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Have fun in this total body Reformer workout with Tracey Mallett! She uses the Jump Board to add a bit of cardio and she uses it as a barre for Standing Side Kicks. After this class, you will feel that you have worked out, but you will also feel relaxed and stress-free!
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

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Hi guys, Tracey Mallett here. Today we're going to do a reformer workout, and we're going to be adding one of my favorite pieces of apparatus to the reformer, which is the jump board. It is a total body workout today, so you will be working every single muscle group of course. So grab yourself some water, make sure you've got your jump board firmly attached, and let's get moving. So let's sit down at the edge of your reformer.

You're going to place your hands on your knees. Let's just take a few minutes just to feel grounded, get connected to our core, ready for a great workout. Alrighty? So your shoulders are over your hips, we're gonna be in that neutral position, knees in line with your hips. Just place your hands on your knees.

We're gonna take a deep breath in, inhale through the nose, and then we're gonna be exhaling through the mouth. Imagine there's a little birthday cake right here, and you're going to blow those candles off the cake with a nice, forceful exhalation. Inhale, exhale. Inhale through the nose. Now as you exhale, think of pushing away with the hands as you really draw in those abdominals and exhale.

And again, inhale, place your hands on your knees. Exhale, depress your scapulae, draw those abs in as you push away. And again. (rhythmic breathing) Now on the exhale we're going to go into a deep C curve. Exhale, push away.

As you rock the pelvis. Inhale, neutral. Exhale, rock the pelvis. Inhale, shoulders over your hips. Exhale, push away, draw in those abs, pelvic tilt as you exhale.

Inhale, let's just do one more. Inhale, exhale. Now just hold it here. Draw the abdominals in, up and back. It's almost like the abdominals are going right behind the back of the ribcage.

The abs are pulled in, and I just want you to release and float the hands up. Your abdominals are firing, your hands are floating up and you're just gonna hold it there. Feel those abdominals connect, draw in, that's what I want you to feel through the whole of this class today, those abdominals those powerful abs connecting and stabilizing the pelvis. Hold it, and then slowly drop the hands, and then come all the way up. Now, we're gonna do a little twist, 'cause I'm just gonna get a nice angle so you can follow me on the camera.

Basically we're gonna be at the edge of the reformer again, the hands are forward, and what we're gonna do is slowly roll down so that your shoulders are gonna be at the edge of the reformer so your mid upper back is gonna be coming off the back of the reformer. Okay? So let's slowly put the hands down, gradually roll yourself down gently, and bring the knees up into chair position and just gently take the head back. And then come back up. So you wanna make sure your shoulders are just at the edge.

Gonna place the legs down, heels on the floor, plant them firmly down on the floor. Take the hands, interlace the hands. You've got a nice, strong cradle, and put the hands behind the head. Now, from here you're gonna look towards your abs. Now, that strong connection, draw the abdominals in, up and back, you're in a neutral spine, anchor that tailbone down into the mat.

Press the weight into the floor so your heels are grounded. You're gonna feel that connection with the hamstrings. Inhale, we're gonna come all the way back, looking over the back, and then exhale, press the weight into the heels and lift up as you exhale, forcefully exhale. You'll see those abdominals tremble. Inhale back, open up that chest, feels gorgeous.

A beautiful extension, lift up. Keep that breathing, keep breathing, Inhale, and exhale. And now we're gonna move a little bit more fluidly. Inhale, back. Exhale, lift.

Feel the connection with the hamstrings, pressing the weight into the heels. Inhale, back. Exhale, lift, one more. Ready, inhale, back. Exhale, hold it.

Hold. Feel that connection. Draw the right knee in, hold it there. Now we're gonna inhale, come back. Exhale, lift up.

Inhale, drop the leg down to the floor. Inhale lift. Drop the leg down. And then bring it back up again. Awesome, keep the elbows nice and wide.

Imagine the candles are there on the cake ready for you to blow out. Yes, the more we age, the more the candles appear. So as we age, the more there we have to exhale, right? (forcefully exhales) Let's just do one more, just warming up the core. Drop that leg down, nice and tall.

Lift up, try and clear the shoulder blades as much as you can. Now draw that knee up, ready? Take it back. Open up. Lift up, drop the knee down.

Exhale up. Inhale back. Exhale, think of the abdominals bringing the knee to the chest, it's that core contraction. Exhale, lift up. Let's just do a couple more, we're just warming up the center.

(forcefully exhales) Last time. Exhale, lift it up. Now, your head, neck and shoulders are off the floor. We're gonna try and float the other knee up. There we go.

