay, fantastic. Sorry, my hands getting sweaty so that's good. That's okay. Beautiful. All right. Swing around other side.

Sitting up as tall as you can. Erica. Again, we're going to bring that hand or elbow a little bit more in front. Pull down. She feels a pull down through here. Anchor through this tip. Reach and stretch and then come back up. I always like to say that you want to acknowledge the difference between the both sides. Do you feel a difference on this side? Yeah. You might see a different apex of the side stretch here, especially when you're standing from behind someone and it might feel very different to the person doing it.

We tend to be very different from side to side, especially in lateral flection. Good. One more little shake here. Yeah, I know. That's right. There you go. Excellent. I've got this. Okay, good and Swan. Yup. Yup. Okay. Bring the feet back here. Head stays down. Good.

You're doing good there. Yeah. Okay. Before we start this one, I just want to give a little bit of lift and lower of the shoulders with the arms straighten. I'm assisting here by pulling the bar, just giving her a little bit of stretch here. She's done a ton of work for her trunk, ton of work for the entire body, so I just want to give a little bit of assistance here. Now we can get her into a neutral position. Feel this connection here, the press down through the legs and then very simply lift into a swan with the one red spring. This is going to feel really nice and and actually give her an assistance up and down. I've got my hand here for safety because I don't want her to let go of that bar and have it become part of her dinner.

[inaudible] good. Oh Nice. See we're getting some really good extension here. She's starting to come up a little bit higher time and I'm not helping her. She's doing this all by herself. What number are you on? Okay, good. One more time. Good. And then she gets the best part of all, and that's the assisted stretch.

Hang onto the bar, please. Otherwise I go sliding through. That's no fun. All right, I've got the bar. Come back up. Sit back onto your heels. Good. And come to a standing position over here. Finish standing. We'll do this together. Facing one another. Take a big reach up. Exhale out.

Ah, and again, big reach.


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Thank you both for a great class. Lots of ideas. I like that this was to the point, clear and got a lot accomplished in a short time.
Valya Karcher
Wonderful class! I have a tall male client and a Balanced Body Tower on an Allegro reformer and I've always wondered about the angle of his knees to hips if he were to do the Seated Side Bend because when he sits on the reformer his knees are higher than his hips... any thoughts? Put him on a box? Thanks so much! He only wants Tower exercises that
Valya Karcher
"strengthen his core" for his Cross Fit training. Thanks again!
Loved the class Portia. Quick question: would the magician be okay for someone who has had neck herniation? I tried it and it didn't seem to put too much pressure in the cervical region.
Thank you for this lovely class.
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Quick and effective...have watched only for the first time....and I wonder how Erica's shoulders felt in the couple of days post session. Seems like a heavy workout for the back of the (my) shoulders, arms... Love the mood that you have created, Portia, with the soothing voice, but keeping it light. Am curious about the 8+4 push/ pause approach and would like to hear about the theory behind it.
Are they using arm springs or leg springs? I didn't catch that detail. GREAT exercises!
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Valya - Yes, sit your student on a box (either the short box or you could try a moon box to see if that will work.
Amy - I wouldn't suggest doing Magician for someone with neck issues.
Leslie - Erika has quite a strong upper body - she felt it, but all in a good way With the 8+4 push/pause approach, I was utilizing a bit of interval (HIIT) training philosophy of pushing hard for a short time (push), recovering briefly (pause)
Great work out! Thank you both!
Thank you for the "quick and dirty" workout! I would love more Cadillac express workouts!
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