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Amy takes the 're-entry' approach with today's class. Re-connecting with some of the basics and fundamentals is never a bad idea. Class starts with a solid ab warm up, goes through a traditional list touching on all the good standby exercises. This class isn't fancy, but it will leave you feeling put back together.
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Let's go ahead and start on the mat today and I'll have you start flat on your back. I might do a little bit of walking around. Wow. Yeah. Let's do toes face in and, and you know, there might still be some people that come and maybe not. That's all right. And I think where we'll start this morning is with the knees bent and your feet just flat on your mat. And let's just take a quick scan and then tad move a little bit more of your body on the mat so that you're not head on the, on the wood floor. Okay. So depending on where your body is today, uh, and you know, take out of class what you need, we're usually always on many of us in a very different place than when you get back from vacation. Um, you know, stressful work weeks, et Cetera, on vacation. So, you know, get out of it what you need. And, um, main thing is to consider and to keep thinking about as the breath. You know, when in doubt, just kinda slow down.

Take a nice deep breath in and really feel those lungs move open and close while contracting the abdominals. If you feel stress anywhere through your neck or shoulders, just stop. Um, you know, it'll be probably a moderate piece today. So let's get moving there. So I think I'm just going to have a quick look at everybody's feet and just have the heels that any bit more. Let's see. A little bit of part. Yeah.

Let's go sitz bones with the part with those heels. Yes. Like my left foot is better. Uh, it is not though. Yeah. Um, in fact is needs to still come forward about, I know, isn't that weird? All those straight. Yeah. In fact, I might do this real quick while we're getting situated high, um, level your pelvis a little more untouched.

And as I'm walking around just doing a quick check on everybody and couple of you have, haven't seen it all before. Um, this gives me a good chance to see alignment. Do you know yourself to be a Tucker? Do you know? Are you a little bit more? Okay. You probably are a little bit of a Tucker, aren't you? That tuck under a little hyper Lodi. Okay. The other one that we wanna be your modern jazz. Yeah, of course though. Yeah. Okay. And then move your feet a little to your right.

Yeah. Okay. Okay. One more. Let me check here. Well, uh Huh. So often when, when we walk around as teachers and make these adjustments on our students or we see our students go back to their normal things, like if I shift your feet, sometimes if I walk away, you'll shift your feet back where they were a moment ago. So try very hard to, you know, if I make a correction to hold it, but I know that about myself too are my body wants to go back to where it was prior. So you know, trust some of those things too that are new or little corrections that you get. Okay. So now as we've gotten rounded, let's go ahead and start some very focused reading. You guys that nice full breath in through the nose and it's that deep exhalation out feeling, those rib muscles contract and the abdominals contract, and again, a full breath in trying to expand the width of the ribs and on the exhalation, narrow the ribs slightly by contracting and drawing those abdominals in deeply against the lower back. And again, a full breath in.

Yeah, and a strong exhale out. Just notice as you're doing your breathing, I'm gonna take a look that the pelvis doesn't pull backward on the, on the exhale that you can actually keep that pelvis completely level by even the, when you're engaging your abs, you don't have to tilt later. We'll get that going into the pelvic curl in articulation right now. Just taking a full breath in and out. When that inhale really widening the rib cage, fill up those lungs.

Really feel the stretch of your ribs in toward the inner sides of your arms there. Let's take two more breaths as a group. Inhale through the nose. Yeah, and exhale. One more time. That's looking really good. All right, next exhale. We'll start articulating this spine. So we will activate the abdominals. Here we go on the exhale, pull them in, scoop them as if they're going underneath your rib cage and slowly articulate your back, your spine bone by bone off of the mat.

And ideally we want to be able to get up to the base of the shoulder blades with a very long spine. So for some of us, and if we have a dance background, a couple of us do this morning, get more excited about tilting your pelvis under and engaging those rib muscles to flatten the front of the ribs, but yet still engage the back of the legs to keep the hips up. We want that flat take off ramp there. Let's take a breath here and then on the exhale, sinking the back of the chest, the back of the sternum really, and the lower mid back, the lower back back of those hip bones and all the way down through the sacrum and tail. And again a nice breath in and the exhale. So the scoop of the abdominal stow tilt, the pelvis back, peeling away from the Mat. I'm just concentrating also that you're not pushing weight onto the back of the head. Your arms are long, your tail is under.

