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Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


Work on connecting to your equipment in this Reformer workout with Lesley Logan. She makes changes to the typical spring choices so you can work with the springs rather than fight them. It's a great way to work with what you have and to see where you may be compensating.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole

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I'm Leslie Logan, and today we have a reformer workout for you with Chanda and Gia. So let's get started Hop on. We will start with foot work toes on your regular foot work springs. So three or four s...


Thanks Lesley - I enjoyed the flow and variations on the springs!
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I am so excited about this class, because it will help guide me while I use my equipment at home. Thank you, Lesley!
Lucie, thank you for taking class! I am happy to hear you enjoyed playing with the spring variations. xx~LL
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Lisa, love that you are going to try this at home! Have fun with it and can't wait to hear how it goes. xx~LL
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Lesley terrific class thanks a bunch. Especially enjoyed the pace - controlled yet SO effective .
Paula, thank you a bunch! xx~LL
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I loved the workout! All of the cues and spring adjustments truly helped connect me deeper to my reformer. Also I the one leg standing tendon stretch prep you did was brilliant! That really helped me find the glutes in the exercise. I will definitely keep practicing this to help with that tough exercise. Thanks for sharing your expertise. I hope to see more videos from you
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Well done! Thank you Lesley-that was great, loved the cuing and looking forward to seeing more classes from you
Joel and Patti, thank you for your compliments and feedback! I can't wait to bring you more. Yay for the one leg Tendon stretch! It's my favorite tool...ok well maybe one of my favorite tools to use. xx~LL
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Great class Lesley! Loved your cues. So connecting!
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