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Mat Workout

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Prepare a young dancer for class in this Mat workout with Monica Wilson. She teaches her ten year old daughter who is an aspiring ballerina. She works on laying down a strong foundation so she can be stronger and more balanced in her dance classes.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi today I have my 10 year old daughter. I have three kids and this is my middle child Stella. And she is an aspiring ballerina and it is about time that we start working with her. I teacher occasiona...


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Stella is so cute! :)
Gun and easy but the focus should be more on the audiance. Plus, I don't have a ampty room where I can run back and forth to do a jump
Thank you for your input! I'm getting ready to film a second class tomorrow with Estela and welcome any feedback:) Monica
I enjoyed this very much. I found some uneveness in my bodyd going at this pace that I might not notice if I was moving faster ! Your daughter is a star! I could not run across the room but I did jump to touch the ceiling and then the floor...not easy for me!
Thanks M ..
Loved loved this! And your daughter is simply gorgeous!
I love how you engage when you teach! I have an almost 10 year old daughter and think she will LOVE this! Thank you!
Hope she enjoys it too! Monica:)
lovely class and i enjoy so much!
This was so much fun to watch. Monica Wilson you are so creative - and your daughter is talented and beautiful!
Thank you so much @Monica Wilson for doing a Pilates for kids video! I hope to see many more.
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