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This class takes exercises from the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and incorporates them in a BASI flow mat sequence. From the Reformer, Meredith includes the Knee Stretch, Long Stretch, Rowing, and Short Spine. From the Cadillac, she includes the Side Lying leg series, and Push Through Sitting Forward. From the Wunda Chair, practice exercises like the Full Lunge and Backward Step Down.
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Oct 11, 2010
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So a little apparatus on the mat today we're going to start standing and then we'll do some footwork after that. So, um, I think maybe just off the mat would be appropriate cause there's going to be a little bit of that balance involved here. Itchy nose. And here we go. Reaching the arms down towards your sides to shift yourself towards your toes and then back over your heels. So a couple of times, leave way back, almost like you're going to lose balance and then wave forward like you're going to topple forward. And then when you are, when you've done that a couple of times, just settle yourself back over the feet right over the center of the feet, feeling the toes, feeling the heels. Reach the arms down the sides of the body for astounding. Roll down. We inhale as we exhale, the head goes down into the chest, the abdominals pull upwards as the body goes down.

So here's our chance right now to commit to our practice, to our work tourist center. Lengthen the body down at the floor by pulling upwards in the abdominals. Inhale, as you exhale, begin to resect. The spine for as lifting lightly up off the legs, feeling the work through the waist to pull you back up to standing. And then we finish by lifting the head. Inhale again, how reaching the arms down. And as we rolled down towards the mat field, just a little slight energy or a little bit of energy in the legs, the inner thighs, perhaps a little energy in the back sides of the legs.

Heavy head to maintain space between the shoulders and the ears. Inhale, exhale to lift. Reaching up away from the floor, using the abdominals to create space to stretch the spine back towards straight. Let's do that twice more. Inhale and exhale to fold forward a little quicker. Now picking up the pace but not losing any of the focus. Inhale and exhale.

And here's our last one. We're going to stay at the bottom for a moment there. So rolling down once you get down at the bottom. And if you can touch every week and I'll touch our hands can't, it's not the thing that sits come down or the hands. And if you can't do that comfortably, just bend your knees until you can. Then Ben, just the right knee. And if both knees are bent, bend the right knee a little bit more. Keep the left heel on the ground, stretch that leg towards straight. Bend the left, stretch that leg back straight.

Bend the right again and put the right hand in front of the feet, about five or six inches forward of them. Stretch the left arm up and around towards the ceiling. Spiraling the chest open in that direction, and then folding back to the ground, reaching the left hand down, bending the left knee. The right hand leaves the floor at, travels up, up at around, I think not just the arm, but rotating the spine there. And then we head back towards the floor. We stretch both knees where keep both knees a softer and we come back up all the way. Okay, so we're going to do some footwork.

And what we're gonna do with our arms is add a little chest expansion. Work into it. So with the chest expansion, it's never about how far back your arms go, but how far down they go. Or it's not about squeezing the shoulders, but about depressing the shoulders. We're going to bend the knees, we're going to do the first ones. So I want you to sit way back. So grace, let your chest come forward.

As you lean back, squeeze your butt. You should feel your about working there. And then as you come up, squeezing from the backside of the legs, press into chest expansion with the arms. Inhale, chest goes forward. We sit way back feeling the glutes working and we press. It's imperative as we continue this movement that we're feeling the abdominals working for support. So they pull back. It's almost like you're being drawn back into that squat position by dragging backwards from the waist and [inaudible] to press last five in here. And exhale.

I feel a lot of tension in your shins. Just hinge the body forward more without bending the knees quite as much. And three always pressing into the heels to activate the backsides of the legs. And here's our last one. So from there we're going to rise up onto the toes and hear me when I say we're not lifted as high as we can. You're maybe an inch, maybe, maybe an inch, maybe just a quarter of an inch. In heel bend, we stay on our toes. We again squeeze the backsides of the legs.

As we press up and heal better, the chest goes forward, the hips sink back and press off feeling the feet working for support. If this doesn't feel good on your feet, take it out. Go back to your heel. Yes on press and press, warming up the legs, warming up the ABS. Here's our last five and band and life, Andy and three further. You go back there. The more you have to work to get up the last one here and then just lower the heels down. Slide the heels together. So now you're in your small v-shape.

We're going to find that just slight lift up off with the heels again. Arms again, reaching down and then we still sit back, sit back, squeeze the glutes, squeeze the inner thighs as you send yourself all the way in. Inhale down and exhale, press [inaudible]. So for those of us who are used to working on the reformer, we want to try to incorporate all the details of working against her resistance. So here we're having to create our own resistance distance, which has possible last five, supporting the back with the abdominals for keeping the heels pretty still where they are, and three to the left and two to the press and one to oppress. [inaudible] lower the heels down. We're going to go into a wide stance so slightly.