You're engaging through the glutes and hamstrings. You've got even weight across the balls of the feet and the heels. Let's breathe in and exhale that sink of the upper back, the chest through the middle, back, the rib cage, the lower back and waist, pelvis, and all the way out to the tailbone. Let's go again. Inhale, and so as you're rolling up also, sometimes I'll give this cue for people. I'll come around and put my fist between your knees as a little indicator or a marker to keep yourself quite narrow. Yeah, so go ahead and squeeze my, yeah, take a breath at the top. No, as you roll down, that's it.

Taz keeps squeezing that. I want to feel that connection in your, in your strength. I'm all the way down to level and keep holding. Now let's go again. Inhale and exhale. So it's not just our hamstrings that we're working. It is the adductors, the inner thighs, the glutes are working, the lower back is working. Let's take a breath here. This is nice. Exhale, good squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Really conditioning those abdominals to manipulate that spine.

Are going to take three more. Inhale so I can get around to everybody this morning. Exhale. S roll it up. Me. Feel a harder squeeze but firmer squeeze. Keep going. Breathing. Exhale. Rolling down.

There you go. If I had that little, you know, we've used the props before. Keep going guys. Inhale, squeeze my fist. Good. We've used props. Oh, she cramped her hamstrings so much harder. You know what? I think it can be a little more true. Parallel tracking. Uh, you know, for some of us does talk to our hamstrings a little bit differently as well as the adopters. So this is our last one. Everybody when you're up there, let's stay up at the top. All right, Reena, stay there and start doing some art, uh, single leg movements. So on your exhale, first one, let's go ahead and flex at the right hip. Bring that leg up to tabletop and just hold it there for me.

So nothing y'all should change is if you just bring that leg up. Now inhale, set that foot down. We'll go to the other side. Exhale from the left hip, so the opposite leg has to be very, very loaded underneath that glute hamstring. Inhale, lower it down. Exhale, the right side lifts up. So standing very firm on the left. Inhale, lower and exhale, lift the left. Good. Inhale low. We'll take four more. So as you're alternating the leg lifts. Inhale, lower. Load the opposite leg first.

Then float that. There you go. The leg up to tabletop. You want to insure yourself. You've got stability before movement. Exhale, inhale. Beautiful guys. Last one. Exhale, the left. Inhale, lower that leg down. Now float both arms up to the ceiling. Back overhead. Just said the arms framing the ears. I don't want your arms all the way on the floor, but go ahead and let your shoulders sneak up towards your ears for a second. All right, so I'm going to have us roll down the spine with those shoulders.

They're snuck up by the ears and slowly start to articulate the upper back. Continue to breathe. Exhale, lower through the middle back, lower back, and your spine is as long as it possibly could be without being pulled, you know, by me or by somebody else through your arms and fingertips there. Take a breath. Now I want you to just open your arms out to a t position, palms facing the ceiling, and let's go ahead and just hover the arms up off of them floor a couple of inches. Focus on the reach of the arms wide rather than anything else at this point, okay? And I actually even want your fingers open like you're making kind of a jazz hand and take a breath. As we exhale, reach both arms now up toward the ceiling so that the arms will actually just be in line with your shoulders.

And if you had a soccer ball or volleyball about that width and press against that imaginary ball. Okay, so there's air right there right now. Press against it so you feel your chest in the age and your shoulders engage. We'll come back to that each time. Inhale as we open. Exhale as you come up and close hugging that space or squeezing that space. Inhale, open. Exhale, close all of this in a level, spine level, pelvis.

Exhale and press up two more times guys, making sure your shoulder blades are also pulling way down your back. We've got space now in between our ears and our shoulders. Last one is we open. Inhale, exhale as we close, and then just from here, reach both arms back overhead again. This time without letting your shoulder blade sneak up toward your ears, clasp the hands behind the head, interlacing or layering the hands is fine and that sneak the feet together. Knees together, working as and chest lift on the exhale. Head, neck and chest, so k to Tuck your chin in a little bit.

Curl up when it come up off the base of the shoulder blades. Inhale as we come down without losing the work in the ABS. Exhale as you curl up and inhale as you roll back down without losing that work and exhale as you curl up. Go to a little higher inhale as you lower that an exhale. So the ribs actually do somewhat of a kind of a funneling down toward the pubic bone. Inhale, as you roll back, exhale and curl. Press your back against the Florida curl.

A little higher. Inhale, lower back. Two more times guys. Exhale and curl. So lower that channel a little bit. Bring your elbows a little more in and I want you to curl higher air and lower and one more time. Exhale as we curl. Now stay right there. Take a good breath. Exhale.