Adjust yourself a little bit more, beautiful. Now, what we're gonna do is just take your right knee out into single leg stretch with the hands where they are, you're just cradling your head. We reach out. (rhythmic breathing) Just breathe in and reaching those legs out, keep the head where it is. (forcefully exhales) Eight more, ready?

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, chair position. Drop the head down now. Now the knees are still where they are. Exhale, lift up. Now we're gonna go a little bit more challenging.

We're gonna inhale here, exhale, extend the legs up to the sky. Inhale, drop. Exhale, lift up. Inhale, down. Exhale, lift up.

Two more. Open up that chest, feel the thoracic extension. And lifting back up again, let's do one more. Inhale, chair position, knees over your hips. Exhale, lift up, perfect position.

Drop that right leg down. Feel that gorgeous stretch, try and drop it down to the floor as much as you can without that pelvis going into an anterior tilt. Keep that openness in your hip flexor, and hold it there. Bring it back up again. Let's try with the opposite leg.

Inhale, drop the leg down, feel that gorgeous stretch. Exhale, bring it back up again. Inhale, drop that leg down, gorgeous stretch. Use your abs. Exhale, bring it back up again.

Let's try that again, keep lifting. Inhale, drop that leg down. Exhale, bring it back up. Now we're gonna go a little bit faster. Ready?

We go switch, and switch, and switch, and switch. Beautiful long legs, those little Barbie doll legs. Unfortunately I don't have Barbie doll legs. My daughter got those, not me. So I strive to try and get those little extra stretches here, this is why I love this exercise.

Eight more, ready, go and. Eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one. Bring both legs up, keep lifting. Bend your knees. Reach back.

Lift up again, drop the right knee down, float it down. Float the other leg down. Now, from here reach the hands all the way back. Ah, that feels so good. That's your little icing on top of the cake 'cause you've just blown all the candles out.

(laughs) Hold that stretch, opening out. Bring it back in. Open it out, and just hold it there. From here, we're gonna try and roll all the way up slowly. Roll all the way up gradually.

And then just come forward. Nice work, roll all the way up. Do you feel a little bit more warmed up now? I know I do, my core is warm. So now we're gonna go into a little bit of leg work.

You are going to be on one green spring. Make sure your headrest is up for this, so you've got a little bit more support. So I'm just gonna put the headrest up. There we go. Let's come back down.

Now remember, when we're on the jump board you wanna keep your feet towards the top of the jump board. So for right now, what I want you to do is just extend and come back. I'm just gonna be on the balls of my feet right now. This is kind of like a little relevé, heels are slightly off the board. And you're just going to push out.

Just want you to feel the spring, you're on one green spring. So pretty moderate spring. Now, we're gonna try and go into a little jump. So you're just gonna test the waters, a little jump. Very small jumps.

We're just warming up those legs. Now, you're trying to land toe-heel. Toe-heel. You're in a parallel position. Now, your abs are in a neutral spine.

So you want to make sure that as you reach away from the board, you are connecting with that core. Exhaling up. Now, for those that feel they want to make it a little bit more challenging, you can put your hands up. Your elbows are on the mat. And now I'm just not using my hands so much.

'Cause most people have a tendency to use their hands, they grip with the mat, and we don't wanna do that. We wanna use our legs, we wanna use our core. Beautiful. Let's just do four more very simple. Four, three, two, and one more, bring the hands down.

Right leg is bent. And let's jump away. So now we're doing single leg. Now, when you're doing single leg, remember you've gotta land toe-heel. It's like a single leg squat basically.

This knee is over your hip. We want this in perfect position here. Good, let's just do about four more. Three, two, one, now switch to the other side. And again, let's do ten like this keeping that beautiful form.

Three, land toe-heel. Four, like a feather. Five, no elephants. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, switch to the other side and hold. Now we're just gonna extend and bend here.

Now I'm cuing you to extend that leg up. You ready to jump? Now as we jump, we're gonna try and do a little leg circle at the same time. So let's flex that foot, and I just want you to hold it here. We're gonna be doing little circles just like this.

You ready to add that jump? Let's go. We go jump. Jump, doing your circles. Jump, to drawing a circle with your heel.

Jump, jump, good. Jump, jump, reverse it. And, jump. Jump, it's a little challenging 'cause you've gotta keep those hips as still as you can. Jump, jump, jump, last time.

Jump. Let's come to the other side. Flex that foot, let's go out and in. All right, so we're gonna go out first. All right, you ready?

