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Tower Workout

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You will feel very grounded after this Tower workout with Maria Earle. She starts with juicy stretches to open up your back and side body, then moves into exercises that will work your entire body. She plays with variations in many exercises like Leg Circles, Parakeet, and much more!
What You'll Need: Tower, Small Tennis Ball

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Hi, here we are, um, for a tower class. I have the lovely Aaron here with me, so I'm super excited to get started. I want you to actually come stand up here and we are going to load this with the push through springs are. Yep. Alright. And let's just face the camera. Actually this, this way. All right, so I'm connecting into the feet. So Aaron, I want you to press this bar down. All right, so this arm will be straight. You're going to take the other arm straight up to the ceiling and just side bend for me.

[inaudible] pressing this bar down and you go over as far as you can, right? Staying level between your feet and then come up. Let's do that one more time. Just a nice little side bend. Breathe. Breathe into your backspace breathing. Why did the side feel the lifts of the Front for the lifts with the backfill the feet into the ground. One last time. That's it. That's it. Tail dropping down. Beautiful.

And come up. Now I'd like you to just face the bar. All right. And keeping your arms nice and straight here. Just lift your sternum, your chin, your eyes away from the pressure down through the arms. Beautiful. And then bring it back and we're going to do it one more time and make sure that you're really anchoring down through your feet, that your toes are spreading, that you feel why to defeat you. Feel why to the upper body. Beautiful.

And come back and let's do it one last time. Just a nice little high arch here. High lift, beautiful and back. Let's turn and let's do the same side bend but facing back. So exactly. You press this arm down, that's it. And you just go over and come back. That's right.

Keeping your pelvis nice and stable. Really anchored down through the standing side here, right? And one final time. And really allow the rib cage to open here and breathe. Good. And come back. Let's face the front.

We're going to do this a little bit differently. Instead of a high arch. To begin, I want you to do a roll down. So I want your head to drop. And what will happen here is the bar is going away from you, which is gonna feel a little strange. There's a moment here where I actually want you to go and do an extension. So you're going to pull that ponytail right out. That's it.

It's a little like hello to yoga and then down and go down through your feet. Pull up through your belly. Good. Now the tricky thing here is how are you going to organize yourself so that you're not hyper extending through your legs. So drop your head down. [inaudible] so soft knees, but I need you to pull up through the top of your thighs, right? So this is feeding up into your leg. There's a moment here where you're like, Woo, how am I going to do this? You're gonna extend through the back, gorgeous and drop your head. Good and good connection into your shoulders.

Because obviously you don't want to just drop in there, right? You need to keep it all together. Let's do that one more time. Nice drop. Just press down. I think of a mermaid here, right? So lengthen out mermaid, your head low. Beautiful tail is high.

And then tail tucks belly pulls in and you're working hard to stay lifted through your legs, opening the shoulders. Gorgeous. Now let's lift this bar a little bit. You might step back one step and we're going to go down into a squat. And what I want to see here is that you are leaning slightly away from this bar. So you're going to bend at the hip. Knees are moving forward over your feet. That's it. And you stop right there.

I need to see the chair underneath you. Oh yeah, you could do that. I don't mind. That's it. And now press down through your feet and go straight up. Let's see. Let's try it again. So you're gonna sit, stick your butt out a little bit. Okay.

I say that's okay. Okay. Little [inaudible]. Let that booty go a little bit. One more time. So imagine there's the seat behind you and you should really feel like you're pulling back on that, um, bar. And that's okay. So she is, you know, really leaning back. I've never, I'm jet skied. Um, but I kinda think that it must be something like this. And then again, go down. Okay, good. Now you're going to stay here, take a breath, feel the quads engaged for the back of the legs, engage, feel the belly, feel it, feel it all. And then I want you to go all the way down into a squat. Good. Now here on your squat, Tuck your tailbone under and sit on your heels.

I mean, you can't really sit on your heels, but the idea is that you get as close to your heels as possible, but then keep your lift. So can you keep lifted here and pull your knees into your chest? That's it. I want you to just get tiny as tiny as you can. Okay? And then drop your head forward a little and then breathe into here. And now you should feel a nice stretch from your lowest part all the way up to here is what I'm looking for.

