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Mat Workout

30 min - Class


Prepare your body for the rest of your day with this Mat workout by Jonathan Oldham. He teaches us his take on the stability and mobility model of the joints. He invites you to listen to your body as he shares his "hygiene Mat program" which will help you develop stability in the spine and pelvis while improving mobility in the hips and thorax.
What You'll Need: Mat


Hello everybody. I'm Jonathan Oldham. Here at Pilates Anytime to share my take on the stability, mobility model of the joints of the body. Each joint of the body has different characte...

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Really needed this today, funny as wanted to do some mobility and stability work so this was perfect thanks Jonathan really next sequence and will be doing this again
Wonderful class!
My hips feel
Amazing. Thank you very much.
Teresa Soto
I really needed this today! Great exercise! Thank you
Hey, Jonathan, - this makes my hips and ribs feel great! Percussive breathing feels silly in the beginning when you are not used to it, but it is such a good way to have the breath in focus all the time. AND it adds the rhythm that also brings out the dancer in me! You have inspired me to have a more dynamic day! Thank you, that was fun!
I love this class.Thank you!
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Would like more no flexion workouts for the population I teach who are yet so demanding and like to feel they work hard at each class. Will add this into my theme of hips over the next few weeks
Wonderful 30 min class. . . Thank you
what a great teacher you are, Jonathan. Recovering from illness and needed something gentle, but not easy!
I loved this class Jonathan and I was surprised when I pressed down on my head to feel my body give in my lumbar/sacral area. I loved some of the other nuances to familiar exercises - will go and check out your other classes x thank you
Some lovely ideas for those stiff thoracic spines. Thank you.
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