Let's go. And jump, always one side is easier than the other. I'm on my left side now, this takes a lot more coordination for me. Breathe, circle with the heel, circle with the heel. And, ready, reverse it.

Go, in. In, in, flex out through the heel. Good. In, in, breathe in, and in. Nice work.

Not as easy as it looks, is it? Now we're gonna turn over to the side. We're gonna be in your side profile. Now, make sure when you're in this position here, I'm sticking to the reformer here. As you get sweaty you get sticking to your reformer.

We're gonna be put your top leg forwards of the board. This other leg is gonna be bend for right now. Put your hands here. Now we're gonna just start to do a little jump out. And little jump out, very simple.

Keep this supporting leg bent, and actually your hips are square. You wanna think of lifting up from the undersides of your obliques that activated. Now what we're gonna do is bend the knee forward. So it goes bend, extend. Bend, extend.

Bend, extend, bend, extend. Four, three, two, one, hold it there. And let's turn around quickly to the other side. We're gonna lift up, turn around. Make sure you're in the center of your board.

Top leg is right at the corner of the board, hands are here for support, underneath leg is bent. Oblique lifted. You ready? We're gonna lift, lift just make sure your foot is in the right position. All right.

You ready? We're gonna try and bring that knee to match the other knee. Let's go. Knee, and knee. Keep the head down as much as you can.

Good. (forcefully exhales rhythmically) Quick legs. Four more, four, three, two, and one. Gracefully come down, slowly. This time we're gonna come all the way back off, and we're gonna turn around to face this way.

Now, we're gonna change the straps now. The resistance is going to be, where are we here? We're going to be one red spring. Okay, one red spring. Flip the headrest down.

All right. We're gonna come forward so your booty, your butt is right by the shoulder rests. We're gonna hold the hands here, and we're gonna slowly roll down and adjust so you're as far forward as you can. Now from here you're gonna make sure your hair is not in the straps. Actually not in your springs should I say.

The hands are gonna be here. Now from the position you're gonna bring your knees into chair position, and you're gonna lift your head, neck and shoulders off the floor in this position. Reach the legs up, and all we're gonna do is a little pelvic tilt. So you're gonna use the board to go into a little pelvic tilt. Teeny tiny pelvic tilt.

And we exhale, lift. Exhale, lift. Four more. Four, three, two, and one, lower down, drop the head down. Now we're gonna try and lift a little bit higher as you touch and then lower the legs.

Exhale, touch. And then lower the legs as much as you can. Exhale, little touch. Inhale, lower the legs. Let's do a few more.

Exhale, touch. Inhale, lower the legs. Two more. (forceful exhale) And back, last time. (forceful exhale) And back.

Now we're gonna rotate towards the right, lift, back down towards the left. Now let's go the same way that we went. Up, lift, and then back down like a little corkscrew. And lift, other direction, and down. Lift, around, and down.

Let's do a few more. Up, round, and down using that board for support. Last time. Up, round, and down. Bend your knees into your chest, and lift up.

Give that self a nice little stretch and then come down. Now I'm gonna move myself awkwardly forward. Gonna try and grab hold of my strap. And I'm gonna bring the strap around the knee. Once again I'm gonna grab my hair, clasp your hands, it's really important so your hands are not separated, they're actually together like this.

Cradle your head, neck and shoulders off the floor. Now, we're going to split the legs up, so it's just split, and then we come back. So you're actually doing like a single leg stretch but with the resistance of the spring. Now, we're gonna try and do a rotation towards the leg that has the resistance, and then back. So it's exhale, resistance, inhale.

Exhale, resistance, rotate. Let's do a little bit more rotation, there. Rotate, are you breathing? Exhale, four. Exhale, three.

And it's your shoulder going over, not your elbow. Last time. And back, bend your knees, lower your head. Now, from here we're going to drop the leg without the resistance onto your headrest. Bring the hands down.

And we're gonna try and go into a pelvic tilt lift. So now you're in that lovely bridge position. I'm going to ask you to take your leg away, and bring it back. So you're inhaling away, exhaling and bring it back. So here, yes you're gonna work your extensors, your hamstrings and glutes, but you're also working your quads and your soas here.

So it's lifting, and then back. Lifting, and back. Lifting, and back, last time. Lifting, and back. Now, we're gonna try and get a little bit more challenging.

Leg goes up, get your hips higher. Drop it, and lift. So you're dropping the knee to match the opposite knee. And I'm still keeping my hips lifted. You're working your core, bringing it back.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale, inhale, last time, inhale, exhale hold it there. And then slowly roll down and bring your knee in. Bring it to your chest, give yourself a little stretch. And let's slowly take that lovely strap away.

