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Traditional Advanced Workout

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Ton Voogt will guide you through a complete advanced Reformer in the way only Ton can. Experience "some of the bells and whistles" as Romana Kryzanowska used to say. But don't get discouraged if some of them seem too hard for you right now. It is all about the journey and not about "perfect" execution. If you have doubts about some of the exercises in this workout, leave the exercise out and check out Ton and Michael's "Advanced Reformer with Bells and Whistles explained."
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Towel, Pilates Pole

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Hi, I'm tone. And with me today is sue and we are going to do a, I don't want to say super advanced reformer, but it's going to be very advanced and sue is going to be super, so I guess it is a super advanced reformer after all. So we're using a garage piece of equipment for sue. We have that for the footwork on three springs. So if you're working with a different kind of equipment, make sure you adjust the spring settings. Um, they might be some exercises that you're not ready for yet, so just take them out or modify them to your capabilities, right?

Safety first. So we just gotta talk right on through it. There's going to be a special little segment on plies at anytime. Where are we going to take some of those really advanced exercises that you might not be totally familiar with and we're going to highlight them. So there'll probably be a link or some kind of way of finding those as well. Okay, so you ready? Let's get going. Can we start with the footwork?

So we're going to have, oh, let's have the head B's up. There you go. And let's make sure all of our toes are on the bar and there we are. We going to go for tens are going to press it out and bringing it in nicely and smoothly. Making sure our pelvis is on the floor and making sure our folding is actually in our hips and not so much in the knees. So you really want to feel that sitting in the hips. Sue as a professional.

So she will count and let me know when we're there and we're going to inhale on the way out. Exhale on the way in. We must be getting close. There you go. So the feet are parallel. We press it out and make sure when you go in that the heel stay nice and low. So you want to feel that pressure off the center of the heel pushing underneath that bar so you get up. Lovely, lovely stretch there. The knees are absolutely together, no space whatsoever. If possible, go in through the heels pressing through the center of the heel when we go out and pressing to the center of the heel when we come back in.

So you want to make sure we have that lovely push keeping the back of the leg activated as we go out. End in, how far are we? Okay. Well there we are. So we press it out, we push it out, we stay there. We slowly lower, lower, lower and then lift, lift, lift. I want you not to lift the heels up so much. I want you to push the ball of the foot into the foot bar. So we pressed the heels forward and then we press the ball of the foot forward so we don't get that popping of the heel. So it creates a little bit more work for you. But you know that's okay, right? Lower, lower, lower and lift. Lift, lift. There we go.

And then, and the last one, she's going to bend her legs in and she's going to move forward. She's going to get rid of the bar. If you have the grouts, you can just pull up it right on out and she's going to push right out into her hundred we're going to breathe in for five counts. Exhale for five counts are going to try to keep the legs as eye level as possible, not to make it a little bit more exciting. We are going to keep pumping with the arms, but if you can create a bicycle motion with the legs, right, we're going to make big, huge circular motion. We're going to keep our breath going.

Always breathe in your a hundred it's a good thing. And then we're going to reverse our bicycle. The reversing of the bicycle is always a tricky thing. I can see the focus. He's like, I'm not doing any more of this as possible. And then we go back down. So for the overhead, I want you to make, create a little space between you and your shoulder boxes.

We are going to go pushing over in one count. Press the hips forward towards me, soften the throat and roll on down and then bring the arms back up. Press now as you push up, don't push the hands down to the floor, but push against the spring. So push them out and not down. Like are your Jack Knife on the floor you push down more.

But here in the overhead you press out more. So reach, reach along with this hip rolling down. This is hip to the, to the foot bar. There we go. There we are. And let's do it one more time. Going all the way over. Press the hips forward, opening that hip Darya. Go Rolling through the spine as we go, and then bring it back down all the way. Ready for the coordination. So she's going to inhale. Press it out, hold the breath as you open and close.

Exhale, bend it in. Exhale, bend in it. So we're going to reach, bring it in as the legs bent. Push out more with the arms so we get an opposition. There you go. Beautiful. Press it out one more time. And then we're going to add the beats for our last version of this press angle. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. Oh, let's do it one more time.

And I really want to see one knee on top of the other. So we go to go out, you go open first open, and your quest [inaudible] go, go look. Oh, and then bend it back in and reach the rowing. So you're gonna swing up. Take one spring out. So we're going to be on one spring and we're going to do a variation on the rowing the way Joe taught it. So we're going to roll down into curl all the Daigo. Don't move the machine and open the arms, keep the springs where they are, and now lift the chest with out moving the machine. Then curl forward the hands. Go to your tailbone, reach for the back wall. Reach up to the ceiling and wide on open and get a lovely stretch.

And then sit back up or roll through the Coccsyx to rule in arms open. Reach wide with the arms as you come up. Then curl back in. Lift the arms up and reach not to the toes, but to the end of the machine, which for the short box, all the way in front of you. There you go. And one more time and curl back in. Arms Open, thresh yourself up length and beautiful angle and lift and go all the way forward past your feet and then roll up for the 90 degree angle.

So we go up, we go back, we changed this a little bit. So we're going to press the arms up as you come through, keeping the machine still. Then roll forward, bring the hands down to your tailbone up and over, wide forward and to the front and sit back up. Elbows up, angle, back, push yet coordinate that. The arms are straight and you're up at the same time. Reach all the way forward. It's a lot of work for that upper back where you're trying to keep that, that machine's still right. So we're going to do it one more time. Elbows lift.

You go back really length and press [inaudible] press up, put up there it is going forward, reaching through, arms up and over. Reach far forward and then we turn it around. If you feel like it, you can always add an extra spring for when we're facing that way sue is happy with one. So there we are. When you're happy, I'm happy. So it goes straight up. This time we're going to go straight on down. We bring it straight out in front of us. Now just push the shoulders forward, so protract protraction of the shoulders and then think of lifting your sternum to learn a bit more. When you go there we go.

And straight on a steroid on down and Rigo straight on forward. Push out of the shoulders. Bring it up now give me a beautiful lift bringing it. I'm slightly behind you. I think you can handle that. Live, live, live, live, live, live, live, live, live, live lifts, which are he? Don't lean back when was going for up and going down.

