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Innovative Tower Flow

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You will use all parts of the Tower in this creative workout by Jenna Zaffino. She uses minimal spring and equipment changes so you can flow through the class with ease. She includes innovative variations to challenge your balance and coordination like Floating Cat, Teaser without Springs, Walking, and more.
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Hi everybody. I'm Jen is a fino. I'm going to take you through a tower workout today and I like to run the gauntlet of the tower and the Cadillac. I don't like to change a lot of springs. I don't like to, you know, kind of move back and forth too much. So we're going to start on this end of the tower. I should say that I am set up with a red spring on the push through bar and a purple springs for a balanced body, leg springs, and then yellow long yellow bounds. Bonnie springs for the handles.

So anything that's gonna allow you to extend back as well. Do some mass seated exercises in a few. But first let's get started. So I'd like you to line yourself up with the baggage of your tower. And if you don't have a tower with a reformer, I've also done this same series with just the Lower Matt Towers. Just as long as you have a little bit of feedback to the back of your calves or even your heels.

We're just going to start with some alignment and I'm gonna take my arms out to a rounded position and we're going to go in for four breaths and out for one. So it's four inhalations and one exhalation to start just to center and to get our breathing apparatus going. So breathe in [inaudible], bring your hands up onto your heart and then let's take a deep breath in, lifting the chest and lifting the chest. With our breath. I'm not actually back bending. And then exhale and feel the sternum sink back into the center of the torso. Breathing in [inaudible] we'll do one more and this time as you exhale, let the sternum sink in. We're gonna let the knees bend a little.

We're going to wrap the elbows towards each other. We're just going to kind of come into this almost a fetal type position and knees are almost angling in and everything stretching into flection. And then we'll take another breath in and we're going to open the arms reaching, extending the palms, opening the fingers, and then starting to come into our extension. Just getting that whole front line across the front of the chest and then we'll roll the fingers in this time. Puts your thumbs right into your shoulders and then try to bring your elbows as closest together as you can. Inhale [inaudible] and around.

Yeah. One more [inaudible]. I'm around [inaudible] from this time. As you roll up, we'll take the arms out to a little tea. And then I also always like to do an aside glide side to side. So I'm just going to reach my hips side to side and that doesn't mean I'm going into a side bend.

I just want to see how far I can engage my glute medius and also my inner thigh of the opposite leg as I'm just the hips on top of the femurs. So let's take a glide with the hip over to the right. We'll come into a side bend. I want you to go ahead and put your left hand into your left kind of right where that greater trow canter sits into that hollow of the glute. Ron Fletcher used to call him the Haagen Daz hollow.

So you want them nice and scooped and deep. And we're just going to pulse over to find length. Breathing in [inaudible] last one. I'm getting a little deeper with each pulse and we'll come up to the center, arms to a t and reach over into the opposite side. Again, that sum is just trying to guide you a little bit deeper into your glide and pulse [inaudible] and last one here and then we'll come back up to center. And the last thing we're going to do is just, I'm a cit but we're going to work back. So I want you to lean your way backwards. So if I didn't have the reformer hair, I'd probably fall.

And what I'm trying to do is kind of hug my knees almost to touch a little bit of a flat back and then come back up. Now I'm working on this so my toes are coming up a little bit more than I want them to, but the idea is to get the glutes stretched and then to start to stand from not only my hamstrings but my glutes as well. Some breathing in as I go. And then stretching, coming back to that stable position. One more kind of framing the mat with my legs and all the way up. Now let's go one more time.

And this time I'm going to send myself into a flat back. Shifting the weight forward onto the toes. A little challenging to be right against the cavs. We're going to bend the right knee, switched down, get a nice stretch on the side, rotating, pressing the arms apart. So we've got some side support.

We don't want to be dropped down into that shoulder. So use this opposition, come back into the flat back and go into the other direction. And again, it's reaching two arms in opposition from each other. And then we'll come one more time each side. So breathe in, breathe out. And as much as we can, we're trying to side glide the hips. There's a little rotation that happens. We're letting happen. I know we're gonna come back to center and we're going to lift up to the top, take a step in and round down and we'll come up.

