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Standing Workout

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Work on your balance in this standing workout with Valentin. She starts by waking up your feet and ankles so you have a strong foundation to stand on. She then stimulates your vestibular system and she adds movement to rhythm so you can improve your muscular speed, endurance, and reaction time.
What You'll Need: Oval Cushion, SmartBells®, Rotating Discs, Table Chair, Pilates Pole

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Hello class. Today we're going to work our balance. Okay. In order to do this class, we need to smart bells. We need a rotator disc and two blue oval cushions. And for some of you you have Gondola Poles and for others we have chairs and this is fine. So long as we have some kind of support for our balance, we're going to start by waking up our feet. All right, let's begin. We're going to start with relevance up and down.

You can put your poles in front of you, laid them down, stand them up, stand them up. Very good. Ready? Up and down. Let's go. Up and down, up and down. Not yet. Up and down. Try and keep the weight light on the chair for more lift and lower. Keep drawing up to left to go. Last one. Very good. Now stay up, hold it, visualize a straight line, take it out. And now we're going into four different foot positions. So Candice is going to turn out. You're going to go parallel.

You're going parallel and over there we have Alana taking the second wide external and you're going to go internal rotation. All right, separate your feet just slightly. Same thing. Let's go up and down. Try not to lean. Try to grow. Lift and lower. You have four left to go. Dry in through the pelvic floor. Relax, head and neck last to lift and lower and up. Take your balance if you can let go. People with the Poles.

Very good. Give it arrest. All right, so we've had it twice. Now we're going to learn to point our toes and flex. Wake up your ankles. We're going to point our toe. All right, switch to the other side down. We're going to point the toe down and in, down and in. Keep pointing down and in down.

Now we're going to repeat four times one and go to repeat with the same foot. Three repeat with the same foot. Four switch sides. Lift and go. Lift that heel. Use your ankle, slide and point. Excellent. Very good. Now we're gonna go point, flex. Point. Uzo foot point. Flex point.

Hold the point. Check your balance. Ready, set, go. Whole and other side. Four pointers on the repeater. One. Repeat to repeat three repeat holds. Send Yourself, take your balance. One, two, three, give it arrest. All right, I'm going to slide off to the side right now so that I can do it.

So I'm pointing front. Use Your right foot. All right, ready, set, go. Point. Alternate switch and goes. Get off to the side or put it in the middle. And over. Here you go. Repeater one, four of them to go three right in front four. Hold the point. Lift the leg. Check your balance.

Okay. Switch sides. Switch legs. Repeater for one. Stay Tall. To push your ankle. Get your ankle to warm up and stay here. Hold your balance lifted up. Check it out. Give it a rest. Now we're going to heal it.

Heal to the side first. Go Heel and go heel and go heal and go heal. Now stay here. We're gonna point. He'll point, he'll point, he'll point, he'll hold it. Check your balance. One to switch sides. Okay, so I'm going to just move my chair again. Heel and in heel and in Isepp heel and in.

Stay here. Dry Your abdominals and flex that foot. Work your anterior tip. Check your balance. Here we go there. Very good. Now we're going to, here we go. Now we're going back in those original positions. So you're turned out your parallel, your external and your internal.

We're doing a combination of Relevate. Then as you bend those knees, I want the heels to really pick up. So bend your knees and pick your heels up and then push the heels down and then stand up. Four points for four movements again. Relevate up, bend the knees, push the heels, draw up again, lift, pop the heels, press the heels. And a last hit. One and two and three.

Reverse. So what do you do? You bend the knees, pop the heels. Rise to tall, gently lower. Bend the knees, pop the heels. Get Tall, tall, tall, gently lower. Bend the knees, pop the heels, lift tall. Last hit to balance. Bend the knees, pop the heels, stay up, check your balance. Draw and draw and dry in. Let go for two sex, one, two, three. Good enough, and change your foot position. So now you go external, you go internal, you turn out and you go parallel. All right, now I'm going to walk around.