Bring it to the front, push on out, lifted up and give me a big lift. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Go up and open up. Up. Often you gotta be so much taller after this. Roll forward. Push through the heels, keep pushing through the heels as you roll up, sitting up tall. I have that same action out of the shoulder blades to come up and then lift just a little bit more than you did before. Now make sure the, hence the on the character you push out. So press it out and they stay down.

Now push the heels. There is your stretch. Now keep pushing through the heels and the fingers and roll up the shoulder blades. Drop on down and I'll push them out to lift. Beautiful and open on up. We have one more to go. Press three yields, push it out, roll it an to show the blade slide on that rib cage. They push out, they lift, and they open up crossing the legs for the sheriff.

So the arms go up to fingertips. Create a little triangle. The hands go down to the base of the neck, and then we come back up. Now what I want you to work on is bending those arms and bringing those elbows open to the side. And I'll keep them open to the, as you press up there you go and bring it in. So the tendency is when you push the arms up to um, to let those elbows move to the front, you want to keep it as open as possible. Bring it back in. How many did we do? Really? That seems like a lot.

And I stay here. Let's change curricularly to the hug and reach and press the little finger into it. Inhale, exhale, open. We'll do three in each breath. How's that? I'll tell you what to do and then you just keep going. Keep the elbow slightly lifted per ass. And now I think it's time to reverse our breasts. So we exhale when we press in, we inhale when we open, really feel those shoulder blades going wide and over your ribcage.

There you go. Become bigger and wider and better and then open and then relax. Good time for the Swan. So we go into the swan on the box. Do you want to pad or you want, it's fine. That quite sure what that means cause I've heard it's fine and it's fine. Yeah. You never know. You never know. So I'm going to stand on top of the power of the bar.

Now you're going to press the carriage out and bring it on the top of your thigh so it's not an increase but right about there and you can always change and fumble around with it a little bit. The arms are in front. The first thing we're going to do is press the carriage out. Push lift the upper body ever so slightly. So we are in a straight line. Now you're going to bend your knees and bring the whole thing up with the machine. We'll come in, keep in the UNIS, allow the machine to come home.

Don't extend yet. So we just want to go into a fertile line as much as we can. Once we're there, we open the upper back up, so that's a lot of opening. Then we go forward, stretch it out, bend the knees, curl the pubic bone up towards your ribcage. There you go. Keep going. Keep counting trapped. That's his one.

Dropped us Sitzman strapped assessments and are opened of top and then we press on out and we have a moment of relaxation, relative relaxation and Torres it out, lifted up. Soften the knees and allow your think of closing the Zipper of your pants. There you go. And then open the top, close off the ribs, press it out, lift it up, go right away. Again, this is spawns. Drop the pupil bone, lift, open the tap, beautiful and rich. And we have one more set. If you prefer to open the arms a little bit in the extension, that's okay. Okay, so press it out. Curl that pubic bone up.

Beautiful. Going to the extension. Now if you want to open those arms and have a little ahh moment and reach every now and then we needed a harmonium and go up. Lift. Anger is life is so much better if you are, and then relax back down and get this little length. There you go. Good. Stand up. Take a sprig. I'll take the path. Take a spring out, push the carriage out, reach far forward to get the straps. Here you go.

And then take the feet off the machine and allow yourself to come back or they reach a little bit more forward so you really high up that. You're going to press the arms down alongside the carriage and you bring it all the way up and you dive right into the ocean and then really sit back down. So it's sort of like riding the waves actually press and you're on your surf board and you push up through ash. Go crash through the waves three ways, three ways to do the wave, and then release it back down and lived a certain go through two waves. Now stay here. We're going to bend the elbows and press it back out. Tried to give the elbows close to your body and to, and the last line, bring the arms all the way down the long sandy carriage all the way to the front. Slide to the end of the straps for the letter t.

Now the chest is down, the arms are up. Who rolled him back a little bit day ago. And bring your shoulders back, bring the hands back, Taj your fingers if you can. And now lift the arms more as your chest comes down to the floor. So we're going to keep watch out of the shoulders. Don't roll back forward. So this stays here. Now lift the arms [inaudible] and go, ah, I'm not sure if Jesus is going to help you reach back and reach long, but I guess you can always ask. Go and schoolies it.

There you go. Bring it back. Keep that connection. There you go. Beautiful. Hold on to the straps and stepping off. You gonna sit down where you normally would for your teaser. We're going to be on one spring. Okay, because we're going to combine the backstroke with the teaser. So sit down for you where you would sit for your teaser. Knock your backstroke.

You're going to be that brave. I like the enthusiasm. So yeah, we're still having a lot to go. We go off, Oh bun. Sit All the way up into your teaser. Now we're going to create what they call a crucifix. So you're gonna roll down, open the arms to the sides all day. Open the arms all the way up when they ask and come back up. Press.

So the roll back. Keep curling, keep curling. Keep calling over those arms. Arms a little bit sooner and curl back up. You're going to open the arms and ride away as you go. Curl up and stay up. Bend your knees, hold on to the ankles like rolling like a ball and now comes a trick too. [inaudible] damn ready for a second one and we go up open.

Curl up to your t's. I think of the little finger pushing into that wood. Crucifix and or eyes on and eh occur. Come back up. Get that pressure and a little finger breech. Intuit into it. Go Up, bend the knees. Find your balance bank balance. Find your balance now slow your roll back. You got it. You got this, you got this. Push your legs into your arms a little bit. There you go. Oh, one more time. You thought it was over here.

We got open and curl up into it and we crucifix and we press on up. We go into the crews of fixed and precedent. We go through our crews of eggs and we press on up. We bend their knees. We make ourselves as small as you can. Now it helps to push your legs into your hands.

A little trick and reached down. Tricks are good. So let's step on off. We going to get ready for a breast stroke. So again, you can use a pat or not. It depends sort of like on where you're at. You're going to press it out, lock your hands on the front, and then lie on top of your machine. The legs are bent and when you bend, you want to be slightly of your box with your knees. There you go. It's helpful.

