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Warm up your body for action sports in this Mat workout with Ed Botha. He teaches movements that feel great before you going into different activities. He works on releasing your hips as well as moving through all planes of motion so you are prepared for different sports.
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Hi, my name is Ed boater. I'm really excited to be back here at [inaudible] is anytime and we're going to be doing a little bit of a warmup, um, for all of the people that like to do action sports. So people who like to surf, snowboard, ski, mountain bike, or even stand up paddleboard. So a couple of these movements will be great and they will feel amazing on your body before you get involved in your sports. Right? So first thing, what we're going to do is we're going to go into an athletic stance, so not too wide with the legs are about a shoulder width apart and then you're going to see if you can take a little bit of a squat down. So we're going to lower ourselves as deep as possible. They're the most important thing here is that we keep the heels on the mat.

Yeah, that's excellent. And then what I'd like you to do is just to pry the hips open. So we're going to use the elbows to push and then we'll see if we can gently rock from side to side. So this is great to release. The hips in this position here are hip flexors, absolutely relax. And we're getting a bit of a abduction of the hip joint, which allows us to go into a deeper squat.

So we'll just do a couple more from side to side. Excellent. Alright, then come back to the center and from the upper back nice and tall. We're going to push up into standing. Great. And just give the legs a little bit of a shake loose. Awesome. All right, so we're going to go ahead and we're going to take a seat down onto your mat. All right. Uh, we're gonna take one hip into external rotation and the other hip into an internal rotator position. So it's like a modified mermaid. All right.

Again, great for external internal rotation, which are both really important movements for getting down into that deep squat position. So the leg that's bent in front and external rotation, we're going to rotate our body and we're just going to just gently lean over onto that side. But I don't want you to think of stretching. We're going to go into a little bit of dynamic movement. So we're going to come straight up and then see if you can switch the legs round and we go straight over to the other side. So there we go. So we're getting into that little bit of a flex forward. So the glute gets a slight stretch. But more importantly, we just opening that hip into the external rotation and the other hip is going into internal rotation. Great.

So we'll do that a couple of times. That's it. Supporting yourself with your triceps and switch again. Awesome. And we'll do one more on the other side. So great for a little switch and over we go. Super. And we're going to go up into four point kneeling. Alright.

Or quadruped position, right? So I'm just gonna modify this exercise for myself cause I have a bit of an issue with my wrist. So I'm going to go onto my fists. So hands directly under the shoulders, right? Knees directly under the hips. I will start with a cat. So on an exhale, we go into a posterior tilt of the pelvis, allowing the spine to go into the lumber flection, and then we release. And then we're gonna move into thoracic extension. So start by lifting up the head. So don't forget about the cervical spine.

We do want a little bit of extension through the neck. Important part to warm up. And then we are just going to return back to neutral. So somewhere in between. So we're going to draw into lumber flection again, that's it. Deep posterior toads are really using the abdominals to get there. And then we release and we take it up into extension and back. We'll do that one more time. So at it going deep into lumber flection. And what I really like to think about here is to push the top of your shins into the mat and the toes into the mat.

So you get the full stretch of the foot and then we release and then the last time into our thoracic extension. Excellent. So let's just go ahead and take a rest position from their knees together if you can. It's a stretch out the lumbar spine and stretching out the quads, pushing back with your palms, dropping your sitting bones down on your heels. Right? So we go back into the all fours position, we're gonna take the left hand and put it behind the head. All right.

And from there we are going to work into a thoracic rotation. So we're going to push with the bottom hand into the mat and we're going to lift the elbow up to the ceiling, trying to get as much rotation in our thoracic spine as possible. And this was quite a tough position to get rotation and bringing it back in. And what you'll generally notice if you're someone who's dominant with your left arm. So we're going to repeat so you guys can keep going with me. If you're dominant with your left arm or then you generally gonna struggle to rotate to your left side.

So it's really important that we get that extra bit of opening to that side and we'll do one more time. So we're going to push and just rotate as far as possible and bringing it back in. And what I really, let's change sides. And what I really love about doing it with the elbow bent or the the hand behind the head is that you're not able to to cheat by going and stretching into the pictorial, which we often do with a long arm. And then we bring it back. So you're just turning your shoulders square to the mat again and we lift up. Find your rotation.

This is such an important movement for the warmup of the body, a healthy thoracic spine. Okay. And bringing it back and release. All right, so you can go palms flat into the mat, toes tack on there and we just push up into the up stretch position. So it's almost like a, a downward facing dog. But what we're going to do is bend the knees and then bring your chest a little bit closer to your thighs and the sitting bones going up and out. All right?

Then try to keep that position of the spine and then allow the legs just to straighten out a little bit. There we go. So we're getting a little bit of Dorsey flection through the ankles and then release and we'll do three more times. Here we go. One, so a little stretch through the cob and then back in in this position here we are getting the release through the soil layers and we go to, again, important for those squatting positions. Every time you're on a board or on a bike and you bend the knees. Then we need mobility in the Solaris for efficient Dorsey flection. There we go.

And shock absorption and then bring it back and we'll go back on to all fours and there's a stretch it out. One more time. Finding the rest position just to unload the shoulder joint. Great. So back to four point kneeling all fours and we'll do one bear dog. So I'm going to lift the right arm and the left leg, that's it. So going into shoulder flection, this just keep the palm facing inwards and the top hip in internal rotation or the leg that's length.