I'm just going to go this way. Slightly wider than your pelvis. Not Real, real wide. Here we go. The arms reach forward as we sit back, squeeze the heels towards one another. Feel the inner thighs working to press up in who we go down and exhale we go up. Don't forget to lean forward as your hip. Sing back. Wendy, were you swerving that class? There's a me too crazy sore. The sumo walk last for a woman up the upper back.

Feeling like you're pulling against resistance. Last two. Check in with both legs. Are they working evenly? Are you just relying on working one because I lost one. Okay, and then we rise up onto our toes again, just that hugging of the midlines important and here we go. And then press chest rises, arms press down. It's kind of a hindering action at the hip joint.

God, back to lift fi back to lift six last three here on one. We come all the way up. We're going to drop our feet down and walk them back together. We're going to say parallel to one another. We're going to do our cavities as here. Again, arms down, palms face, back, and we're just arising on focus on pulling off from the front of the waist. As we press our arms down and back in, he'll try to keep the head lifted in space.

As you reach your heels down and come straight back up again. Exhale, press the arms back. Inhale, reach them slightly forward and again I'd press and I'd reach forward and press [inaudible]. I reach forward last five here, trying to travel straight up through space. Maybe another hot one. Girls. She squeezed the entire backside of the leg, not just the calves or the feet. Here's our last one. We're going to go into Francis, so we bend one knee, drop the heel down on the opposite side, go up and then change and then change. I lift as the heel goes down, your light on it, you come straight back out of it and we'll do three more on each side.

One up, one uptown too. [inaudible] oh three and three both feet down on the ground. Take another breath in and has you exhale. We're going to go into the pike exercise here. It's a PR exercise off the one to chair, so we just exhale and round down. That's the first step. The second step is once you get there, put your hands down on the floor, either just fingertips or palms, depending on your flexibility. If it doesn't work for you with straight legs, bend your knees. All right, so setting up head is down.

Pull your rib cage up towards the ceiling and deeply contract your abdominals and with that, as you exhale, your heels are going to rise up off the floor. Again, but you're wanting to do that with your abdominal muscles. So it's like you're not even using your arms, your light on your arms, lad on your legs. It's a focus on rounding the spine to pull the hips up in space and inhale to come down and exhale totally left you guys feel your stomach working good. That's what it's all about.

Oh two about four more times here. Pulling up through the waist, pressing the chest in the thighs, close together. The further the hips go up, the more you have to drop your head down for spinal alignment. Last two times and last one, once your heels come down, if you need to bend your knees to come up. Do if you're happy with like straight, just Rola. Okay. And then the last two exercises that we're going to do here are also off the one that your, let's bring the left leg in front and the right leg behind this is the forward lunge and we're going to follow with the backwards step down.

So what we want to do here is been the front knee. Make sure the knee is not forward of the ankle, so the back leg has to be really far back there. Then wait the front leg, so you should have not a lot of weight on that back leg. Let's have the hands on the pelvis so that we can feel the pelvis stays level and here we go. On the exhale, stretch the front leg, travel on the diagonal that your spine was just reaching in. And then inhale, reach away, back. Exhale, squeeze the bum Caressa and then inhale ritual. Wade, just lightly touching the toes as we come down. So there is a diagonal line through the spine and we're going to do that three more times. I want to feel that the hips don't hike, Paul, this is super cylin strong and last one, Ben the front knee. Again, reach the arms forward until I dream of Jeannie.

And now we're just on the exhale. Gonna bring up the back leg towards the arms. Here we go. Ooh. And reach back. Keep it off the ground. If you can end to to reach back three two, reach back, four out of eight there's five, six. Make it into an abdominal contractions. Seven and here's our eighth slide back down.

Yeah, bring it in and come up. Okay. I like bending the front knee, sliding the back, laid back as much as you can to keep it relatively light on the ground. Hands on the pelvis, abs in, and we squeeze the glutes, the backside of the legs as we stretch up on a forward diagonal, you know where each way back with those toes and press Yan reach supporting the extension of the niece who we want to be careful with our knees working smoothly through the leg. Here's four and five. Good. Last three and two and one here. We can bring our arms forward into I dream of Jeannie.

Maybe we'll set the back toes down for just a minute and here comes the back leg. It pulls in one got a little momentum or a little energy anyway, and hurry pulling from the ass for feeling the backside of that straight leg as you reach back fi and six not to mention the lake that you're standing on hae two and one. Let's just step that foot straight down onto the ground, stretch the legs up, stand up tall, final roll down. Inhale to exhale and send your body towards the ground. Keeping a firm contraction upwards to the wasteland. She has been one of our needs. Again, let the hit, uh, the on the side of the leg, that straight push into that hip.