And if you can actually Tuck your tail a little bit under to give yourself a little bit more of a stretch, go for it. Yeah, it should feel nice. Now I want you to swing Matt booty out from underneath you. Just a little and flat. Your back there. All right, so now you're just back into your kind of squat. You're going to take your right hand, bring it to the middle. It's a little awkward. That's it. And then you're going to swing your hand up and around spiral, and then bring it back somewhere to the middle.

And then other side. Oh, just getting a nice twist and then come back. Beautiful. Now here you have to figure out, yeah, hands open again. Figure out how you're going to bring yourself back onto your feet so that you can go straight up. Awesome. Beautiful. All right, so let's go into a squat again from here, and we're then gonna sit onto the floor. So just go all the way down. That's it. Here you are. Beautiful. Sit down.

You're going to kick your legs out. Okay. Just to do it and come forward a little bit. And we're going to do a front push through. Bring one foot here, one foot there. All right, so I would take your hands a little wider all the way to the end.

And let's start with the arms up and straight. All right, let's draw the belly button back towards the sound of my voice. Tip your pelvis [inaudible] and you can let your head and Chin drop down a little. I want you to connect right into here, right? And then across into here as you press down and move forward. That's right. Beautiful, right? So lifting all ways and then roll back.

Slide your tailbone under. That's it. And push straight up and take your chest forward right here. Wrap your shoulders, pull your rib Cajun. Find the length in your back. That's it. Without lifting too high through the front, and then come back again.

Belly button pulls in, slide that tailbone. Beautiful. Find the underarm muscles. Oh, take your body forward. Keep your belly lifted. Aha. Keep the openness through the bag. Roll back, slide that tailbone, slide it, slide it, slide it, and then take it up. Now here, keep the lift without splaying your chest. So keep going forward. Take your head through your arms just a little bit more. That's right.

Now keep dropping the tailbone, but keep lifting up through the arms. Gorgeous. Take the right arm down, reach it around, and grab the pole over your feet. That's it. You're going to spiral your head to look under your underarm. Drop this tailbone down. Sit equal between both hips. You gotta get here. That's it. Now bring your head a little bit to the front.

Pull the ribs up. Pull them back. That's it. Fill this space. Now breathe here. Breathe into this twist, anchor, anchor, anchor, and at the same time lift at the same time. Pull Sternum back into your spine. The more you pull your sternum back into your spine. Yeah, more you going to get a nice juicy stretch there. Alright, come back on up. Let's go through, push through Mike to neutralize and then go down.

That didn't come out right and go forward. And then curl back. Control it. Don't let that bar whip you around. Take this arm, grab that pole anchor so that you have both hips equal. I don't want you to like this, right? And then you're going to look under your underarm.

You're going to pull your belly in, flex your feet a little bit. Try it, see if that helps you. And then rotate. Push this arm up, pull the sternum back, pull the belly in, take the arm up to the ceiling or release your left arm. Take it up. Beautiful. Okay, come back. Rest here. Bring your arms down at your side for a minute.

You can just let go of that bar. All right, so what I'd like to try with you is sitting you to the edge here. [inaudible] so face this way and sit here very close. All right, I'm just going to keep this spring here. Um, though obviously you could take it away. What you're going to do is you're going to take this on and you're going to wrap it around like this. Scoot back a little bit. I want you to sit in the middle. That's it.

All right, now hiding here, I have two balls. Um, I alternate between a tennis ball and then a smaller ball. It depends on the hand grip. And I think for today I'm going to use this one a little bit smaller. I'm going to have her hold it and squeeze it.

This arm, you're gonna bring it around, Bend your elbow and you're going to twist your spine and you're going to reach for the far corner back corner of that push through bar. And all you do here is find your lats and your serratus. I want you to drop your elbow into my hand and pull gently down. That's it. And then up and now drop your elbow into my hand. Yes, exactly. Exactly. And then come up.

So think less that you are pulling your shoulder down and think more that you're dropping your elbow into my hand and that should connect you into your, um, under our muscles, into your shoulder girdle. Right? And the tricky part is, is how, not to compress your shoulder blade down, but just to let the movement happen with a little more ease. Yeah. Right? Yeah. That famous saying less is more. That's it. Good. And that should just kind of fire you on right here. One more.

