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Feel the freedom in your body with this Tower workout with Tash Barnard. She adds the unstable surface of the Foam Roller to challenge your stabilizers and balance. She includes many creative variations like a One-Leg Tower, Side Lift with a Twist, and much more!
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May 12, 2016
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Welcome back to Pilati is anytime all you need is a foam roller, the arm springs and the lakes springs already set up and a to dry. I have my South African sisters with me, so I enjoy the class with us. Uh, Kelly and Monique, you can line a supine position with um, your bar just underneath or above your armpits with your knees, beans, hands at shoulder with the parts. And we're going to start with the one and only pelvic skull. So we're going to take a debrief to start with as we excelled, ro the abdominals, tilt the pelvis and articulate your spine up off the floor. Inhale at the top, using the breadth and on the Xcel.

We roll down beautiful work all the way back into that neutral and we take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale, drawing the abdominals, maximizing that Lumbar fluxion rolling the pelvis up. Roiling the spine up. Inhale at the top and exhale to roll down. Enjoy that stretch over the lower back. Release the pelvis.

Inhale and exhale. Draw the abdominals rolling up, lifting up in hell, pose and excel, making sure that our doctors run parallel to each other, pressing the feet down into the floor, always striving for precision of the movement. One more inhale, and then we're gonna add in a little variation. Exhale, draw the abdominals. Articulate the spine, rolling up into that beautiful bridging position. You're going to lift your right Tega, bend your knee and bring your ankle over your site into the figure of four position. From here, we're going to do three pelvic calls rolling down. Exhale, roll down the center of the spine. Articulate down feeling that both sides of the body is nice and stable all the way to the neutral. Inhale and exhale, engage the ta.

Before the movement happens, we always stabilize. Bracing the right knee away from you. Inhale and exhale, articulate down. Good work you guys, and you feel like you pulling the bar part so the arms are active. And one more. Inhale and exhale.

Draw deep into the abdominals, pressing the pelvis up towards the ceiling. We're going to hold the gen two five pulses up. Exhale, five XL full [inaudible] to one. Hold it on the heights of the pulse. Lift the right knee, bend the knee, place it down without the pelvis shifting. Lift the left leg up and cross the ankle over the thigh. Exhale to roll down. Breathing out, breathing out and lengthen that lower back.

Inhale and draw deep into the abdominals. Make each brace count. Each spinal articulation is important in Hell and excel became full of the right side. Cal. Keep the adductors active. Thank you. Good work. One more breath. Inhale and drew all the abdominals. Exhale to roll up. Roll up royal, upholding a chair for the five pulses per racing off my handful. Five.

Keep the pubic bone higher than the hip toyed and three exhale two x hell one pose and hold it here. Lift the left leg. Place League down in Hell and we excel. Articulate down, drawing deep drawing deeper, the adductors, staying active all the way to the neutral for the spine. Twist upon your exhale. Lift your right leg off the floor. They in the lift, they comes off the floor and make sure you stay active in your body. Here. Your shins are parallel to the floor. If I had to raise my hand down, you'll be able to hold me. So give me a little bit more extensive here. Yes, that's it. Good work. On the inhale, the legs go over to the right side.

Breathing in, keeping the opposite shoulder blade on the floor and on the XL. Use The obliques to resist your own body. Good resistance. Munn and inhale over to the left side, keeping the knees stacked on top of each other. So the pelvis moves as a unit XL to draw back and we inhale over this time. Extend both knees for me, Preston, legs away.

Pull this straight legs back to the center. Straight eggs and then brain the knees and we go over to the side. Inhale, Xcel reaching the legs up. I pull up those quadriceps, draw the legs back to the center and being the nice two more. And inhale and press away. Excel. Create your own resistance the whole time you are in tune with your body.

Keep moving. She's waiting for my cue. You're a good student and bend your knees one whole and inhale over and extend the legs. Draw deep into the abdominals. Pull the legs back to the center, bend your knees and replaced one leg at a time on the floor. From here we're going to go into the money roll-up. So I want you guys to slide your legs away. We're going to do the money.