And we're gonna put it down, and we're gonna try and grab hold of the other strap and bring it around your knee. All right. Ready? Clasp your hands, bring your head and shoulders off the floor, float the other knee in. Now let's just take it out to face forward.

Slow and controlled. Now the other side's gonna stabilize even more 'cause it doesn't have resistance. You ready to add your little criss-cross? Let's go. So we cross, rotation.

Get your shoulder little bit slow and controlled. (forcefully exhales) Okay breathe, that shoulder's coming over, try and keep the pelvis as still as you can. Resist that spring. (forcefully exhales) Back, I'll do two more. (forcefully exhales) Beautiful.

Bring both knees in, float the leg down without the resistance, and take your head, neck and shoulder down. So get your foot firmly planted on that shoulder rest. Ready, we're gonna go up into a bridge. So pelvic curl up into that bridge. Alrighty.

So now you're gonna stabilize, you've got that resistance there. Now, we're gonna take the knee away, and then bring it back again. (forcefully exhales) Think of the abdominals pulling the knee forward. You've also gotta be careful, those hamstrings, your extensors are working like crazy to keep the hips off the floor. A lot of quad, soas is working right now.

Beautiful. (forcefully exhales) Let's just do a couple more. (forcefully exhales) One more. (forcefully exhales) Now hold it here, get nice and strong, press the weight down into that supporting hip. You ready, go down into like a scissor leg.

(forcefully exhales) All the way down and back up. Try and reach the opposite knee. So I'm dropping that knee to reach the other knee and then back again. Ready, exhale. (forcefully exhales rhythmically) Couple more.

(forcefully exhales) Last time. Hold it, get your hips up high. And then roll down, woo hoo. And bring your knees into your chest. You definitely should have felt that one.

Your hamstrings, your glutes and your quads. Everything working there. And your abs to stabilize. All right, let's take your little strap out. Gracefully.

Gonna pop it over the edge there. And we're gonna slowly roll all the way up. Let's just take two seconds just to lift up. Let's just reach up, give ourself a little stretch. Come over to the side, come over to the side.

Back to center for our little halo arms, one of my favorites if you've watched some of my other reformer classes, you know I love the halo. Maybe it's because I'm trying to be an angel. (laughs) All right, other side. Shoulders just moving in the beautiful shoulder girdle. Ah, feels good.

Let's just do one more. Good, don't you feel great? Ready for our next session. We are going to work the arms now. For this, we're going to go to one, one red spring.

Let's try one red spring, one blue. But today I'm gonna do one red, but you could work on a blue spring, too. All right. Now if this is too challenging for you, you can do it on your knees. I'm gonna be doing it standing today, but you can do it on your knees, too.

Okay. So, you wanna make sure your feet hit with the part. Now, from here you're gonna bend your knees slightly. You're in a neutral position but your knees are slightly bent. We're gonna pick up those straps.

Now, get your balance here, make sure you are balanced before you start pulling. Your palms are going to be facing inwards, and you're moving with the pinkie. So you're here, and then come back. There. Can you see I'm moving with the pinkie?

Your palms are facing inwards. Get a little bit more adjusted there, there we go. So there's a lot of abdominal work here to balance. Like I said, if this is too challenging just get down on your knees and carry on the workout with me on the knees. Let's just do four more here.

Four, draw the ribcage in. Three, two, and one more, hold it here. Now moving on, bending the knees little bit more. Elbows are in line with your shoulders. Abs pulled in, neutral spine.

Ready for your bicep curls. Remember the elbows are gonna stay in line with your shoulders. You're in a little squat position here, knees are going over your toes. Now remember, every time you pull you have gotta exhale, and you've gotta dig even deeper into the core as you exhale. Beautiful.

Elbows high, don't drop those elbows. Look at your elbows, don't drop them. Let's do four more, 'cause you guys look so hot I can tell. Or you're feeling hot. (laughs) Three more, three, and two, let's do one more, and one. From here, keeping the palms facing upwards we're gonna bring one elbow in, the other arm comes up.

And then they replace, the one arm comes up, one elbow bends. So you're trying to get a little bit more of a rotation. Your arm is supinated, and you're trying to work the obliques and your mid upper back. Arm comes up, this arm rotates. And you're breathing.

(forcefully exhales) Keeping your shoulders over your hips as much as you can. Arm comes up, elbow supinates. Now look to your back elbow, try and rotate a little bit more. Rotating a little bit more, let's do four more. And four, and back, and three, and two, can you give me one more?