If you have someone to help you with, Ooh, you're a little crooked and move your whole body a little bit to the right. [inaudible]. There you go. Hands are by your shoulders. You're going to press yourself out in one long line. Then lift yourself up, look for me, and then bend everything back down. Or just you want more push? Yeah, you want me to push harder when I get a little more [inaudible], whatever.

Perez it out. You tell me what you like. Push, push, push, push, push, and then bring it back. How that feel. One more time, Perez it up. It's all about teamwork. People and go, whoa. Now we're going to reverse it. So press the hands towards me. Come up into your extension now, close off the front ribs length in the spine. As you go, hover above your box and then land control and press back.

Push up, bring the sternum up and forward. Lengthen that spine out and along and come back in. And look, you only have one more and we go back. Lift in here. You were hoping that you get another one, but nope, three is all you get. And then relax. So now we're going into the horseback. If you know how to do that little trick, you can bring your feet underneath the bar, underneath the springs and scoop yourself right on back.

Do you want the pad or do you want to get rid of it? Let's get rid of it. There we are. So the feet start in front of you. It's easier if you already sit in that horseback position. So stay, they're already hands are here. Your back is rounded, rips are soft. You're gonna point your feet and Krill right on up into it.

You're going to stay here and lower the arms. And bring them back up, soften the elbows a little bit and bring them a little lower too and curl. This back goes back 30 they're in and sit all the way down. We're going to do the circles and press the rips into my hand. Push me away. There you go. Now circle and push right into me and push right into me and press right into me and then sit back down. You can do the circles again, but sue really wants to do the triceps.

She might not think she wants to do it, but she does. So here we go. We curl up all the way into it. You're going to bring it and do the shave. We go pull up one and pull back em, pull back c and then relaxed down. Good with a little bit of help on your friend. It's all worth it. Good. Let's get ready for the long set series.

So we're going to be on two springs. The buyer's going to be up the headpieces up and our feet are going to be right in between. Now if you are smaller or your machine is taller, you might also do it against the shoulder boxes. It's up to you what you prefer. We going to be one piece of steel squeezing the legs together.

We are going to go straight on out and a crown of the head shoots straight forward into the wall. We do it one more time and then for extra enjoyment we are going to take a spring out. We are going to go out and we go back forward. We would one more time. Now you have the option to take the other spring out as well but it's going to be tricky. What are we doing? No and push out so we have two more.

If you want to get it spring in it's fine or you could have taken it out either or works. Bend the knees and slowly go down. Move your springs back to two springs so wherever you are at two springs we're going to sit in a rounded back and we're going to first really create that connection between our pubic bone and our ribcage. We're going to keep that connection as we roll up. Now, even though we're going to our extension, we're going to keep that connection. Now activate the heels, press into the heels to go out, lift the sternum up, and think of the top ribs pushing that head up. We pressed through the yields and the rips pull us up.

Now the trick is pushing out to keep pushing through the heels as you come in. So even though we go forward, we keep pushing back. [inaudible] head goes down. Whoa, you did an extra line. I like bonuses and curl backing up in the up stretch in the upstairs. We want to be as round as possible so we have that same connection.

Press through the heels curled under. Bring it in. Now roll up, not the butt, but right up in here, right up in here, right up in here, right up in here, right up in here. And this comes up by itself, pressed to the heels, curl it under. So if you really scooped those ribs up, it just moves beautifully by itself. Combination. We're going to go out, we go into an extension, we lift the sternum up, we stay in the extension out and our fall. That back home, there you go. Press out round. We're going to go up into the extension. We push through the heels to back in.

We rounded back in and recur. We curl, we curl, we grill, we lower the heels for the elephant. Now for sue, I think her feet should become a little closer. There you go. You want to be staying round and curling under so that all the weight is down on the heels. Lift to the feet up. We are going to push out and stop, dig the use in and slowly pull it back in and press out and drag the machine home. So it's not like booming me, me, me, me. Right. You're going to push it in and you know work that machine home. One more time. Press it out, curled under and now we go into the Arabesques, the first one, heel up halfway and we are going to lift the other leg up. This is slightly different than normal.

So we're going to press it out and now we're going to leave it out. And now just the leg comes in. We bring the leg in Fullerton, oops, and back out and it goes up. Now don't forget if this leg, this leg has to go up to walk, walk up one more time and up, up and change legs. So there we go. We're going to press it out. We're going to lock it out, watch out. Or we don't lose that. There you go. And pull into the elongation of the pelvis again for us and her ass. So in the things we did for on the other side and reach and relax from now on, we're going to do three.

So the second one is flat feed is flat because it's flat. We're going to keep the other foot parallel so we're going to be parallel absolutely square. Now what helps here, if you keep this foot flexed and press is pushed through this heel, push my hand away. There you go. And change sites. There we are. So we push, there you are. Send this hip back. Push it here. Push me away. I know you want to get rid of me. And then relax. Let's go on top. On top.

You have to watch out for this bottom heel. So we're going to lift up into an air basket. You know, push it out. Now when the lead comes in, this heel has to stay up high. So we're going to bring it in. Oops. And we're going to bring it in. Oops. And one more time. Now keep it in.

Move your body forward. Bend his leg, bend the leg, all they go down with the hips. Go Down with the hips. Go Down with the hips and I'll see if you can touch this to this. Oh, oh now lifted all the way up to arabesque again. Find that ceiling up there. What bar and change, Lex, are you still okay? She's like something went terribly wrong. And Go back. Lift the heel and lift that here and lift that heel and then leave it in.

[inaudible]. Sorry. And we'll forward and you want to give that hip. Nice look for your foot. It's there. Whoops. Every slide. And lift up. Lift up. Lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up la. Beautiful. And then bring it down and stepping off. Shake your hands out. Ready for the long back stretch. Sorry. Here we go.

Three each way. We're going to keep the back straight. We're going to go straight down, pressing the heels, curling up and back home down, out and lift up. Keep it flowing a little bit more out. It will help you reverse it. So the rhythm here really helps up to go bag in an up, hang, come back in. And then stepping off, bring the pat down. We're going to go back to our original spring setting. So if you started your footwork on four, you're going to start the stomach massage on four.