Squeeze that front, Bali and good, you can take this away and we'll try that to the other side. You might see a little bit better. Um, so sitting pretty centered hand wraps a wound. This hand comes around and you know, the placement of the head is really in relation to where your sternum is. Um, you don't need to be exorcist, you know, you just need to be looking in a comfortable position. What I'm mostly interested in is that you can find this and the ball is there, um, to help connect you into this side. So the more you squeeze that ball, the more this side activates all the while.

This is what's working to pull down though. We'll be careful that you're not just pressing your shoulder blade down. That's it. So strangely enough, just thinking about your elbow, low elbow, elbow, elbow, elbow, inner mantra again and again and again. It's all you think about elbow, elbow, elbow, elbow. [inaudible] helps you stay out of your shoulder. Right? One more time. Right in here. Hello. That's it. Good. It's good. Cause you already told me earlier that you are flexy flexy Lucy Goosey.

Good. Okay, excellent. I'll take this. All right. So hmm, I'd like to try now a swan with you. A little one not into the full thing. You at home, if you feel up for it, by all means don't let me stop you. But for the purposes of this class, I'm just going to line this bar up right with the a holes. I want her nice and long.

I want feet into the floor as much as possible. All right, forehead on the floor. Okay, so this going gonna be good for you. Wrap your hands around the bar. Do not let go. Hold that bar. Squeezing that bar is good for you. Squeezing that bar is going to get you into your underarms and into your shoulder girdle. So don't be shy about that. Alright, so I want you to lift your head with your eyes and I want you to lift the sternum and let that bar come towards you and you come up, you come up, you come up as high as you gorgeous, pulling this up and then go down. Beautiful. Let's do that three times or maybe five. Okay. Again, so just keep breathing, you know, I mean really, you got to just breathe. That's it.

And I want you to find under here and go down a long, long, long, long, long, long. And that was too. So let's do it again. Pick up your front body, pick up your front body, pick up your front body, pulled down into your, under our muscles. Aha. And then go forward. I want you to try it two more times. And what I want you to think about is that the bar is coming to you and your chest is lifting, bro. That bar towards you pull that bar towards you. Ah Ha. That's it. And then go down. Good.

Wow. So you got a lot of, you got a lot of Flexi here. Okay. I'm just gonna give you a little stretch cause woof. All right. Awesome. All right, let it go. I got the bar. All right, sit back on your heels. Drop your head. Take a minute. Just a minute. No more. Okay, excellent.

I'd like you to try some legs. Brings with me. So let's take this down. Turn around, lay on your back head here I have two purple springs and let's do both legs. She's on the highest, the highest islet, I mean not the highest island, but the bottom tier. Take your hands about six inches from the eight inches from the base. Take the leg straight up to the ceiling. We're going to do five circles. Inhale.

[inaudible] that's it. Just breathe. That's it. And something I'd like you to think about for the next three is how you're feeling in your feet. That feedback that you're getting from the springs. So release the point just a little bit as you reverse. So go down. Yeah, right.

And imagine that your legs are starting at your underarms. Imagine that you are pushing the springs and the straps through the center of your foot as opposed to your toes. And let's do two more. That's in, I want you to feel the whole backside of your leg on the last one. Really start to fire up. Good. Bend your knees into your chest. We're going to do a little frog here. Again, keep those feet kind of soft.

Right? And imagine that you're really just pushing through where you feel the as opposed to these nice toes. I'm going to have you drop down just a little bit more. Alright? Now my favorite thing about this exercise is the booty work. So I want you to squeeze your heels together as much as you can. And then I want you to also squeeze your sit bones and I want sit bone to heal, stretching apart. Go and come back. That's it. That's it.

So can you initiate pushing out from where your sit bones are? Hmm? Can you push from there first and then let the legs go? And on the way back, can you use your legs like a break so that as you come back, you're squeezing your heels and you are breaking, breaking, breaking, breaking. And maybe that gets the back of your legs the cause.

That's what we want, right? All right. All right. You know, I can't teach without sound effects. So let's take the leg straight up and let's do scissor walks. Here we go. Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka I'm doing it again. That's what my son does. He says, Mama like this.

All right, good. Again, all right, I need you to imagine that your legs are starting at your heel of your hands. That's it. So that your like whole body is active, that you're progressing. The legs are starting here. Sometimes they start from here and sometimes they start from here, but really get the whole thing. Go in. Beautiful. One more down. She could, she could shoot, go take it up. And now we're going to try a circle into a frog.