We're going to go back into some leg lifting, right leg first to the tabletop. Exhale. Inhale the work back without losing the work. Exhale the left. Inhale lower. Let's do both now on the exhale. Inhale, lower both down. Start over with the left leg only. Exhale, end lift. Inhale, lower back level that pelvic bones and exhale, right.

Inhale lower. Now we've got bootlegs coming up. I'm going to have everybody just stay there. Make sure your Chin is slightly tucked in your eye. Should see your thighs. Hold the position. Always good to kind of hold the positions. Really feel where the work is.

Are your shoulder blades down low enough on your back is your pubic bone heavy, is your spine imprinting. And then everybody come on down with your head and chest to keep those legs up. We're going to take another breath. Curl right back up. Now adding the toe taps here. I love to do these. So on the exhale, let's just reach the right toes and you're taking them down. Exhale, alternate, left and right, right? So there's like a sensing, a sense of anchoring in your ribs, anchoring in your sacred.

Okay. Feel that strength in the exhale to imprint the bat for more. Here's one, two, three, and last one for very nice everybody. Now let the legs stay up and bring the head and chest back down. Okay. Bring your arms back up against, uh, reaching to the ceiling as if you're holding that ball again, but it's not going to stay there. You're gonna open back out toward the tee. But this time, again, not letting the arms touch the floor.

I want you to just to keep them hovered and that sense of reaching out wide, we're going to take just four side to sides of the legs so it is different. With your arms hovered up, you probably won't be able to go as far to the side when you've got your arms rested down. Me Can actually help kind of let you go further. This one may keep you more honest. Okay, so let's take a breath. Inhaling as you lean your knees to your right, only as far as you can without that opposite shoulder leaving the mat, your knees and ankles should be bolted together or a little bit apart. If that's more how you're working, fine. Stay there you guys. On an inhale, let's use the exhale to come back to center.

Deepening into the contraction of the belly. Now over to the left again, keep it honest. Don't go so far that that right shoulder lifts off of the floor. I may not be able to go that far. Inhale, exhale. As you come back into center, I want to take a look at that. Inhale over to your right and exhale. Come back over to center and inhale over to your left. Tricky, isn't it? Exhale, come back to center. We will have to do one more now. We do go to the right. Go ahead this time and stay to the right because I want to see now I see a little bit of daylight underneath. One person's back is Barbara, so can you try not to have any daylight underneath your back there. There, there, Barbara.

Pull in more Flatnet with ribcage to the side of the bat and then come back into center once again to the other side. Guys, this is the last one. I promise. Keep that exhale going. That's where the power of the abdominals really takes place on the exhalation. Yeah, keep going, Barbara. A little bit too much daylight for me. Minimize that. Go, go, go. We'll input input in and then everybody ups come back to center.

Let your legs come down and just rest for a sec. Did that make sense a little bit? Barbara, could you tell what I was seeing or, yeah. Can I show you? You never know. I'm a good example of this because I have tended to do this in the past too, and maybe some of us that tend to be a little Archie here. So if I go to my left, yeah, I'm exaggerating right now so you guys can see that daylight there.

Yeah, so, and if I go to this side, what happens? I think what's going on with that is this releases rather than stays retracted, you see the difference. So when I let it go and kind of let my back push me, then I've got this release. But if I engage the stomach and the obliques that's really unattractive to show the other way and think of lengthening that spine, then that diminishes a little bit. Yes, in one side of you has to work harder than the other side, which we found in the past. But okay, the a hundred here we go. No more delay. I know y'all can't wait. Arms up to the ceiling. Now knees are just starting in tabletop before we come up to the chest lift or the curl, put a little engagement between your shoulder blades on your back.

Just a little bit. Okay. Try to maintain that through the hundred today. Let's take a breath. Exhale. Let's curl the head neck and chest up. I will have this. Extend the legs out to your diagonal where you're gonna take the whole a hundred you can be a slightly turned out in the legs. We'll go with our and sure. Just keep their feet relaxed, but the legs engaged so the back of those legs really wrapping underneath your buttocks can be from just a little bit.

[inaudible]. Yeah, that's it. Easy on the forehead. No tension across the face. Here you go. I'm not sure what count we're on. Anybody.