And one, beautiful. Palms flat. Let's go into a nice little row while we're here. Now, it might feel pretty easy because the weight of the spring is pretty light. However, I want you to focus on really trying to draw the scapulae together without hiking your shoulders.

So in other words, your scapula is pulling down, drawing down to your hips as you pull the scapulae together. Alrighty, elbows are going directly to the side, directly to the side, don't drop them. Directly to the side, so that's your cue, your elbows are going to each side of the room. Two more. Last time.

Hold it. Draw the ribcage in, watch I'm not hyperextending, that's my favorite trick. I've gotta draw in, pull the scapulae together, elbows high, feel the posterior deltoids, feel the mid upper back, and hold it there. Dig a little deeper, hold it there. Pull a little bit harder, draw the scapulae down, drop the traps.

And then slowly reach forward, nice work. Bring those straps down. And we're gonna come down now, and we're gonna turn around. Hopefully you should have felt your back working there, the mid upper back. We're just gonna come down and sit cross-legged.

And we're gonna pick up your lovely straps. Very simple. We present. We open. We present forwards, and we come back.

We present, we open. Come forwards, and back. Present. Now remember your arms are always in your peripheral view. So look, I'm going to the corners of the room, not to the side of the room.

So I pitch forwards, corners, forwards, and back. One, now all the time my shoulders should be staying over my hips. Beautiful, so it looks effortless, but we all know it takes a lot of control. Can we just do a couple more? (forcefully exhales) Last time.

Hold it here. Now let's just go into a little hug a tree. Hug a tree. (forcefully exhales) Keep the shoulders depressed, lifting up nice and tall. Your crown of your head is reaching higher and higher.

We wanna grow two more inches, that's my goal. That's why I did Pilates in the first place, 'cause hopefully I would grow. Kinda didn't happen, but maybe in my mind it did. Yes. I ramble a lot too, I know.

Two more, two (laughs) and one, hold it there and come back in. Now I'm in an external rotation now. In this position, I want you to place and lift the other leg on top. I'm gonna do that, because I need to be even. All right, so elbows are here.

And then we go out and in. So I'm in that external rotation in that position here. External rotation, so elbows will come in, they go out. In, and out, can you see I'm in that external rotation and back? Good.

Four more. Four, diagonally forward. Three, in that external rotation. Two, last time. One, lift up and then slowly come back down.

Take your hands in front, stretch. Take your hands towards your lovely box and pull away. Your board. Roll all the way up. Now, we're gonna work a little bit on your legs now.

So we're gonna come off, and we're gonna take our hands, we're gonna do some side line work. So you're gonna take your forearm onto the barre. Yes, it becomes the barre now. It's a jump board, now it becomes a barre. The elbow is down, so the elbow's in line with your shoulders.

Now from here, you're gonna place your hand on your hip just to start with. You're gonna lift and float that leg up. Lifting up through the underneath oblique. I'm depressing. Now, for those who are beginners to this, you may wanna just keep your hand on your hip.

For those that feel a little bit more advanced, they can take the hand behind the head. So I'm gonna take this variation, or you can put your hand on your hip for stability. We go forwards for two counts, and then back for two counts. So you're rounding for forwards for two counts, back for two counts. One, two, back, for two.

One, two, back for two, good. So it's rounding forwards, back to hip height. Last time, rounding forwards, and then hold here. From here we're gonna transfer over, up and over into your nice stretch, bring it back, take the hand behind the head and lift. Transfer, stretch, elbow, here.

Transfer, lift, one, and reach. Transfer, lift, one, and reach, last time. Transfer, reach, one, hold it here, Pilates side line kick Flex, flex, point back. Inhale, inhale, exhale back. Inhale, inhale, watch your supporting side.

You're pushing away from the floor. Inhale, exhale last time. Inhale, exhale. Come back to your side. From here we're gonna come forwards, drop the knee, push away and enjoy that gorgeous stretch within your hip.

From here, we're gonna reach forward, reach. And then hold it there. We're gonna come up and see if we can balance. And hold that balance. For eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one, come back down.

Let's try the other side now. So we're gonna turn out your supporting leg. Elbow on your barre, elbow in line with your shoulders, we're very linear here. And we're gonna float the leg up. I'm lifting up, these obliques are firing either here, or here.

Ready, we go forwards, side. Forwards for two, side. Forwards, keep lifting up out of the barre. Forwards for two, lift out the barre, good. Now your ear is listening to the barre.

Good, forwards for two. Lift, let's just do one more for good luck. And hold it here, ready for your transference of weight. Plié, reach, in, lift. Plié, stretch, enjoy that stretch, reach.

