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Mat Workout

45 min - Class


Experience the evolution of movement developed by an international research team led by Dr. Christian Larsen in Switzerland with Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt in Spiraldynamik®, which is a way to see the human body. Spiraldynamik® is a movement and therapy concept based on the evolution of human locomotion and the realization that the Universal principle of the spiral is the unifying thread through human posture and the coordination of movement. Everybody carries in them the full potential of optimal movement, and each of us has to discover this movement potential for ourselves. Experience how the principles of Spiraldynamik® create the basis for economy of movement and structural health that will enhance any workout. For more information about Spiraldynamik® visit: Spiraldynamik®.
What You'll Need: Mat, Triadball, Franklin Ball, Knee Pad, Theraband


Hi, I'm Michael and I'm Tony. And today's workout is based on the principles and concepts of [inaudible] or an English spiral dynamic. And that's with a k. It was developed by an international researc...


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magic amazing feelings
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Nice work, great teachers!!
love it! thanks again for a great class
I can't wait to try these techniques - they look wonderful - really enjoyed this class
Brilliant. I just love you guys!
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How I like this kind of class. I want more. Thanks.
Brilliant - my classes love these techniques
Thanks that was great, really enjoyed the feeling of the pelvis and ribcage spiralling in unison.....would love some more of this type of work, my classes find it fascinating
Thank you all! Jill; glad you enjoyed it and that your classes are fascinated! We will be taping more workouts later this year so watch this site!
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Thank you, I love your teaching. Brings a lot joy into the body :)
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