10 to 34 five. Exhale. Three, four or five. No, hold onto it. Just reach your arms up toward the ceiling. Right alongside the ears. On an inhale, press the arms down to the mat. Exhale, hug your knees and take a rest. Just let the head turn side to side. Nice work you guys. Okay. Come on up to sitting. I want us to just do the roll up, but starting from sitting to roll back today and open up the feet and start with your arms forward and his c curve and a little bit different.

Some days when we do the roll up, I'll, I'll let you go a little further out into the stretch today. I want you just to stay more shoulder girdle above pelvic girdle. But how much of a c curve can you make with that so that the emphasis really is the stomach pulling into the lower back, lower back, pulling back. Okay, so from here, let's take a good inhale and the exhale starting to rule back bone by bone. Feel each segment taking the arms back overhead again or framing the head without touching the floor and then coming back up. Arms, head, neck, chest contract, roll up and just stopping in that seeker. Aha. So shoulders about pelvic girdle.

Take a breath and exhale and roll back. We just continue that scoop of the stomach as if it's trying to get itself up underneath the rib cage or the abdominal wall. And again, arms head, chest curl. So the more we're rounding forward over the legs, we're also pulling deeper into the lower belly. Inhale here, enrolling your back. Now keep going with this. Do you remember that fist cue I gave everybody during articulation? Try to think about that now if I had my fist between all of your knees.

All right, inhale, arms, head, neck, chest, and Earl. There you go. So there's activity going on in the legs a little bit. See Curve, take a breath in and roll back. Easy across your shoulders and your neck. Yep. You can wiggle the head every now and again if you need to check into that. Let's take two more. Inhale arms, good shoulder check, contract. Press those upper abs in. Yeah, easy on the forehead. Expression. Inhale, no tension.

Exhale and rollback. We want activity. We don't and you know, and and tension as far as contraction in the muscles. But tension can often be a stress as well. Try to take the stress out, find more flow or still activity. Here we go. Okay. And then I want us to stay seated. I'm going to spine stretch forward with just three times to open up the legs about Max width. We're going to add some extension into this one this morning.

So feeder flex toes right up to the ceiling. Take a good inhale here. We're parallel with our legs and exhale and around over. So we just did some flection. We're doing some more. Now we're going to add that extension piece. So lengthen up through the lower back length in the mid back in this morning.

Everybody just keep your arms reaching forward from your shoulders. Yeah, just straight out from the shoulder. So if I came over, stay there Samantha, and did this to everybody. Oh I know I, oh yeah, thanks. Lengthen up linkedin against me a little more. Do you see how she did that? Yeah, so that's the idea that there's more of a takeoff ramp rather than there it is. Easy. Shoulders, neck. Now that's at extension. She's working on it. Yup.

Take a breath and we're going to go back into flection from there. Rounding over into the c curve. Let's just work that as a movement. Mechanics or the spinal mechanics. So on the exhale, go ahead and start coming into extension. It's often the knees and the back cue. Stay there.

Now getting taller from the tail up through the top of the head. Let's take a breath and then exhale. Go back into the flection, the round back. Stay there. Inhale. Let's slowly go through extension again. Arms straight out from your shoulders, home facing each other. [inaudible] got to work to hinge. This fella forward. Oh my goodness. Inhale and exhale. Go back into round pool.

The abdominals back in. Two more times. You guys inhale and exhale. Just like there's like this xylophone that goes from your secrets up through, even through the tip top of the head, a little more back extension. I think the racich there. Inhale and exhale coming back through flection.

Good. Annie, and one more time you guys. I know this is a lot, and moving through extension. Okay, now we're ready to move the arms a little more. It was, we normally have the arms come up into a a V position, so from this hinge forward, your back should be very ignited right now. Take your arms up. If you can't get 'em up alongside the frame of your ears, that's okay. What if yours are just here today? That's all right. Eventually we want to take them higher. But with that, all those other distortions that happen, you know, so you might lose your hinge a little bit to bring your arms higher. That's also fine. We do want the shoulder blades plugged down the back.

Primary feature feet, stow flexed, abdominals drawn in. Now just five times on your exhale, draw the arms a little farther back if you can. Exhale one and two and three [inaudible] four and last one five. And let's go back into, around, back. Hold on the in steps of the feet and just let yourself stretch and breathe. Let's take three together. [inaudible] [inaudible], um, putting some oxygen air back into those back extensors.

That just got a lot of work on the extension. One more time and then go ahead everybody. Just roll yourself up. Bring your legs in together and just slide back. I'm going to have this go into some leg circles. Okay. Alright. So with the leg circle, I often do a little bicycle, um, kind of a transition or it's actually a lot of ab work I think. So we're going to do that today. If you have your legs out long, hopefully both heels are on the mat and we don't want to pull that mat up. Yeah.