Maybe I better not. Let's just go. All right, let's Relevate up. Go Up, bend the knees, press the heels, draw the thighs, go up, bend the knees, press the heels, draw the thighs. Continue lift band, press draw up, lift, bend, press, reverse. Bend the knees, Bend, pop the heels, squeeze, release. Bend the knee. Pop schoolies last to bend.

Lift, squeeze, last, hit, bend, pop. Check it out. Draw it up. Concentrate. Let go for two, six, one and two and three and give it a rest. Very nice. All right, so now let's get rid of the Poles and the chairs for our next segment, which includes the disks and the oval pads. All right, we're going to begin our squat series now. All right, so we're going to start alternating with your right foot and because our toes are forward, I want you to hinge forward slightly. Put your hands on your hips. Ready? We'll begin. Go Squat and stand up. Switch squat and stand up.

Get really into those heels and lift and out. Repeat her for one. Come back to tall to come back to tall. Three. Come back to tall and stay down. Now we're going to shift our weight to stand up. Pop up one, go back down to go back down.

Three go down and stay here. Hold your balance. And let's go to the other side. Okay, so now we're gonna go out, repeat her four. Go One and come up. Really get into the glutes. Use your heel as the push button to your glutes down. And we're going to stick it. Stick it. Take the balance lymph, go lift, get onto that balance. Lift.

Go and stay there. Hold, hold, hold, hold. Yes. Just, and now your right foot forward, alternating, ready, set, go forward and come back forward and come back. Good. Keep your eyes on the horizon of class and here, repeater right foot four and pull tall four and go up two more. Whoop. I counted wrong. And here. Now stick it and stick.

Now you're gonna come back to your balance. Push lift. And go down. Push, lift, go down, push, lift, and go down and stay. Hold it, hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Switch sides, repeat or left foot. Go. One and left and to go. And three, last one for now. Get ready to stick. Whole push. Whole push.

Hold, push. Last one. Good luck. Good luck. Good luck. Got It. Now we're going to alternate backs. We'll start with your right foot back. Go right and together. Left and together. Right and together. Left repeater right together.

Left. Oops. Right and right now stick it. Stay down. Push up, lift. Go back, lift. Go back, lift. Go back. Lift other side. I hear the train. Ready. Set, repeater one and come back to and come back deeper if you can for hold it. Stay body. Shift forward. Go Arabesque and come back. Aribel.

[inaudible] and come back Airbus. Come on, let's go. Aribel [inaudible] and whole balance. Nice in the back. Give it a rest. Alrighty. Now you've sort of woke your feet up. Now we're gonna work our this stimulus system. So first to pick up your smart bell's. All right, ours vista. Your assistance or inner ear.

It's involved in balance or inner ear. Okay, so it's part of this whole sensory motor system that we have to stimulate. All right, here we go. This word smart bells is in front of us. We're going to put it behind our head like this, and it curves, so it really curves around the back of your head. Your elbows are slightly forward in your periphery. Put it down just a little lower. Yeah, sort of fits back there. All right, from here, we're going to softly men our knees, and we're going to lunge forward, not lunge. Hinge. Okay.

We're going to rotate to your left. Ooh, come back. Rotate here. Right. Come Center and up. Kay. Now do it with your eyes closed. Go down. Close your eyes. Holy Toledo. Switch, Woo. Center and come up. Was that different? Yes or no?

Little different. Now let's bend forward from the hips. No knees. Go forward. Forward, forward. Turn to your right or your left. Sorry. Turn around. Center and come up. Try it again. Go forward. Close your eyes. This time you're going to turn to your left.

Turn to your right center and come up. We're going to try it from the back, so you're going to have to incline, extend your spine in back. Turn to your left. Woo. Turned here eye center and come back. Close your eyes. This is get scary. So please be careful here.

Turn to your right. Turn to your laugh center and comeback. Did that feel different? Little scary, Huh? All right, Ben journeys. Go back. Turn to your laugh. Woo.

Turn to your eye center and come up. Close your eyes. Ready. Then your knees close your eyeballs. I'm checking to the right, to the left center and come up. Was it scary? Little different. It has to feel a little different. You've taken out your vision from your balance. All right, so now here we go.