Plié, stretch, one, and lift. Breathe. Movement is beautiful. One, two, three, and hold it there. Ready for Pilates side kick, and flex, flex, point back, inhale, inhale, exhale.

Inhale, inhale, keep the foot the same height. Flex, flex, and point. Flex, flex, push away from your barre. Flex, flex, and point, just give me two more. Flex, flex, and point.

Last time, flex, flex, to the side hold it there. Awesome, bring the leg in front, stretch it out. We're gonna reach the hands forwards in that gorgeous stretch there, hold it there. Let's see if we can come up and balance. Try and open up that hip.

Trying to get that hip nice and open. Lift up and try and balance. For eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, and come back down. Nice work, we always need to test our balance. Balance will stay with us forever as long as we keep on trying.

Balance training is the key, especially as we grow older. So don't be frightened, if you're balancing you're right next to this board here, and you can always put your hand on the board. All right, we're gonna go into a little bit of piking now. So we're going to go onto, we'll do one red spring here. Okay, let's move in onto the top of the reformer.

Put your hands to either side of the jump board. Now, we're gonna put your left leg in front, so it's your outside leg in front. And we're turned out on a relevé against the shoulder rest. Now you're in that pike position here. From here, what I'm gonna ask you to do is move back and move forward, keeping your upper body still.

Now what I want you to focus on is your underneath obliques, so it's the outside oblique. So basically I'm gonna put my hand, this is the oblique that you wanna be focusing on, the outside oblique. Alrighty, so we inhale, exhale. Inhale. (forcefully exhales rhythmically) Four more.

(forcefully exhales rhythmically) Moving on to a plank position. So inhale, plank. It's a long plank. Exhale, there's your oblique. Inhale, just a slight elongation.

Exhale, there's your oblique. Inhale, slight elongation. Exhale, oblique. Now we're gonna go a little bit faster, so you go elongation, in. One (forcefully exhales) one (forcefully exhales) underneath oblique, your bottom rib is trying to join your hip.

Elongation, two more. (forcefully exhales) One more, hold it there. Beautiful. Come back. And we're gonna switch.

Outside leg in front. Alrighty, so now we're focusing on this side. Okay, so it's outside leg in front, externally rotated, one red spring. Hands are pushing away, depress your scapulae. You ready, shall we try this side?

Let's work those obliques. All right, lift up. Ears by your biceps. Inhale, exhale, pike. (forcefully exhales rhythmically) Get out of your shoulders, drop your scapulae down.

(forcefully exhales rhythmically) Four more. (forcefully exhales rhythmically) You ready for the elongation? We'll go a little slower first. Elongation to there, exhale, oblique. It's not a full plank, it's a demi plank.

Not a full plank, a demi plank. Inhale (forcefully exhales) Obliques, bottom rib hitting your hipbones. (forcefully exhales rhythmically) Two more. One more, hold it there. Nice work, bring your feet flat and just push away.

And then slowly roll yourself all the way up. All right, let's move on to a little bit more of a legs and extension mid upper back. All right from here, we're gonna step into the center of your reformer, so they're right in the center. So your left leg, this is my left leg here, is gonna be in the center of my mat. I'm gonna bend my knees forwards and I'm gonna push away.

I'm on one red spring right now. From here, I'm going to extend the opposite leg behind so it's behind here like this and it's resting. Now I'm trying to get my ears by my biceps. And from here I'm going to lift into a T arabesque. So now I'm in a T arabesque, my hips are square.

From here I'm gonna keep my arms straight, pull my shoulder blades down, and then look up onto the horizon. Now I'm gonna pull back. And then I'm gonna come up. And then I'm gonna come back. And now I'm going to lower the leg.

And then the leg comes up. I'm gonna lower the leg, keep the arms straight. Now think of focusing on your mid upper back. 'Cause as you come up, you're going into that lovely extension, and you're lowing the leg, and then the leg's gonna come back up into a T arabesque. And again, lift up, the work is in your supporting hamstring and your supporting glute medius.

And then hold it here, hold. Bend your knee. And we're going to bring your elbows into the well and push away. Elbows, so now you're working on the back of your upper arm, your triceps. But guess what's stabilizing?

Yes, your glute medius. Your quads, your hamstrings, everything there. And you're working your mid upper back, and you're keeping your leg at hip height. If that's too high, or too hard, bring the leg down. All right, let's do about four more, looking good.

Four, and three, and two, and one. Extend that leg, nice and long. Now we're gonna try and lift and open up your hip. Open up that hip. Bend and extend.