Okay. So fundamentally we're in an imprint with our sternum in the back of our sternum. Definitely the rib cage, if you can. All lumbar bones would be wonderful if it would be great if they could get all the way down, depending on our spinal shape. Some of us have to work really hard to get the lumbar completely flat. It might not even be possible for a couple of us that are really bent this way, but the front of the belly, and that includes from the pubic bone up to the [inaudible] process.

This whole panel should be flat. Okay. So that we don't lose it and lift the ribs. So all we're going to do, pretend you're on the beach, maybe, and your heels are in some warm sand. Drag your right heel towards your sits bones. You're pulling the sand towards you. Now lengthen that leg up to the ceiling. It's just at 90 degrees. Now as that leg goes out, the other one starts to drag in. Drag the left heel, and by the time the other one is down, this one is up. We'll do an inhale.

Exhale. So [inaudible] left leg dragging in. [inaudible]. Inhale, drag. Exhale, reach to the ceiling. Inhale the left one dragging in. Exhale. It's up to the ceiling. That's right. Inhale, Rad and reach and left and uh, and [inaudible].

Shh. Other way. Barbara. [inaudible]. Yes. One more each side. Last one. Fantastic. Leave your left leg up.

Left leg up. Oh, okay. Now as your left leg is up, keep it there with your strength. Try not to use your hands. How to hold the leg up even if it's not 90 degrees. Cause I know for you that's not going to be really possible. Bring it this way. Bring level your Chin a little bit there. Okay. Now focus for a second. The back of that hip, your left hip. Pull it more in to the mat.

County abdominals. Be So active that it just holding that Femur in that joint. Your quad doesn't need to do some more to work, but let the belly do that. Yep. You can kind of wiggle the leg a little if you want to. Okay, so the back of the hip is what's really on the map. Now let's circle five times the leg crosses in. Exhale, a little circle round and up. Cross over. Exhale, round and up. Cross. Exhale, round and up. Cross. Exhale.

Round in up once more. Guys, this looks good. Round up. Now reverse the direction so we open. Exhale deeply. Pull in the low belly. The other leg is still long on the mat. Three more open. Exhale, round lift by pulling those stomach muscles deep. Do more. Last one, open down, round with them. That's plenty. Had been that name.

Bring it down. Okay. Bicycle. Your left leg up. I'm sorry. Your right one, you just did your left. So as that leg is up, take that same check-in stomach so strong, just pulling that femur into the joint. Okay. Let the abdominals get a little greedy and pull that in. So the back of that hip is very firm on the map, helping to anchor you down. Okay. The other side is also anchored.

We know that this leg is slightly turned out. We're going to cross it over the other leg. First to the left. Inhale, big cross [inaudible] little circle up and around. Inhale, cross. Exhale. Up and around. Go over your midline. First. Inhale over the midline. Exhale, round up. Two more over the mid line. Exhale, rounded up. Last one, that direction. Exhale around and up.

Now reverse little open x. You'll feel this stomach come in. I should phrase it this way. Oh, how can I phrase it differently? How does it feel to bring the stomach muscles in? You know, they won't just go in on their own. On the exhale, they go in. Ah, last one. That's plenty. Bend the knees and just give yourself a hug. You know, what does it feel like? I should phrase it that way. Okay.

Put your hands behind your shins. I'm sorry, but find your size. That didn't make any sense at all. And just bring yourself to chest lift again. Now look down at your pelvis once you to drop that pubic bone. So it's in line with your hip bones. Okay, here we go. Shoulder blades are pulled down the back.

See if you can engage those abs just a little bit more to come all the way up. A little higher and higher. Relax your collar there, Harper. Now staying in that chest lift position. We're going to go into double leg stretch just four times. Inhale, as you extend your arms and legs open around now go ahead and just put your hands behind your thighs again. Inhale, arms by the ears, legs out, exhale around it. Ah, the reason why I'm having you put your hands back there is to give you a little opportunity to check your position. One more. Inhale, exhale around home. Okay, hands behind the head, Chris Crops.

Let's extend the left leg. Rotate toward that right thigh. We're going to exhale this. We change sides today. Here we go. [inaudible] you're going change, change and change and change. Keep going and cruel hire. So you do want to get the elbow directed toward that knee.