So you're dropping the bent knee side of the pelvis and pressing into the straight leg side of the pelvis. And then it would just get an exchange sides and then we're gonna come back and then we're going to come up and exhaling to rise. Okay, good. Come down onto the mat and we'll just roll ourselves all the way down and the arms are going to be at our sides. And here we go into pelvic curl or bottom lift. Inhale. As we exhale, we're going to flatten the spine into the ground. Peel apps, create some strong contractions to the backsides of the lights.

Press the hips up towards the ceiling, raise up onto your toes and slowly roll down. Keep the heels raised. Keep the feet still peeling the spine down. Stretching the arms down in the direction of the drop, the tailbone down, breathing again and Xcel to come up. I was saying the hips up, looking for a pretty significant talk of the pelvis, rising up onto the heels again and slowly peeling down or reaching energetically through the backside of the arms, releasing the hips all the way to the ground. Let's do two more. Rolling. [inaudible] coming up on the tests rolling down.

And finally letting heels come down. Here's our last one. Rolling up, allowing the heels to rise. Fill the knees and parallel to one another and then we just bring ourselves down. Okay. And then lift up one leg and follow that by picking up the other leg, but using center of your body to do so I'm gonna do just a little spine twisting, so arms out to the sides of that space for that tonight. It's nice to have that inhale tilt towards me and exhale working the side of the waist to bring yourself back to center. And here we go. The other way, letting the low back loosen, keeping the shoulders stationary on the ground, and hail across and XL to come back and any other cross XL.

So come back. It's working systematically through the body. Thinking about the details, the knees never slide off one another. They stay as though you're working. Just moving one leg like a mermaid. Let's do one more to either side and here's our final one. Okay. And then just bring your knees into your chest. Give him a hug.

We're going to head into our abdominal series here with the hundred and the coordination. So with that, bring the legs, a table, swaps in the arms, just stuff over the shoulders. Breathe into prepare. As you exhale, pick the head and chest up, pressing the arms just outside of the hips. Stretch the leg. Inhale and exhale. One, two, three, four, five every. Then I'm going to read out to sinking the belly and then feel as though you're working again against resistance. So you're reaching into imaginary straps for two, three, four, five during the abdominals deeply in, here's five are you then and six any and seven, two, three, four, five deep leap pulling in on the NDL. Eight two, three, four, five last two and one finishing on the n e L. Exhale, pull the knees into the body. Lift the body even higher. Reach around for your knees and come down. Okay. Coordination, one full breath cycle, but a lot goes on, so we start once again in that table.

Top Position. Arms over the shoulders. Here we go. Exhale, lift the head and chest. Same. Exhale, opens and close the legs. Inhale, bend, stay lifted. Continue in, yelling to come down. Exhale up. Open, close, bend and reach. Exhale, left, open, closed, pull and release. I haven't left. Oh, greasy. You're potentially a little high on your initial curl.

Just there maybe, and then open. Close, but stay there as you bend and reach. How about three more? Lifting up. Exhale, open, close, pull. The biggest challenge in my mind is the stability of the pelvis is the legs move out and in and we really stand. Here's, I've asked one, open, close pool, reach around your knees and hug them to your chest. Okay, so our hip arc series with the mat involved is definitely an abdominal challenge. So what we're gonna do there is push the knees into the hands, curl the head and chest up. From there. We're going to reach the hands behind that.

From there we're going to stretch the legs up externally. Rotate the feet and bend a little tiny PA and exhale, press up on a high diagonal. Pull the legs towards you. Press your legs away, squeezing the glutes, squeezing through the inner thighs, pressing the chest up. Gracie, put your hands fully behind your head and drop your head. There you go. And here's four, two pole and three, two and two. And here's our last one. We hold points your feet.

Pull your legs way up toward you. Press them down, circle them up around the legs. Only lower as low as you can. Keep your spine absolutely flat. Press down. Inhale up and around, focusing on the mobility of the hips. Foot. Make the circle small so you can stabilize as well. I think one more is going to be enough for me anyway. And then we go the other way. Open, reached down, squeeze and pull out, reached down. Schoolies pull up from deep within the trunk. Open reach down, pull here's four. And we're gonna do two more after and last one.

And then just the binge and ease and bring yourself all the way down. So for the opening portion, our hip work, what I'm going to recommend doing is making a little triangle with your hands and just putting it kind of below the sacral joint. So it's going to give you a little, what should we call it? A ledge or it'll foam force you into a little bit of attack. Okay. So from there, bring the knees into the body, stretch the legs up externally, rotate legs, keep the low back flat.