Bend and extend, your hip is open. And then hold it there, keep the reformer still. And we're gonna take that leg all the way around. And we're gonna slowly bring it in. Bend your knees.

High release, give yourself a little break. You ready to try the other side? All right, make sure your feet are directly in the middle of your reformer, okay? I'm on one red spring, but maybe you half spring would probably be the best place to start off with, which would be a blue. And then you can progress to a red spring.

All right, let's come up. Okay, we're gonna pull back. Bend your knees just to adjust yourself so your ears are by your biceps. Take the opposite leg behind, drop it down and then lift it up. See when you're in T arabesque, get your hips square.

All right. We're just gonna come up, shoulder blades pulled down. And then come back into your T arabesque. And again, so you're using your mid upper back is doing all the action, you're moving at the shoulder joint. Now let's drop your leg, drop your leg down, lift up onto the horizon, and then pull back into that gorgeous T arabesque.

And again, lift up. Now, be mindful as you come back that the foot is directly underneath your pubic bone. You need to be mindful of that, that your foot is not extending behind, it's right underneath my pubic bone, look, right there. Yes, you're gonna feel length, a stretch in the hamstring, so if you need to bend your leg you can as a modification for those that are tight in the hammies, or keep the leg lower. Inhale up into that beautiful extension, and then back.

Let's just do a few more. Keep the hips square, and I have a tendency to turn that leg out, I've gotta keep it square. One more time. Lifting up, get into that position, triceps. If you need to lower your leg you can, but make sure your hips are square to the reformer.

Your elbows are going down into the well, your tricep extension. Beautiful, slide. Think strong, your supporting leg is working super hard to stabilize right now, and you're reaching out through the crown of the head because you're strong. Four more, four, and three, rhythm, two, one, come back. Now from here we're gonna open that leg up.

So there's that arabesque, open that leg up. We bend, extend, and really open up that hip. It's like a yoga stretch to open up the hip. Let's just do a couple more, feels good. Last time, hold it there.

Now take the leg in a nice big circular motion. Beautiful. Bend your elbows, bend your knees. Bring it in slowly. Scapulae pull down, and lift up.

And then come back, good job you guys. Feel good? All right let's come off. Now we're gonna come down onto the jump board. Make sure your headrest is up.

Okay. We're now going for one blue spring. Okay? Feet is in the center, you're in a first position or your Pilates V position. All right, gonna clasp your hands, lift your head, neck and shoulders off the floor.

We're gonna be floating now, this is your core work. You're gonna be floating. Keep your feet towards the top of the reformer, squeeze those inner thighs together. Squeeze. You're gonna feel a little bit different now.

You have less weight, you're floating more, you gotta control it more. Now open your legs wide. Your toes are pointing to the corners of the board. Keep the head off the floor. (forcefully exhaling rhythmically) Now we're gonna reach the legs together at the top.

Click, click, now you're gonna feel the abdominals work even more because the adductors are firing. Adductors, pelvic floor, abdominals, that whole chain connection. Lifting the head off the floor, click those heels together. Breathe. (forcefully exhales) Let's just do four more like this, four, three, two, last time, one, back to center first position. Now we're gonna open the leg out.

It's just the right leg, and the other leg stays in the center. Looks easier than what it is, doesn't it? But you've gotta stabilize more. Ready for the other side? And (forcefully exhales) diagonally out to the corner of your board.

Keep your head, neck and shoulders off the floor. Don't get lazy, don't get tired. We're nearly homeward bound. Let's do four more. (forcefully exhales rhythmically) Last time, back to first position.

Drop the head, neck and shoulders down. Reach the hands up. Open your arms, and back. Beautiful. Four more.

Love the jump board, you get your nice little cardio workout. Get the heart rate pumping. Burning calories, awesome. Two more times. One more, and gracefully come back down.

Nice work, bring your knees into your chest. And take the leg down, reach this leg up. Pull, flex, point, flex, point, flex, point, flex, point. Switch. Flex, point, flex, point, flex, point, hold that stretch.

And then bring both knees in. Slowly we're gonna roll over to the side. We're gonna finish off with some nice stretching. So we're gonna grab, we're gonna go for one red, one blue. One red, one blue.

Okay, back down. All right, make sure your headrest is up. We're gonna take it, finish off with some stretches. Bring your feet into the straps. And let's get into your first position here.

