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Strengthening the Powerhouse

40 min - Class


Work on strengthening the powerhouse in a young dancer with this Reformer workout by Monica Wilson. She is back with her daughter, Estela, working on using the legs less and initiating movements from her center. She uses creative cues and imagery to bring the movements to life so she can have fun in the class.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Moon Box, Wall, Hand Weights, Pilates Pole

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All right. Today I am here with my daughter again and we are going to be working on strengthening her this time. Well, not that we weren't last time. We had a lot of fun on the Mat and a lot of leaps and bounds, which is super important to help prepare her for her ballet class, but today I wanted to help her. I noticed on the first class that she had a hard time keeping her bottom down and using her stomach more than her leg muscles, so the reformer, if we use it with lighter springs and using pillows wherever needed to make them more comfortable, then that'll make the experience better. Definitely still keep it fun, super creative, use as many images as you can and just make it come alive because that's what makes it really wonderful. Also, I noticed I maybe would have went a little too long on her first session and they can't stay focused for that long of a time, so 20 to 30 minutes Max. Really 20 minutes is a good goal, so I'm going to reduce the reps and the spring tension when I'm working with Astella today. All right, so I have a [inaudible] reformer and I'm going to be working on two springs.

They're of equal, a tension and a starter off with the footwork, which is not a ballet first. It's a little smaller than a ballet. First, I want you to feel every ball, the ball of every toe on the bar, and this is her first time with me on the reformer. I'm going to say me because apparently she's been sneaking onto my reformer at home. So you're going to, it's going to be like a skateboard that slides back and forth and the springs hold it in. If you have all the springs on all four, it's really hard for the skateboard to go out, but if you only have one spring on, it might fly out from underneath you. Okay? All right. So what we're going to work on is strengthening your left side, and the reformer is amazing because it perfectly frames your body. So it'll tell you just by working square, you're going to strengthen whatever, whatever side needs to be strengthened, whatever sides, weaker.

I'm going to have you slide just a little bit. Aha. Good. And now your center, we're going to draw your box. Do you remember that from last time? And do you remember sneaky snake? Okay, so exactly. We're not going to have a tunnel underneath our lower back. We're going to pull our belly in so that there's no tunnel. That sneaky snake can go under and you're not gonna use your knee.

This is the hard part. We're not gonna just straighten and bend our knee joint. We're going to use our bottom. We're going to strengthen our bottom today. Okay, so pull in to get rid of sneaky snake and try to use your bottom to straighten your legs. I'm going to be looking ahead. I'm going to be, you can go faster than a mil is live. Yeah, no snails pays here. Just go out all the way. Good. Very good. That's okay. You're going to use your legs too. They have to work [inaudible] and then come back in. Good for you.

I'm watching. Try to keep your bottom on the mat. Thank you. Keep your bottom. Their heels together. Good. You don't have to go all the way out, but you have to keep your bottom down. There you go. I'm watching the alignment of her knee and her ankle and heel. Good. All right. Now stay here and let's have a little more fun with this.

Have you ever stepped in gum and you lift up your shoe and it's like the stretchy gum or eating a piece of pizza and the Mozzarella cheese is really stretchy. It's what your body should feel like. Okay, so just stretch it out. Okay. Pull your belly in and storage it out like cheese and come back in. Good. Two more like that. Stretch it out like cheese and come in. Perfect. One more time. Stretch it out. Pulling your belly in. Good for you. And in, now we're going to go up to the arch of the foot and do five more.

So instead of 10 like an adult would, we're going to do five. Good ant squeeze. Okay. And come back in. Now if I took a picture of your hips, there would be like, oh, I'm going only on using that one. So we're gonna, I'm gonna hold them straight and stretch that gum. Ooh. And in keeping your bottom down and stretch the gum. That was so good. I love it.

And then you kept your bottom down and do two more pulling in. And the last one, imagining a really cheesy pizza slice, pulling in [inaudible] and up to the heel of your foot case. So we're gonna warm up all parts of our foot and then you're going to pull the whole foot back. Good. Great. Little higher. There we go. Uh Huh. Keeping your box square. Don't hold your breath or tighten so much. Just think about squeezing down, squishy snake and stretch out like gum on a shoe and come back in.

