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Kathy Corey

Kathy Corey

Kathy Corey is a Master Teacher who began her career with the Pilates Technique in 1979. She has been the leading expert in the Pilates community for 30 years.
Read More She is the Director of Kathy Corey Pilates, an Advisory Board Member for Inner IDEA and an Advisory Board Member for Pilates Style Magazine.

In 2004, she designed the innovative CORE Band™ which is also used in studios around the world. Corey is PMA Pilates Gold Certified and she has been selected by IDEA as one of ten people in the world "Who Inspire the World to Fitness," the fitness industry's highest form of recognition.

The Kathy Corey Pilates Certification Program is taught at locations across the United States and her continuing education programs are taught in twelve countries. Corey is on faculty with the University of Alcalá, Spain, the first University to incorporate Pilates into a Master of Science degree program. Kathy is also a presenter at Balanced Body: Pilates on Tour.
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