So sit as close forward as you think you need to be. And then a little closer. Okay. Elbows bent. Pull the machine off the cat. Think of pulling the carriage off the machine. So really get an active yeah, in a lower the heels up and bring it back in. Now we go out, down, up, pull out town we going to do 10 times is counting. So I don't have to know the where most people lose.

The speed is on the weight in. So make sure you really pull that machine in as quickly as you can because that's where most people lose it. Thinking of the, Yup, take a spring out and go. Now even in this flat back or the lift, whatever you want to call it, the sits bones, curl up to the heels when we'd come back in. So curl it in. Now, leave that long spine. There you go. Keeping it as long as you can and when you get to 10 don't slow it down. Girl, we are Gong to reach forward. How are we doing?

We reached forward. Now let's slow it down. We come in, the machine comes in, you keep going. Oh that feels so good. Pressing it out and come back in. It feels not as good when you're doing it on your own. Press out and live, live lift one more time out. And then we're going to do the twist. So we've got a twist.

We're going to lift our back and we come back in in the twist. Focus on the length of the spine. The more you can lift it up, the easier the rotation is going to be. Bring it to the front and bring your hands behind you. Press notice that here. So present already. Shave up, reach, come back in and bend it back here. Press it out in Shava, bring it back in now reverse it started with the arms up and I'll bend it in and I'll press up, up, up, up Ben. Beckon and up. Up, up, up. Bring them slightly forward. Don't move your body circle. No, only the arms. Earliest only arms weavers. Only the arms. Only the arms. Fast step. Ready for the tendon stretch. Do you want to pad?

Just because you said please, otherwise you would not have gotten it. We're going to do tendon stretch on two legs and then we're going to do the rounded jam version of one leg. Okay. Two of um, to normal youth. And then we lift the front leg up. We do one, two on the third one and we jump over to decide. Okay, so ev, every time on the third one we changed position. So two legs. Here we go.

We go down and up one and we go down up one now, hover angle down, up one, down, up to down and change one and two and three and change back and one up, down, up, down, back to the side and down, up, down, up, back to the front end. Go to lexicon down, up, one down into hover and front one front to runt jump. And so the timing is important of this one, right and back and down, one down, two down jump site and two and two the front hub. Today's Z and rich and we prefer not to bang the machine when we do that. That's okay. Nobody noticed. We go into the short spy massage, so get yourself lined down. There you go.

You do that one. And I will do this one again. If you have different kinds of loops you will have to adjust. We're going to do just a normal short spy massage. If there is such a thing. Perez, lift yourself up and over. Bend the knees and now massage and really exhale.

Yeah. So do order is beautifully put together that this is sort of your rest in the middle of it. All right. The calm before the storm or the eye of the hurricane because there is another side and reach up. So the next one, we're going to do the high frog rolling down. So what are we going to do is going to push out.

We in a roll up and we're going to halfway through, lift the hips a little bit higher on a diagonal line. Now bend the knees and press up. You wanna make sure there's no pressure on the neck. Push the hips forward. Each time you press out, press and press one more time. Press stay here.

We're gonna finish it off like a normal short spine. Bend the knees, roll it down, and then curl back all the way. Take the legs out. Time for our first headstand. So what we're going to do is we're going to use a little folded towel and we're going to place a towel on our headpiece. The bar's going to be up and here we go.

So your hands are going to be on the outside of the shoulder box. Then the head is going to go down the next days long, but need a little bit more into that crack Diego the other hand. Now make sure the pressure is on your hands. Then plays one foot on the foot bar. Lift the hips up and reach. Make sure the rips are connected. Diego, put all the pressure on your hands.

[inaudible] out as you inhale and come back in. Now let's go for the extension is about inhale, lower the hips, lift the hips and come back home. Pull the hips and press go down. Lift. Now the most important part, step right onto the floor. Push with both hands yourself off straight so you can step off correctly.

Backwards. Here we go. So lie down on your back. Feet are on the bar. Now move yourself forward so your head is actually clearing the shoulder boxes. There you go. Hands are going to be on top. You're going to push yourself into your fresher.

There you go. THRASS it out. Be More in the bossy feet actually, because then we can press the leg straight, lower the heels, he's push and come back home. Use Your hands, press lower, lift and now push yourself up. Chin to the chest, roll through the spine. Relax.

We go right into our semi-circle with the bar up. So the heels come together. You just slide yourself all the way forward. While she does that, I can get rid of that. Um, towel. It's called the heels. Come together and toasts slightly apart. There you go.

Move your body over that way again. Now bring your hands a little higher on the box. There you go. And I'll push really push with your upper back. We soften and Rigo down. Rolling into that side and repress it out. You stopped the machine curl under, we roll back up and we go forward.

Have a slight rotation and then you get a lovely stretch. Are we good? And then soften the ribcage gem, bring it in, press it out. Kerlin under roll on up. And when you're helping someone, make sure you pull forward and not down. And then one more time. Soften the throat, articulate through that ribcage, pressing it out, curl it under, and bring the knees all the way to the front.

Let's reverse the movement going out self and through the rib cage. Rolling through. Bring it in now. Just the pelvis, girls under [inaudible] and then impressed the knees forward. Again, bring it out. Soften to go through the spine. Bring it in. Krill back up. I think we have one more to go, right? Pressing it out, curl the hair you are rolling it in. Then this is the hard part. Sliding back on top, which is never works because you're all sweaty and sticky.

There you go. Ready for the chest expansion. So here we are. We're going to be on two springs. You're going to kneel down facing the back. Your toes are killed under. Come a little bit more forward and just bring your chest, your toast. Diego. Some people like to put a pat there and let me do that as well, just to cover it all. So here we go. We going to inhale, pull it back. We're going to look to the right. We look to the left, we looked at the front and we exhale and bring it back.

Now made sure the rip stays right above the hips. So pool made sure to don't pull up on forward. Keep them right above that pelvis. There you go. And then come back in and one more set. Inhale, bring it in. Think of pushing the hands down to what your heels look and look and front and are just like we did early in the math class.

And here we are going to pull when you look, think of listening with the ear. So the neck not too far. There's not much so much. They don't say that much that, that's interesting. It's more like listening for gossips or be it subtle. Hey ago, listening to the neighbors when they don't want to hear. And then really is we go into the thigh stretch. So what does Di Search?

