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Mat Workout

60 min - Class


You will work on building bone density in this Mat workout with Sherri Betz. She starts with an aerobic workout, similar to the movements that Joseph Pilates did at Jacob's Pillow. She then moves onto the traditional repertoire, making sure to add dynamic weight bearing, squatting, and balance to improve your bones.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Strap, Braided Towel, Pilates Pole, Theraband

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Hi, I'm Sherri Betz, and I'm a physical therapist and PMA certified Pilates teacher. And I'm also a specialist in treating osteoporosis and using Pilates to help people with osteoporosis. I used to te...


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Thank you so much for all the knowledge you shared! I learned a lot from this class and enjoyed it very much. Thank you!
Sorry, Ash, that was my fault I am sure! Usually when teaching aerobic activity we have loud music to cover that up! The mike may have been a little too close to my mouth as well...
Thank you for the positive feedback, Gina! Glad you enjoyed the class!
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Thank you for the variety of exercises and instruction.
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Thank you for the excellent cues
Thanks Sherri for sharing your knowledge with us. That was fantastic. It was clear you put so much effort into the class and really want to try and help others. For me the sound quality was crisp and really clear. Loved it! :)
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Great Class x enjoyed some new nuances in familiar exercises
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The hundred with pillow under the head and the strap as feedback in the curve of the back was marvelous. No strain in the neck and all the focus in the abdominals. I didn't feel like I was "cheating"...I felt like I was "achieving."
Thank you Joni, that is such wonderful feedback that every teacher is happy to hear! Glad you enjoyed the class!
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Thank you, Sherri! Very. instructive class! There is no noise from the mike, everything is perfect!
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