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Mat Workout

45 min - Class


Work on movement from inside the body in this Mat workout with Kathy Corey. She teaches exercises that she learned from first generation teachers, Bruce King and Kathy Grant, which look at movements in a creative way. She starts by finding your neutral pelvis so you can find the strength of your core.
What You'll Need: Mat

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cool!!! new emotion, new fellings, thanks alot!
Beautiful class ! Thank you !!!
Kathy you are one of the best!! Wish I lived near youšŸ˜Š
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful !!!! Thank very much!!!
From Spain!!
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Taking class with Kristi and Amy,,,made a terrfic class even more enjoyable. Seeing their subtle "oh no!" reactions was actually a bonus. Thank you ladies for keeping it real. I imagined the self talk (and the camera!) you were using to inspire yourselves to complete those bicycles and joined right in. There were so many teaser variations in this class I couldn't help but follow along and learn/explore!
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Fantastic class. Thank you, Kathy. I loved the flow of movement. Especially the rolling-like-a-ball, roll-over into teaser.
Thank you, Kathy! Great class, strength and stretch! I like the flow of the movement!
Awesome class! Amazing rotation all the way the way through. I agree, having Kristi and Amy going through the same tough work was fun!
amazing lesson. Thank you from Rotterdam, the Nethrlands
Sooo chalenge!
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