Open the legs out and squeeze back together and open out Portia to pull in. So it's not just inner thighs we want to focus on. It's the contraction of the abdominals. If you feel low back tension, do it with bent knees. And let's do 10 more, a little faster. Open class. And to push the legs down to pull the legs back. It was four, five, six, deepening the bell each time he was last for three and two and one that's going to do it. Place the feet down, stretch one leg out and just take yourself over into a spinal twist.

Okay. And then come back and change. I'm thinking for the spinal articulation block. Um, what I'd like to do is the short spine, it feels a little differently without straps. Um, I think I can talk us through it, but if you want to watch one, please do so. What I'm going to ask us to do is just have our arms straight down at our sides. We're going to, sorry, I don't know what to do with this microphone. I'm gonna press the legs forward and point the feet. They'll go pretty high.

From there we pull with our abs to come up so you'll actually come a little bit more and you'll start to pick the hips up. Then you'll roll back and up on a diagonal. We'll bend our knees, we'll roll the spine away from the feet. I mean down, down, down. Once the telephone touches, we just dropped back down and we're back to our front position. Here we go. As we exhale, pressing forward, point the FI, fold the legs over, lift the tailbone a little and then roll up on a high diagonal.

Use the arms for support. Inhale, allow the knees to bend. Keep the heels connected and the inner thighs strong. XL. Articulate the spine. That's the feeling of moving. They have slightly away from the heels. And then you've got to bring the heels with you.

When the tailbone touches be pressed again, I'm going to watch. Exhale forward in. Exhale, rolling up on a diagonal. Nice job. Inhale to bend the knees, pulling deeply into the abdominal and exhale to just find your way back to the ground. Nice. Let's do one more pressing on folding over XL rising up. So we'll be up just up instead of over bending the knees and slowly replacing the spine down. Good work. All right. And then once you get there, just bring your, just hold onto the backs of your legs and rock yourself up. Okay. Here's the spine s pushed it sitting forward.

It's an actualize. It comes from the Cadillac gonna start with our arms rather than straight out like we normally do. Feel free to bend your knees for a minute while I chat. We're going to go up on a slight diagonal, so you're imagining that you have a bar here and we're always in here run imagining that we're working against resistance it talk. Here we go. You exhale, flex your spine and travel backwards. Continue excelling as you pushed your imaginary springs down and take your body forwards. Inhale, keeping the shoulders down. Lift the spine into extension the arms. Just stay right out in front. Exhale, pull away. As you pull away from your arms, make sure you're not pulling your arms forward or letting your shoulders come unglued from your back and inhale to sit up. That's how it's going to go.

Here we go again. Exhale, curve the spine. Press down on the bar as the spine goes forward, the abdominals pull back. Inhale, lengthen outwards, pulling the shoulders back. You guys look great. Exhale curling back, reaching the feed energetically away from you. And inhale. We sit up and let's do it again. Here we go.

Exhale curve and the arms lower as if you're pushing down on a bar. Then we stretch forward. Risk, strong fingers together. Eyes down. Inhale, back extension. Exhale, fold back and lift up. That was good. Let's do three more. Roll back, restful exhale, deep breath. Let all the air out of the body. Then refuel with fresh air as you extend up, reengage the ams or deepen the ads. Go Way, way, way, way, way back there.

Almost like you're going to fall over and then sit up last two times XL, curling back. Press that imaginary bar down in Ford. Keep the feet flex as though are there against bars. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale back. Let's see if we can add the side. Reach on. I don't know if it's going to work. I think I've tried it before but I can't remember. Leave the this arm there.

Reached the left arm back. Not Quite as nice as it is with some springs to help you have the side keeping the feed still back and are going to sit up. Let's do one more without the side reach. Exhale back, pressing down, reaching forward. Inhale longer spine. Exhale, pull back and coming all the way up. And then let's just bring the legs together and have a quick stretch forward.

And then bringing ourselves all the way back up for the back support. Suppose it would, we could call it balance control back. And imagine that we, if we're imagining our reformers here, but it essentially is the back support. So with your abdominals working and your reaching up out of the mat with your spine, we Xcel to pick up the hand and we inhale to sit the hips down, let the chest come forward, the ice slightly up, exhale to press up and in Hilton, sit down, exhale until this sta pressing through the backs of the legs, pressing the chest through the arms and then sitting down sending the chest forward. Gracie, I think you might just be bordering on hyper extension. So for those of us who like to hyperextend our elbows, it's a good idea to keep them slightly soft, but it's hard to keep them slightly soft. So here's the challenge for you. This is our last one. Make it with it and then come all the way down.