We're going to add a spring. There we go. And we're going to do Joe's version of it. So bring the hands a little further away. The head is going to be down, um, grabbed really high. Gave. Now first it starts off like it gest expenses. Are you going to bring the hands right next to you and then we're going to be one piece. As we go back, keep those arms next to you. Keep those arms next to me. He keeps his arms next to you.

Pull them more next to you as you come back up and then release low. Whoa. And here we go. Pull. Now that you know what's happening, think of internally rotating your femur. Think of score, pleasing those legs together, right? So that's going to help you in a strange kind of way. So pool. So the more you're going to keep that legs underneath you, it's going to help you. And up we go. And then really then we are ready for our backbends.

Maybe we are not ready, but we are going to do the manual. So stay there. There you go. Now there are two back bends. We'll talk about it in the other section. We start with the bar down, arms go up. Now bring the hands behind you first. And that's the most important part. Keep those hands reaching back as we go all the way back.

Keep those hands going back into his hands going back. I gotcha. And you're going to look back for your bar. It's a lot further down. There we go. Grab it. There you go. Place the hands underneath. Press the arms out and out and out. Now push the legs forward. Who's the here? Can we push and push and both arms go up round forward for a release. Are you okay?

Then we bring the bar up. What the bar up does, it makes you short. The space is shorter so it's going to create more extension. That sounds good. Amsouth sounds even better than the first back bend arms back. I was hoping it was going to get better. Look for it. Look for it. Look for it.

Look for it and look for it. Look for it. Look for bend your elbows to grab a day ago. Push one and push and push through Lex and push the legs away and push the legs away and push the legs away and everything comes up. Woo. And sit back down. Sit into child's pose. You get a little little stretch is held up.

It's time for the Swat [inaudible] it's just one hit after the other. So let's sit in the middle of the machine with the knees in line with the first shoulder box, we're going to have the knees apart, but the feet together and that creates a little bit of a um, savor base. So the first one, we're going to do his hand by the sternum where you're going to open the door and bring it back in. Things forward open, swing it open, dangle making engines and [inaudible] and then bring the hand change hands for what's called the Roomba. Now I like to call this the Vango exercise. So once you're going through these, you cut off your ear straight up, keep the elbow forward and come back in and cut off your ear and bring it in and cut off your ear. Now we combined that, so change hands. We'd gone to soaring the door open. And guess who's there? It's Feng Go.

And so hang out on open ed up. Rigo he's see one more time. Swing it open. And actually it's far hall. Engage. You were wondering. So let's change hands for the profile. So the beauty of starting out is that we don't have to move, so the hand is on it. The other arm is up.

Look at your hand now make sure, sorry that the pelvis is square, that it doesn't rotate, right? So keep the arm exactly in the same alignment. It does not bend more. The whole arm comes up. It stays. Ooh. Stairs. Look at your hand. Stay profile. Just stare. There you go. One more time. Up and now we're going to create a circle.

So we go run up, bring it around and up to and around and up. Three and now stay down. Now. Pooled open from the bottom up. One thing just to up and down. Think of the elbow. Lift the elbow up. There you go. One more time. Lift the elbow up. Circles and up banner and up and around.

One more time. Up and around and relax. Lotus. Almost there. Here we go. Soften the arms and bring them together. Bring them together that that was not a trick question. [inaudible] and we go with a little help of your, of your friend. They'll just edit me out and then it looks like she's doing it and pull up and relax. Good. Let's go to the other side. Maybe that side.

He's going to be so much easier. We shall see for your feet together. There you go. So I already, let's get it done and open the door and bring it back and open the door. Don't get transfixed on that beautiful sea. Oh look at that. Pretend should never happened. Change harms. And here we go. I'm in Vango up we go. Elbows, rifle.

And up we go. And up we go. Ready to change Combo. And you're going to swing the door open and Fango is right there and open. He is just painted his beautiful sunflowers and up we go. And one more time reach. Don't want to miss out on that one.

And then relax profile. Here we are and get those hips straight. Three of them, one, Andrew. Alex, don't sit in the arm. Keep it straight. So we've just moved into shoulder. There you go. Beautiful. And three time for the circle. Up and around it up and around.

Last time up, we're going to stay down for three at the bottom, lift the other one and lift the elbow and lifting elbow. Three, three circles. We're almost there, girl. Up and around. One up and around, two up and around. Three and the lotus flower, and at least she's laughing about it and all together and and the Lotus closes. See, there you go and it closes so close. One more time. I eat and then really like sound effects work. I'm a total believer of that. There's room for improvement as Romana used to say, so if we're going to move on to the snake into twist at the snake and the twist came, have done on one spring.

If you want to challenge yourself more on a zero springs the snake with the buydown, you could also do twist with the bar up. We're going to keep everything down on one spring because I want to keep it going, but just know that you have that option. Do you want a pad here? No. No. Okay. Then the food is going to be right in the corner. You're going to lift yourself up and curl. Now you want to make sure that those bottom ribs are attached to that pelvis.

Again, I'm going to press it out. I'm going to stop. Don't let the head go up. We're going to cruel the pelvis down and that unrolls that body. The head comes in and we bring it back in. One more time. We press the Coccsyx, drop the pubic bone, lift up to the rib cage and the head comes in and we bring it in. We're going to go to the twist. We press now, don't drop their hip.

Think of this hip lifting up to go around. Then look at the hand. Look at that hip to bring home and press. So this is like you're winding the spring up and then it really is and it just jumps you back. Stepping off. Easy peasy. Let's go to the other side. Here we go. Ooh, I heard it.

I heard a sigh. Okay, here we go. Set it up, girl. Set it up and here we go. Curl it under. Lift this up. We press it out. We curl under and lift and lift. This side lift is represented his hip. There you go. Look at my hand. There we go. Curl it under. Now. Curl, curl, curl.

And then look at the hand to bring it in. Did twist. We're going to press this hip miffed up around the corner. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me and I'm burning the hand. Look at the hand. Here we go. Curl back in and find the hand. Find the hand, find the hand, bring it up. Bring it up, bring it up, bring it up. Bring it up. Stepping off gracefully and beautifully. And stepping up.

