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SmartBells® Flow

50 min - Class


Valentin is back and she is bringing us our first SmartBells® class! She teaches a full-body workout including exercises like Swan, Bridging with Perturbation, and so much more. Her wonderful energy and rhythm will inspire you to keep pushing yourself to work hard!
What You'll Need: Mat, SmartBells®, Towel

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Hello Palabra is any time I'm here with five lovely ladies and we are going to be doing the first smart bell video and I hope you enjoy it right now we have two smart bells and we're putting them in what I call spooning. Leave that up to your own imagination. All right, so now they're spoon together. The concave side is facing me. We're going to go from the hammock position to the hood. Pilati speed please, and let's begin. Inhale, lift, exhale down. So we're moving from our shoulders and up and down to more.

Lift and down and up and down. Add plea. A down and a up now really feels the arms go down. You grow tall through your pelvic floor. Inhale and exhale and inhale last to inhale and down.

Last one, up and down. Separate your feet just slightly and we're going to make the loop. Looks like the breast cancer ribbon loop. Put this on your right side, make the loot. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and go. Let it just throw and then it comes down by itself. Lift and go. Do you feel it? Up and down?

Up. They'll set a little rotation at the end up. Rotate to your left and up. Rotate. Bend your elbows, bend and lift. Bend your elbows at the bottom. Look at me. Look how I bend my elbows so my body doesn't twist or bend up. And last one, up and down. Now we're going to add plea a up. Bend the knees, lift, Bam. Lift and bend. Two more.

Go. Add your breath. Up and down. Up and down. Arms in front. We're going to row, row, rotate. Okay, so everybody's gonna rotate to their right, but do not bend your elbows. So we're using our chest like a periscope. Go and switch. Add your breath. Inhale, blow. Inhale, blow. Inhale, blow. Inhale. Two more. Inhale, blow in and give it a rest. Now we're gonna add, change the breath. We're going to blow. Inhale, blow.

Keep going. Anybody shoulders yet. Oh well last two and [inaudible] you have it. Arrest. Okay, so right now we're gonna start arm swing. So separate them. The concave side faces each other. So I call this the potato chip. The potato chip faces inward. All right, so your knees are bent. Have them a little slightly wider than shoulder with.

We're just going to swing forward with the handles and then let them drop and go back. Inhale, drop and swing. Don't the back issue down in swing. Lift tall down in swing. Last one. Keep together, down and up. Down and up. Now we're going to squat, squat, and go. So just like you're going to take a photo, go hold the photo and let it swing. Hold the photo. Go deep into your glutes. Hold the photo. Good. No knees more. Glutes.

Push two more. Push last one. And Push. Now we're going to do single arms. So we're going to go one and two, three and four. Now the thought process is pull apart, pull them opposite each other out and in. Keep going. Add the bounce, bounce each bounce, reach, reach, don't straighten. Do not straighten. Reach, reach, bounce, reach, bounce, reach four more, three, two, and one. Give it a rest. Stand up. We're going to keep those arms scissoring and we're going to add hip extension.

So if you go out with your right leg, up goes your right arm. Okay, ready and switch. And reach and reach. Be Mindful that your feet go together. Stay in the rhythm and go and reach and reach and four, don't bounce and two and last one and stand up.

Now we're going to do a repeater. That means the right leg goes out and the right arm every time. All right, we're going for 12 have a seat. Ready? Left arm is back. Go 12 go out and go reach. Go, reach, say, and let's sink. Eight left to go. Girls know your numbers. Keep the support like straight you out.

Four left to go. Extend that arm behind you please. Last two to go and out. Give it a rest. Other side. Are you getting warm yet? All right. Soften the knee. Nope. Both knees are together cause the arm and leg moved together. 12 go. One and in. Swing that handle.

Think about that handle now. Keep the right arm still in the back. Go out. You have two more. Go reach. Close reach. Good. Last two to go and out. Give it a rest. Alright, now we're going to do internal and external rotation.

Keep your feet together and your in Pele's feet here in the internal and external rotation lays. I want you to think about the risks first. The wrist cages goes in and out. All. Alright, now we're going to add B l ball. So think about and my goodness, can I get the elbows to move independent of shoulders? Think about it. Now it's the shoulders, the shoulders go forward, protraction, retraction. See how all those movable parts go. Reach. Now we're going to think about flection and extension.