Let's turn over onto our side for the sideline leg series. This is a series from the Cadillac, so you're just gonna come all the way down onto our arm. We're going to have an externally rotated hips, both hips, and you want to really try to anchor the bottom leg. You're probably going to need a support hand. I certainly do the top legs. We're going to keep the knees turned up. It's just up and down in front and up and down and back and up and down in front.

It's not so important that you touch the mat in either direction. What is important is that the pelvis is staying strong and stable. Let's do, I don't, I have no idea how many we've done. Let's do two more and last one. Okay. And then we head into this scissors. So with both legs together, both legs are going to hover up off the ground. Let's start by taking the bottom leg back, take it back as far as you can and then top like just goes forward.

But your body is a center of your scissor. There's a double pulse and then we change pulse. Pulse. Bottom line has to work really hard to go there. It's an a hip extensor contraction or glute hamstrings. Yeah.

Oh d three more. Not too big bout of, I'm aiming it at about the corners of my mat and here's the last one and then both legs back together for us circles. So we inhale to send the top leg forward, exhale as we stretch up and around behind us and then he'll forward and reach up keeping the pelvis pressing forward as the leg circles to the back. Lots of abdominal work to be had. There are lots of hip extensor work and last three [inaudible] and we're just going to take it to the back. Heather, way back up, way on front and back again. Domino's working for support of the pelvis. The circle is as big as we can make it without sacrificing integrity.

Last and one more good. And then just bring it back, Ben Janiece and help yourself up for the mermaids. Separate the legs. Okay, so in a perfect world, we're looking for both hips on the ground. Um, see about that? Lots of us like to lean forward out of the pelvis and just make sure that you can feel weight on your sitting bones, both arms out to the side. We're going to inhale away from this leg, so we go out on the inhale, the hand I go that way [inaudible] and the hand will just come down. I would go pretty far away and you can even slide it.

And then here's our exhale. It's a big abdominal contraction. We reach that free arm down towards our supporting arm. We unwind from there and then we're going to exhale. Use the waist. So lift up, let that hand come down, reach the opposite arm up and over, and then that arm will drop. The opposite arm will come up. And here we go again. Here's the breath. Inhale and goes down. Exhale, turn both shoulders down. Inhale, unwind, exhale, lift, defying. Gravity.

Reach into the stretches you inhale and there's a oblique work to come up on the XL as well. Here we go again. Two more time. Reach and turn anchoring back with that back action. Inhale out and around. Exhale up. And I can do this one all day personally lifting last time and then I take it away from us. Yeah, turning them off, bringing it back around, lifting ourselves up. Okay. And then from there we'll just swing your legs around to the other side for the sideline league series.

[inaudible] okay, so ink here, increment at the bottom leg. Both hips in external rotation had down the hand, the shoulder of the hand that you're balancing with a take. Good care to keep it down and supported. Here we go. Top like up, down in front, up and down in back. It's kind of like a hot potato. Feeling. Touch, lift, touch, lift. Last two sets.

Leave with your heel down instead of your toes you'll get more glute work there. Okay. And then we are going to bring the legs together, both legs at the same time. Hover, take the back leg back for us. It goes as far back as it can. And then the top leg just floats in opposition and it's pulse. Pulse. Inhale. As you change polls, polls, gotta work, the obliques here.

That's how we're holding ourselves still. But as it got to work, the inner thighs as well to keep the legs off the ground, I don't like. Anyway, sorry. Last one coming up right now and then yet finished with the top, bottom leg forward. Bring it back to center and lower back both legs in some circles in here. Forward. Reach the leg up, send it back, press the back. Kip into the front of the Evans. You circle down in here to excellent and reach around through the stretch can again, lots of movement in the hip. No, allow the hip joint to be free and easy.

All right, so like out of the joint last two times one, and then here's our reverse with inhale back. Exhale as you go through the rotation or through what would be the stretch portion with springs, which is in fact the work portion in my mind. And we did six, so we've got three more to go. [inaudible] is that help yourself up. Slide the bottom leg out from under the top leg for the mermaid.

So we're going away from the street shin. Suppose both shins are straight and it was a bad cue. We're going that way. Here we go. Reaching the body inwards, pleasing the hand down, curve the spine, Paul deeply back through the abdominals. Impress the ribs up into the upper back to maximize the stretch. Neo Unwind, XO. Lift from that opposite way, but that hand come down, reach up in over and then we use those obliques to come up. Drop the arm down, pick the opposite line up. Reach across scope they have done when I was looking. As you reach you around with that arm. Inhale, unwind. Exhale, felt lifted up. Reach over and come up again. Last two fruit today, reaching across and kind of reaching around.