We're going to move into our bridge. Now. This is going to be exciting. So what you want to do is you're going to lie down and I'm going to place it on two springs. If you have, um, depending on your feet and depending on the surface of your carrot, if it's slippery, put two paths down right here. Lie Down. If you are taller, you're going to might get into some problems and that might not be right for you because what you want is both feet to be on the carriage. So you need to be able to get the feet right underneath you.

You want as much foot on the carriage to make it as safe as possible. So if you're taller, you might just not fit. Hands go on the shoulder boxes. We are going to put our head right on top of the angle of the head piece so we're not in the crack this time we're going to push ourselves up. Bring it a little more forward. There you go. Push your sternum up.

Are you okay here? Then you're gonna reach for your straps. Now she's slowly pushy. Heels down. There you go. Press the arms down and bring it up. Pressing down. Who knew this was possible? Push a sternum up and one more time corrects.

Now dropped the steps in the in the well. Place your head from the box. Push yourself up. Head comes down. Rolling. Rolling, rolling. Rolling. Bang. Jeanie's intuition. Just give yourself a little, little, little wall stretch. Beautifully done girl. Let's bring the headpiece down so we can get ready for the corkscrew. He's like, this is never gonna end.

And the answer is no, it's never going to end. Bring the legs up. Bring yourself all the way over. Roll down on the right side of your body. Curl all the way up to the left side and come back. Go to the left side and curl all the way back up. Go to the right side girl, all the way up and over.

Let's go down a little bit more and go, Oh yeah, no. When you roll when you circle. So let's do one more set each way so we roll angle. Yeah, that's exciting. And then go down to come up. Roll straight down. Ready for Arctic talk. So you're gonna hold onto the side. There you go.

I tried to keep the elbows as open as possible. Lift your right hip up and allow the legs to goes far enough away so you get a lovely stretch. Push the rips into come back home. Lift the left half of your pelvis up to go over and, and pull the ribs back down. Let's do one more time each side. So recruit all the way over and bring it back in and then go all the way over. And we come back. It's time to play airplane.

So we're going to bring the hands behind us. Grab them if you can, the carriage and yeah, so you can have the hands all the way around if you can. If you cannot reach it, you'll have to hold the shoulder boxes. Now we're going to roll ups on giving you the roll up. So bring the legs up, roll up into one piece of steel. She's going to be one piece of steel and magically she just lift those hips up, float on down. She gets one with help. Then it's so paint. You curl it and we're all up.

Lift up, get those hips forward. Push the pelvis forward. Now as the heels push down, push those hips up. Push the heels down. Hips up here. Now the exciting part is the reverse. So from here, straight body Ali Hook and straight back down. Don't go too slow.

Just keep it moving. Give him up and give him a straight up ish angled down. No, no, no, no, no, no. And relax. Room for improvement or there's lots of potential. So let's move their shoulder they had in front of the shoebox for the control. Step off, holding onto the boxes. Just hold onto the sides. There you go. Onsite, the back there. We're gonna roll up.

We first just going to find our machine. So this let go straight up that find some machine and come back up and then do the other side. Find it outside of the machine. There you go. Find the outside of the machine. Change that hand [inaudible] reach for me to come off. Take the hands off, go into [inaudible] or lift the heel up for the normal people and then place it back down.

Now the trick on the way to return is to bend your standing leg to bring the head down and follow this leg. And I'll go follow this leg. Follow this leg, follow this leg, follow this leg and roll back down, even yourself out. So the leg that goes up is the one that gives you orientation. So up we go, we find the outside s and change the hand that hand on top reach for me with his hand re-elect, reach and find it. Lift the heel. Look Mom, I'm a ballerina.

And then find it. Bend that standing like a lot. Keep bending it, keep bending it, keep bending it, keep bending it, keep bending it and then roll on down. Second long box. So we're going to, I was still in two springs. Yes. So for the exercises we did before, if you feel your carriage is moving a lot, just add more springs. Right? The springs don't do anything. They just make sure we stay stable.

So we're going to lie down on our stomach. And by we, I mean you, I hope that was clear right from the start. So move forward to your forehead is already on the bar, on the path. There you go. You're going to hold onto the foot bar or to the frame. Whatever is more comfortable. Um, I prefer to frame and the only reason why I do that is because some people tried to pull and then the bar moves and it hurts their neck. So from here you're going to keep the legs together.

The legs come up straight up, up, bend your knees, kick them up towards the ceiling and then you beat the legs as they got 'em back down. Try to get the knees together so it feels like you have to internally rotate the size. As you bend, we lift up, keep the knees together, we band, we kick up to the ceiling and we'll be PPP. Beautiful. One more time. We kick up burned, stretch, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. Let's move backwards for our rocking. Always a highlight. So we're going to bend our knees and we're going to hold on to our ankles.

As we push our feet into our hands, we press a sternum right to the wall in front of us and we are going to rock and roll. Rock and roll, rock and roll. Keep those legs there. That's very important to keep those moving. And then relax. Spring the arms to the front for the swimming, the arms go forward and swim. Now the beauty of the boxes is that the legs, the arms can go below, floor level here, the enjoyment and then re lax. Scooch back a little bit and hug the box with your arms.

The beauty of having an instructor is that every now and then they are nice and put your straps together. I'm not always that nice just today. So the legs are hip width apart. They feed our hip width apart. Let's bring everything together. There you go. Now keep the hips on the box and just bring the heels towards your butt.

So be very careful that the heels come in and that we don't care. Do it wrong by lifting the sitz bones towards the hills. We don't want that arching right? So you stay down, the heels, come to you and the heels come to you. You can also do this one leg for today. This is enough and reached and straighten the legs, drop the straps, step off, fold forward because goes, there's a lot of extension going on.

So you want to release that back for a second and then roll yourself up. Ready for the short box. There we go. Oh, thank you. So again, we're going to springs. The bar is down and we're going to start with our hug. So we head is down. We called a sitz bones under the heel, reaches for the frame and we just roll back throughout out ahead in. Do not roll up, roll in towards yourself to roll.