I love it. Perfect. And pulling in good and good. So we're keeping the same spring tension. I'm just watching her alignment. How does it feel? One more big cheesy pizza. All right.

Now we're going to do what we call tendon stretch. And that's going to stretch the back of your thought a calf. So we're going to go down not quite a Polanyi stance. This uh, time, which is even smaller than a ballet first. Just a two inch piece of pizza like that one inch piece of pizza. Perfect. Oh good. But guess what? You're going to stretch stretches.

Stretch that piece of pizza and stay. Can you look, push your heels under this bar? Yes. All the way under stretch and see if you can bring your, use your bottom to go that way with your heels. So pull your heels back up. Good and down. I want you to picture your bottom and I want your cheeks to smile when your heels come up. No frowning bottoms. Okay. Yeah. There you go. Stretch and squeeze into a smile.

Especially your left leg. Cause that knee likes to roll in and I want it to stay there. Excellent. Stretch. One more time. Better and smiling. Bottom. Come back in. Nope. We're going to come back in with your heels up. Super important.

So lift from here and now just bend your knees, leaving your bottom down. Good for you. How do you feel? Are you exhausted already? Yeah, we're done. My head, Shari. I used to come in and only do the footwork and then she was gone. She was dead. Come slide down a little bit from the shoulder pads and I want to see, do you remember an exercise? What we're going to do the hundred next and then we're going to do something similar to single leg circles. So the hundred you're going to, how sneak you think he's Egon. Good.

And don't use your legs right now. See if you can just bring your legs in like this. Okay there. Stay there. And this one. Good. Now use your belly to lift up your head. Pretend you could be a turtle and get your head all the way. Yeah, that's good.

Good, good, good. Now stay there and I want you to pump your really strong, keeping your head up. Good. Scooping in and exhale. Good. You can do this with straps without, yeah, lower your head and keep going. Nice. Dry. Keep getting rid of sneaky snake. Don't move the legs. We're just going to hold them right here. Can you bend them? [inaudible] and exhale. Pulling in in, in, in good big breath, like a loaf of bread rising in the oven. And exhale, you opened up the oven door and it all sunken. Let's see if we just keep your belly like this on that one.

And big with the air and exhale it just deflated completely. On this next deflate, I want you to lift your head up. It's a big nice cupcake. And then, Oh, you opened up the oven door and it died and then you stay there. Good and pump. How does your box look? Does it look square? Good. I'm going to straighten your legs for one more. Can you make your bottom smile?

Ooh, yeah, that's it. Good for you. Perfect. How'd your knees in? So that's one way of using the reformer to help you do better mat work and then get you stronger. So when your mat work is more similar to your ballet work, because you don't have everything to lean up against to make you stronger, you're just on your own and you have to hold your body. So now we're going to do a frog and legs circles. Does that sound fun? So we had earlier hug your knees into your chest.

We on the last time I worked with you, we did single leg circles and what you did was you hugged one knee in and we straightened it and stretched and then we pretended it was a sharp pencil drawing on the cert on the Huh. But you see how your body's like all circling with your leg. So we're going to try to fix that today. So hug this knee into your chest. Can you hold on to him? Okay, so I'm going to stay on my tooth springs and I'm going to add some extensions to my straps. I'm going to come back here so that I don't drop my wooden handles on her forehead and leave a nice imprint.

Safety first. You get to take a little breather there. How's that feel? Good. All right, so now I've added my extensions. If you don't have a grads, maybe you know what the right length is and we're going to play around with this. See if this is gonna be the right length for her. Put your feet in there. [inaudible] good. And put your arms down by your side. Good. So pull in and don't get rid of. Nope. Don't bend your knees.

Just pull your sneaky snake. We're not letting any snakes and through the tunnel. Right. Okay. And we're going to bring down your feet and the straps go between your knees. Very good. All right. Now I'm going to hold the legs together and do you see my hand?