We're going to take our right foot. Place it behind and softly bend your knees, hinge forward. Alright, now close your eyes and extend that leg back behind you and back together. Eight times. Go One and together two and together on trusting that your eyes are closed out and together. Out and together, out and together and outstand up. Did you feel the difference? You really had to rely on your proprioception to hold that balance.

Let's try the other side. Bend the knees slightly, hinge forward. Use Your abdominals to hold you. Close your eyes. Let's go with that. Left foot. Go out and together too. And together. Three whoo. Out and together. Keep going out and together. Out. Very good.

Last two out and together. Last one, give it arrest. So we are now with our body forward or backward. We have stimulated our vestibular system. All right, so right now we're going to go to the side. We're going to roll around to your left. Go to the back and erect. K, so we're going to go to your right, right, roll around, pull the stomach in, close your eyes back to the side and come up.

Go to the other side, side, roll around. Close your eyes. Go to the back. Hold your balance. Go to the side and come up. Go to the other side. Over to your right. Circle around, forward and up. Go to the left side. Circle around forward. Close your eyes and come back.

Now we're going to go backwards. So go to your right now. Circle behind you. Go behind forward oop side and come up. Go to the other side here, go behind back, then pull the stomach in. It's like a gyroscope and in, go to your right, right? Go to the back swing. Swirl around forward and come back.

Go to the left, go back around. Side and up. Now let's it put this down and let's get ready to repeat that squat squat set that we did using a oval pad. Okay. All right, so now you are standing on the oval pad. Gonna move back a little bit. All right. This is good.

Now caution to be taken. Should you land on the side? It will flip. Another caution. If you catch your toe on it, it will walk away from you. So try your hardest to pick your feet up. Okay, here we go. We're gonna do on the side to side. Hands on hips. We know how to do this. Yup. Want to move a little bit so that you're okay. Alright, here we go. Tall. Okay. Right foot first. Alternate. Go One, and together. Bend two and together.

Then three and together. Good for repeat or right. One. And to get and two. And to get there at three and together and stay there. Kick it up. Balance. Go balance. Go balance. Go hold your balance. Boop, boop.

Watch the ankles. Intrinsic Muscles working here and give it a rest. Okay, we're going to do the alternating one again. We alternate. We're not just going to go into repeater. Ready. Set left one and together. Two and together. Alternate. Good.

Here we go. Repeater one and lift two sand of straight three and stick it balance. Kick it. Go kick it. Go kick it. Go suspend. Hold your balance. Woo.

And give it a rest forward. Alternating right lead. Are you okay everybody? No one's talking. I'm a little worried. No, you're working your brain and, and that whole system. Okay. Right and left is a little hard. Yeah. Right foot alternate. Go One and together two and together try to keep your eyes up.

If you can repeat or one and two together. Why are the camera people laughing? Stick it. Whole balance. Lift and go and lift and go and lift and go hold your balance. Woo. And give it a rest. Okay.

I want you all to know that I am at a disadvantage. Why? Very good question because I have enough titanium. I am super woman. I have two hips and two toes that are all fake. So we are, we're not working with a good sense of proprioception since they're not mine. Alright. Other foot, left foot, alternating. Ready, said go. One and together and two alternating over there.

The two back people out. Repeat or go. Whoo. One concentrate. Two, eyes up three and go stick it. Puppet, lift, go. Lift, lift, balance, hole. Good job. Alright, now we go to the back. Okay. Ready? Set. Right. Like alternate one and two. There it is.

Two and go three. And I don't, I'm afraid of this one. Four and repeater one and go two and go three and go stick it now. Air Basket. Go lymph and go gloop and go. Pelvic floor. Go hold your balance. I don't care if you use your arms, just use something. Give it a rest. Other side. You guys are good.

All right, ready? Now remember you're landing on these. I already tripped on one and I cannot afford to lose any more parts. Ready left. Go. One and two. Get the right two and together. Left down and together. Repeater left foot. Four left to go.

Three left to go. Good. Two left to go. Stick it. Gravity. Aribel desk and lower Aribel desk and lower lock up and down and stay. Hold it, hold it. Fight it, fight it and give it arrest. Good job. Woo. How'd we do? Fell. Okay.