The extension takes a little while because we live in forward flection and now we're going to add breath. We go blow, blow, blow, and open. Open, blow, blow. Good. Now we're going to think about how can we make a shape almost like an infinity. With each arm, go close the back of the hands. Open those thumbs out. Blow and now take your arms.

A little wider. Blow and open. Flex, blow and open. Last to blow and open. Last one, blow and open. Very good. All right. Now let's just take one smart belt, put it put to the side and have a seat. We're going to be doing seated. Roll down, seated, roll down. All right. Just FYI. For people at home, this comes in a heavier way. If, if the 1.4 is too light for you, it's just fine for us. Is it not just fine for us, especially when we spoon them? All right, so the legs are extended and now we have the word smart bells.

This just tells you which side the concave side faces. You see it faces, the Khan k faces your body and it's at chest level. We're used to shoulder level. I like to work a little below that because I live down here. I don't live up here. All right, from here we're going to Tuck and roll. Roll all the way down, all the way down.

Good and above your chest and then roll up, roll forward, forward, forward, and then come up to full sitting. Good. Roll back, back, back over your chest and come forward. Catch it. Roll forward, forward, forward and undulate up to more. Roll, roll, roll and again connect. Roll four, push the smart bell's and come back up. Last hit, row and row. And all right now roll halfway down halfway. Just go there. Okay. Now we're going to do infinity.

I'm the first infant aid toward me. Keep your heads in line with your legs. One and the two and the three and a and a and a six. And start turning your head toward me and up and, and, and, and uh, keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Good. And roll all the way up. We're going to take it and add a nice way.

So you need to bend your knees slightly. Excellent. We're going to roll halfway. We're going to affinity with the head. Hold the knees as steady as possible. Infinity toward me. Go on. And that three and a and a five and six. Let your body drive it now. Nice way.

Knees to the back and to the front and to the back to the front and [inaudible] and boom. Last four. Get into it. Last two, boom and boom. And sit up. Nice and tall. Very, very good. Very good. Now, the beauty about the smart belt is that when you put it behind your head, it's not really at the neck, but it's sort of at the base and it holds your head in great places. Ready for your vacation? Five here we're going to do vacation foreign Santa Barbara. All right. That being said and done, we're going to roll back.

Just roll back and hold your tabletop and just stay there and I want you to feel comfortable with your head position resting, looking through your legs and tape. Look through, look through [inaudible] and seeing your partner over there. So you want to be sure that you're holding that. Now I'm going to just do double toe taps that needs your toes. Go down to the floor and they come back up. Go touch, touch, touch and go. Try and keep your knees still cause I want hamstring and go hamstring and go hamstring and go hamstring last one and go.

Now we're going to keep the angle at the knees, so press away and go press away. Use that smart bell to hold your head in a good position and push and lift. Last one. Push. Now we're going to do knee pivots, so the feet are going to swing toward the back, knees to the back, knees to the front, knees to the bat. Everything is still, you're stable, you're pivoting through your knees. Anybody feel it yet? Two bads and out and give it a rest. Stretch your legs down in.

Open Up. Okay. All the way down. Go the legs and open up. Now if the smart bells hits the floor, most probably your shoulders are going to be off, so try and float the shoulder of a smart bell over your head. About two inches from the floor. Okay. Just about two it just from the floor for the, for the good stretch. Now we're going back into the head, putting us, supporting our head and we're going to get ready for your vacation.

Four or five. This is the single leg stretch, single straight leg stretch, double leg stretch, double straight leg stretch. All right, come up and hold your legs in Table Top. Okay. Your mirror leg and your mirror, like your front leg is going to be extended or like, I'm going to count to 10 go one and two and and five and six and seven and eight. Nine and kick straight legs and two M and and six reach eight, nine and 10 double straight like Tuck and extend and pop. Good. Keep your knees together. Tuck. I'm counting. This is only five. Come on, extended church and go Paul and go to more and go and keep it over your head.

Leg lowers down, down, down, up, up, up. Keep your arm still down, down, down, up, up, up. Make it through, down. Don't let them fly. Get to the point and go be definitive where it goes. I'm counting. I hope this has five down. Come on. You're almost there. Damn. Lift three more. Damn down. Last one. Come on.

