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Ladder Barrel Flexibility

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Work on your flexibility in this Spine Corrector workout with Michael King. He teaches movements that you will learn individually and then you will put them together to make a flowing sequence. It is a great way to make sure you have the movements in your body so you can begin to move at your full range.
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Hi, I'm Michael King. And this is a lot about, and this is Julia. It's funny, the lead about, I probably use with every client coming into the studio. I work in a very traditional studio. As in we worked with all the equipment, so we have the full trapeze, stable Cadillac, lot of our spine corrector one a chair and reformer and the clients go round the equipment for a long time. I stayed away from that about, I don't know what I had against it, but I stayed away from it. But I think of the last few years I've really been having a very love, passionate relationship with it, especially when we're working with flexibility. Today we're gonna be doing a few combinations.

Just looking at let about like anything though, you have to learn each movement individually, repeat that movement to the body, knows it become language before we start making these movements successful. But today I'm gonna ask you to stand in front of the ladder bow, place the hands underneath the bar and place one foot behind on the ladder bar. So gonna start really just focusing on that quad on the front of the leg and just doing a little demi plague, dating it down and lifting up. So literally a little preparation. Now the same leg that we've got on the f the barrel, we're going to lift the arm up. So we're gonna lift up, reach and push.

So from here we want to make sure that ribcage is staying down. The root cage is not arching. We begin to take the movement a little bit bigger. So as you go back and as soon as you start going back again, that ribcage starts pushing back down, reaching and lengthening. Now you can really use the foot, push the foot against the ladder ball, get some extra tension through the front of the quad and lengthening out. And then from here we're going to take a circle, circle down, reach around, and reverse it the other way. It's kind of like a variation of around the world.

As you're going around, you're trying to make that movement and a little bit bigger. So bigger down, bigger behind reaching out a lan thing, hanging onto the center. Watching that rib cage really in and breathing out. Push two more times. Stretching down, finding a breath pattern that works for your body. This time we're going to take the leg behind you. Extend the leg into arabesque stretch.

Now please bend the knee and stretch out. Just enjoy a nice moment pushing back, lengthening up again, bending the knee, pushing back. Lengthen. One more time. Push this time, lift up, push lift both legs up on civil light about. Hold that position a little bit of a swan dive stretch up and then bring the other leg forward and then down. Bring the leg down and we start again. So from here again, lifting the other up so you can start with like three repetitions or five repetitions of each movement. But then as you'd be, start getting to know the movements better. Take you down to singles, which we'll do in a second. Pushing. We are begin to start taking him back, back, hat reach. Using that foot against a lot about breathing.

Push again out. Push one more time and now into a circle. Circle around. Push you around, reverse the circle, push you around again, making the move a little bit bigger each time with the in and breathing out. Again, breathing in and out. One less time. Reach. Take the leg back into arabesque. Stretch or leg. Enjoyed his mama.

Go down. Push straight through the thigh. Good watching the ribcage again. Pushing. Now lengthen two more times. Reach one more time down and lift up. This time. Push legs. Long stretch. Hold onto the center, push to the rib cage.

Bring the front leg forward and now let's come back and want to do one of each. Repetition. So one front, one back. Lengthen, one circle, reach, reached round. Reverse one, circle back. I were best push down a long come back up, jump length and Swan, reverse at a sigh.

Reach and then come back down again. Center front, Saiki back a little Anthon which you and circle around. Reverse around Arabesque. Push back and stretch. Long. Push up. Reach and change legs. One last time again, bend the knee, push and again less than half and back. And Circle. Reach.

Sequencing is a lovely thing to build up towards. Our best push. Lengthen up, reach and change legs. Last time and again, front squat lengthen. And now let's take it back. Reach around. Reach, push, which are around. Lengthen, pushing up, up, stretch, push up and then can be back. And then releasing it and bring the legs down. Turns to face the side.

So you can say in a lot about, we're going to lay over the site here and with your feet we can bring the feet to the edge here. Now with the top leg, bring the top leg in front. Take the D's leg behind, lay on the side here. And now from here we're going to circle forward. Circle behind and now reverse and take it back. So we start with the circles first. So breathing in, circle forward and lengthen back. Reach. Good.

Reaching back as you circled back loud his arm to go in front here. Good. Lengthen, posh acid and reaching back. So one semicircle reaching out. And now one full circle. Circle around, circle around, push around. Good. Again, circle around. Push Rad.

So here what we want to be focusing on is that pelvic stability. So you're keeping that pelvis still as you'll certainly reaching. Push one more time. Circle around. And that is reverse it. Reverse back and push and again lengthen and push again. Reach and push up one last time and reverse and come back up.

And let's turn to face me. Face the ocean, not face me, but face the ocean. Lengthening out, stretching out. So on this side again here, just do a semicircle first. So semicircle gives you chance for placement. Remember your keeping that center engaged, reaching, breathing in and breathing out, pushing her out. Good. Lengthen out and back. And now let's make it into full circle. Circle around and reverse.

So is good. Big Circle. Make the circle bigger each time I remember thinking about lengthening through the spine and keeping that pelvis forward. Good reaching. And now reverse the circle, take it back and back around and push again. Breathing out and push center reach and back. One more time for Josh and come back down and come facing the ball again.