So we roll out the heels, go forward, we roll back, we unfold, their head comes in, we roll in towards ourselves. Let's play around. When we back there, we're gonna roll down all the way. We're going to extend, then the arms go back and we placed them on the floor or almost. Then we bring the hands back up. We need to do more politeness and grow a little bit girl and come back, towel roll down and reach. So if you can reach the floor, you can reach from underneath the frame. Can't just reach for the frame and pull yourself out. There you go.

And then bring your arms back and then roll yourself. Exhale. And back down and grab the pole for the flat back. We lengthen our spines as much as we can. We go straight back reaching out. We push out more to come back up. This is not about the length, it's all about another about the the how far we go. It's all how long we can stay reaching long and up and reach forward.

Rolling up, sitting it up side to side, reach long and come back up and reach long and come back up and reach. Long to come back up and region long to come back up. Twist, we are twisting, we go down all the way. We come back up and we untwist, we twist reach long and here we're right here by the ocean. Let's go fishing.

We twist [inaudible] [inaudible] for the big whale they told me there is one and twist reach. There was some point or whale and around the world to west going down, go flat, go over, come back up, state off, twist, go, go flat. Go all the way up. Time for your tree, right? Like goes in and we stretch one and two and three walk kind of fall forward. Pool it in. Walk all the way down. Exhale, come back up and lift the back.

Fall forward. Pull the leg, walk down, reach underneath the frame and hold onto it. Circles. One and two and three rivers oh one and what goes right must go left and come back up. Let's do the turned out one. Hold on to the outside of the box. Open it up now. Still think of curling under. Take that leg with you. Reach through this heel down. Relax.

Now try to keep that leg exactly where it is. As you roll out. Woo. There we go. Bring it to the front. Change arms, holding onto it and I'll lift. Bring this. I'm up. Rotate all the way to the back. Now don't cross this a lot more. Keep it right in front of you. If you want more stretch, just bend this elbow and pull the leg towards you. Are we having more stretch? Yeah, that feels good, man. Ching. Funnily enough, it feels good and here we go.

Stretch up and two and three walk up far forward. Pull the leg towards you. Rocket back. Oh, walk on down. Press his heel towards the frame. As you stretch up, come back up [inaudible] and I'll give me a long back. Kick me along back. Give me a long back. Falling forward. Pull back with you. Roll on down. Bring the hands back, hold onto it. Circles, Kirk and, and three rivers one and two and three are all on up or what?

What, what, what more, what? There you go. Turn it out. Take it with you now. Made sure that we really curl that under. Stretch that hip. You deserve that or roll back on up. Bring it behind you, behind you, behind you and bring it across.

Sit Up nice and tall. Lift that back and out. Band that elbow and go, hmm. That feels so good. And relax. That's what you wanted to say. That's testing. [inaudible] staffing up. Um, just, I don't know. Let's step out. We're going to do the long spine massage. So for that, if you have this kind of setup, you're going to need to add your structs.

Um, if you have a machine with the long loops into short loops, we'll just use the long loops for that, right? So here we go. Let's do a couple of lecture goals to set ourselves up so the arms are down per acid out. So small circles going one and two. Now go right on up and opening rolled out.

So try to give it rhythm going up, circle on down and circle on down. Stay down to reverse the circles, whatever that may be. Low up and push and open lift. Press the heels away as you roll down and lift and press the heels away as you roll down. And then open the Lexus wide as possible. Get a little ah moment over here.

Bring the legs all the way together behind you, behind you. Farringdon them, bring them down, get a little ah moment over here. Juror up the stack, roll on down. All that niceness turns into the knee stretches. So here we go. Stepping off the bar goes up. We do eight, eight, and 12. I saw that, look they didn't, but I did around that and go out in one in two and three and four and five and six, seven, seven and flood bag one to keep it sprang out for five, six, seven, eight and round.

Here we go and lifted up. Straighten one out into out in three and four and five and six and seven n only for mar and luck and two and three and four and relax running. So place it back on the springs that you had, which was three for the running. Here we go, pressing it out, focus on the yield. It's coming up, making it nice and lifted. Speed it up. It is running, not a stroll at the beach. And then come back in step pelvic lifts, sorry. Yes.

And push long. Slow it down, press it out, give me an extra lift and then bring it back in. Push it out long externally, rotate those thighs as you come back in Paris and I'll take a little bit more tourists come back in, roll back down and he are going into the balance controls. So we're going to place it into the second year. Here we are hand-foot hand-foot into a beautiful push up position. We're going to press the arms out three times out in one out in two and the right leg goes up, four one and one and two and two.

One more time and three stay in three pushups down, but move up machine and down and down in three step off gracefully and beautifully. Oh, did not stick the landing. That's at least two tens off. Here we go. Backwards. Here we go. Press out. Go up and up around the jumps. Circle around, circle around. Reverse it up. Don't stop. Don't stop. Don't stop. That's up. Three dips. Damn. And one down and two down. Three gracefully.

Stepping up. Good. The stuff that's come off here we go inside of the foot. We're going to create one strong line. Ollie hop Rigo up and and up. Now we go to the front, two different. Now we go to the back and we can do Rhonda Sham starting from the back. Rhonda Sham from the back to the front, and now from the four lectin front leg to the front. Bring it up, bring it back. Now leave it here. Look for the foot. Bring the iron back.

Stay here. Bring it home. Bring it home. Bring it home. Bring the foot down. This is where Ramana did a beautiful bow, right? You saw the archival tapes. Here we go. Let's go to the other side.

Well, you don't want to be perfect. You don't want to scare people over here. I was there once. Yeah, it was not that exciting. Here we go. Add Up. We go and come back up. We go kick the leg to the front, to the front. Kick it to the back, and now we're gonna come back. Ron The sham from the back. Back to the front. There you go. Four.

Run to the back. Now wrap yourself around me. Wrap yourself around me. Arm to reach. [inaudible] bring it home. Play. Sit down. OOPS, not on my foot. And then bow yourself out. Good. Let's do our grom splits.