And so we don't go to external and we're just holding static and bring it back in. Carefully back to kneeling. And let's go to the other side. So we go left arm, right leg. And more importantly, if you guys could just hold that position, more importantly than getting your leg high is that we watch that. We just don't go into the lumber and that we get the back leg nice and straight and then bring it back in. Excellent. It's the length in the neck as well. And we'll do that one more time on each side. Here we go. Excellent. So we've got right arm, left leg and bringing it back in and over to the other side. We've got left arm, right leg. Make sure the abdominal stay engaged and back in. Excellent. So we're going to go down to the mat.

Onto our backs are lying supine. All right, so we want to activate the anterior chain of the body. So we're looking at the rectus abdominis, the transverse abdominis, obliques, and our hip flexes. Lifting the legs up to a table position, bringing the hands on top of the knees that we're going to set up for a double leg stretch. So we're going to come up with a head and the chest. So into thoracic flection, keeping the scapula depressed, drawing the navel in and up. At this time we're going to work the double leg stretch in an isometric. So we're going to reach the arms and legs out.

And I'd like you to interlace your fingers if you can. And we're going to hold this position for ten nine eight seven reaching the arms back, six, five and four four three and to excellent and give the knees a little hug into the chest. Super. So from there we're going to go straight into prone. So lying onto your stomach's hands under the shoulders we're going to reach the arms and legs long and lift the arms and legs and the head slightly off the mat. And we're doing exactly the opposite.

So we activate evading the posterior chain of the body and we holding for 10, nine and eight and seven six, five, four, three, two and release, pushing back, finding the wrist position all the way back. And now so slowly we are moving through all the plains and accesses of the body. I'm going to have you turning onto your side, facing me onto your forearm. Bottom. Legs Bent, right? Sorry, by both legs bent and the legs in line with your body, right? So you don't want to start in hip flection. Think of pushing into a little bit of hip extension, thoracic spine, long hands down at your side.

And we're going to just lift up into her half a side bridge position there. And we're gonna lift the top leg up into slight external rotation. So Watch, I'm keeping my heels together and my feet together. There we go. And lowering. We're going for one [inaudible] so it's an isometric hold with the bottom hip abductor and two and the obliques are getting a little bit of rotation, three and for excellent and five we'll go for eight, six and there we go. Seven and one more time and eight and bring it down and release. Good. So let's just spin around to the other side. Super. So again, I want you to think of getting into hip extension initially.

So we're not stuck in the hip flexor position. So I really get my hips through. I push out of my bottom shoulder, I've got my shoulder abductors working and shoulder add doctors working together in isometric contraction. And I push up and I'm going to hold. And then we go top knee and we're going one and too good. So the staying together, three and four, four, five, four, six. Good. Two more times and one and last time and two super. Bring the legs together and then bring it back down. Good job. Alright, so we go into kneeling. And why don't you go ahead and face each other.

So tall kneeling position just into a gentle hip flexor stretch. So we're going to step forward with left leg. Awesome. Place the hands into the small of your back, right. And then gently go into a bit of a posterior tilt of the pelvis. So you want to make sure that those lower abdominals are engaged.

And then from there, once you've got that and you can keep the integrity of that little bit of a tilt, then we allow the hips just to push forward slightly til you feel a little bit of a stretch on the front of the hip joint. Right? So pretty important to open up the hip so we can get the post area muscles firing, right? We don't want to work in a locked hip position and release and we'll just change over to the other side. Excellent. So we stepped forward. Great. So we placed the hands into the smaller the back again, work into a little bit of a tilt of the pelvis. Awesome. And we've pressed the pelvis forward gently. Okay.

And keeping the abdominals engaged. Super. So we just hold a couple of breaths there. Good. And bringing it back. Cool. So we're going to have a seat on the mat again. And the last one I want to do is just a little bit of a stretch for the groin.

So we take the hands, we've got to hold onto the feet, we're going to pull the feet as close to you as possible. And generally you find people who do a lot of sport in a lot of activities. We get really tight into these hip joints. All right, so take your hands and it's like you peeling the two feet apart from each other. So have a look here. I'm just opening the feet and pressing down gently with my elbows.

If you can reach with your elbows, I've got long arms so I'm able to get all the way down there, but you may need to lean down with your buddy slightly, but we're not forcing. We just taking those hips into a little bit of external rotation again there, and then release. All right, and then we'll finish it up by standing up and we'll take our squat position again and you'll feel the difference in that nice low squatting position. So let's go down all the way. Once you've opened up those hips, we're going to press the palms together. One more time, much better opening up the back and we're going to move just from side to side. They're excellent. You know, if you've got this ability to get into this full position, any sport that you do where you have to sing glow and take impact on your legs is a lot more comfortable and a lot safer as well. Cool.

So let's get ourselves back up to standing and check it out. Excellent. Right? Enjoy guys.

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The difference between the "before" and "after" squat certainly was proof of how much flexibility and stabiity is gained from this warm up!!
Nice One!!
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as ED said: excellent...!!!
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Great short warm up session . I am really enjoying your classes on Pilates anytime Ed , many thanks for bringing your creativity and your wealth of knowledge to us .
Going straight to my faves! Perfect. Thank you
Jamie H
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A perfect warm up and an excellent tool to use for hip flexors.
Thank you. Just the job!
I will work quick workout into my morning stretch routine and my hips will love me for every bit of it! Thank you Ed!
worked great for after a short bike ride! thank you.
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