Roy Labs with straight legs today. Taking a debrief on the XL, draw the chin to the chase and just bring that thoracic spine up off the floor. So this is your sit up. This is your starting position. Take a breath. Inhale on the XL, deepen the flection without the power shifting. So you want to press the bar up and we inhale, come back to this gaps and we excel. Drawer the abdominals and left up and inhaled back to the gaps.

And we excel. Don't be shy to leave me an email. Formal and excel drawing in, drawing and lower down and through more. Make sure the nick doesn't take strain here and lower down. Good work. You guys do more XL drawer, deep, deep, deep. And inhale and exhale. So my train the nic flection here for me, cal lower down.

We're going to do one more and exhausted. It's almost like you're resisting the ball using the abdominals for the resistance. Lower down to your scabs. Then lower your head all the way down. I want you to change your hand grip so that you're in the underhand grip. We're gonna move into the obliques this time. So both hands are underneath.

Make sure your hands are in line with your shoulders, not wide. Right in line with your shoulders. We're gonna bend your right knee up off the floor into your tabletop position. Bring your right hand behind your head. Inhale for me and on the XL.

Move your body into forward flection. So again, trying to chase chase two thighs. Again, this is your set up, so we're going to move from here into rotation, focusing on the oblique muscles. We inhaled for the prep, rotate to the right side and Xcel up, up, up. Stay on the diagonal. As you lower it to the scaps and we go Xcel Xcel. And inhale, making sure that the shoulder blade is not left up. So you've got shoulder stability, but the obliques are actually doing the work.

Three more. And Xcel reach, reach, reach and inhale done. Another common fault that we see here is that we been the arm and then it becomes a arm exercise. Make sure that elbow stays striped. Last one, cal and excel up, up, up, up. Come down to the center. Lower your hair down. Slide that leg away, reaching that leg out of the hip and swap the arms around being the lift me up to 90 degrees. Making sure again that we have precision of the sit up.

Your knee is in line with your hip and that shirt is parallel to the floor. Breathing in, draw the chin to the chase. Yes, cal. That's much better. Good, good, good. So now the Naples stay pain-free. Take a break for the preparation on the XL. Rotate over to the left side and increased the call and it doesn't matter how high you come up.

What does matter is that that pelvis stays nice and anchored XL five more on the exhale and lower down and formal Xcel and lower down. And if it burns and you know you're doing a dry three Mo and down x hell to move good work and down last one and exhale and lower down. Bring your body to center, place your foot down, slide your leg away and lower the head down. Great. From here you guys are going to let go of the ball. We're going to do a footwork series in a standing position.

So let's just do a rollout. So we have a nice transition of movement even if the arms are just in 90 degrees. Inhale, lift the arms, not the Chin and in XL roll up and we love transition of movements and flow. You guys can stand up, face the push through bar, make sure you standing arm length away even it feels, if it feels you're a little bit further than closer to the bar. And we're going to start with our classical squat, but with up velocities, principles. So on the inhale we're going to Bain, the knees almost pulling on the bar sitting down so that your spine is alone, aligned on the exhale. Use the hip extensors and then brace up and we go again in hell two flakes.

Bringing this site to 90 degrees. Xcel use the hamstrings and the glute Max and press up and we do formal so we activate before we move. What I love most about these pants is that you can actually see if the muscles are activating XLF count. Good little scales are falling towards each other tomorrow and we go in healthy vein activate and Xcel. So allow the correct muscles to do they function.

Last one inhale, we're going to stay down. We are going to hold the chair for six passes, but down pulses, one Xcel, two abdominals are strong, four and five and six and press up all the way into your upright position. Adjust your feet, bring your toes to where your heels are and we'd go into your parallel toes on the Bar, right? We inhaled to Bain, the knees, maintaining the high heel, high heel, activate the back of the legs and Xcel lift up. Can you feel it? I can see it and we go in hell to vein and XL, making sure those ankles stay lined. So make sure you observe your client from every angle in hell to be in the knees. Activate the back of the legs and exhale.