So we're going to be on two springs. Now this gets a little tricky, especially when you're on your own. Um, because the ground and they're big and they're long. Now you have two options. You can have your foot here. You're going to have your foot on the frame, or if your foot fits on the heel, on the bar or the heel on the frame, toes on the bar. So pick a position that feels good. So go on your knees or stand up. Sorry. Diego. Now fold forward. Place your hands on the frame on the outside.

Place one foot in the front, wherever it might feel secure. This foot swivels to the back. You're going to keep the machine in. You roll yourself up, standing straight into lake. Now we're going to go down to split down and we come up, we go down, we go up. Slight extension. Oh go down. Lift the sternum up to the ceiling and up to the ceiling and placed the hands back. Bend this leg to come back down. Change legs and come up. There you go. Sweet for that foot and reach. So the first time, you don't want to go too far down your splits because trust me, it's a long way.

Up and down and down and up. Extension and lifted straight him, Dow, Dow, lift. Bring the hands forward, church, circle it in and time for our Gondola. The Gondola splits. I really good for a big turnout, which sue has, right? Sure. Stand up. Now it's helpful to have the Gondola Pole right against it.

You're going to place the outside foot turned out. Then we're going to move all the way out. Turned out are going to keep the machine in. We're going to bend our legs into a bleak big. Please keep the last day here, straightened his leg out, only out and bring it back in and out. Bring it back in and out. Now straighten the other leg out. Bring it back in, out. Brilliant. Back in, easy out.

Bring a regen and come back up. It's just out in, in. How hard can that be? Now we do the same thing starting on the out, so push it out. Move your pole if you need to. There you go. We now going to keep the leg straight. Now just bend this one, bring it in and two and three. Now bend the other one in and in and in straight legs.

Pull it up. We'll be, and then we're going to step off slowly and then we're going into our high bridge. So for the Highbridge we are going to have the bar up [inaudible] up and are you going to lie down? The feet are going to be parallel and you want to be, I like to be on my arches for the rare occasion where I do it. [inaudible] used to do it a lot more. Hey, you know, bring the hands this way. The other way for years to what you, there you go. So this is the one that looks really impressive, but from the beck bands, it's actually not the hardest one. So we'd gone to push ourselves up every press all the way into it.

Now press the arms out, push the carriage out one and bring it back and to bring it back and three and then push the legs out. One and two and three nights. Stay here. Bring one leg in and bring it straight up to the ceiling and go ted, and then change legs. Bring the other leg in and stretch out and go Tada and bring the chin towards your chest. Slowly roll on down, Bang, genies in towards your chest. Give yourself a hug, hug, then roll up and then we'd go into our stemming work. What we're going to do and keep it into springs. Now we're going to change this and coming back in to holding it, folding it into the handle, right?

So we actually extending the strap without folding it in because we want that lengths. When we turn around, we'll pull up what will pop up. Now for the first one, we don't need it, but it's just nice to have it there already. Stand up facing this way in a lunge position so the foot is going to be heel and toe [inaudible] come a little bit higher and then wiggle that top foot back, not over the edge, just to the edge. There is a difference. Hold onto the handles. The head is down and flipped the hands around. Bend this leg a little bit more.

So we're going to lean into it now. Round the back into a big contraction. There you go. Stay in this contraction in the upper back. Just lift the arms up behind you. Press them up and bring it down. So this is a little tricky for her. So I'm going to give her less spraying and pull it up.

There you go. Scoop and scoop. One more time and scoop enrich. Now Roll yourself up. Turn yourself around. Keep the feet exactly where they are. So when we turn around, we automatically change the other leg in the front. And I was smart as that. You didn't think about that did you?

I don't know. I like try to be so you can move this foot to the outside of this day ago. So from here we're going to do arm circles. So now give you back along. Lift the arms up, circle them around and lift them up. Keep the weight on the front foot here.

Go and lift them up and then reverse the circles. And we go up and down and down and up. We have one bonus one down and up to go open to a shave and press and lift and I'll make one line from the back heel all the way to your fingers and back and I leave them there. Bring the arms to the frond and down. Place them against your body, so the slightly on an angle and then bicep curl day ago. So the hands are not underneath the shoulders.

They in line with the body so they slightly angled backwards and then reach good. Roll yourself up. I'm going to add a spring. You can just stay there for a second and stem on top of the machine. Turn yourself around because for our grand finale, we are going to do our Russian squats or the tiger squats. You can be Russian or a tiger either or. He can't be both.

Can't be both. So stent right on the edge of bend your knees and lean into it a little bit. Now very carefully, you're going to slowly stent up, bringing the hands next to your body so the machine is going to move and that's going to be the scary part. He said. So now from here, you slowly bring the arms up. As you sit down in a squat, make sure the arms don't bend and go all the way down. So you're going to sit all the way on your heels and then the arms come down as you come back up. So the machine moves very minimally, right? It's very small movement. It will change.

Sit back fold and the hips sitting down, sitting down, sitting down, sitting. Now come up in one beautiful motion. One more time. We sit back, we sit back, we sit back, reset vaccine. We sit back [inaudible] up. Now of course you could do this on one leg as well.

So let's do one more bonus one. But just in case you feel like it, you could do it on one leg and up. Then bend your knees and bring the machine forward to the machine, comes home, dropped the straps, roll yourself up gracefully. Step off you go. And there is one version of a super advanced reformer. Hope you enjoyed it. Thank you so much. Have a great day.


Morgane K
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Super reformer workout! Thank you.
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Super super super class! Loved it!
Thank you Morgane and Jennifer! Enjoy it!!!!!!
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That was fun Ton! My my, you worked me hard 😆 super! Hope to see you again soon.
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Well that was super! So glad to see some new variations. You both made it look so easy. Loved the energy and really appreciate your humor. Sometimes that's all we have left for a tough workout like this!
Loved the Progressions! Applause!
Not sure I'll ever be able to master some of those moves! What a great student and what a great teacher! I wish I would've had you with me. Thank you!
Kudos on a wonderful class, Ton! Challenging work, but you made it fun! I'm looking forward to the journey!
"I'm not sure Jesus is going to help you... " Never a truer statement at just the right moment! I laughed just long enough to miss the last repetition! Thanks!
Fantastic! Love this!
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