So you open, press down, and then you break comma. Oh, hold it here. I want more length. Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me more out this way, this way. And then resist bending the knees. Fine. Booty. Beautiful. Now reverse. Sorry. Take the legs down.

Go straight out. Now take your legs out so far, so far that your only option is to open. Ah, that's it. And then bend. And again, think that your legs are going and going and going and going. The only thing you can do is open, is open and reach. Reach, not with your toes, but through the center of your feet. Beautiful. And I don't know how many of that was. I lost cramp too.

Well, let's do one more vendor knees and then reach out legs from under arms or legs from palms. Now reach out, open it, open it open. Now keep reaching, keep reaching. Keep reaching. Beautiful. And I and bend. Let's push the leg straight out. Keep thinking about that out. And we're going to clap the heels together. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Chris Cross, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And hold the legs together. Beautiful. Lengthen more, more, more, more men than he is.

Awesome. All right, so favorite thing right now, single leg circles that are more like, well, single leg circle. I didn't really come out right? All right, so, um, she's got one spring on the opposite leg. All right, so I want you to really push through the heel of your hands and I want you to pick up that hip. And I, I like a twist. I'm want to twist. My body needs more twists. So I'm assuming your body does too. So come on over. All right. And then really lengthen. I mean, it's nice that I'm here for you.

Imagine that I'm pulling on your left leg. And then there are tricky business here is to not let that spring boss you around, right? So as you take that leg around, you got to keep pressing through the center pad of your foot, right? And you be the boss, right? Not the springs one more in this direction. That's fine. You tell him who's the bus? That's it. There you go. Nope, we didn't say that out loud and then go around the Mike's on me. You didn't hear what she said. [inaudible] and I'm beautiful. Beautiful. Now again, you can play with your range.

Your range is your range, right? Um, and how much you lift that leg and take it over. Your body is yours, right? Um, you gotta you gotta be you, right? Aw, Amy told me that today. I'd like you to now without falling off. Roll onto your side. That the, Huh? So that you're spring in your leg or straight up to the ceiling. Good. Now it's a little awkward here with this push through bar. Um, but you won't be here for long, so I hope you just can handle it. All right. So I'm gonna have her spiral and turn her leg out as much as possible.

Now the tricky thing is, is that she's got to organize herself so she doesn't roll off. I know I'm no, I'm not sorry. Here we go. I'm gonna take this leg forward down towards me and what we're going to do is just a big circle. You're going to take it all the way to the back and then you're going to rotate in your hip, bring it up, and then bring it to the front. Yeah, that's it. That's it. Now, right here. Belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly. Rotate. Rotate, rotate. Hips. Yeah, Femur in that socket. Whoo.

Ah Huh. Little correction here. When you take that leg down, only take the foot hip height. That's it. And then swing it back. That's right. And then rotate to lift and come to the front. Good. Let's reverse it. So we'll go straight up. Rotate as soon as you can.

Sooner rather than later. And then swing that leg front, that's it. And then take it straight up to the ceiling. Take it back, rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate. That's in and forward. I think we're gonna do one more here. Three in each direction as what I'm looking for. Bottom leg also needs to be active into the floor. Top arms, also pushing. Beautiful. I'd take it up and you can roll back. All right, now we're going to do the other leg. So your spring crosses over the body. This legs, nice and long arms or Ang, uh, pushing gently.

Eh, we've got cross the leg over the body. I'm going to do five in this direction. That's it. Circle around. I come back. Good. Now keep anchoring but pick it up. Ah, let's see if I can say that a little bit better.

You know when I'm looking for here is that you come back to neutral and that you are spiraling the leg inside the socket as much as possible when need to. So I really right here you could start really spiraling, rotating the leg in the socket. Exactly. That's it. And then here the hip is down, down, down, down, down, and then you pick it up, right? So you're always moving through the positions. Exactly. But you don't want to jump over it. You don't want to skip it.

You actually want to have that moment though. It might just be a little moment where your level, level, level, level, level, level, and then you let the hip go out with the leg. You're picking that hip up and you're pushing less through your toes and more through the center of your foot. Drop that hip down. Okay. That's the tricky part. Let's reverse cause I think that's about five. So let's open Hollis. Find the underside of the leg, pull it down, find that inner thigh, cross it over.