Deep abdominal work there. Inhale, open, exhale, lift. I don't reach out and here we go again. Last one. Gotcha. And goes down. Take your time in this stretch where I come back and come all the way up. Let's just give ourselves a moment to stretch here and then we're gonna come onto our hands and knees. Okay. So what I'm going to take us through is, um, a variation on the knee stretch. So you can either Tuck your toes under or not. For me, I don't like it as much, so I'm, I'm going to choose not to, but feel free to, this is another place where we're looking for almost pure abdominal work, so you won't feel, you should feel a lot, you won't see a lot of movement. So first things first, the hands and the knees are relatively close together.

I'm definitely closer in than than just to figure four position or a quadruped head position. Anyway, pull your abdominals in, press up into your spine with your abdominals. And with that, as you exhale, you're just going to try to round the spine where it's the action of lifting or pressing up into the spiny and he'll release a little and exhale, do it again. As you do that, allow the shoulders to drop proof really deeply down the back and release a little. I'm using backsides of my legs to press my pelvis forward in the front of my chest to pull towards my pelvis. So about three more hair. It has a whole one and to, and three. So the next step is to actually see if we can contract so much to our ads that we can hover our knees up off. So it's all the same stuff that's going on.

Who that was going on, contracting through the abdominals. Inhale as you exhale, it's the hubs up lift and then he's just hover and release. Not really any change in the body. Xcel picking up the knee and then release feeling again, I contraction downwards in the scapulas and these hover up off the mat. Let's do two more listing, scooping the million and one more time. And then just sit back on your feet for a moment. Stretch your arms forward and then coming back this time, hands just under the shoulders. This is the long stretch. So hands under, shoulders strong through the abdominal sliding, one leg back, bringing the opposite leg back to Meta.

So once you're in your front support position, you want a little bit of a Tuck in the pelvis. When did just a little flatter through the Middle Bat. Perfect. But keep your top. There you are there. Work, inhale, push, point your feet. Exhale, flex your feet. So as you inhale, you're reaching the shoulders in front of the hands and as you exhale, you're pressing that. Keep the legs super strong. Reach and pull back. It should be just as much of a [inaudible] as it is, if not more. Anything else, Stu? Two more earned back and the last one. And then back.

Lift your hips up into the stretch position. Pressing the heels down towards the ground in a very, the ebb stretch here just a little bit. We're gonna rise up onto our toes. We're gonna press the hips forward. Curve the spine over the hands. Press back through your heels. Lift the pelvis up, pressing the abdominals into the spine, rising up to the toes. Feel light on the feed. Make the work come from the center, rolling out, pressing through the heels and lifting up.

Let's do three more. Just like that. Curling. He yells, reached back, hips lift up, making it like a dancer. Working with our breath. We will wreck, say a wreck. Sale. Roll forward, heels reach back in your heels down. Last time I'm lifting, curling, mobilizing the spine and pressing the heels back in. With that, let's bend your knees and come to the ground. Once again, sit back on your feet and then come all the way up.

We're going to do a little hip flexor hamstring stretch, so we want to take one foot forward and maybe put your hands down while you position the back leg. So you want the weight of your body slightly in front of the knee capsule. You're not balancing a wound round on a wiggly bone. Then you can rise up and just pressing from the back of the leg. Just rest of the hands on the knee. Lift the chest, so we're pressing the back of the hip into the front of the hip. We're pulling the abdominals up.

We're thinking about growing tall through the spine. We're just breathing, so to transfer into the hamstring stretch, our hands are gonna separate and come back down. Just let them touch on the mat, reach through that heel. You're rolling back over the knee. And as you straighten the leg, you're trying to achieve a flat back. So that may involve keeping that front knee bent. A little grace. Just pull your, the outside of your knee towards me. There you go. And we just breathe here.

If you're not, if you're needing more of a stretch, we're really try to flex that bottom foot and then we're gonna come back forward. So I'm going to use my hands to help me just get into a good position with my back leg. Once I feel strong and in control, then I'm going to come back up. It was already hip stretch, breathing in and breathing out. And then again, letting the hands come down towards the ground, flexing their front foot, lead with the tailbone. As you send your leg towards straight.

Um, if you wanted to, you could roll up your mat to create more space. You put your hands on blocks. I think we'll, I'll, we'll just do with what we have at the moment. Okay. And then just bend that front knee to ease your way out of that stretch and roll. Just slide it back. And James Sights. When you're positioning your front foot, do so in a manner that when you bend or when you press forward into the stretcher and knee isn't way in front of your ankle.

So when did you get in a good place with your back knee? What's coming up? Rests in the hands up on the Shin, pulling the spine away from the thigh and towards the ceiling. I seen the back of the leg into the front of the leg. This is like the perfect time of year to do a mat class here you get to watch the sunset. All the fluffy clouds going around, hands down, shift past the knee, stretching through the front foot, guiding that spine out as straight as you can. Well, let's fold the knee back forward.