And just to Elidel a little seated position so that the tower is kind of at your upper back and if you are a little shorter in this shoulder blades aren't touching, then you might want to get a little moon box or lift here. Then having my legs together and I'm going to do some extension here. I feel like extension is where I work best these days. I'm breathing in and out to lengthen and just using the edge of the mat, influence some nice engagement on the shoulders and then coming back up. So let's do that three times. Lifting the sternum again with the breath, reaching back and coming forward and I'm just gathering like I was going to do some abdominal work. Maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't. We'll see.

Good. So one word to come forward and then we're going to go back and this time standing into your feet, we're going to lift the hips up and curl under like you're going into semi-circle and I'm going to place my feet a little bit forward underneath my hips. He alls Nice, whatever those are, and then reach the arms up to the ceiling. And we're just going to open the chest. Breathing in, do a little snow, Angel upward, some stretching for the place that I'm going, so I know where that's at. A little snow angel downward. And then reaching all the way back and up to center. So we're going to inhale, exhale, filter down through the center. Inhale, reach, exhale side. And again [inaudible] one more. Just keep breathing with each movement. Inhale and exhale, reach up. And then take the hands behind the head. We're going to break in the hips and come all the way down.

Just getting that hanging moment, that semi-circle lifting the head forward. And then from here we're going to reach back, bring yourselves up to a seated position and get ready for a little tricep dip. So one of the things that I find the most challenging about very basic tricep dips is getting out of my shoulders. So we're just going to work on unlocking and then engaging the triceps, unlucky, the elbows. So you're going to come forward just to hover, kind of like the movements that we might do in the chair. Similar exercise. So if I push down through the heel and my hands engage to the back of the triceps, I've got that going. I drop my shoulders down.

Now I'm just going to unlock and I'm going to slowly take the elevator down nice and easy. And from here I'm going to push into my feet to help myself get back up. Now this has been kind of a nemesis move from me having had a baby two years ago, but still having to carry him. My triceps tend to be really tight as do my traps. So we're going to do four more here. I just want to wake them up [inaudible] I'm trying to keep that upright posture and everything ha carrying a level of kind of floating engagement. Let's do one more for good luck.

Press good or to come back at the edge. Rolling all the way down. And now it seems like a really wonderful time for a little abdominal series, especially since the Matt's here. So let's challenge ourselves to press the hip into a little more extension today and feel that hip opening. So if you have the flexibility, really go for it. Elbows wide, side to side, breathe in and out. [inaudible] I like that feeling of my hamstrings engaging to bring the leg down, my hip flexor.

Engaging to bring the knee in two and one and when you were happy pants like these abdominal series doesn't seem so bad. Let's go double like stretch, reaching and pausing, pulling it back in. Two more in the last, extending up, pressing down. Let's curl up a little higher switch [inaudible] always during the, hold that up or contraction for as long as we can without Bob Bobbing back and forth at the upper body. The last one, let's bring it up in an ideal word. We're all there with lower the heels below the mat, but I'm going to be nice to myself. Just work to the diagonal. Breathing in [inaudible] [inaudible] bending and finishing up in that crisscross. Twisting to the right, twisting to the left. [inaudible] we're trying to roll through the ribs as much as I can. [inaudible] one more each side.

[inaudible] and I'm going to pull all the way down. Take a breath, hug the knees into your chest, then let's rock ourselves up to seat it and we're going to swivel around and take some of our side leg kicks off the side of the Mat. So I like this and we'll see it from the other side a little more clearly because so many times in that side leg series, we tend to just hang into the shoulders and so many of us have that problem just continually reminding you. So we're going to create a bond with the floor and our hand pushing down into it. Not to lock out the elbow again, but to find the tricep feeling that are the side bodies almost resting on the shelf of the Scapula. And then I'll bring my legs forward slightly. And then I want to feel the opposition of this elbow really lifting the weight of my body up away from the Mat. So I've got a really stable starting base. I'm just going to lift up for Alexis and kick it forward.

