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You will work on the nuances of every movement in this Mat workout with Alan Herdman. He teaches a blend of pre-Pilates, traditional Pilates, and a few things in between. He includes variations that require a lot of control for exercises like Single Leg Stretch, Swimming, and so much more!
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I'm Allen Herdman and we're going to do a class with a mixture of [inaudible] and classical polarities and a little few things in between. And I've got four lovely ladies to help me on...


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Great class from "the master". 2017 wish is to attend a live Alan Herdman class??
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An amazing class! And it doesn't hurt that you can have a little fun while doing your practice. Enjoyed all the variations! I am curious as to why the mats were folded in half? Thank you so much Mr. Herdman! I hope there will be more videos coming soon from you.
Loved this class
I came away from this class with an appreciation for the skill with which the teachers who offer moderate paced classes (rather than this deliberate paced one) are able to give much easier to follow instructions than these were. I'm sure taking this class again will be easier but for now I am comforted that Ruth was as confused as I was by some of the cues. It was insightful to see how comfortable the teacher was with the misunderstandings. rather than becoming flustered. I suppose for teachers there is a lesson right there! If I were a Pilates teacher I suspect that watching an experienced teacher give feedback would be very helpful. i would have prefered to watch the teacher "do" rather than describe.
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Great class. Alan's voice is quite soothing early in the morning. I could feel the little muscles getting their stretch too! Working slower and more deliberately is extremely valuable the older one gets, like me!
After running more distance this week, this was the best class I could have done to stretch myself out. I felt like I was too tense in my torso, which we focused on in this class, and my shoulder blades have a more optimal range of motion after class. The exercises worked my muscles, but I'm not tired at all. My overall impression is that I worked on all areas in a balanced way to re-invigorate me! Thanks so much, Alan! Fantastic pacing for the exercises you used.
Outstanding instruction. Loved the different variations. Thank you so much!
How totally relaxed and joyable athmostphere in this class! I loved how Alan focused on elongation and kept the pace slow enough to really feel the moves:). This is why I love pilates!
Thank you so much for sharing this class with us, Mr. Herdman. I appreciate your slow timing that allows the body to truly access a deeper connection. So precise and challenging! I feel so elongated and centered after your class.
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