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Tower Workout

40 min - Class


You will use all parts of the Tower in this creative workout by Jenna Zaffino. She uses minimal spring and equipment changes so you can flow through the class with ease. She includes innovative variations to challenge your balance and coordination like Floating Cat, Teaser without Springs, Walking, and more.
What You'll Need: Tower

About This Video


Hi everybody. I'm Jen is a fino. I'm going to take you through a tower workout today and I like to run the gauntlet of the tower and the Cadillac. I don't like to change a lot of springs. I don't like...


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I like it! Congratulations Jenna
Thank you Karla!!
i just loved this. I watched it once then did through. I found your teaser cues really helpful, and I loved the beginning work at the edge. Thank you. I'm going to put this into my regular rotation.
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Floating cat....awesome for correcting pelvic twist
Thank you Jenna for this great Class, I enjoyed doing it :)
Omg! I can't wait until a little bit postpartum (i am due tomorrow) to dive into this class and use some of your ideas with my clients. Love love love!
Thank you everyone!! After filming this, I worried how the workout would be received as I aimed to step out of my comfort zone and get creative. Thank you for your warm reception. I'm enjoying reading all of your comments! Xoxo
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Thanks, Jenna, love the presentation of your ideas!
Loved your new ways !!

Can't wait to try .
Excellent ... Thanks..I loved
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