Try to minimize any extra rocking in the pelvis. Let's take four more. One and two and three and four. Face your thighs and just let your head go back and rest for a minute. God, you guys. Okay, roll up. Let's do rolling like a ball and because there we have some different, you know schools in here, which is really nice. Sometimes a classical trained, your hands are crossed at your ankles, you know, and you're really, really tight in that bowl. This way. Some are more. One Hand on each ankle with knees open. Do what you know your body does best with. Further rolling like a ball.

I'm more into that right now these days because I know I just have that a sensitivity. We can focus on a few things. The distance here from thigh to chest, whatever that is. Let's try to keep it equal, distant through the rolling. Okay, that makes sense. We'll do, oh, he's ready to go. Let's do six rolls and he loves this one. Inhale, roll it back. Exhale, come up. That's where you going to have to fight that equidistant cue, I think. Inhale, roll back.

Why? Thank you. It does seem to work sometimes. You know, we've put a ball there in the lap before your mat sliding on the wood floor. Try a couple more. Try a couple more. Let me see those. See curves and rural land and rest for a second. Do you want to change? Well, it's okay. I was gonna say we could change maths. It probably is going to happen and open my Grok or two. But we're going to try. We're gonna try it again. I'm going to try it again. I'm going to give you another cue.

You're welcome. That's better. Yes. Some are older mats that have a local gloss on the bottom of them. It's a little trick. A little welcome back trick. Here's another cue. And this was one that my, my very first teacher, Gary called around. I've used it for years. You've probably heard this 12,000 times.

How quietly can you roll through your back? Uh, because when I came to plays, I was also quite a bit this way with my, my lower back and for me to roll, I, I wasn't able to get the flection to roll quietly. So I would do the good old thump kind of, you know, which is definitely not a rolling, uh, appearance and it Kinda didn't feel good and dumping like a ball or I get back there and I couldn't get back up cause my neck was like that, you know? Definitely. Again, this is flat instead of being an a c curve. So as you're rolling back, I won't talk. I'll have you do maybe five or six more. And if this were a xylophone, imagine it that you'd hear something like that. You know what I mean? So I think what happens often, we miss this section right there. Not Everybody. Dad never misses it. Okay. So I'll be quiet to see if you can be as quiet in your roles as possible.

Let's start at the top together. Alright. And we go and he'll back. Yeah. And again, handheld back tune into some auditory teaching. Nath better deep scoop. That's better. Yeah, that's better looking back. Yeah, you're fine. And rest. Yeah.

Oh, we all did fine. We all define as a process that was better. Yeah. We very similar dance background, dark net dance training sometime. Okay. Come on over to our tummies. Okay. But thank God for it too. We, you know, we enjoyed ourselves during a dance training and audience life, but miss some things also along the way. Okay.

Where or want us to go with this today. Um, we're going to start with just a mini swan and build our way up. So as your hands are on your mat, right above kind of in front of your shoulders, press your hands onto your mat and kind of pull on the mat so that your elbows are pulling towards your hips. You know, is if the yeah, kind of stretched the Mat towards you and lengthen your neck top of the head forward before we come up. Pull those stomach muscles up and again, you can work with your legs a little bit of part slightly turned out. You can have them fully abducted together. I'm going to let you work with what you need today, but put your mind on your physical feeling on your pubic bone and hip bones and imprint those. Okay, that, that triangle of bones. Press that into the mat. Now let's take a breath.

I want us to float the head up off the mat but also length in the neck forward. Just bring yourself up as high as you can without letting your elbows leave the mat or your forearms. Leave the mat. I'm just asking those back extensors to lift the spine and move the spine. Now taken abdominal check because sometimes we've done that. We've pushed the stomach forward. We didn't know we did. We might have.

Can you inhale and get longer and an exhaled even get longer as you come back down onto the mat, four head will touch where we can inhale and exhale as you lengthen. My hands are pulling slightly on the mat. I'm actually doing more of the pool with my lats. I'm just cuing the hands because their on the mat. They're too laying fin the sides of the neck towards the ears, through the top of the head pretty then and exhale.

Can you get longer as you come down, really feeling the back read in at the bottom and again, imprint that pelvis and lengthen. Yeah, you've been having some sensation of lengthening down my legs from my pelvis toward my feet. Beautiful sense of full length from top to bottom of the body. Breathe in there. Get a little longer and exhale to come back down. We're going to take that three more times. You guys breathe in so can really good exhale.