Damn up and lie down. Big stretch over your head and float. Float, float. Your smart bells. Don't let. Very good. Very, very, very, very good. All right, so you know what's going to happen next. We're going to be doing a spine stretch just for fun that you know we didn't rehearse, but you'll be able to do it. So sit up nice and tall. Alright, take your front leg and cross it over. Very important. That's your front leg. Good arms are in front. Now remember in the spine stretch, you really want to keep that pelvis as much, um, vertical as possible.

Don't go for the hamstring stretch. All right, here we go. We push round down and push. Push, push, push, push, pull. Keep rounding royal, good round, round, round and come up. Restack watch your shoulders that they don't come up to your ears and Tuck and roll to come. Drop your head though. Good and then come back up. Good. Now stay down this time and enjoy life down. Down, down. Now you see your heel.

I want you to Dorsiflex that heel like mat and now it feels wonderful, doesn't it? And point you're going to flex this heel on the top heel on the top. Be Sure it's not just your toes and go just the top. Lay, flex, flex, flex your rounded down and up. How many people feel this down, down, down. Stay down and point down. Down, down. Good. Flex.

Now hold the flex. Now I want you to inch forward and back. Inch forward. Come on, push those. Push and keep feeling that heel pointer. Good. Two more out. Good and out. Roll Up. Very good. Switch legs.

Now remember it's important that you cross legs in. It's an external rotation. Why is the next internal rotation? Because it gets in the way when it's parallel. So turn them out. All right. Sit Up. Nice and tall and perch high on your sits bones. Alright, so external rotation battle way. Good. And that other ones externally rotated this. They both are. There you go.

Alright. Okay. Forward. Forward for it. But this one's implant reflection and come up. Do it again. Now get the [inaudible]. We're doing spine stretch here. Go spine stretch. The legs are not the important thing right now. And roll back up. Good.

Two more. Pull the stomach in. It's going away from those toes and in, remember we're going for spine. Stretch and Tuck and roll. Now stay here. All right. Now we're going to flex in point, heel and toe. Dorsiflex plantarflex, Dorsiflex Planter, he u n toe and stay heel. Now we're going to inch forward edge, retreat edge. Even as you inch you're saying he'll wear our don't fail me. He'll don't fail me. Two more.

Push and push and come back up. Wasn't that fun? Forget it. We got rolling like a ball. Alright, so now for some people this is just not the way to go. So otherwise, if that's difficult for some people in the class, then you can stick it underneath your knees. All right? But you guys are all good. Be The ball. Drop your heads. Now you know how to do this. Don't go into the back of your neck.

Let's go six one and come up and to pull popo and three and [inaudible] and four. Very good. Look at these pinks balls bouncing all around and one more out and give it a rest. Alright. Close leg rocker. Oh cool. Okay. So there are various positions. If you feel like you're compromised, bringing us down a little further, do the best that you can. Sit Nice and tall. All right, here we go. Six, one and woo and two and power set and three and good. Why am I yelling for at, you know, my son says that. Mom, do you think I'm going to understand a better cause you're yelling? No.

I'll say it 10 times and he still wouldn't get it out and in. Give it a rest. Alright, that was good. Excellent. All right, so now put those just by your sides. Now folks, I want you to fold those in half fold your mats way in half way in half, all the way to the half point. Excellent. Grab your towel and put it in front of you. Good. And now I want your Asi, yes, on the edge of those mat.

So really get those hip bones, those forward hip bones on the edge. We're going to do swany, so whining. All right, arms are extended. Now remember for Swan, you pick your backup first and then your neck may or may not follow depending upon how you like things tightened down. Your glutes, know where your legs are. Remember if it bothers your back, then your feet will be separated. That bothers your back. Alright, here we go. And bring the s, the smart bells up. Up, up. Good. Are Your abdominals in and are your seats tight like a sandwich?

A Panini is at lunchtime and go down. I'm thinking food all of a sudden. All right, now Panini up stomach in butts type. Whew. Good and down again. Tighten down the re. Let's work together and last hit four and down. Now everybody's going to swish toward me. Toward them to the side. Just to the side here. Switch. Good. Now we're going to swan up again.

