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Bone Health

Modifications for Osteoporosis

This playlist offers safe modifications for osteoporosis that can be used in Mat classes.


Betty C
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Sherri Betz' videos have been extremely helpful to me regarding how to protect and build my bones. I wish every woman over 60 could know the things she teaches.
Sherri Betz
Thank you for the positive feedback Betty! I, too, want every woman to know this information! Best of luck in your bone building program!
I think this information is SO valuable! Thank you Sherri!
Sherri Betz
Thank you for providing the platform Kristi!
My students with osteoporosis thank you Sherri!!!
Rebecca Belsanti
I'm teaching more clients with osteopenia and osteoporosis.  Videos like these are extremely helpful!  Thank, Sherri!

Laura G
Returning as a beginner now with osteoporosis. Where should I begin?
I would look at the classes labelled "Osteoporosis safe" (you can search for these using the search icon), and look for slower paced classes. Also review the videos about modifications and contraindications for osteoporosis so that if you watch a beginner class that is not specifically for people with osteoporosis, you can omit those exercises that are counter-productive. Feel free to send more questions about class recommendations to and I will try to help. 

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