Class #2790

Reformer Workout

55 min - Class


Flow through an advanced workout in this Reformer class with Carrie Macy. She uses clear cues and transitions to keep the pace throughout the entire class. She includes many challenging exercises like Grasshopper, Star, and much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole

About This Video


All right, hello, everybody. I am Carrie Macy Samper. And I have with me today my dear friend Leslie Logan and Sue Spinelli. And they are going to be doing an Advanced Reformer. Here we go. Go a...


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Love this workout, great to see Lesley and Sue looking so amazing, loving the order and teaching CarriešŸ‘šŸ‘ā¤ļø
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Thank you, Jayne! Lesley and Sue were excellent bodies for this video, I agree!
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Fantastic sequencing and flow! I feel the length and the strength. Thank you
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I enjoyed watching their movement . Great instruction and flow . Thank you!
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Lots of great cueing - I found helpful Thank you
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love the pace of this advanced reformer workout.
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Well done. Nice pace. Clear Cues. Enjoyed! Thanks.
I just loved it as all of your classes Carrie. Your cueing is just incredibly clear and helps me feeling the correct work. Wish there were more of your classes on PA.
Great class. Thank you :)
Very nice queuing. Carrie reminds me of a young, fit version of Laura Linney!

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