Go lift, lift, lift. Go down. Down. Down for up. Up. Up. Good. Ooh, she's Flexi. Go Up. Up. Up. Down. Very nice. Last one. Up. Up. Good and down. Swished her the back. Oh, you're going to clean the floor for them. They'll like this. Go Up. Up, up and down. Down, down. Up. Up. Up. I like this.

We're going to do it some more on another way though up cause you look so good at it and down. We might as well show the camera something up, up, up and down. Mies, Julie's shaking her head over there. Now switch to the front. All right. Now this time when we come up, our back knee is going to bend and we're going to look for that back foot. You're responsible to find your own foot ready. Go up, up, up. Look for your foot. Good and down. Let's have an attitude when we do it up, up La and go again. Look, look, look. Try and keep your arms straight and down, up and down. This time you're going to stay there. Lucky you.

Stay up and flex your heel and let's hammer it in. Eight times one, two and three and look for your foot and six, 10, seven and eight and extend down. Boom, boom, boom. Stretch all the way. Okay, let's go to the other side. Now we're going to four times. We're going to bend that front knee and look for our own foot. Let's go up, up, up, good. Down, down, down. In a perfect world we'd have a pointed toe and down again, lift and down. Last hit, lift, lift, lift and down. This time with the flex, flex and hold flex and hold hammer oh one two and three and a four and five and six and instead of and stretch all the way out. Okay, let's go into child's pose. Alright, go into child's pose to stretch your low back, stretch your low back. You can let go of this smart belts and really, really use your hands on your mat and push with your hands on your mat to get that low back. To stretch out. Really do. And now we're going to have our arms toward the front of the room and sit our butts off to the back of the room. So it's diagonal stretch, diagonal stretch. Good. Good, good, good.

And switch to the other sides. We're going diagonal. Yes. Very good. Good, good, good. Excellent. And now we're going to be doing the Swish, the Swan Swish. Okay. Oh, okay. Let's lie down and now remember your ass are right on the edge of that mat and our legs are as close as possible, as long as our back can tolerate it.

All right. Now we're going to switch together because if you don't, it's going to be a terrible accident for your knuckles. Everybody's going to switch to the front. I'm the lead. Go to the front, to the, to the front, to the back, to the front, to the back, to the front, to the center. Good. Now we're going to cross our back leg over our other leg and this back leg is going to be tight and it's really reaching toward the sides of the room. So as you switch, do not as you swish, do not move your legs.

You need to tighten down. You Swish only one direction toward the front times eight stretch and recover. Stretch. Now really push. Push using that back arm to affect the stretch. Four left to go. Breech three.

Are you getting a girl to good answer out? Have switched sides. All right, now tighten your thighs. It's important you tighten your thighs as well. Don't rely on your ankles to do all the work. All right, here we go. Eight one and recoil push.

Don't think about shortening. Think about lengthening. Lengthen through the front arm. Front arm goes. Front. Arm goes less to front and go and out. Give it a rest. Child's pose please. And same stretch diagonal.

So hips go toward the front and hands go toward the back. Excellent. Flip. Really good. Very good. Very good. Very good. All right. Now let's unfold our maps for hips circles. Great.

Now in the hip circles, you start with your elbows down and you have to be sure that you're in control with the stability of your pelvis and your shoulder girdle. The concave side faces you and your feet are dorsiflexed. In order to hold it, you have to abduct legs up please. Up. Good. So remember you're pushing on the sides. Abduction. All right, now everybody's going to go clockwise, so it's going to look different from them. Just know your clocks.

We have no digitals in this room. Go a one and a two and a three and shoulders down. Four. Hold the neck, le neutral five and a six and a seven and a reverse. Oh, x said to hell. The little inertia and go last four.

We're dying. Come on. Not so low. Last one and bring it in. Woo. Now would you girls like to try it with your hands up? Okay. For Four. You can do it. Okay. Boom. What's up? All right, those sums up. All right. Ready? We're going clockwise. The first one. Keep it tiny.

Go a one and a two and a three and reverse sendo one. And to watch those arms. Three very good ad. Give it a rest. Oh, that was fun. Now let's get ready for teaser. Why not just do all of them at once? Alright, lie down please. And you have two arms overhead. Okay.