Use your arms. That's it. Beautiful. It should feel kind of delicious on the cross over like here, like this is my favorite part right there. Right there, right there, right there. I feel that good stretch on the outside of my leg. I feel my inner thigh like, and then I'm reaching, I'm reaching less through my foot, I mean less than my toes. More through my arch. Ah, that's it. Good. And that spiral is happening all the way up, right? And I, yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm looking to play with that. Beautiful. Okay.

So now we're going to do this funny little awkward, tricky, slightly scary transition. You're gonna move your bottom forward. I'm really looking for you to align yourself up with the front of the Mat. Alright? So yeah, this arm, you just want it to be somewhere comfortable, right? Um, you could even be closer to the front. That's it. That's it. You know, sometimes taking risks is good, right?

So push this leg to the back. Find the back of your leg, push to the center of your foot. Right here. I'm going to have you internally rotate just a little bit more. All right? Okay. Can you remember that? Because I need you to keep that. Uh Huh. That's it. So now as she goes back, she's got to internally rotate just a little bit, right? But then here's the weird part is she lifts, she's got an externally rotate externally. Actually, I hear even more here and more.

Imagine your heel going down to the floor and I'll push it back from the back of your leg rather than your foot. Find Booty. That's it. Now, right here, you got to lift your leg from somewhere and then rotate. Rotate in the hip socket. That's right. Externally rotate. That's it. Here even more. And now press back from the back of the leg. Beautiful. Beautiful. Keep the hips stacked. That's tricky there without falling off. I know I'm pushing you.

Okay, let's reverse it. So take the leg up. Alright, so she's got to keep her hip forward. Hips forward. Now here you got to rotate internally, rotate and then come forward. Beautiful. And then use the Aha upper part of your leg. Woo. That's right. And come forward rib in. That's right. That's it. Now rotate internally, rotate.

That's right. And then come forward. That's it. Beautiful. And then you can roll onto your back. Good. Okay. Come on up to a sitting position. Okay, great. Now what I'd like to try, there's a couple things with this roll down bar. [inaudible] we're going to take it.

Oh No, I don't know about the rest of you, but my teacher Kathy grant was really specific that the clips always face out for safety. I didn't mind. All right, so I want you to kneel here. Oh No, don't kneel. Let's 'em do a, just a roll down. So put one foot here, one foot there. It's just got two yellows here. Now I personally find that really light. So if you have other ways to do that, I think it's worth playing with a little heavier. It's Kinda Nice.

So I want you to just roll down. That's right. Slide your tailbone down out past your feet. Beautiful. And give me a little press here. One and lift and a little press two and lift. Beautiful.

And really initiate the press from the shoulder blade back of the arm rather than the hand. One more. That's it. Curl forward. I'm less interested with how low that bar gets and I'm more interested in how you connect into this area. So let's go back down. That's right. [inaudible] eyes like a paintbrush. There you go. Gorgeous. And then I want you to find the back of your arms. That's right. And Nice and broad across the chest. Beautiful. Again, it doesn't matter how low that bar goes.

I want to see you working from the top of the arm. That's it. That's it. Beautiful. One more. Why not? One more. Okay. Now when you lift your head, I want you to look out the window. So curl forward. Look. Alright. Now. Eyes like a paintbrush. It means that you have a paintbrush coming out of your eyebrows of your eyeballs, and you're going to paint up the wall with your eyes.

There you go. That's it. That's it. And then I actually don't have to cue your neck anymore. Beautiful. Okay, so, um, let's bring the right hand to the middle. Let's bring your left hand across your belly. And you're gonna roll down paintbrush for ice. That's right. So just paint down. Yeah, there you go. There you go. Gorgeous. The head touches.

You got left arm. It's on your belly. You're going to swing it around and you're going to go over as far as you can. Alright. Reached this leg long. You can flex that left foot and slide that left foot over to the right and just take a deep here. Oh, I'm feel that, oh, sorry. She's ticklish. Oh, feel that you can breathe into this ribcage here. This expanded rib cage, right? That's right. I'm gonna Anchor you down on this side.

And then let's take the leg back. Let's take the arm back, body back. [inaudible] you can bring your hand around your tummy. I like it like that. You're going to lift your head up and paintbrush for eyes all the way. You have to sit in. That's it. Gorgeous. Switch hands, rolling down. Good. Swing the arm around.