[inaudible] I like two little kicks to get warmed up and there's a little bit of toggling back and forth in that shoulder. Of course, I want to go forward and back with my torso, but I'm not gonna let myself do two more in the last one and reach. Now I love as quad stretch, so we're going to take that stretch. We're gonna pull the heel in and I'm just going to bend my arm a little bit. Get into kind of like a Martha Graham, I don't know, fancy Unicorn position right here. You'd find this stretch, extend come up, we'll switch to the other side. And on this side you can see a little bit more in the Scapula of what happens when we are not stable. So oftentimes the shoulder can glide here. We want it to be right onto the back. Long neck lifted up.

Here we go. Kicking forward [inaudible] it's always a struggle to figure out if I'm locking that elbow or really working from my upper body. Upper back stabilization too. [inaudible] and one [inaudible] reaching back. Take that quad stretch, reaching over little bend, a little rotation in the upper back, we'd come back to center. Then from here we're going to be really careful about the way we maneuver before we go over to the push through bar, but let's work to the end so that again, the end of the mat is just at the scapula. We're gonna let ourselves come to extension, always being careful, and it just feels nice. So let's let the arms go for a moment.

One of those a swan dive moments. We'll take the hands back to the head. You're going to draw the chin into the throat. You gonna send the ribs down and exhale to come up. Just want to come up to that upper contraction as much as I can handle. I'm going to prep myself for teaser cause it's coming in the sink.

No movement through the hips. I'm gonna lift that right leg up to 30 degrees, no higher and lower down and trying to stay into the area of my sole as not working up into my quad. So much. [inaudible] strong coordination of midline. One more here. We're going to lower and then extend back like over the long box. Take another breath in, sync the pelvis, sing the ribs coming up this time. Let's start left. Inhale and exhale.

[inaudible] tell when I get deeper, the breadth gets heavier and when more [inaudible] and one more to extend back. [inaudible] letting your spine just be pulled from end to end. Let's see if a roll up is possible from this point. So we're curling, reaching the arms forward. Give myself a break. Oh, she's got it. Good. And then we're going to curl and come all the way up. So I've been exploring ways to really give feedback to hip flection and especially in a lot of the cat and cow since they tend to be some of my favorites.

So one of the things that came up was I saw this bar and I thought that would be really great feedback for the hips. So I've developed a series called floating cat. And what we're going to do is come forward until the bar is just right at your hip folds and then you're going to bring yourself forward. So the heel of your hands are at the edge of the Mat and right away this just to kind of tells you where you're hanging out. And I want to do a few hip extension exercises and also we'll do some flection.

So we're going to start with the legs together and to find our neutral spine, we're going to curl the pubic bone. Now there's this just very strong feedback of where that bar is and it's like you're trying to hook your pubic bone right underneath and around it and following that with the rest of the back off. And then we're going to roll the front of the hipbones hay SAS towards the bar and extend and reach forward. And the position of this particular mat is a little bit more like a plush than a plank. So it's a little bit more stress on the shoulders, but you can always put a reformer box in front or use a tower mat that extends beyond the uprights. So we'll round up and reach through right away. I'm trying to just work with the idea that my pelvis is floating in space, but that it has an opportunity to kind of choose to be strong and have a force that works at the bar in one direction or the other.

So let's come back to center. Now the pelvis is neutral and the bars directly on top of each hip and we're going to go ahead and unweight the right leg and extend it back. Big Toe nail touches the ground. So many of us will start rotating as we lift that leg, but we're not going to do that. Let me keep the hips connected to the bar. We're going to breathe in, lift it up and lower down lot of management here, but the, the objective is pretty clear.

So as I keep going through this exercise, I can always check in with where that right leg, right hip is connected to. Also trying to feel a connection from the front of my rib cage to the back of my rib cage and a nice wide back pushing down through the hands. Let's do one more to hold. Now if you get really fancy, you can reach that left arm out and find your balance and it's amazing and we'll bring it back down. Hopefully I can manage that on the other side. Let's round up release, take some of the weight out of your hands as you come into the contraction and then extend and reach forward and come back to neutral. Here we go. Shifting the way, extending the left like big toenail on the mat.

