Traditional Advanced Workout<br>Ton Voogt<br>Class 2770

Traditional Advanced Workout
Ton Voogt
Class 2770

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Morgane K
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Super reformer workout! Thank you.
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Super super super class! Loved it!
Thank you Morgane and Jennifer! Enjoy it!!!!!!
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That was fun Ton! My my, you worked me hard 😆 super! Hope to see you again soon.
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Well that was super! So glad to see some new variations. You both made it look so easy. Loved the energy and really appreciate your humor. Sometimes that's all we have left for a tough workout like this!
Loved the Progressions! Applause!
Not sure I'll ever be able to master some of those moves! What a great student and what a great teacher! I wish I would've had you with me. Thank you!
Kudos on a wonderful class, Ton! Challenging work, but you made it fun! I'm looking forward to the journey!
"I'm not sure Jesus is going to help you... " Never a truer statement at just the right moment! I laughed just long enough to miss the last repetition! Thanks!
Fantastic! Love this!
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