And you're just gonna come straight up. Now you're gonna make sure your tail bone's down on the mat and what you wanna do is open the legs directly to the side. Be careful that you're not here, 'cause that's a hamstring stretch. We want the adductors, so you're gonna press down and hold that stretch. From here, we're gonna take a nice, deep breath in, and exhale.

Get that heart rate to come back down again. And we're gonna slowly bring those legs back up again straight, so your heels are over the hipbones. Let's go into some circles, and around. Nice circles. Your legs are active in the straps.

Good, let's reverse it. Circles. Take time now just to relax. Clear your mind. Yes, don't stop thinking, I know most of my clients start thinking of their to-do list when they're lying on the reformer like this.

No, it's not time for the to-do list. This is time for you right now just to relax, and just open those legs. Bring the knees in, into your little butterfly stretch. Flex your feet and push. Now while we're here, just flip the headrest down.

We're gonna go into short spine to stretch out that back. Ready, so reach the legs out. Gonna go into parallel position. We're gonna inhale, we're gonna try and hit the stopper as much as you can. There's your hamstring stretch.

We're gonna actively roll all the way up. We're gonna bend your knees, keeping that work in your hamstrings, rolling down through the spine. Heels towards the glutes, and then push back out again. That frog. Inhale, let's try and hit that stopper first.

Beautiful hamstring stretch, before you actively go up. Now I know a lot of you don't have the length in the hamstrings to do that, then in your mind's eye you want to imagine your tail bone's down to get that long stretch in the hamstrings right here. Remember, think of the tail bone being down even though it's slightly up, then you actively go all the way up. Bending your knees, and then rolling down through the spine, tail bone hits. Let's try and do one more.

Breathe. (forcefully exhales) Bend your knees. I just want you to hold this position here, hold. Drop the tail bone down a little bit but don't move your feet. Hold it.

Drop down a little bit further. Hold it. Drop down a little bit further. Hold it. And then slowly back to a neutral position before you extend out.

Beautiful. Come up, bend your knees, take hold of your straps. And bring your straps down. We're gonna slowly roll to the side. Bring your legs into a Z position.

Put your hand in the middle, and we're gonna come to one half spring, one blue spring. We're just gonna come over into a nice stretch. And then come back. Bring it up into your stretch. And then back.

This time come up and over, try and rotate. Hold that stretch, lift up onto the horizon. Come back down again, one more time. Lift up onto the horizon, get that beautiful stretch. And then come back.

Take the hand into the middle of your board and rotate around. Take hold of the shoulder rest, bring your hand up, your gonna go into your lovely pin-up girl, and rotate. For those men out there, you're a pin-up man. Okay? Open up.

And then relax, turn around to the other side. All right, put your hand into the middle. And we reach over and then back. And again reach over. And then back.

This time we're gonna do that beautiful rotation. Open your hands. Lift up onto the horizon, pull your scapulae down, look up. And then pull back. Let's try that again, lift up, up, up, up, up.

Pull the shoulder blades down, gorgeous stretch. And then pull back again. Put your hand in the middle of your board and rotate back. Take the hand onto your shoulder rest, pulling gracefully. Take the hand into your pin-up girl.

Heart center opens up. And just breathe into that stretch. And then slowly come back. Let's come off the reformer. And we're just gonna finish off with a lovely roll down.

So we're gonna start with your feet hip width apart. Take a nice, deep breath in. This is your time just to realign the spine to get on with the rest of the day. So put your hands by the side of your body, take a nice, deep breath in. On the exhale, chin to your chest, roll yourself down through the spine.

Inhale here, exhale articulate roll all the way up. How do you guys feel? Do you feel good? I know I feel great. So hopefully you're gonna feel a little less stressed today, you'll feel worked out.

But not too over worked out that you can go and have a great day and feel relaxed and stress free. So if you haven't watched any of my other videos, please do so, I have so many videos on there. And I look forward to working out with you again soon. Have a great day. Bye.

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Such a Great class, the perfect right amount of challenges.
Thank you Tracey.
Beautiful class
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Tracy!!! That was great, thank you sooo much.
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I really like the aerial views...I hope this is a new view that will be coming to future classes!!!
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Great class
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Really lovely
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I really liked the Challenges in this workout! I did have a little trouble with the reverse bridging because my torso length left my shoulders in the well leaving me with nothing to anchor to for the hip lift. The best I could modify was to keep my shoulders lifted and hips down for the duration of that sequence.
Best videography I have seen on an exercise video-- makes the details stand out. Joan Breibart
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look like Perry got a brand new toy!
I thought this was a very nice blend of a lot of different things that were very nicely put together.
I am enjoying your barre as well. Nice job!

stephanie cusick
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