Press up two more and hell maintaining that beautiful neutral spine Xcel to brace up. And the next one in health two band hall that he has. So just check in with your client or if you're doing the session, no shoulders in the ears. Let's are engaged. Abdominals are in and ripples up this time for six and five and four and three and two and Breesa up all the way. Lower the heels for a split second. Good.

From here we go into the Classic v or Your Small v position on a rise. So rise up, adjust your feet if you need to. And we go in health, bending the knees out to the side. The more you squeeze your heels together, the deeper the work in those legs. Exhale, two Perissa, Perissa, Perissa and five more.

Inhale to bean and Xcel to brace up. Squeezing my hand and inhale to been formal and excel. Two press apps. A press out into the pinky toe so that we target this posterior chain of the body and we beat more. Pinky chose mine more pinky toes. Yes. And exhale up. And three more. Inhale, two being beautiful.

Passion upper body ladies and exhale up and we do two more in hell to me and Excella. Squeeze. Drop the knees, drop the knees. Why more in hell to be holding it here for your six pulses down four, six and five and four and three maintain that neutral spine too and one brace up all the way lower the Hill's great work you guys turn so that your turn so that you have your right hand on the bar with your legs in a wide wide position. So a second position we're going to inhale, bend the knees and on the XL leads a little side stretch in hell. Back and priests are, draw your adductors together and we inhale [inaudible]. Exhale up. [inaudible] enjoy that stretch.

Inhale and exhale and you still drawing your heels towards each other. And we do two more in hell to me and XL. Reach up and over, keeping that right shoulder away from the ear. Inhale back to the t and XL priests up and give me a little bit more adductors and we've got the last one in. Healthy living XL up and over.

Listen to the transition here. We breathe in without the pelvis shifting too much. Go into spinal rotation as you reached down, enjoying the straight breathing in and breathing out. Sit a little bit deeper for me. Yes man. Hold it. One more breath. Inhale. So this is where you get to enjoy the stretch. Let that push through bar, increase the stretch for you a little bit. Bring your arm back over your head, bring your body forward, bring the arm to the t and then we stretch up all the way.

Great work you guys can turn around. Thank you Amina t and we go in hell to bean Xcel. Lift the arm up and over, keeping those ribs nice and drawn in. Bring the arm back into your tea. And then XL Perris up and the adductors are active and in hell and exhale to reach, reach, reach, good in hell. Being careful that the legs stern drop in and brace up and draw in two more.

And inhale and exhale, reach, reach, reach. Inhale up and exhale, stretch. It's in the knees. Pull up a little bit more. And in Hell, bean and Xcel over reach and hole. Take a deep breathe. Inhale on the exhale. Rotate your body up and around, holding it there. Both hands on the ball. Take a breath, inhale and sit a little bit deep if you prefer to stretch and little bit more in Hell. Maintain the deep thoracic flection here. So yes, can you feel the stretch? Increased calm, good. Bring the arm back over their head, bring the arm into your team and then we stand up all the way.

Good work from, yeah, you goes can lower the push through bar. We're gonna add the roller and we're gonna add the arm springs and do some abdominal work. Making sure the pelvis as well as the hate of fitting on the roller, bringing your hands into the strips and a little bit different than our traditional 90 degrees. The arms will be at an angle only because of the resistance of the spring. We don't want to take too much tension into the neck on the in-breath you guys, we're going to keep the hay down on the XL.

Just extend your arms down to hip height so that upper arm is in line with your hip joint in hell. Resist this spring as the arms lift back up. We're going to do two more here and Xcel. Breathe out, reach, reach, reach. So you're on an unstable surface so your stabilizers have work. So much hotter inhaler. We do. One more prep and excel reading out.