I'm working parallel here so it can really try to access my glutes as much as possible and lower breathing in and lower. Some of us tend to be stronger in our hamstrings than our glutes. It's not a horrible problem to have. At least there's strength there. We want to try to manage it nicely so that we have a code contraction or teamwork going on in the back line and that's kind of my plight these days, so that's why we're doing a lot of good work. We've got one more. We're going to lift it up. We stabilize, keep that bar still we and we reached out.

Find that two point balance and bring it on down. We'll take a rounding of the spine. Now we're going to start to float that cat, so tuck the toes under, walk them in Nice and deep and we can actually take the legs just to maybe a fist with the part. And we've got our flection coming in ribcage coming up. So we're going to let the bar influence the lift of the hips on the exhale. Breathing in and exhale to lift those knees off. So this is your knee stretch series. We're just going to hold for three breaths.

[inaudible] one more. Lift up through the back and then lower all the way down. Untuck the toes come into extension and round again. We'll tuck the toes up. Then from here we're going to lift the knees off, but come into an up stretch. So we hovered the knees on the exhale. Now continue to let that bar lift you up. And this is just a moment where we can take some of the tension out of the shoulders.

We're going to lower the heels down and feel the belly lift away from the bar. Lift the tailbone, lift the sits bones, lift the heel, and fold the torso into the bar to deepen the hip fold. Inhale, lower. Exhale, lift. [inaudible]. Inhale lower. I'm working.

My hips fucks are so much that I could almost thing almost. Take my hands off the mat. [inaudible] one more. No. From here, coming down into the Hubbard wrap, there's a good amount of pressure you can put into that bar to really round your spine. Coming down. Untucking the toes extend all the way up. So let's put it all together. We're rounding on a breath.

[inaudible] tucking the toes, lift the knees off and then extend. Lower the heels, lift up, press your thighs. Forward. Round. Makes it a lot easier to come down. And then lower untuck and extend one more time and round. [inaudible] curling under and lifting up.

Lower and up. Curl under, fine the float of the cat. Find that moment curling deeper and deepen and then reach and extend all the way back. And if nothing else, just feels pretty yummy. So we're going to contract back, taking the hands onto the bar to be safe. And we're going to bring the bar right up underneath your chest and in fact, and if you can bring it up even higher, right under your armpits, that works to take an internal rotation of the arms. This is a nice moment to kind of curl in and feel that last stretch and work on that lateral hip shift again.

So I'm going to bring my right arm over to my left and I'm going to shift the hips over to the rife and I'm going to just cue the bar to remind me to keep my shoulder blades from gliding up and take a breath into the right side of my back and come back through center and to the other side and shift and just constantly mobilizing, engaging, working the areas and kind of prepping them for what's coming next, which is a thigh stretch. So we're going to come back out of the push through bar and holding here. I'm going to lay back. So nice stretch to start with, but I want to increase it because let's say this is, this would be a precursor if I was going to work into a hinder a thigh stretch. So I'm going to do a half row. I'm going to pull myself up a little bit in a curl under that posterior till getting into my glutes. Then I'm going to lower myself down as much as I can.

So I'm inhaling a little curl, reaching the knees away, lowering back, trying to pull the belly to pull the front of the thighs. Two more time. Okay, in curl one more and curling here and that feels pretty good. So now I'm going to hold that shape and row it up. Resisting the urge to push my, my upper body, my chest in front of my hips. [inaudible] and using that breath to open the front and engage the back.

[inaudible] [inaudible] one more from here. Come back to a seated position. Then we'll come around to the front. Alright, little bit of Mermaid, a little mermaid. We're going to take the hand on the bar and lift the arm up and reach over. So I've been playing also with some pulses of the limbs as opposed to of the shapes. So if we stabilize the shape and then reach over with that top arm. So we're just kind of adding the movement to stretch the skin on the right side and we'll do four, three, two, one, come all the way up to the center.