Is that from quality of your lats? Put a little squeeze here for me just so the collar bones are wider. That's it. Take a breath. Get long and exhale as you come down even along or through your chest. Through the front of the sternum.

Inhale and exhale. Yeah. Pupil bone, pubic bone pupil thought and for you and I more ribs in Indian there. Feel that we're, I know. Inhale long next sale coming down guys. One more time. Let's take a good breath in. Feel that strength. The sides of the back side of the shoulder supporting the Scapula, no weight on that pubic bone. It's almost like it's going to be a little more on the top of the Fi's to inhale there. Now before you go back down, I actually want you to go higher.

Now can you go to full swan from there without hiking your shoulders up? Okay. In here I've got to get situated and come back down. Say My da could you get longer, longer, longer, longer, longer as you come back down. So I noticed something, which is fine actually. Um, with the hands here, getting kind of the Cobra, we all was fine. When we go a little higher to swan, we would rather not start this one from there. Do you see that? And then make the adjustment. Whoops. At the top. But can you, and some days the elbows might ne not, might not get completely straight if done correctly. See what I mean?

Nope. I'm not sure where I'm at today. Right now. Look at my triceps. You're shaking. You can tell. I've been away for a couple of weeks. Okay. But that's the, we want to not get into that sort of thing. Okay, let's try that again. I'm going to have this go into neck roll after this, so, all right, so whatever you can do to not let those shoulders sneak up, we're going to go there and take an inhale. Exhale is pass through that very quality cobra. Okay, that's better Samantha. So the higher you go, you've got to draw down, down, down on those lats. Pull those down.

Even if your elbows aren't fully straight, that's where I want you to be. Now turn your head to your right. Look to your right. You're going to look down towards your mat. Your net head is doing a roll. Look to your left and back to center. Other direction. Head turns to the left. Beautiful Neck.

Roll down around. Look to your right, look to the center and then come out of this one with control, with strength, stability in the shoulders, abdominal still working and come all the way down. Beautiful. You guys. Okay. Come up to rest pose real quick to ease out your back. Good Nick Role. Yeah, we don't do nick. Roll every time. [inaudible] oh yeah. Shot today. No, not, not today. However, let's come into a front support, uh, be uh, on hands and knees first. You know, I have to be in a really good place myself to do net pool.

How were you with net pool? Yeah. Yeah. We got a cell phone dance going on. It's okay. That's okay. Sometimes it's his dog barking cell phone, which is pretty fun. So hands are open. I'm going to have this Tucker toes and as you're just here, guys, just in a nice neutral spine or level spine.

So head in between the shoulders. The last are still very firm. Elbows aren't locked. Yeah, abdominals are in and up, but you're not in a tuck. If I could lay a ruler right over your back. Okay. No, actually knees are down. Sarah, you're fine. A barber. Walk your hands farther back by about [inaudible]. Here we go.

Shoulders should be right above your wrists. Okay. Now all I want you guys to do as your toes, your Tuck, you're going to lift your knees off of the Mat, but you know it's going to be about two to three inches. Can you lift your knees up without rounding your back and just hold there and then bring your knees back down without really disturbing anything else that you just put into your body there. Inhale, exhale. So the back still very ignited your lats, very supportive of your, of your shoulders. Inhale, hold and exhale and just set the knees back down. So really nothing should change alignment wise.

Just float your knees up and down. Exhale, inhale, hold and exhale. Bring the knees back down. That's really where it should be. Inhale, hold, exhale, and das different. Inhale, exhale and knees down. You should be back here too. Interesting. A lot of us need to be a little farther back. Okay. And then again, exhale, lift your tail, a little tab. Inhale, hold, exhale, lower. Just one more time. Now from there, just no extend one leg back. The toes are still tucked. That should have set you up nicely for your friend. Support just hole, but the feet back should we linked in the sternum? Lots of squeeze in the legs.

Use everything you can to hold your position here to keep going on what you just to float your right foot up off the floor. Engage your hamstrings toward the ceiling. We're going to post the leg up just five times. One, two, three, four and five. Set that foot down. Stabilize your position on it. Lift the left leg, point the foot softly or flex either way and one hamstrings. Guys, two, three, four, five. Set that foot down. Lift your hips up. I know your maths are sticky and sweaty. Your hands might be sweaty.