Two your second one. All right. Now remember that your smart bells are always going to be facing each other and you're going to be within the lane of your mat. Don't be swinging out or else you're going to hit each other arms well over your head. Over there. Back, back, back. Yes. Good. All right, I'm going to get out of the way just in case I get g a teen, buy those. Ready, set. Go up and tease her. One. Good. Go back down. Inhale up and teaser too. Good and down. Up and teaser three, hold it still and up and teaser for you can do it.

You can do it. It's getting better. Go. It's getting better. Up and teaser. Five, get those arms up and down. Up and teaser. Six to stay, unfortunately. Lift. Now scissor. I don't care which leg. One and two m three m four m five and six and seven and eight and nine. Give it a rest. Tuck your knees in and stay there like straight, like straight for the big stretch. Now they are.

Be aware that those ribs must be in. Remember that your arms should be floating, floating, and give it a rest. All right, now we're going into our sideline work. So everybody is going to be on their right elbow. Everybody is will be on the right elbow. Okay, you're going to place that smart bells on your feet. Remember how that was on your feet.

Put your feet in there and you're going to abduct correct. So this one's down. All right, now let's start clean. Arms are out to the side and use your left hand as a support in front. All right, so you've really got to turn those feet out and well, your legs working times eight, lift down lower and two now you just stomach three if you have the power, lift up through the waist. Lift and lower and lift and lower.

Last two and stay up. No, flow your arm in front of your own shoulder. Now stay there and 16 pulses and then four, five and six and seven. Eight left, one and two. Bam. Three m five and six. Seven give it a rest. Very good from there. Grab that on your feet. And let's just do annealing, irregular mermaid from here. Just to open up that side. So [inaudible] k Oh, you have one on your hand. Okay, good. Alright. Just your regular mermaid. Just up and over. All right, it's in your left hand. Go upside bend. Don't pick your body up and come back. This is in prep for what's coming up, up inside. Bend [inaudible] and come back up inside band and come back.

Keep your hip down. Come down and up inside band and come back. Two more. Up in good. Watch your shoulders and up inside bend. Good. All right. Now let's go into that kneeling side, Ben, so palm up and place your foot and external rotation. This is like some kind of dramatic pose here. All right, now you're going to lift up onto your right knee and go over excellent, and come back down. Try and straighten your knee and go up and over. Reach, reach, good and go. Now we're going to be inside the toaster.

Pull it in. Go Up, toasting, toasting, toasting, good and down. See it's isn't the Panini again, up and over, and come back to more lift curve or follow the curve of that and go last one up and over. I promise. Now bring it back down. Hold the Z. Sit again into your mermaid. Now we're going to go over and then we're going to bend the elbow bend and straighten up. Turn the palm toward me, so I want to see that smart bell's bend and straight bend and straighten. Bend and straight. Now soften your support elbow every time.

Soften, soften. Good. Soften. Last one, stay there. Turn the palm towards your head and we're going to go. Big, big, big. Go. Scoop it over, up, up. Now gather all the energy from the handle. Good. Open, gather open, and gather.

Open and gather. Soften your elbow up and over. Other side please. Okay, now we thread your feet. Okay. And we're going to do a long layout, a very long layout. All right? Now remember, you must abductor or else you're gonna lose it. All right, let's go for eight one and done, and up and down. Three. Now pull the stomach in for light. Fingers up.

Go left, go lift, go. Stay lifted. Arm in front. Pulse. 1601 and a two and a three by six. Seven eight left. Eight, seven. Small, three, two and one. Give it a rest. Put it in your hands and let's get ready for the easy mermaid. The classical, well, you know if classicals it's going to get for me. All right? All right, so your palm is up and let's go six, four times.

Go up and over one and come home up and over to soften your support elbow and go soften. Take it in there and then come back up to vertical. You got to come up to vertical and foal. Last two, five. I process four in the beginning. Last one and out. Very good. All right, so now we're gonna do, um, the kneeling side one. Alright, now remember if you've got your foot, if you bend your knee, the further out your foot is, the better it is so that you can get a good long stretch. If you're cramped up here, you're not going to get a good knee extension. All right. Ready? Set up and over. Reach.

Good and come home and soft landing. Don't dump down and reach east central. Klee. Control, control. Confess the hardest part and go and slow. Slow. Look at the smart bells and go. Good and slow. Slow. Slow. Tomorrow out. Last one.