We're going to pull the bar through and switch the grip underhand to press a little more difficult, a little more risk management lifting up to go over and I'm wrapping that shoulder down and pulsing the arm again. [inaudible] come all the way up to stack from here. I'm going to take that hand and I'm going to put it in my opposite back pocket and we're going to go into a little bit of neck stretching. So pressing the bar out, we're taking the left ear to the left shoulder and reaching the right hand behind us. Get a nice tug on the upper trap and we're going to rotate the head downward.

Draw that Chin to the trust a bit, rotate it back to the side and then rotate the head upward and back to the side and then reach it all the way out and come all the way up. And then we'll do one more series to flow. So we're pressing up to go over, we're going to round the upper body forward over that left thigh stretch. I'm going to bring it back to the side bend and then open on the diagonal looking way back and then come back to the side bend and come all the way back up. We'll do that one more time. Shoulder down. Sometimes it's like herding cats to get your shoulders in the right place.

All the rest of those pieces reaching back to the side and then up and back to center with control. All right, let's switch around to the other side. Sweep it around. I'm going to uncross and re cross the legs just for some balance and press the bar down. So working again, that scapular stability, reaching up and over little pulses of the arm. Reach to just trying to get some response down the line of the back [inaudible] like ups and press and take it under and woo. That one's harder for me. Lifting up to go over [inaudible] falsely.

Okay. Coming up and this time it reaching it back behind into my back pocket, keeping that arm extended and I'll bring the ear to the shoulder. So really finding the oppositional pull between that left shoulder, left ear, then rotating, dropping the chin down slightly and then rotating. I'm looking up just getting a little mobility. One more time down, one more time up, bringing it back to center. Reaching long and coming all the way up. Come through.

We'll switch the grip one more time and just flowing, reaching through, breathing in and out, rotating the body forward, getting that in. Nice open side of the back to the side, the back, stretching and to the side and let's come up and we'll do the whole thing. One more time. Progressing down the shoulders. Tired. You're in. Rotate, pulling to the side and reaching up and back. I'm stretching to the side and then we come all the way up and we release. So from here I'm going to go ahead and take the spring off.

We're going to work the teaser without a spring today, which can be a challenge. It will be a challenge in and of itself. But what I do like about working without this spring is that we can start to feel where we're being helped and where we need the help and also how we can help ourselves. So let's take it down to the mat. I think we're in a good position with the bar over the chest, just a little bit of pro and retraction to define the weight of the bar. So it as we inhale, the chest gets heavy, the shoulder blades get light, and as we exhale, pulling down and back, we'll do a couple more of those.

Breathing in. This is just a moment to really imprint your entire body into the mat as much as you can, finding weight, because we can use that weight as leverage when we start to roll up. So we're going to press them down to stay. And we've now got this nice frame. Let's take a breath in. I'm going to drop the Chin in through the in towards the throat. As we exhale, we'll find that upper contraction and then I'm going to peel it up to the top.

Now at the top I want to feel like I could toss that bar away. I'm not going to, and then from here I'm going to keep it floating in the air. As I start to roll back the bar floats, the belly pulls, the bar floats, the belly pulls. I can't believe I'm talking as I'm doing this and we're rolling down and we'll take a nice wide stretch to reach over a couple of elevation and I wish there was a different name for depression of the Scapula. Just feel so ominous. So two more says the girl wearing unicorn pants. Last one and pull down.

Then the Elvis. Here we go again. Set the frame, pull the head through the frame. Coming up to the top. This time we're going to come all the way up. I'm right on the sits bones, but I'm not extending them. Gutting the belly nice and deep. And I'm gonna lift that right leg from the psoas into the thigh and lower it down. I've got this outlook of hope. I'm looking up, so I'm staying up rather than looking down and staying down, I know what's coming. One more. Find One more inch of length through your spine and start to contract all the way down. Bending the elbows to press through. All right, let's go for it. We're going to go through the canoe to the teaser, to the canoe, to the teaser. Lots of fun. Here we go. Finding the canoe, lifting to the teaser, rolling back down to the canoe. Pause, head and heel. Can she do it?