We were very successful in that. So now we're going to pick up our smart bells, but I want you to turn your blue ovals horizontal. Grab your smart bell's and practice them, holding them so that the handle is touching your forearm. All right, parentheses are facing inward and we're here, right? Stand a comfortable distance apart. And I'd like you to just take that squat position and hold it. Hold it. All right. Now shift your body weight to your right.

Shift your body weight to your left. Go right, go left. Hold Right. Your right leg is going to go back and return. Here we go back and return and back and return and back and return. Keep that going. Drop your left arm left and Uhhh, left and go. Keep slicing. Go and slice. Go. You should feel your ankles working like crazy.

Yes or no? Yes. One, yes. Give it a rest. Your Balance Angle. Your ankle was working. Perturbation. We were perturbing it. All right, let's go back to our squat position. Ready? Hold your squat. Now you're going to take your left foot and go out and in.

Go out and in out. Keep this rhythm going out and in. Be Cognizant that the handle is touching your forearm. Don't let them fly like this. Got Touch out and in. Now drop your left right arm right and switch and go and lean forward if you can go and of course if you want, you could challenge by closing your eyes and give it arrest.

Woo. That was fun. All right, so now what I'd like you to do is we're going to put those down and grab our disk. So let's put this down. Now I have sticky pad that I'm going to place under my desk, so we're going to put that whole side down. Grab a smart belt the same time and stand on it. Whew. All right, so I'm reading the word smart bells. That's the concave side facing. You and your feet are fairly parallel. All right.

Now are we all good? Now we're going to bend the knees. I'm going to face the other side so that we can know which way I'm turning. All right, so I'm going to bend my knees to the right. My smart bell is still facing this way. I'm going to recover right in front of me. Straighten your knees. Okay.

Bend your knees to the right. Recover straight. Go Bend and recover. Bend and recover. Then stand tall, bend and tall. Bend and tall. Bend and tall. Okay, let's hope that we're facing this way. Let's go the other route. Go Bend and Ooh then and go then and straight bend and in front.

Bend your knees. Go Bend your knees, go bend your knees and hopefully you're somewhere in the front. Yes, no, yes. All right. Now we're just going to move the smart bill. So the smart bill in my face. Go here and then I recovered. No bent knees. Ready? Go Smart Bell and move smart bell and move smart bell and move over. Go Smart Belen. Move Smart Bill and move smart.

Villain move and I hope you've recovered. Yeah. Excellent. The other side, smart bell and move. Use your head. I see some agitation going. That's not mentally, but you sound like dishwashers or old fashioned washers. Try not to sound. Okay. All right. Now we just hold this smart bell in front of us and we go heal. Heal, heal your way around. Heal, heal, heal your way around. He'll heal. I don't sing.

I'm just doing it anyway cause I have no music and give it a rest. Alright, are you ready? We're healing our way around. Go counter. Don't let your arms take the lead. I see a little agitation going on. Smooth, smooth, smooth. Give it a rest. Now I'm going to let your head take the lead eyeballs there.

Go take your head. Come on, take your head. Head's gone. Heads taken the lead on. Had had, had, had, had hold your head straight, then you'll stop. Okay. Head left. Eyeballs left. Do you notice that the camera man are just like laughing at us? Can you see that? Oh good. I'm not the only one. Keep moving and hold it down. Whew.

That made me sweaty. Just that little bit. We didn't do much. Did we? Let's make it harder. Okay. Make it harder. All right. Arms Up. All right. Turn your body. Go. Woo Baby. Hey, you need to keep those smart bells over your head. Some of you are agitating. No agitation.

Okay. Are we there yet? Candace, are you there? All right. All right. Head and body. Let's go. Ah, I see some movement going on with those arms. Your eyeballs in head have to lead. Okay, good. Give it a rest. Okay, let's put that down now.

Now we are going to get a desk. I'm being an old and our desk. A pad. A pad. All right, so I have a pad and another pad and you know what? We're gonna use all both of them. To clarify. I'm going to stand on this side just for a second. I can't watch you if I'm, I'm my back is to you. We're going to cross over touch, touch, touch and Chuck Cha Cha then alternates. Touch.