And reach and come back in classical mermaid set. Now we're going to do the triceps thing. All right, so we're going up and over and stay there. So now we turn the palm toward me and bend and stretch and bend and stretch. See how still you can keep your upper arm. Four left to go. Three left to go.

Two left to go. Last one. Stay up, hook it, turn it now over. Soften that with two elbows and open two elbows and open. Feel the sink. Sink, sink, sink, and Oh, perfect. Sync, sync, sync. Last one and sync. Think thing. Give it a rest instead of tall. All right, so now you're going to face each other. Twist, sitting nice and tall.

All right, so we're up. Legs are together and you're reading the word smart belts. You know that you have the concave side right in front of you. All right, so we're going to twist with the double pulse. You're going to turn towards me and bend your elbow. Go Bend, bend and straight. Other side, bend, bend and tall. Bend, bend and tall. Then then two more.

Bend, bend, good and bend. Been very good. All right, so sit up nice and tall and you have the past hand. Remember that the two hands are on the top of it and this is how you pass. What? Your feet, your feet are together. Feet are together. Okay, now starting again. Okay, here we go. This is, we're going to do the SA, the twist. This time, sorry. And your arms are going to be in front. The smart bells is the moving hand. Go twist. One, two. Moving hands. Smart bell takes it. Smart bell takes it and go move it.

Yes. Yes. Palm Up. Go Palm Up. Turn it down. Pulse. One, two, pulse. One, two. Sit up tall. Bend your knees. One to go and one to go. Now stay there. The free arm has nothing.

You just keep that in front. Ready, set, go. One, two, go. Keep going. Move it toward the center. Go. As you twist, go your shoulder girdle pushes it. Keep going. Do you see the difference? Yes. Pump, pump. Go shoulders down. Up to high and go last one out and give it a rest. Okay. Now let's put our legs slightly wider than the mat in preparation for saw. Alright, so we're going to hold the smart bells in your back hand. Boom, boom.

Arms out to the side. All right, so the edge of the smart bell's gonna go over the front angle, ankle as you go. As you saw. Careful of your neighbors. Ready? Go. Pulse, pulse. Sit Tall. Okay, now just stay there. Hold on. Stay there. Now we're going to do it again. And you're going to pulse pulse, and you're going to put the hands in the front. You're not to that style. Go pulse, pulse, hands in front. So you make the exchange. Go Paul.

Pulse Exchange. Perfect. Pulse, pulse exchange. Excellent pulse, pulse. Use the blade of the smart bells to push. Go and push. Push. Go and push. Push good. And Push. Push. Go last to push, push, go. Double pulse. Push, push, and give it a rest.

Now the back arm takes the smart bell. So you're going to sweep with that. Alright, so it's going to be your front arm that takes it. Okay. Okay, so there, this arm's going to take it as you go back. Two arms in front. Ready, set, go. One, two. Ah, okay, let's start it again. Hold on. Okay. All right. You'll hold it. Then I'm goes back and this arm goes forward. Okay. Did you guys get it? Okay, let's start it again. Okay, ready? Okay.

So now what's going to happen is that the smart bell's going to go to the back arm. All right, turn. Everybody turns toward me. Go one, two, sit tall and sweet. Sweet. Get up. N Let's make this a little harder. Why not on the next one? Not this one. On the next one. Your arms go overhead. Xchange Wu, go exchange. Double pulse. One, two.

I don't see the double pulse. Good. Last two little collision. Last one and give it around. Woo. We didn't practice that one. Oh, well that's okay. No problem. All right, so now from here we're going to do bridging and you know that's my favorite perturbation. Oh, well perturbation. That is where you perturb your spine. You can deal with the rest yourself. Alright, now you're going to put your feet on the handles.

Be sure that you don't pronate. Ooh, good. All right. And your knees are in line and your shoulders are shimmy down. You have long arms and you're just relaxed. All right, I think your feet are too close. Alright, here we go. Ready? We're going to just tuck, roll, lift, bridge, Tuck, roll, lift. Bridge. I want to see a nice roll. Girl's not just to hip hinge. Now roll down.