Take the body over as far as you can and then flex through that little right foot and slide it over and breathe and then reach dynamically out of your hand and out of your heel to create more crescent and more. Make more space for the breath because that's ultimately what it's about, right? I mean we're trying to bring breath into the body and come around like first, sorry. Yeah, arm second. Oh, and then curl forward. I'm thinking of too many things. Okay, great. And you can let that go. Now I'd like you to come onto your knees. Let's do a chest expansion.

Thinking about the same, little bit of the same stuff here. All right, so I'm curious to see how you're gonna engage through your upper arm right now. Imagine that you have like a little box or blocks between your kneecaps. I want you to squeeze your knees together, fire up your inner thighs, tip your pubic bone slightly forward. Find the hamstrings, press the feet down, bossy, right. Ah, all right. Lots of things to think about. And now press down and then make it look easy. Okay, I'll come up. We're going to do that five times. Alright, so press the feet down. Zip your inner thighs up.

Feel the shoulders roll back. Find the back of the arms first before you Paul with the bar. Yes. Good. [inaudible]. Now keep the shoulders where they are. Just find the underarm muscle.

That's what Kathy grant called it, the underarm muscle. We should add an s to it, but let's just, let's just keep it the way she said it. The underarm muffle. I don't know. Maybe she said muscles. That's all good. Okay, one more from the back of the arm, back the arm back there, and back to the arm, back of the arm. Again, it's that inner mantra that you just keep repeating, repeating, repeating it magically. Beautiful. I need you to step back a little bit, but stay on your knees. All right, so keeping the broadness across the front of your shoulders, finding a little bit of how you connect down into your lats without pressing your shoulder blades down. I want you to play a little bit with a hinge from your kneecap. So hinge, paintbrush for eyes. Yeah.

Nice. And then come up. Good, good, good, good. So again, anchored down through the front of your feet, through your calves, through your shins. Paintbrush for eyes. Yes. All right, so let's let that go. Okay. All right. So back to the push through. I want you to lay down on your back and we're going to put your feet here. Okay, so actually head that way.

And we're going to have to play with this positioning a little bit. Your feet go up here and she's too close. So scoot back cause what you're going to end up doing is a shoulder bridge. Oh, okay. I could have said that. That would have been helpful. You get yourself ready for a shoulder bridge. All right.

So before we do the shoulder bridge, I want you to connect your heels to your bottom like you were doing with that frog. And I want you to pull the bar down from the hamstrings rather than the knees. You're going to extend the legs out away from you. And I actually would move you back already seeing how far this bar is. Yeah, a little. It is, yeah. Okay, good. And then come back. Okay.

And take it up. So we're going to do that about four more times. And what I like to think about is really bringing the middle of your feet onto the bar. And again, not overusing your feet. I want you to connect hamstring to the center of your feet. And now right here, belly button pulls up and long towards the top of your head as the legs and the back of your legs. Extend and lengthen and bend the knees.

Always maintaining this little bit of buoyancy through the knee so that you're not locking out. You're not falling down into your knees. That's it. And let's do it again. So find out how you can do this from the back of your legs. Find out how your belly can draw you up and am. And the more that belly is working here, the less likely in my opinion, you are to hyper extend, huh?

Okay. I think that's three. This is your fourth time. You're going to stay out for the, which is the hundreds curl forward. Didn't think we're going to do that today. Here we go. Pump and the exhale. Good. I'm going to have you just walk your feet in a little closer together. That's it. And wrap.

So front of the thigh, wrapping around, engaging into the back, but you are allowed to really put your feet on this bar. You are allowed that. So let that help you to get more length through your front body. Right. So even though I'm saying rapping, I'm saying get this little thing working here. I do want to see that you have space between your ribs and your pubic bone.

That's it. And one more deep breath. Great. And then put your head down. Bend your knees. You're going to take the legs up, but not to rest. Take your legs up, tip to the pubic bone, and you're going to go up into shoulder bridge. Yeah, find the back of your arms. Beautiful. Good. You need to find a little softness through your knees. That's it. So that you can find the back of your legs more. Now soften the sternum away from your chin and roll down sternum rib cage, belly button belt. That's in until you're in your low back.

All the way down to tell them. Beautiful. Let's try that. Just the up part again. So you tip through the pelvis. Now push away through your feet. Good. Now I'm going to introduce something a little bit different here. Something I've been playing with, just playing with maybe next year I changed my mind. But today I like it.