Okay, and inhale, bringing the arms. This time we're going to go into the hundreds. We Excel. Lift your chest and your arms down as you come into that thoracic friction. And we're going to hold the chair arms in line, so don't praise further than the hips we breathing. We Excel. Pump two, three, four, five. Inhale, XL two, three, four, five. Good. Upper body stability, everyone. XL Two, three, four, five. If you feel like a challenge, lift your right leg as the arms. Keep pumping.

Two, three, four, five inhale, and two more. Two, three, four, five. So this takes a lot of concentration and focus right XLT three slowly lower the lead down. And inhale if you have civility leads to the other side. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two more seats and excel. Two, three, four, five.

Inhale, lift a little bit higher for that last one, two, three, four, five pores. Place the foot down. Can you lift your juice and lower your head? Take the arms down and you can let go of the straps. And of course you can do that whole hundreds, um, exercise with your head on the roller. If it's to Nicky from here, are we gonna put the feet in the straps? This is, um, a good time to assist your client and be that kind instructor. Hold a tear for me, mine, and then we'll put the other foot in.

And good, right? Making sure your straps are in the right position. Yes. Right? I want you to bring your hands over your head just to block yourself. I'm gonna move these out of the way.

Okay, great. Stability. So again, just take a moment. Find your center, bring the body and mind together. You're on an unstable surface. Your legs are in unstable position. So really bring the body and mind together to make sure you, this exercise is done in a safe manner. The ankles are Dorsey flakes, Dorsey flakes, Dorsey flakes for their extension. So we breathe in on the XL, activate those leg muscles first, then press the legs away away and a little bit longer, longer, longer cow. And then resist the knees as we been and we bring it in.

Great work. And we go XL bracing away. Beautiful. Pelvic lumbar stabilization here and in helping this pelvis is still neutral and XL bracing away, bracing away. Draw up those kneecaps, draw up those kneecaps and in hell too big. We'll do two more.

You guys and excel activate before we move. That is a game changer. We always activate before we move and been lost. Run and Xcel prays. Reach hauled the next in the extension, go into your plant affliction.

So point the ankles and we go into the hip circus circles. First we inhale to 90, we excel priests down and my next time I want to see those little hamstrings work before the legs come down. Okay, let me see your scales move. Aha, you've got it. And circle around. So Kel, not too wide for the circles especially uh, with the springs, the smaller the circle, the more in teams the stability and strength on that hip joins. Okay, two more exhale. Keep it small. Good, but keep pressing into this, into the straps. And one more exhale out. Up and together we reverse. We go. Inhale XL, maintaining that XLR rotation in the hip.

And we left up and we do four more and we use the edit just to draw the legs together and resisted up. And three more XL. Good work you ladies, Hannah and Xcel. One more after this, Eh, left up last one and XL, draw, draw. Drew left the legs up. Bend your knees. This time for me, we're going to take it with straps out of the feet, placing one leg at a time down on the beach for safety. And then you can just bring yourself off your roller. You can place your roller across your bench.

And we just gonna do a hamstring and he plays a straight share. Well done. So place the roller down. Come into a kneeling position so that you have your right Shin on the roller and your left leg out. A head of you in a kneeling position. So [inaudible] on the roller. Mon, move yourself back a little bit for me just with those beautiful long legs. Thank you.

So you're going to be with your action on the roller left foot here. And we just going to lunge. There we go, right. Lifting your back, knee up off the beach. Boom, lift the knee. Thank you. Take a deep breath. Inhale, draw the pelvis into a posterior tilt as you exhale, small movement. And then in how late it glide out again. And exhale, draw the pelvis forward and inhale out one mall and Excel, Excel. Hold at yet to intensify the stretch.

We reach the arms up, reach the arms mate your spine, follow the movement of the arms and just enjoy the street chair for two breaths. Inhale and again, the stability is great here, so you've got to stabilize and hold. Take a deep breath, bring your arms down forward, place your hands on the floor, flex your back toe under and press it into the beach. As we just straight off the roller and straighten your front leg for that hamstring stretch. Good. Stretch your left leg for me as we go into the hamstring stretch, keeping their back extended. Inhale and exhale.