Okay, let's be mindful here. I see some perturbing going on and there should not be any perturbing going on. Tuck in rural. Hold those things still and roll down. Woo. Some people are getting some fun times right here under roll and roll down and roll.

Alright, preterm. Good. Now while you're doing this, try and hold your upper torso. Still try and really slammed down on those ribs to hold them still. Ooh, very good. And give it a rest. Roll down. Grab your other smart bells folks and put the curves side towards you so you read smart bells. All right. Alrighty. Now stay there.

[inaudible] bridge up, up, up, up. Good. Now as you lower, I want you to bring the smart bells over your head. Go stretches you lower and come back up right over your chest. Good. Over, over, over and up. Up, up. Let's all try and stay together. Girls go over, over, over and up. Up, up. Go over, over, over. Cut It.

Cut the air with the edge of that. Cut it with the top edge. Cut it with the bottom edge. You get it. Now I can see it. Top edge and over your chest. Stay there per term. Keep it going. Keep it going. Hold your upper torso. Still.

Plug your shoulder blades into the mat. Plug. Plug, plug. Butts are sinking. They need to be up. You're walking. Hold on. There it go. Come on. Lift them up. Come on. Lift them up per terming and give it a rest. All right, move that one by your feet away and let's Hook your front leg into a handle so that you can do your hamstring stretch. All right, let's hold both hands there. This is an overhand grip that you're doing right now, which is fine. That's good. Good, good, good. All right. Now we're just going to pull, keep your other leg straight down if you can. Alright, now we're just going to try and pull towards you by bending the elbows and times for pull. Pull, pull as under hand. Yup.

And go pull, pull, pull and go. Last one. Pull. Pull, pull and go. Now flip your hands into underhand grip. Now as the smart bells comes towards you, open the breadth of your chest. Go pull, pull, pull, and go. Bend those elbows, pull, pull, pull and go. Keep going. Wide. Paul, Paul, Paul, last one, and stay polled.

Stay there for awhile and enjoy it. [inaudible] enjoy. I know the faces are not indicating enjoyment and come back. Now I want you to drop your front arm to the side. Good to the side and palm down. Now you're going to take that smart bell's across your body, so hip stretch here and then it comes. The leg comes toward me.

Bend, stretch, stretch, stretch. Good. Again, bend the elbow here so that you get a hip stretch and now or round it goes over and you get a shoulder stretch again. Ben, Bend Elbow, an over over shoulder. I'm getting punchy. And then down and up, up switch, switch, switch legs. Very good. Switch legs. Start all over with your basic overhand hamstring. Stretch. Excellent legs are down. Let's just pull times for one, one, one. I saw that face and two, two, two and go. Three, three, three, and go four, four, four. And change your grip. Underhand grip. Go by steps, biceps and go biceps, biceps, and go. Two more biceps, biceps last hit biceps, biceps, and up.

Drop your back arm to the side. Okay, we're gonna Cross it over. So we're going to bend the elbow for the hemp hip stretch, and then we're going to open it out and I'm going to get this shoulder stretch again. Okay. Paul. Paul, Paul, go over, over, over. Good. Good on the stable legs, ladies. Very good. Open, open, open, go. Pull the elbow down. Open. Open one more after this Paul Paul, Paul [inaudible], and give it a rest. Let's take those smart bells and put them to the side.

And once again, we're gonna fold our maths in half. Alright, we're gonna fold our maths in half. This time I'll want your psis to be on the edge and have the towel underneath your smart bell because you're going to be doing the swish. Okay. Supine Swish. All right, so smart bells faces up and walk your heels inside the handle holes and you'll be good. You want to be okay? Yes. You're doing it right. Nope, you're doing the heels right there. Place your heels and lie down and have a good time. All right. Now be careful.

Remember, remember that what's going to happen is if you don't stay in sync, you're going to bang each other. Okay, so arms slightly lower than a shoulder? No. Then lowest rib. Let me tell you what the beginning students you want to do here cause it's more stability, but for you guys, you're here. All right. Uh, we have something wrong here. Okay. Up. Oh, 50 feet out and then they would go in here. Okay. Lift your legs up though if have likes up here. Okay. I'm hoping that this will work for you. Good. Good. All right.