Okay. Are we good on that? All right, so we cross first. You're going to use your right, which is my last ready set. Go Cross step center step OpenStep Cha Cha, Cha Cross step, send to step outside. Cha Cha Cha Cross center open and Cha Cha Cha Cross open and cross. First Cross Center.

Open n cross. You see what the other part is? Open and cross and open. N Cross l and open an okay. Give it a rest. So you know that the Cha Cha Cha, the fact that you're in a rhythm like that means that you have to force the situation, you have to force, you have to react faster than your own Lodhi da. So that's, if you had music, it forces you, it forces you to really stay, have a little more muscular endurance, muscular speed, reaction time. All right. Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna turn. So watch, don't go anywhere I cross. I Open Elsie Hill, I'm going clockwise, I turn, then I have to go counter.

So that means you got three steps to get around. Okay, let's do it together. Ready? Right foot, cross center. Turn right chuck. Chuck Cha, left foot. Whoo. I saw that. Turn. One, two, three. One side's always easier. Vistibular system. Oops.

Well one to turn. Woo. One, two by yourselves. Three turn. Boop, boop, boop. One, two, three, time stop. Very good. So there are people that can override their vestibular system.

Skaters, dancers, swimmers, divers, they override it. Unfortunately I'm not in that category. So now we're going to do it with the open leg first. We're going to go open center, cross, turn, bump. This is the easier one.

You don't have to turn 360 k left foot, takes it go. One, two, three face, front bump, bumper, open center, Cross turn. Dunt, Dunt, Dunt, open center, Cross turn, bump, bumper, open center, Cross turn, bump, bump up, open center, Cross spinning around. Boom, boom, boom. Open. Center Cross. And give it arrest. So that was different. Right? Okay, let's make it a little harder. All right. How do you make it harder? Don't worry. Watch I go. Cross center. Open and child.

Cha Cha open. It's no, it's easier. It is open. Center, Cross and Cha. Cha. Cha will stop after two because once you get going in a circle, your vestibular system says I'm dizzy. All right, so we're not going to do it every two. We'll stop. Cross first, right? Go right center open. Go left foot goes open. Center, Cross and stop. Was it okay? Yes or no? Okay.

Are we ready for the left one? Here we go. Cross one and two. And turn and bump. Bumper. Open and center and Cross and bump. Bump on, stop. Good. Now we're going to do it again. Right foot crossing. Go right foot center. Turn right, left foot goes left foot. Center. Cross, stop, stop, stop. Gain yours. Gain your your center. Here we go. Cross left.

Go One. Go to go. Three. Go. Bump. Bump. It's open. It's center and Cross and bump. Bump. Very good. Thought. That was very good. Alright. So right now what we're gonna do is the three point to three, excuse me, it's a two pointer. So we only need one of these. It's a two point. All right, so sort of center yourself accordingly and you want to be in the center of both the Oval Pad and the disc. Alright, it's a step touch. So we're gonna make an upside down. L I want to go step, touch, step, touch, step, step, hold, repeat, step, touch, step, touch, step, step, whole go. Step, touch, boom, step, touch, boom.

Step, step, hold again. Step, touch, step, touch, step, step, hold. Now it morphs into step. Knee, go step, knee, step, knee, step, step, whole step, knee. Stepney. Step, step, hold. Step. Knee, step, knee steps. Step. Whole step, knee. Stepney. Steps. Step, hold. Okay, now we're gonna switch and this time it's your right lead that goes on the oval pad. Ready, set, go. Step, touch, step, touch, step and whole. Aggressive. Gentle. It's down, down home. Go Up, up, up, up. One, two, home. Bump. Bump, bump. Bump. One to the knee. One knee, gentle knee.

That seems easier to me. Oh, one knee, second knee done. Done. Boom. One knee to knee. Done. Done. Go. One knee, second knee. Done. Done. Go. Which was easier stepping on the disc or stepping on the pad. Yes. Yes, yes. That's perfect pad for me. Alright, so how do you change it?