The pelvis is nice and square. That back is still active. So as much as what we targeting the hamstring, the upper back extensors are differently assisting to the movement. Take one breath for me, you guys. I know you dying to just let your spine fold forward and reach down and enjoy that stretch. Two more breaths. Inhale and exhale and one more. Inhale and exhale.

Good. Bend your front knee. Step your right leg forward and we swapped the legs around. Please bringing the Shin on top of the roller and make sure this front thigh is at a 90 degree angle so that you can see your toes reaching the arms forward, hovering that back knee off the floor. Take a deep breath, inhale and exhale. Draw the pelvis towards that posterior tilt and then inhale, glide the femur away, away, away, and excel. Draw, draw, draw, and inhale. Reach it away. One more and XL drool. Reach and hold it here, bringing the arms up towards the ceiling, leaning the chest up and over. Only if you require a deepest stretch, you go into the extension.

Otherwise there is no issue by keeping the arms forward. One more breath here guys, and in Exhale, bring the body earaches. Place your hands on the floor, tuck the back toes under. Lift the Chin up off the roller and stretch out that right thigh into your hamstring stretch. Taking a breath. Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. One more breath. Inhale and XL allow the body to fold up and over all the way down.

Three breaths. Inhale and exhale. Woopsies. Sorry. Inhale and exhale and one more breath. Inhale and exhale late. Step the back leg forward. Take a deep breath, inhale and on the XL we articulate the spine and we roll up all the way into a standing position.

From here we're going to sit up the push through ball once spring, bottom loaded for spinal articulation, so I have to do this again and he goes, it's a safety thing. One, I know we don't teach on balance body back home, so you all forgiven. So always safety chain on first, whoops. So and then we add the spring. There we go. And so we just learn from each other. Okay you guys, we're going to go into a spinal articulation.

You're going to align a supine position, so just make sure the arms are super straight over their head so that we can distribute the weight evenly between the head and the shoulders. Seeing that we are working on such a vulnerable area around the c spine, we're going to take a count to three in hell, excel cal, one, two, three plus your toes on the bar, making sure the client has got the toes nice and secure on the body. We go. Good. And we're going to start with the tower preps. So we're going to DORSIFLEX and plantar flee. Yes.

And on the excel you're going to draw your abdominals as the knees, painful the tower prey, drawing the pelvis and the spine appen over. And again, press down into those skips so that you don't feel that you sitting in your neck. Inhale to pause. And on the exhale we roll down one vertebrae at a time. Articulate the spine roiling down, and I really want you to press those hamstrings money. Can Kelly down towards me?

Dorsey flex plan to flex and then exhale, think of your public. Cool. Initiate the movement with your abs, abs, abs. The legs are just extending because of the pelvis that's moving or flexing. Inhale and exhale. Draw the ABS, the abdominals up, pressing the spine down into the hello as you roll down all the way and we go this time with the long legs, the full tower Xcel drawer, the abdominals. Keep the knees straight, rolling the pelvis up, keeping the arms active, keeping the back of the neck active. Maintain the heights of your pelvis as you do as small band of the knee and you stretch up and then we XL roll down through your spine, draw, draw and draw the abdominals.

Continue the movement, finish the movement all the way a little bit more, a little bit more, and we Dorsi flex plan to flicks and Xcel to roll up all the way, all the way. I'm going to ask you to stay here. If you have pelvic lumbar stability, bring your right foot off the bar and we're going to exhale. Roll Down with one day gone the bar, drawing the abdominals down, making sure that either sides of your body stays equally long. Say, imagine you had a chopstick on either side and they staying long even though the one leg isn't an open chain position. Roll, roll, roll down in how pose and excel. Use The abdominals and Rola. Roll Up. Roll Up. Beautiful work. You guys place that right food on the bar.