Now we're going to switch. Everybody's going to switch toward the front. Go Swish. Front, back. You got to keep your heels on it. Okay. Front and back and front and back and front and back. Front and back and front and back and front and back and front and center. Stay there. All right. Now we're going to take two arms overhead.

Now we're only going to switch in one direction, which is toward me, so you need to be pulling your back arm every time you swished toward me. You pull on that arm ready for for one and go and two and go and three and go and forth. Switch sides one and go and two and go and three. Very good and for give it a rest. All right, let's do our final stretch and stand up. Okay, we're going to stand up. Grab your smart bells.

Great one. Just one. All right. Now the beauty about the smart bells is that it has a lot of planes that just a lot of planes of motion here. We're going to just make it simple. We're ready. We're going to go to your ear. You're going to go to the back to your ear and go down side bend here, extend your spine side bend there and go and one and two and three and four and one and two and three. Reverse this one and chest and side and down.

One and chest and side. Last to one and chest and side. Last one, one and chest and side. Very good. We're going to do another stretch. Come up here and we're going to do, pull it up to your front.

Turn it inside out and push. We're going up. Stretch behind you. Woo. Come back, turn it in and come back down. Do it again. One inside out and stretch makes you honest.

Here and down and up. Inside and stretch. Okay, here we go. We're going to spread our legs and go and up inside. Now tighten your glutes and back. Bend if you can, and come home. Go again. Down and back.

Bend again down and stay in your back. Bend everybody, gaze to the skies, to their right. We gaze to the skies. To your left turn. It's rotate. It's rotate, rotate, and arms down. Thank you very much.


Are these the Smart Bells Lite that weight 1.5 lbs. each? When more Smart Bells classes come on here, will that typically be the Smart Bells to use? I am tempted to buy heavier ones. Thank you!!! This class looks seriously fantastic!
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yes, they are the Lite ones......the others are too heavy on the shoulders after a while. Glad you enjoyed it!
Hi Shan! Valentin is fantastic no? Alan Herdman will be here next month and use these same SmartBells when he films a class.
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YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is GREAT NEWS KRISTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That pushes me over the edge and makes me really ready to buy them! Thank you for letting me know. I appreciate it!!! Valentin CERTAINLY IS FANTASTIC!!!!!! And that class is fantastic. I can see how SmartBells would really be particularly useful for pilates--I would love a class by Michael King (similar to his Mini Chi Ball class) that uses SmartBells. And a Courtney Miller class and a Tracey Mallet class with them!??!!!!! EXCITING!
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Kristi, where can you buy these Smart Belts, light weights, I live in Canada. It is a great class. Little change of scenery. I loved it.Thank you. blanche.
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In case any non Smart Bell owners are intrigued by the class you can definitel still enjoy the fun. I used a combination of either a magic circle or 2 lb weights. Using a prop (Smart Bell/Magic Circle) under my legs that usually want to fold-in when doing the teaser was a game changer. Thanks for that new variation Valentin!
Looks like fun, will have to get me some smartbells!!
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Thank you everyone for watching my video. I really did have loads of fun with the girls when filming and these were new toys for them. They had only 15 minutes to get the hang of them.All SmartBells can be purchased from Balanced Body. I would highly suggest getting 2 lightweight ones rather than the heavier (red) one.
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Thank you Valentin for clarifying! And thank you Joni for the great suggestion. I am going to treat myself and but some SmartBells Lite. I am hoping there will continue to be a lot of SmartBells classes--Kristi said one is going to be filmed in a month! Very exciting!Thank you so much for this fun, innovative class. I tried to do it with hand weights. I first tried 5 lb. weights (each 5 lbs) and like you say, they were too hard. I then tried (2 lb. each) dumbbells and they were better but they weren't "Smart". ;) It's hard to spend the $ but this is a prop that I think is very useful and I can see being used often. Balanced Body also sells them via for I think 2 dollars cheaper than their BB website. :) No free shipping though either place (i.e. no amazon prime).10 years ago,SmartBells were $75 apiece, so the price is a little better now.I think these are a great investment specifically for pilates. Can't wait to take the class again and do it with the SmartBells.
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What makes the SmartBells, "smart" is their design and the way they cut through the air and have an ergonomic feel to them. I didn't show some unique uses on the first video, but I think you get the point that they are a versatile tool, not just a "dumbell!" Love your energy!
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