I want you to imagine, can you hit your Bob? Don't move the feet, but just drop your bottom. Yeah. I want you to imagine, I like to imagine this is like a mountain right here. Up to my hand. And you've got this boulder. Do you know boulder is a huge rock and you're going to push that boulder up the mountain. Can you push the boulder up the mountain to my hand? Straightening your legs. Good. Now keep your bottom down. Oh, thank you.

Can you feel its down? Bend the knees, keeping your bottom down. [inaudible] and we're going to push the boulder up the mountain. Pull your belly in and push it up the mountain. Good for you. Bend your knees in. Pull your belly in and picture it. You're pushing that boulder up and bend. Good. And push it out.

Whew. Good. And Bend. What'd you do there with your hips? I'm gonna let go now. Do you know where we're going up the mountain, right? So keep your bottom down and it's going to be a little scary. Good. Use your belly. Very good. Bend in bend and your new it. Just one more time.

I was so good. Cause it's get letting you know what? What do you need to work more? So there's that mountain top. Use your belly. Okay. Stay there and now you have to sharp pencils. Don't work your legs so much, sweetie.

You always want as a dancer to hold your belly tight and move your arms and legs freely. So we're going to do these beautiful circles like this one, two, three, four and five. And we're going to go the other way to loose your legs. Fadam three. Yeah, those are legs. Four. Oh yeah, five. And that's enough. You get the stretch now. So keep your hold on. Yeah. And you pushed me down here. That's lifting up. Can you push? Yes. Don't lift off my hand. You got to keep it down and I'm waiting.

But your bottom down there. Where do you feel the stretch? Excellent. Good. So stretching, stretch, stretch, stretch. Alright, now I'm going to take the straps off. We're all done with them and we're going to do something called stomach massage. Bend your knees, give him a hug. You ready to go sailing?

All right, go ahead and sit up and stand up. Stand off onto the side. There you go. And you always want to really help guide them. I'm going to put down this path. Okay. And we'll see how close or far she needs to sit. I'm just keeping this all on two springs and we're just going to do a few reps here. Okay?

So I want you to sit down right here and face me. So no kneeling down turned towards me and sits like a lady about to have tea. Thank you. Turn towards the front. Yes. And put your feet up here. You can use your hands now you must be centered. Do you look centered? Good correction.

Good toes are in a little Pilati stance. No, down, down, down yet and wide there. Okay. This time we have a three inch slice of pizza. Is that all right? Okay. I would like your feet here and just a little teeny bit over with your bottom towards there. Yep. You want a straight line from your nose? Belly button, heels. Alright, so round your back. How round can you make it? Make all these bones react, especially these.

Okay. So I want you to picture a sailboat and that is your back. It's like the sale of a sailboat. And you know what's the wind is your belly. So your belly blows into the sale and that's what straightened your legs and come back in. Excellent. And help her keep her heels together. Bowlin yeah, and bent. See if you can use your strong belly as the wind more than your legs. Oh, that was wonderful. And one more belly.

Whew. And in good. All right, so now I want you to pull your belly in and sit up as tall as you can. Tall, tall, tall. Like your ballet instructor has come around and she's looking for inspection because you can't get any taller, leaner. And now I want you to effortlessly bring your arms up. I love it. Now can you hold not with the legs. Don't push out just your belly.

Now can you keep your weight up, but let your arms go down. Keep your weight up and then put your arms behind you on the shoulder pads. Don't depend on them and try to go out like that. Very nice. And come in. Now try to bend your elbows just a little cause they're banging the wrong way.

And lift your chest up. Your comes your belly. Yes, that's it. She's coming around and bending. Two more good correction on your elbows and pull in. This one looks good. This one not so much. So and in one more. Come on, lift up your head and chest and in and now say, look mom, no hands. Reach your arms forward to me and do the same thing like that.

Very nice. And come in. Stay up tall. One more. Huh? Did you slide off that pad? And we'll give you a little extra stretch. Okay. So you're going to put your hands here and you're going to go ahead and straighten your legs and try to touch your head to your toes. Straighten your legs straight. Set a good stretch.

Yeah, come on in. Okay, go ahead and step off. And I'm going to grab the short box now. So we're going to do the short box. It's a little different because we're going to put it in front of the shoulder pads and I'm going to grab my bar for her. All right, so we're going to keep working on getting your tummy strong. Okay, so he put it in front of the shoulder pads cause she's smaller. I'm going to put our bar right here and the pad right there.