You're going to do like a yoga binds and bring your shoulder blades closer together. Alright, beautiful. Okay, so you can still soften here just a tiny bit, but check out your kicks here. Woo. It's like, how does that feel easier? I don't, and also just like may feel more magical. It feels like, whoa. Check me out. Take a picture. Something like that for me anyway. Sorry I haven't forgot about you. Okay. Yeah. So keep going. Keep going.

And then to come out of there, you have to release, you bind, you have to release your shoulders. Okay, you're done. I'll give your space again and then roll down. I don't know, something to play with. Why not? Good. And pull your knees into your chest, Huh? Cause that's just nice. Okay. Hmm. Awesome. Okay, let's come on up to a sitting position and I'm going to reverse this.

So I'm going to take this away and I'm going to bring a spring and from the bottom you're going to step around and come over here. Alright, so [inaudible] there is no safety on this. So be careful. Um, I mean obviously it's just going to drop down, but anyway, um, just keep it in mind that you actually have to hold it cause if not, it doesn't just magically stay here holding under hand and where you stand, you might have to play with a little bit. Okay. Um, and whether or not you're in a V or in parallel doesn't really matter to me. Whatever you feel like you are in your strongest tripod core.

Awesome. This is good for me. All right? So all you do is do a bicep curl without leaning back. And then this is going to like shave your nose. It's going to go straight up. That's it in a way from you. Beautiful. And then you reverse it. So you're zipping up through here as the bar is going down and really play with having a conversation with the spring because the spring and you are doing this incredible thing to gather.

You're not doing it to the spring and the spring is not doing it to you. You are doing it together. So the more that you can lift in, be in conversation, the better. Right? And so now she gets to work on all this cool stuff through here, right? That has been kind of anchoring her the whole entire lesson. Finding that shoulder connection, zipping up through the belly. Beautiful. And then down.

How's that feel? Okay. She said great. I don't know if you heard that. Say it into the mic. No joking. All right, one more. Yeah. And down. Excellent. All right, you can let go here. Alright. And so to finish up today, we are going to do probably from this side here, this funny little stretch where I'll just kind of demo it for a minute. You step real close into the side. This works really good on the Cadillac.

It actually works better on the Cadillac than here, but I want to do it anyways. So you're gonna Really Kinda get yourself up against the pole feet together and the inside arm is going to hold pretty low and the top arm is going to hold as high as it can. And so you're kind of here and all you're gonna do is so wing it out. Oh, head down. Doesn't matter. It's just side body. Yummy.

Yumminess the machine shouldn't fall over and it's never happened to me that the machine has falled fell, fallen over. Let's take this foot and bring it forward up here. Up here, up here. Go ahead. All right, so it's a little awkward in the beginning, but then it's pretty delicious, right? Shoulder's going to drop. Right elbow. Just kind of comes into your side there. You can actually slide this arm down even more. So the bottom arm is long.

It even could move as you win yourself out. Oh right. And then you breathe and then you bring yourself back. You can turn yourself around. Do the Hokey pokey. Sorry. Just came out. Okay. So your feet need to be against the base as much as possible.

So I'm going to actually have you walk back more, more, more, more, more. All right. Off you go. See Ya. The arm that's hanging down at the bottom can slide down the pole. It's weird cause there's a lot of islets there. That's right. Head can look down. You know, I'm really just looking for a nice side stretch here, so if there's any twisting and torquing going on, do your best to untwist and torque. That's good teaching, right?

Okay. Come back. Good. I think that's it, I think. I think that was that. That's it. Good job. Thank you.

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Thanks, Maria for an enjoyable class. Great cuing!
Thank you Maria! Nice class!
Thank you !!! Great class!!!
This is fab! I love it! Thanks!
nice sesh....especially loved the circle to frog....sgl leg circle to side ronde de jambes! and the "wing out" stretch at the end. yes, delicious. thank you
Great class and love your energy Maria! The "paintbrush" cue for the eyes is perfect! Thank you:)
I really enjoyed this class and feel great after doing it. I appreciate the specificity of the cues. I also really enjoyed spending the time in Maria's company :)
Fabulous! Some new cues that really helped me get deeper into the body. Can't wait to watch it again and use it with my clients.
Loved this workout and your teaching. It stands above!
Good cueing. Good class
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