So let's put that together with that first combination. So we're going to take the leg up on the bar, so we're going to just do one of each. So take one down, one back. Once a circle, reach one circle. When our best reach, take it down low, push up, jump and change legs. Comey back down again, pushing down on one doubt, warm back. Good. What should be the cage one circle Richard Raod reverse original round of us. I were best. Push down a long stretch. Come up on top a lot about reach.

Push and bring the first leg down. Bring the second leg down and lay on the side and go straight into the circles and circle around. Cycle around and reverse and run. Take it back and again, circle around. Good and reverse and lift up and Juliet as side.

Same thing to add and reach and circle. Lengthen. Push it out and again, reach God again. Circle, lengthen, fresh and reach and come back. And now moving on. We're going to sit on the top here with your feet here. Now let me know if you need some pads on your feet. It depends on if you need some just a little bit tenders here, but have your arms straight now from here and have your leg straight. Excuse me.

That's it. Now we're going to curve back first round back, and now slowly come back up again. Lengthen up again, curve back round, and then lengthen back up. One more time. So curve reach and come back up. Now keeping neutral. We're going to hinge back, hinge back, and then lift up again. Hinge back, and then lengthen again. Hinge and lengthen. One more time.

Inge and length and others. But let's get so one flex and up. One hinge for lush, one flex in one hinge. So with the arms on the flex, reach the arms out, flex in, stretch up, hinge back and open. Curve in and stretch. Hinge back.

Open again. Curve back and forward. Hinge back and open up from here, taking it aside, diagonal pool and lift up at OSI diagonal. Pull Lancer and reach. Now allow yourself to go back as far as you can. Keep in the control, so reach, reach, reach, and leather. Reaching out and push. Ah, now without arm, we're going to go back Sibley arm round and lift up again.

Circle the arm right and left. How far back can you go? I know without padding it might be quite painful on the feet, but see how far you can go. Back. Tilt Gel. There we go. Explore, explore of reach and back. One more time on his side. Lengthen and push. Lengthen and push this, but he'd together. So flex back curve. Lengthen. Hinge back and up till curve and round.

Curve. One last time. Flex back and reach. Hinge back, an open curve back and lengthen. Curved back and come forward. Let's put all three together. So step in front, one of each. So from here underneath, so an arm up and back and reach and back. Circle around. It's a circle. And with us, circle reverse our best. Push down and lift.

Lengthen and change and yeah. [inaudible] Ah, I'm push back and lesson circle and reach. Suckle, Arabesque. Push Dell up. [inaudible] bring the leg forward. Turn to the side and circle round.

Reverse back. Change sides. Lengthen. Circle forward and back. Lengthen. Come back up. Put the feet underneath and flex curve back and reach, hinge back and out, reaching out and lengthen. Reaching out and left than ever. Here you're gonna swing one leg around and you're going to straight into horseback. So with horseback, we're going to lift up. Good.

Now fix the pelvis. Open the arms to the side. Now rotation first rotation, change rotation. Now let reflection flex. Flex forward to the side. Flex forward to the [inaudible] again. Rotation first rotation. Change rotation, lateral flection out. Fluxion forward that reflection out afforded to come down onto the carriage.

Take the hands down and stretch to the side. Reach over, pull on the carriage and really push down and get the lengthening and our change at a side reach. Pull on the carriage. Lengthen. And now hold the carriage. And now circles circle forward. Reverse the circle and reverse and back. Change sites and circle, Eh, reverse a circle m back and then swing the legs around and come to the front. So finally we put the whole thing together. So from here, so tilt the pelvis. So under back circle, circle, good arabesque. Sit Down, lift up, push long spine j site and push out and reach sickle back.

Use that tension to the foot and breeze. Come back. I wear best. Push down, lift up, up, and come down both legs and lay on the side. Circle forward. Reverse back, change sides and lengthen. Circle forward and reverse back and sitting on top. Bring your feet underneath. Flex curve. Reach over, hinge back and turn side and lengthen.

Side and lengthen. Swing the leg around into horseback. Push up good shoulders, rotation. Turn at John and out over the side. Lengthen over the side and sit down. Hold the carriage. Reach over and change.

Reach over and change. Now hold a carriage a circle forward. So go forward. Reverse. So go forward. Reverse change hands circle. I'm back. Reach. I'm back. Now stretch the legs. Push back and lift up.

Push back, lift up, push back, lift up. One more time, pushing back and lift up. Hold it there. Lift up. Nice, tall, tall, tall door. Door and release. Swing the leg around and slide off kind of gray. Congratulations. Remember, movement is only limited by imagination. I'm passionate. The body needs to move.

I think there's the most important thing we need to do to the buddy is move it, but we have to move it with quality and we have to move it with purpose. So really what we were looking at today is just some sequencing ideas on using the ladder bell. But first of all, if the latter bowel is a new piece of equipment to you, you need to learn the repertoire, do the movement. Many times, learn the movements, learn the language, and then we can have fun. We're doing sequences like we've done today. Yay. Thank you for joining us.


Aline B
Love the Barrel. Love the Class. Thanks Michael!
Great Sequence! Thanks Michael!
Creative, fun, and I feel fantastic after doing it!
I loved this flow!
Nice stretching!!It feels fantastic!
this was such a wonderful video it inspired me to once again go back to the ladder barrel for more full body movements. thank you!
So great movements!! Thank you Michael !
Oh yes!!! Thank you Michael for this class ! definitely i will do this class tomorrow!!!
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