Always a hands with distance keeping. It's still on two springs. I lower my bar in the center. This a little better. I had a Stella hop on up there with beauty and grace. Very nice. And we're going to put your feet underneath here. Lovely. Good.

And I want you to look down and make sure you're right in the middle. So maybe move a little over. Good. All right. And then slide back just a little bit more her. That's a little too much. Sorry. Okay, good enough. All right. I don't actually want you to put your feet on here.

So we're going to have our feet wide and pulling. This is your safety strap. That's what's going to keep you buckled in to this reformer so that you don't fly away. That sound good? Okay. So I want you to wrap your arms around your waist and when we did our mat work, go ahead and bring your head to your chest. Do you remember you are a party blower. Okay, so we're going to be a party blower again.

So you're going to pull your belly in, Aha, and squeeze off your bottom to make it smile. Good. And let's go ahead and blow out. We're going to roll this part back first. First with here, scoop it in. I'm going to hold you here because you got to get that back and now under my arm to come forward. Oh, I love it. And again, lift off your bottom and pull in. So less still move in here more. Instead, tip your bowl of soup.

Do you remember tipping your bowls to Ou and coming forward? I love it. Okay, so let's like back one inch and do two more. Good. All right. Get your safety strap. He buckled in. Squeeze up off your seat. Head down and roll back to the bowl of soup.

Keep tipping, keep tipping and come forward. Yes. And one more. So we're strengthening her belly and scoop. Good for you. Alright, that party's over. Now it's time to become a painter. Okay. This is your big paint roller and I want you to sit up tall.

So you're going to say you did great. Robble you're back and forth again. Find those bones. Did you find those bones like the sit bones that we talked about last time? Okay, so you have your sit bones. Keep your hip bones. Don't do that. You don't want to tilt up just like that.

And now use your belly to lift up tall and bring the bar up to this ceiling. Good. Now bring it a little in front of you. No, stay where you were. That's perfect. Okay. So what I like is that it's in line with your shoulders. Okay? Right there. Can you hold that? It's like your gunpoint. Okay. So, oh that my little painter. Remember your safety strap.

Sit a little more on this hip. A TV. Nah, Nah, like [inaudible] bulletin. There we go. Good Scoop. Scoop, scoop. Staying up. Alright. I want you to pretend you're going to paint my ceiling. Don't miss any spots. Lift up off your bottom and go back five inches. Go back, back and come forward. Careful not to arch.

You gotta stay straight as a board and pull your belly with you. Take it way up. You just went with the upper body. So we're going to stay here with here and take this with you. Move that. Ah, thank you and come forward. That was a big difference. Again, take this with yes and forward. Keep the safety strap on. Pull open your legs, pull back your toes and pull this against the safety strap. And there we go. Can you do that one more time without me? Okay, that's enough.

And come forward. Much better. Much rest your arms down. Good for you. Slide back a little bit. And now we're going to pretend we're a palm tree in a big tropical storm. So feet, this doesn't change, so don't change it anymore. Okay? Arms up with the bar. Lean a little forward. Pulling your belly in. Not Rounding, just lean. Good. Alright. Ready?

Straight, strong wrists. Pull your belly in and bend to the right and come center. Okay. And Ben to the left. You're a palm tree. Stay forward like that. Arms Up. Okay. You're trying to use your legs again and we're trying to use a reformer so you don't use your legs. There you go. Okay. Come towards me. Huh?

With not just your arms but your body. Lift up. Good. Right there. Reach, reach and center. Pull your belly in and left. Good. And pull your belly in and reached. Great job. One more. Pull your belly in and reach and center. Rest your arms down.

Good for you. Okay. Now some stretching. Stay there. Do you remember me saying the strap wasn't going to change? Okay. Sit Up tall and can you, without changing anything, can you put your like without falling over and using your hands, don't use your hands. Can you slide your right foot up onto the beige mat? Mm. Good. Now put your hands under it.