How do you alternate without bending over? You get on the other side. Walk. Get on this. On the backsides and now you have to face the people. Oh, lucky you. Lucky you. All right. So here we go. We're gonna lead. You're going to lead with your right foot on the desk. Ready, set, right foot, right foot, left foot steps. Step hold, right foot, left foot steps.

Step whole, right foot, left foot. Step step. Don't you wish they were a mirror, right foot, left foot. Steps step. Give it a rest. Now we have the left foot going on the pad. Ready, set. Go. Left. Right foot down, down. Hole. Left foot, right foot down, down. Hole. Left foot, right foot down, down.

Hold left foot, right foot down, down. Give it a rest. So you can see with these pads they flip. Now that's the reality of the situation is in life. Sometimes we don't pick our feet up and then we trip. So that's the reality of the situation. So don't worry about it. We're okay.

All right, now let's pick up our smart bells. We didn't do the knee portion and you can do the knee portion. Step knee if you'd like. All right, so we're going to pick up one. Smart Bell. [inaudible] alright, so now face me. We're good. We're good. We're done. All right, so we're going to take it and put it by our ear. We're going to back bend into it.

We're going to side bend into it and we're going to go down. So we're working vestibular this point, go one and two m three and go side bend. Extend. Then side bend, go side bend, extend down side. Make it smooth. One, two, drop your arms long. One, two. And now we're going to reverse the direction. Hold on, hold on. Be sure that your arms are far away from you. Don't keep it tight. Okay, ready?

Go to your left. Go One and two m three. Make your body move like a gyroscope. Ben, go two more than one. And look again. Hold your abs. And last one, one, and two and three. Stand on your pad. Okay, now [inaudible] well will make this hard going a little fast. I know. Know your limitations. K going to your right ear and back. Bend first go. One, two, three, and four. One, two, three, and four. One, two, three, and four. One, two, three and reverse. One, two, three, and four.

Two, two, three. Oh my goodness. My toes are gripping and go one and by the only gripper here. Yeah. Oh, you're not gripping. Good for you. Did you grip? Did you grip? I know it's not good. Toe gripper. Okay, now we're going on this. Okay.

I don't know if I'll grip on this. I'll probably twist. Let's see if we can stay toward the water beach. Let's go right here. One, two, three, and four. Easy, easy peasy. Go. One, two, three, and go. Last one other side. Woo. Woo, Woo.

Get around. [inaudible]. Woo. Go. One, two, three, and four. All right. I hope you all had a great workout. It's your a lot of fun to teach you. Sorry if you got sweaty.

Thank you very much.

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Gosh - just what an older clientele need to improve their balance - love it that you don't have the highly experienced trainers doing this - but the normal sort of client that we all are dealing with. Thank you so much!
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Thank you so much for the great class Valentin. I wanted to know what size rotating disk you used for the class and if it matters. Thank you again.
Hi Christine---
I like the 12" rotator disc so that the full foot (for most) can fit on it. Thanks for watching.
Hello. I'm in the UK. Can you tell me where I can get these smart bells from. I've never seen them before. Are they weighted at all and is this specifically a piece of pilates small prop equipment?
Hi Maureen:
You can order them from Balanced Body. Yes, they are weighted but very light (1.5 and 5 pounds). They are a PROP as opposed to a weight. If you are near Alan Herdman studios, he uses them.
Not very happy: chose a video with no apparatus only to find you do actually need quite a bit of apparatus
Nicola ~ We are sorry that you are not happy. This class does not use Pilates apparatus, but the props are listed above the description. If you want classes with no props or apparatus, you may find this filter useful. I hope this helps!
Thanks for your reply, I’m pretty sure I chose the no apparatus option but wil follow your link this morning, the class was good I was just annoyed I couldn’t do half of it as I don’t own props/ equipment.
great class. where could i get the ovo pad?(not sure about spelling sorry)
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Hi Raquel: I think that your are talking about a balance pad which can be bought from Balanced Body. It is quite thick which offers a challenge. The OVO is something else.
Also, please accept my apologies for being so late in getting back to you.....I was out of the country for almost 21 days.
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