Almost touches the demand at the same time. Let's go again. [inaudible] [inaudible] okay, I'd love to do one more, but there's more coming so I'm not going to do this next one. So this next exercise is my absolute favorite on the Cadillac, and I'm, it's called advanced teaser. It's done with a rollover and I'm not gonna do it with the spring, which is, you know, don't try this at home. Don't try it at home. Do a spring if you like your regular push your spring. So bar over chest.

We're set here. We're going to hover the legs off just like we did before in those small hovers. We've been prepping for this. You're going to sink the belly, think low, one hundreds position lift, [inaudible] turnout. We're going to circle the legs around as we press the bar through. Now the point the hint is to press up into the bar for leverage as we roll over and take our legs to the outside of the bar. From here, we'll flex point still trying to make my shoulders as wide as possible. You can try to pull out on the bar or push into it for a little more help here, and then we're gonna roll down through the spine and start to press the bar through. Once the tailbone touches, scoop around, curl canoe, two teaser. Whew. And then we'll roll down, hover the legs, turn them out, circle them around to parallel.

Press up into the bar, scoop your pelvis up and hold and flex. Okay. Trying to get as much length out of this rollover in my spine as possible so I don't drop into it. And then we'll roll down. Once again, bone by bone. As the tailbone touches the legs, circle the arms, press through canoe, two teasers, smile and rolling down. One more time. Turnout, circle the arms, press the bird through. Roll up [inaudible] hug it and flex. [inaudible] trying to lift up one more inch. There we go. And then we rolled down circle, press, canoe and fight for it all the way up.

And then we'll roll down the spine, bending and placing. And simply from here you can go right into leg springs. We'll take these guys finger through, place them on. And I like to make sure that my arms are extended, but I'm not working. Hyper extended. I want to place the heel of my hand onto the bar and reach through so that the pressure through the hand, it's not landing in my shoulders, but rather it's landing all the way down to the weight of my tailbone. And in doing that should feel some connection to my, my core.

So I'm in parallel. I'm going to do a few lowers and lifts will reach down once I get down here to the low diagonal. For me, it's all about maintaining the stretch of the coil. So in an ideal situation, as I lift the legs up, I would keep the same amount of stretch. It's a spring. We know it's going to recoil, but it means that I'm working resistance through my feet into the straps, never letting the straps take over, but always keeping consistent pressure between the two. And because we've done a lot of backline warm up, we should be nice and warm to press.

From the the right place on the back of the leg, allowing the hips to open. We're going to do one more to lower. So today we're going to do a little fun walking pattern. The first part of it is to lower your right leg below your left leg as far as you can without moving the left leg. And then you bring it back up to the top. Then we switch, we lower and we lift, and then we'll do that again.

Down and up and down and up. Next part, right leg goes higher and lower. It's more work on the stable leg to freeze in space than it is on the mobile leg. And last one left. Okay, so let's do one of each. Right leg goes down and center. Left leg goes down and center, right leg goes up and center. Left leg goes up and center. Let's reverse.

Left leg starts down and center right leg starts down and center. Left leg goes up and center right leg goes up. This is one of those ones. If you think too much, you're going to get into a messy situation. So let's go slow and then we'll add the breath to go to get into the full pattern. So we're going to go right and center, left and center up and center up and center. Left down and center right and center.

Left up and center right up once again. Right down center, left down center, right up, left up, left down, down and center. Right and center. Left up and right. So that was fabulous. Now we're going to walk it so we go right, goes down, left. Goes down. Right. Center. Left Center, right high, left high, right center. Left Center. Then the whole thing starts to the left. Left. Then right left. Then right left then right left then right. We're going to try to breathe it all together. Try to stay with me. Right down.

Left down. Center. Right up. Right Center. Left down. Center. Left up. Left Center. Right down center. Bye.

Right. I left down little faster. Right and left. Right, left, left, right, left, right. One more time, right. Wow. Last one. Turned out. Froggin and then let's press out an exhale. N Cross out and last one. Yeah, you can just release. Take your feet out of the straps.