Okay. And bring this a little fort. And now straighten the leg to your nose. Sting tall. [inaudible] and bend it and straighten it to your nose. Don't put it down and bend it and straighten it to your nose. And now walk up the leg. Hold it up and your hands. Sorry.

We're going to walk up. This is called our tree. You're so good. I kept thinking you know it and took your nose to your knee. Touch your head to your foot. We're just pretending, but we're going to stay here. Okay, got it. And bend the knee. Sit Up tall and grab your toes. Okay.

Yes. Chest up member. Oh and try to straighten your leg with your chest stuff. That's a really good stretch for you. Okay. Lower the leg down. Let's slip it under. In both feet or under this strap. Can you bring the left foot onto the mat? Who? That's good. Put your hands underneath that knee.

Really nice and sit up tall. Good and bend and stretch up to here and bent and stretch up and now walk up that leg and stretch forward onto it. Good stretch. We want to square off those hips. Now bend the knee on. Sit up tall. Grab your toes. Sit up tall and straight in the leg.

Let's try that again. Don't change anything. Stay pretend. If I was looking just at your head and shoulders, I wouldn't know anything was going on when you straighten your leg. I wouldn't know anything was happening. Perfect. Good. Okay, we're done with our box. Go ahead and step off. I'm going to put it all down and we're going to go into elephant while I'm setting up. Would you do me a favor and go on over on that side? Good. And reach to the dope.

Give yourself a little bit of space from the reformer. Go that way a little. Now reach to the ceiling. Good. And now touch your toes. Good. Now put your feet hands flat on the Mat. On the floor flat. Good for you. Give some space between them. Yeah. Good. And can you walk around on all fours or where'd your feet go?

You got to take them with you. [inaudible] good. And go that way. And over here. Keep coming. Coming towards me. Good. And get right back next to the reformer. Come over towards me. You're walking all in. All fours, right? And now stay there and walk your feet between your hands and now roll up until you're tall again. Good. So you just did the elephant.

We're going to do it now on our reformer. Okay. So I'm going to get my box because we need to make sure she has something to push against, not just dead space. So I'm going to put a box here. I'd, it's the box that we use for grots on the sides, but there's also other boxes that you can use. Okay. So you're really gonna stand up on all four on the reformers of give me your hands and we're going to put them on this bar. I'm going to hold the bar so you don't lift it up, but my foot there. And now carefully step up with one foot [inaudible] and step up with the other.

Go ahead and I'm holding the carriage in place so that it doesn't slide away like a skateboard. Now put your feet flat down and open them a little wider, not so wide. Somewhere in between. Great. And I want you to keep your nose between your arms and I want you to keep your nose over this bar so your upper body isn't going to move. Okay? Ooh, I like it. And just try to push the carriage out a little bit. Nope, nothing changes. It's going to come from here with your bottom.

Push out and then come in. I love it. And pull your belly in and come in. And this stays here. We're going to go out and in. I'm barely helping you push out and then I'm want you to pull in. Ah, everything's better with a powerhouse. One more elephant.

Good for you. Kneel down onto the mat and put your feet back against that box. Yes. But have your chose like this is Stella. Good. All right. Open your knees a little wider. Open. Not so wide. Let's see. There we go. This one a little wider. Okay. This eh, can you keep it there? What did I say to do with your toes? Okay, good.

Now you're connecting. It's really important that you also think about what you're doing to, okay, so what should we pretend we are now for our knee stretches. Let's round your back bit in good and say, oh, I know what we're going to pretend we're going to do. You want to go? You love horseback riding, don't you? Have you ever seen the horse races? Okay, so a jockey scoops in open this area. A little more straight arms. Have those rains on there. Yeah, got the reigns. Scoop in and now see if you can stay like this up in your saddle off the saddle and try to push the carriage back. How'd you know where we're going?

And come in. Pull your belly and straight arms and do the same. So you just are starting to change your back. What you don't want to do. You don't want to use your back. So straight arms. Hang on a second. Don't move. I'm going to help you pull your chest into your back. So your round, can you round now just hold your belly like that and let's push out. That's it. And then two more pulling in.