Did she know where the front of the knee pressing forward into the hip as we left. And then one last time, you know, it's gone down. Stretching through the front and lengthening the spine back. Okay. And then let's just ease our way out of that and come onto both knees.

Are you guys okay on your knees for a minute? Okay. All right, so why don't you face me? We're going to do 'em the single arm side series, although we're going to do both things at the same time. So to find what we're wanting to feel, I want you to take your hands in class, clasp them together to make fists and then pulled it. Your shoulders gently down and try to pull your hands apart. You'll feel that work that that separation will work between your shoulder blades. That's what you're looking for here. Now unclasp and see if you can find that same pulling feeling.

We got it. Turn your hands to face one another. I'm you'll be alternating hands on top. Here we go. Abdominals. And to support the spine, we just open up the arms. Feel the stretch away of the shoulder blades. It's definitely not as squeezing together.

The arm stays slightly in front of you as they go straight. Grace, reach towards me a little bit this way. And then fold back in as the elbows bend in the hands. Come back together. The shoulders stay spread. Here we go again. We reach out, lengthening the back and folding back. And again, reaching, opening [inaudible] feeling the shoulder blades reached on the back end, folding back. So you should feel quite a bit of arm, upper back. Work really back.

Let's do more and back and back. And then just let your arms drop down for a moment. The next one, which is the one that usually we start with, um, put your hands just on the outsides of your temples and push. Let's see, how do I want to say this? Push into your head, but not a push into your head gently, but do it by pulling your shoulders down in your, it's like your shoulders are pulling down in your elbows are trying to pull apart. Does that make sense? Shoulders. So we're just gently pushing. Our shoulders are going down and then our elbows are trying to press as our hands try and reach. So that's what we're looking for there. And then here we go. As we exhale, we're feeling the shoulder blades heavy.

It's that same push pull feeling we just discussed as your arms. Just lightly reach up in space and that that'll be your exhale. And then as we inhale, we just bend the hands, push in the elbows, Pula, and then we exhale to reach. Feeling the neck. Relax. If you feel a lot of tension in your neck, try relaxing the arms more. You don't push with the arms, but let the arms be like feathers.

Let the upper back be like stones. Heavy stone. Yes. Let's do two more meeting and then meeting up and Monday. Okay. I think I'm just going down for a moment. We're going to go into the tricep, um, portion and one arm at a time. Let's all go to the middle. So we're going to bend over and you may want to be on your fingertips.

You may want to roll up your mat for more space, but if you can just reach over and touch the mat with the tips of the fingers, uh, it's probably helpful to, uh, widen the legs as well. That makes a difference is poor Wendy with your long way. Okay, so here you go. You're, you're just reaching into the floor. Make sure that the pelvis is square, so the, the, the hip that you're turning to a wanna turn away. And then you just reach your top arm over your head, turn the palm up, look down at the bottom hand, and then create an imaginary resistance.

Fold the shoulders down, press up and bent and pull the shoulder down to Presa. So here, although we may feel, I will definitely feel our shoulders, maybe the Teresa, but definitely work for this side stretch. Let's do one more. If you want to intensify this feeling instead of pushing straight up, push over the head and Paul and then push it over the head. And last one over the head. Here's the hard part. We've got to get back up. I'm comes up, God, we worked those obliques. Oh there we are. Oh here we go. Off the other side.

I am, reaches overhead, eyes are down. And then we just pull active pull, pull the shoulder down as the arm for RSS Ben and press impressed and this is where we change it if we wanted to, we reached over instead of straight up and Paul Shoulda stabilization is still key, not only on the arm that's up and working, but on the arm that's supporting us. Here's our last one coming up right now. Let that arm come up and lift and let the arms come down. Let's do just a couple of rowing exercises as well. Oh, I almost forgot. We have one more in that series. Here it is. The arms are, this is the best one without springs, the worst one with Spring.

So as you exhale, draw the shoulders down, they're heavy, the arms just float, they work at the same time and then as you open them out, you reach away and then we feel the shoulder blades, draw it down, throw, raise the arms overhead, and then we just pressed down. And then again, just a few more times as your arms stretch over head. See if you can envision or get the feeling of your entire spine growing, reaching, lifting, and then continuing to lift as the arms fall heavily downwards. Let's do two more shoulder blades down on lights. Just feels tensiony or very necky. It might help to bring the arms forward or stop a little sooner than straight up.