The ball should not move because of the stability. Bring the left leg up off the bar and then Xcel roll down and you can see with your eyes that both your hips stay in line with each other. That is vital. Remember this pressure pushing down on your spine all the way tail bone down. Inhale, this is the last one. Exhale, articulate your spine and roll up. Roll up, roll up in hell at the top.

Place both toes on the bar and this time just sink your spine down, racing down. Feel like your pelvis is hitting and the spine is pressing down all the way. And just a little safety major that I like to take. Yes, I'm going to remove the ball for you. Hug your knees into your chest and just allow everything to settle. So hug the knees in, take a debrief, inhale and exhale. And one more breath.

Okay. And exhale. Good. We're going to sit you, you ladies up for your bottom loaded roll-up. So you're going to move yourself back. Okay. Bring your hands onto the bar.

We are going to inhale, bring the chin to the chase and the chase to the thighs and on the XL. Roll yourself up into your seated position. Roll-Up row lap riled up in how? Keep those ravine and then Xcel initiate the movement. Brilliant work. They mine as your XL roll down. Roll down, roll down and we go again. Two more only in how trend to chase and chase to thighs.

Exhale to roll up. Roll Up. Shoulders are down, ribs in abdominals aren't in. Breathing in and exhale. Be careful you don't hyper extend Katie, pull those lads down and yes, XL roll, roll, roll and this is the last one. Aim How lift the chin to the chase. Chase to the thighs. Exhale to roll up. Roll up and roll up. Take your brave beautiful shoulders. Did you feel that?

And exhale to roll down drawing the robes in using the abdominals and roll all the way down. Good work. We are going to remove the spring from here. We're going to go into a full body integration combined with additional legs. So we're going to have one spring top loaded. You're going to stand facing the push through bar. It's a modified cat stretch.

If you like. Pricing the hands on top of the bar, taking a deep breath. Inhale, and on the exhale, draw your ebbs, lower your head, roll your body forward, and let your spine move into extension. Maintain the extension of the spine. So Mon, you've got more ranger there, keeping your head in line with your spine. We're going to bring the weight onto the left leg as you extend your right leg out behind you, keeping the extension of your spine. Take the leg out into a circle, out to the side all the way, and then place it down, reaching it up again.

Repeat the movement and hip extension and abduction and lower down to more in the star action. So extend the spinal it. Those spinal extensors and stabilizers. Work hard and lower down. And one more. Reach the leg all the way up. Continue the movement all the way out to the side. Beautiful Kelly.

And then bring the leg down. We're going to reverse it out into the abduction and into the extension. Hold it, hold it, hold it. And lower down. Three more you goals and out to the side. Reach the leg up and around. Reach, reach, reach and bring her down. And one more.

Two more out to the side. Almost cut you short there and reach up and bring it down. One more. Flex the foot here to swoop. Sweep it through. And last one, up and around. Region. Holded show me that beautiful extension. Place the foot down. Take a debrief. Inhale. We're going to roll up Xcel. Draw your abdominals. Use the hamstrings. Roll up, roll up and roll up right second side.

Inhale and exhale. Lift the abdominals. Roll your body forward. Reaching into that spinal extension, stabilized. Set yourself up and the left leg goes out the side as aches, sorry, into the back. Reach the leg right up and go into the abduction and lower down flicks and reach back and out to the side and lower down. We do two more. Are you reaching out, reaching out, reaching out and lower down?

Last run and finish each movement and around and lower down. Ready for the reverse four times and we got abduct and we extend reach and hold and bring it in and three more retard with the arms mine reach. Stretch those shoulders and lower down too and out to the side. I can feel your body's move inside of me. That is so good and lower down last one and return and return into the extension. Reach and hold more.

Reach and hold little bit more and lower down. Take that inhale and lift your abdominals and roll your body up all the way. Good. You can remove the top loaded spring. We're going into the side and lateral flection. It's called the tweezer. It's a side left with a twist, so I'm going to ask you to lie on your right side with your right and on the bar and we have no resistance this time. Okay.