One more scoop your belly. Oh, that was good. Now I want you to lift your head up and you're a peacock and you've got your feathers all flared out. So [inaudible] your bottom out in an ice bath arch. Good. And lift up a little bit. Good. And now straighten your arms. [inaudible] you know you don't need to move your hands. Oh, there you go.

Same thing. Astella hold your belly and we're going to push back and come in. Hold your belly. That's better. Too. More belly. Try to lift your belly up to the wall in front of you. Oh, I love it. One more. Beautiful. Now we're really going to be a jockey. Are you ready? So you're gonna Round your back. Good.

Push your hands into the bar like you were a second ago. Good. All right, and we're gonna lift your knees up this high off the mat. I'm going to help you. Okay. You just pull your belly in and here we go. We're going to lift up. We go hold and push out straight in your legs and bend in and push out and in.

Don't lift. Stay here. Straight back. Oh, there you go. One more and down you go. Oh, it was really hard, wasn't it? Was that the hardest one of a mall? That's what all my clients say too. Yeah, go ahead and step off. That way. This bar, they love to pull up and then it, this one's pretty stiff but it can just fall down and then they lose some teeth. So not a good idea. Make sure you always keep your hand on it. Okay.

We only have one more exercise on the reformer. Okay, so I'm going to get rid of my bar, my box. I mean, and then we're going to finish with some weights on the wall. Just two pound weights. Oh yeah, the pillow worked well for you, Huh? Okay, so we're going to put the pillow. Sometimes you can add shoulder pads I had mentioned earlier and we're going to sit like we're having tea again. Go ahead and sit down. Okay. And lie on down. So go ahead and put your head there.

So there are many things that we're going to keep working on with Astella and you might work with your youth, but you don't want to fix them all in one day. You want to fix the most important thing which is being square, balanced and using your stomach. So if there was a uh, view from the ceiling right now, you would see that Astellas hips are a few inches away on the right side, but a ton on the left. So you want to, in fact let them visualize it. Go ahead and lift up your head and look at your body. And do you look like you're in the middle now.

So will center yourself. Very good. That's really good for them to have ownership of it. How do you feel? Okay. So I was asking you earlier and I already forgot the name so I'm going to have you tell me as you advance in ballet, they have you leap just squeezing your inner thighs together and landing as you get super advanced. They have you switch feet and everything when you're up. But for now I just want to know what is it like when you jump up in squeeze and you look really tall and lean and come home. All right, so that is what we're going to imagine us doing.

We're going to pull our belly in and we're gonna squeeze our legs straight and stay there. Is your bottom smiling? Good. And now I want you to keep this square and bend one knee. Yes. Keep this one squeezing, smiling and bend his knee and switch. Good and switch. So your carriage bend your knee. This is your carriage should let go up, down, up, down and up and down. Kinda like on a merry go round.

Yeah. Wa you know what you're doing so good is your hips are, your hips are staying square, which is very hard. Most of my adult clients, they run and they run like this side to side and you are running like this, which is what we want to do. Just lets pretend there's a wild tiger behind us. Go a little quicker. You have to run right, right, right. Yes, yes. And that's enough running.

Come on home. Bending your knees. That's okay. Good work. Come on over here my dear. And we're going to go over to the wall to finish with our proper posture. I'm going to teach Estelle to the wall and you might notice right now how her posture is. And so we have been working on not if the front hips where your uh, headlights to a car, you wouldn't want them looking at the floor and your tailbone coming up.

You want them looking straight ahead. Excellent. Pretty good. Okay, so the wall is fantastic to help you get that feeling. We're just going to use two pound weights. If you don't have any, you can just use like two soup or whatever you have that's easy to get and the same weight. Okay. So put your heels all the way against the wall and have a three inch slice of pizza. Good. And then your headlights are looking at the floor again. Oh, thank you. Okay, so keep those headlights looking forward.

And can you pull your belly and stretch your back so much that your back's against the wall? Not really. Okay. So we're gonna keep working your belly like that and walk your feet out to this line. Good. And give me a three inch slice of pizza again, that's a little too big. Thank you and good. Your headlights are looking forward and you're almost there, but we aren't there yet. So we're gonna go forward maybe two more inches. Okay. Open up and scoop in and now you're there. Can you feel that? Okay, so now I want her to feel like she's pulling and pushing the wall away. As she lifts up her arms opens to the side. There's a big spotlight behind you, my dear. I don't want there to be a spotlight.