Okay. And then down [inaudible] I thought we would do the rowing cause I would feel so good to bend forward. They think, okay, so our legs are going to be together and we're going to work from a straight back. So if that means bending the knees, it does reach the arms forward. Imagine you have straps to hold on to inhale to bend your elbows. Pull them out to the side.

That same pulling of the shoulder blades feeling pleased. As you exhale, you're going to roll back towards the Mat. Rolling back, rolling back, rolling back. Make sure you're in a place where you can get up. Reach the arms down, turn the palms back, press the arms behind you because you bring your body way for touch your thumbs together. As you inhale, raise your arms first up than drawing the shoulders away from the ears. Circle the arms around reaching past or to your feet. Then roll yourself up and we're back at the start. Inhale, bend, exhale, articulate backwards. It's like wonder twins. Unite Palms in. I always say that. I think it's funny. Barely anyone else does except for me.

Pole all the way back. Reach way back. Open up the collarbones. That's our exhale. Just look down. Inhale the arms, reach up, the shoulders start to drop or they dropping as the arms. Travel forward in a circle. And then we Xcel to Roland and we'd been, let's do two more and a little quicker. XL cars. Inhale, reach down, open out. Exhale, press back.

We're working with the breath, reaching near, arms behind and heel. They go up and ran forward and when we roll up and we bend last one, challenging the abdominals and all of the ranges of motion. So even, yes, there are definitely ringing you up now, but continue to challenge them here and now. [inaudible] as your arms come all the way around and roll up. Okay, let's do the rowing back to as well. And we'll grant anally with the breaststroke arms out like this. So we're gonna be adding a back extension action.

I recommend squeezing your bum and not just going from the lower back. So here we go. Um, we're going to bend our arms like a bicep. As you exhale, start to roll back. Allow your upper arms to drop near the size of your body. There's an inhale to pause there. We're exhaling. Start just the littlest bit inflection and then start to reach up through the spine, straightening out through the lower back, and then extending the upper back. Reach the arms up and drop them down in front.

That's when we get ups totally straight. And heel bend. Exhale, curl. Okay. Why letting the arms fall down next to the body and yell, pause. Exhale. Extend the spine, reaching up, chest up, eyes up, letting the arm stretch and dropping the arms forward. And let's do two more. Inhale to then exhale, rolling down, squeeze on IX together. Let the elbows drop just near to the sides.

Inhale to exhale and Arula stretching forward, lifting the spine. And dropping the arms down to sit up tall. Last time here, rolling back every shoulder blades and you know, we pass and excellent. They see and reach all the way fought, right? I don't know guys. Do we need a grand finale? That grand finale? Let's flip. We're going to do one. Okay. So the breaststroke, you want your um, upper arms and lower arms to be quite close. I'll show you. So you start here for head down on the Mat. We're going to reverse it so it'll be exactly the reverse as it is on the reformer. We're going to inhale, picking up the head, chest and arms.

Reach the arms back. We'll then exhale and reach the arms overhead, fold the and on the inhale and exhale down. So kind of upper forums just outside upper arms for head off, down on the ground, abdominals in strong legs. Inhale, float the arms and chest a little exhale. Stretch the arms. Don't feel about lifting the body higher. Think about lifting the arms high. Reach around as you inhale, maybe lift a little higher there. Exhale, bend and Lower IQ to differently that time. But here we go again. I think I'll do it the same. Head, chest. Inhale. Exhale.

Just don't inhale potentially. You'll give yourself more if you want to as the arm circle. You don't have to lift higher at all. When you fold the elbows back and we lower down. Let's do that two more times. Lifting, stretching the arms forward, reaching the arms up. NRN folding the elbows back in.

Feel the shoulders drop is that happens and lower the body down. Here's our last one. You guys have glories. Stretch the arms up overhead. Circle them around. Fold them back in. Place them down. Press, uh, rest your spine, your back. Then press up and just sit back on your feet.

This is where we're going to end today. You guys, they just take your time making your way into that rest position. You can separate your knees if that would feel better. We just have a few breaths here and as you breathe, this is a good place to really feel the whole body, the pulp side of the body. Expand, breathing into the ribs. [inaudible] exhale, releasing tension. Take two more breaths there.

One Way and when you're ready, help yourself up. Thanks for playing apparatus on the mat.


Great class & inspiration Meredith! Thank you!
Great class with some exercises I have never done before. Thanks.
I loved the use of the reformer exercises on the mat. The upper back exercises were my favorite.

I really enjoyed this class. You have such a calming way about you. I did laugh at your wonder twin powers comment!


Thanks ladies. As always, I'm so happy to hear from you!
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Love a good equipment class on the mat- especially the chair exercises! Perhaps some new ones like this sometime soon?!?
Marissa I hope so.  Thanks for the idea!!

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