We're going to bring the legs into a diamond. Let the straps go. Rolling up to the top of our seated position. Taking the hands back. Let's get some extension up in this body. Reaching forward chest on the ceiling again, that semi-circle drooping down to the mat three times. We're getting a little outside stretch.

You've got enough support on all four limbs that this isn't too stressful for my ankles. Last one, reach. Okay, so we're going to come to standing now and we're going to see if we can put all of our work together with a little bit of scapular engagement. So I walk pretty far back. I want a good amount of stretch on these springs and while they are light, they still, I still want them to be able to support me. So we're going to bring the legs together and reach the arms forward and allow the coils to pull your arm bones forward, all of them and the scapula forward and just feel what that stretch is like.

So to begin, we're going to draw the shoulder blades together on one and I want a nice strong squeeze back there on two. We're going to pull it into a row. On three we're going to reach the arms forward and then on four we go back into that protraction, finding the stretch. So we're breathing in and exhale, inhale and exhale. And it feels like the springs might pull me forward a little. So I'm working my oppositional energy to find that really nice oppositional pole so I don't fly. So now we're going to pull those shoulders back and as we pull the arms, we're going to come into a sit there.

He much like the one we did at the beginning, so I'm trying to sit my hips behind my heels. It's a little precarious. We're going to stand up keeping the row, reaching the arms forward and going right into the protection so we have retraction row and sit hopefully to that 90 hopefully without losing it. Pressing and reach. And again, no, I have a tendency to want to press my knees really far forward over my toes, which is not wrong, it's just not what I want for this particular exercise. Let me see if I can lean back a little bit more. Hopefully not biting it in the process in reach, and we'll do one more and coming all the way down.

Let's see if we can come all the way down a seated position, extending the legs and just allowing herself to roll all the way in and release. Okay, let's do one more thing. Which the with the push through bar, which is the push through, we're not going to spring in. We're still gonna keep it nice and safe. Remember if you're not working with the spring to remember that you're not working with the spring, so from here it's reach up. Feel the space that we've created in the spine, just pressing forward through the chest and we'll take a long contraction back.

Reaching as far back as we can to press the bar through and reaching back and then lengthening up. [inaudible] moving from the hips to just clear everything out and rolling back and finding the length in the spine. This time I'm going to roll back and I am going to slide in underneath and we'll press the hips up into our pelvic press. Just finding that connection rolling down to your chest through ribs and through pelvis, keeping a little bit of a pelvic tilt so we can press back through the series, reaching to the hinge to roll back to slide in to roll up. Finding the openness in the front of the body, connection on the back to roll down.

Just like feeling that that ripple as possible, like the wave I'm watching right now. Rolling in. So the last one, we're going to come from here. We're going to press up, find your standing position, grow yourself up, hopefully safely, please safely and come back down. And we're going to just finish like we started with a stroking breath and that just means a number of strokes in, in one out. And this is an eight stroke breath and, and one big one out. Hopefully through that heart pumping, no movement, we have more ability to take an oxygen. Here we go. [inaudible] no, I, these days just always end my practice with great deal of gratitude for this [inaudible] body and what she does for me every day.

Hopefully you feel the same about yours.


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I like it! Congratulations Jenna
Jenna Zaffino
Thank you Karla!!
i just loved this. I watched it once then did through. I found your teaser cues really helpful, and I loved the beginning work at the edge. Thank you. I'm going to put this into my regular rotation.
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Floating cat....awesome for correcting pelvic twist
Thank you Jenna for this great Class, I enjoyed doing it :)
Omg! I can't wait until a little bit postpartum (i am due tomorrow) to dive into this class and use some of your ideas with my clients. Love love love!
Jenna Zaffino
Thank you everyone!! After filming this, I worried how the workout would be received as I aimed to step out of my comfort zone and get creative. Thank you for your warm reception. I'm enjoying reading all of your comments! Xoxo
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Thanks, Jenna, love the presentation of your ideas!
Loved your new ways !!

Can't wait to try .
Excellent ... Thanks..I loved
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