So there you go. Good job. Okay. So when I say that, what I mean is that her back was flush against the mat, the wall, and then it arches off as her arms go. So it's basically saying that in order to lift my arms, I have to do this. He don't, you can just keep, they can lift with your stomach staying in. So only lift them as high as you can.

Keep your back against the wall and then open them to the side and come down. Good. Two more. I'm not really caring right now about what our arms look like. One more. She's healthy, good, and go the other way, whether one's hyperextending or not. Again, you don't want to fix everything too more pull in it. Most important part, the headlights are looking forward, belly pulls in and okay, great job. Head to your chest and now you're a banana. Peel in the walls, the banana. Pull in and just peel off a little more.

Let your arms just hang and peel off a little more and stop right there and make three little circles like you're stirring some cake batter and reverse it. Stirring up some cupcakes and relax. And now roll your backup using your belly. Pretend I'm holding you down and you're like, I'm, nope. That shoulders pull me up with your belly. Oh, that's good.

Yes. And do that again. Your banana peel. Pull one. Just one bone at a time. Not, Nope, that's 10 Oh, good work. Good, good. Let your arms hang. Hang, hang, hang. Good. Hold that. And three little circles. How about some whipped cream this time you're whipping up some whipped cream.

Good. And now I'm you down and use your belly to pull me up. I love it. You can really feel it. Nope, no head yet. You got to get your belly back the next shoulders. Okay. Grand Finale. You Ready? Okay. We're going to separate your feet so that they are in line with your headlights and take them forward just a little bit more. The feet. Good. That's enough.

Pull your belly in. Head against the wall. Okay. I want you to pretend you're going to sit in a chair. So slide down and sit in a chair. Pull your belly in. Stay there right there. No lower. You don't want to go any lower than the knees. Where's my belly? Pull it in and make your bottom smile to come up.

Kay. Did you feel like you went to one side more than the other? Let's try to stay straight. Sit down in your chair, belly and belly and hold. Make your bottom smile and come up. Slide up, pull up and up. You Go. There you go. One more time. So at, sometimes they say, oh, the wall is not slippery enough, but you don't want to really push against the wall. You're just gliding on it.

Last one, pull your belly in. Hold right there. That's good. That's a far enough. Now scoop it and use this to smile and up we go up from here. Use this. That's it. Walk your feet back into the wall. Heels against the wall.

Two to three inches between headlights are looking forward. Long tail. Relax the bottom a little. Just lengthen it instead. Good head against the wall. I love it. Okay, so still arching a bit here. Can you pull more? Ah, thank you. Good. I know we'll go ahead and walk off with that beauty and grace and that posture and lovely, and we are all done for today. Thank you.

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I love it! Lovely session! Thank you :)
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Monica - your cueing & imagery is always RIGHT ON - no matter what age you are working with! Great way to communicate and instruct ! Thanks for sharing :) ( besides the fact that family is always the hardest to instruct ! Like teaching your kids how to drive .... lol !)
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It was great to see a beautiful young person learning pilates. Even as a young dancer, I could see this improving her focus, strength and her core. Great workout!
Oksana P
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What a nice class to observe and a joy to watch! So nice to watch a beginner student and see how skillful cueing changes the way they move. Thank you for sharing with us!
I loved this class, because I teach my two girls from time to time and find it hard to wear two hats...the Mom hat and the Teacher hat...simultaneously. You did it well. 😉
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Monica, I admire youre patience! great class.
Monica Wilson
Thank you everyone for all of your kind words and for taking the time to give me feedback! I know how exhausting just meeting your kid's basic needs can be and your comments give me the encouragement and extra energy I need to have patience and creativity when teaching them:)
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che bellina!
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Too much time wasted on explaining the simplest of moves.
Katie O
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Thank you for the class. A bit slow and the explanations (snake and tunnel) were a bit confusing having never heard those after 15 years of Pilates.
Need to see a different camera angle so we know where the feet are placed. I was trying to help a friend and it was challenging.
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