Lying on your right side with your rights and on the bar rather forward. Then back as the pelvis and the as the pelvis goes, it's going to come into rotation. Reach your left arm out on top of your side reading and just make sure that we don't have the shoulder in the ear so you're already very active in your body here. Bracing down into those lats. We take it. Inhale on the exhale, you're going to draw your abdominals in. Pull your left hip back. As you bring the bar in towards you. Lift up, reach your arm, following the line and in ar inhale, exhale to lower down to one side in health. Repay and Xcel working into the left side of your legs.

Lift up. Re don't they look like mermaids? Lift your arm, lift your arm, finish the movement higher and lower down. This is well-planned and one more and Xcel left up. Reach up, reach up and only because I think they can. I'm going to ask them to stay here, let go of the ball and reach both arms up and hold for two one and lower down. Great work you guys in the prime position.

Transition Movement both hands on the bar. Again, no resistance. And this time we just going to do the prone one. So very basic back extension. As we inhale, we're going to lift the chest up, pressing down into the bar and lifting up eye line parallel to the floor. And on the exhale, lift the abdominals and lower the body down. And I ticking through that spine as you lower down and we inhale drawing back, lifting. See, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Then only the thoracic works, Karl and excel to lower down. So I want to work on this sneak of yours. Okay, first the atlas, then the C one. Yes, Kelly. That's better. That's better. That makes me happy. Lifting the eyeline. Finish the movement and left the abdominals and roll down. We'll do one more and inhale, pressing down.

Be Active in your arms. Lift up. Let me see your, uh, the core of your spine. Bracing through your skin and exhale to lower down. And this time we're going to roll onto your left side to balance out the bodies right. Make sure your set up is accurate and is an intense exercise. There's a lot happening. We're going to start with the inhale on the XL.

Draw your EBS in. Pervert your body. Lifting up, reaching up, reaching, reaching, little bit more Armenia in line. Yes, cal and closer to your head. Just because it makes it look so good. And we lowered down. Roll down precision of movement. Two more groups of fingers together for me. Mine. Make it pretty. And Xcel draw up, left up. Reach up.

Think alignment. Think the midline of the body and lower down. Keeping that left shoulder nice and stable. This is the last one. And Xcel draw the abdominals left up. You know what's coming. Hold it. Yeah. Take a deep breath.

Inhale and on the XL, reach both arms and we're going to hold the Jackie. Stretch your arms. Bring your arms closer to each other for four, three, two. Great work. Excellent work. You guys can stand up. Face your push through bra and we're going to finish with a roll down. Thank you. So without the ball, we'll just do it standing. Thank you.

Okay. Right. Remembering how your body felt in the beginning of the session. So take a deep inhale, and as we XL, lower your chin, roll your body down, taking it in hell. Taking a moment to feel the freedom and your spine. Feel the freedom in your legs. Feel the balance in your body. Inhale and excel. Use Your EBS and roll yourself. Drawing these hamstrings down, bringing your spine stack, the Vertebro, one on top of the other toilet, toilet, toilet. Inhale, and last one. Exhale, lower your chin, roll your body forward and down. Keep your palms facing each other.

Inhale and exhale through the abdominals. Roll up, standing tall. Great work. Hope you enjoyed that and hope to see you soon.


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Thank you for the inspiration Tash!
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Tash's classes are fantastic, I do them almost every day. I hope that you will do some mat classes! I love the standing pilates work, too.
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Great cueing! Loved your class!
Love the pants!!!What brand are they?
Beautiful class ! Thank you :)
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Thank you for another great class! Those pants--where can I get them?
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Great class
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Nice session....the roller adds a nice challenge to some of the work. Love the tight transitions....not fiddling around with moving springs/bars around! lastly, loved Teaser at the first thought you said "tweezer"! thank you thank you!
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