[inaudible] all right, you're going to bend your knees down under the Mat and then just sink back into a little pose for a moment. Well, your wrist around if they got a little cranky on that and then we're going to come into a little bit of side work. So once you guys face me on your right side, we'll go lying all the way down on our side. You need to move this and there are a few setups. We've no, sometimes we bring the legs slightly forward. Let's not today. Just have your legs in line with your hips and your sternum long. Your head can be on your arm.

You can also bend that arm if you want a little more neck support. That does give your neck a little bit more height than just being flat there. Okay? And then what I want everybody to do is take their left arm and just put it on their side. So you're very balanced. But also that gives a chance for this collarbone to open up.

Sometimes when her hand is on the mat, we can kind of round it for a, okay, we've got a little space here. Let's take a good breath in. And then on the exhale, lift both legs up, hold and lower. If you want your hand, you can use it. But if you don't want to, you don't have to. On exhale, here we go, lift the legs up and inhale. Let's lower and exhale as we lift. Use this lat to help. Inhale, lower, exhale and lift.

So the reach of the left arm can actually assist you guys. Inhale down. Exhale. Inhale, lower. A couple more, just a tiny bit. [inaudible]. Inhale, lower exhale and we'll lift. Inhale lower one more time and exhale both legs up.

Now keep your both legs up. Is your bottom waist still a little bit lifted above the mat, so you want to feel that underneath side active. It is. Okay. Now just the [inaudible] talk leg. Let's take it up about, we'll do five repetitions, so let's just going to go a bit higher than your hip. You're in parallel and then lower it back down and again, exhale, lift, inhale lower. You want to go up high enough that you feel the side of your glute contract and lower two more times. Exhale, lift.

You want to be in parallel for this set. Exhale, lift and lower nail. Stay there. Turn that leg outward. Slightly. Five more lifts. Most of us are going to have a little more range of motion, but not a whole lot because we don't have this hand to help out. Exhale and left. Yeah, let the inner thigh face me three more. Exhale and lift and down. And two more exhale.

Hopefully feeling some deep external back there. Yup. And down and last time. Exhale, lift out by and inhale lower and then roll that leg back into parallel. And let's just do a little alternating change to the legs and change and change. I'm thinking of brushing my inner thighs together. The, the separation of the legs doesn't have to be too wide. Can You keep this? Collarbone Open?

[inaudible] one more. Here's one and two and three and four. Bring both legs together. Take one more breath and exhale. Lower everything down and rest. Okay, good. Come on up onto your elbow. Everybody in the same thing. We'll just have her legs in line with our hips and the elbow should be directly underneath the hollow of your underarm. Not out away from that shoulder.

Okay, so it's just this nice vertical line and then this negative space here. You want to be able to feel and see a triangle, right? Without a curve on it. Okay. That's the guilty I w that's where most of us are guilty of kind of curving that line. We want to keep it flat. Okay. And then let's all do this with the other hand on that shoulder so that you're almost pulling the elbow behind your little bit.

Bare weight onto that right elbow here, and we're going to lift up onto the elbow. Lift your hip up. Yeah. If this bothers anybody's shoulder, you don't even have to take the hip off the floor. You can just act as if you do. Okay, now let's lower the hip down. Take another inhale. Exhale. Let's go back up. Your feet can be flexed.

Inhale and exhale and lower back down. Two more times. Exhale at the check lift. Now how old are you guys? I want you to take that arm over your shoulder, over your ear. Hold, hold, hold. I'm going to bring that hip back down. Keep this arm reaching. Inhale and exhale. Lift back up. One more time.

Get your body long. Stretch without arching the back. Let's inhale together and exhale. Come all the way down and find me. Bring that arm down. Okay. Other side. This is come up with a switch. Yeah. All right, so we're a long, long, long, long and if you made a pillow with that arm on the other side, make sure to do it on this side too. You guys know that flat ribs in the front, which creates a long spine on the back arm by your side legs, you're parallel. Let's take an inhale and then the exhale to lift both eyes up and inhale as you lower. I am in a walk round for this one.

Exhale because sometimes you think you're stacked but you're not. You know that's it. Exhale n hover the thymes. If anything we would want to keep going, have our pelvis leaning forward slightly rather than back. And if we had our hand down on the mat it would make it easier to get that. But I don't want you there. You're, you're strong enough to not need that top hand I think. Okay.

And down again. Exhale before you actually move the legs up. Inhale as you go. Lower down that sense of reaching out long and lower down. Two more times. Exhale, contract. Before you lift.

Good work. You guys end down and last time with lift whole [inaudible]. All right, so easy shoulder there, Barbara, that right? Yeah. Okay. Talk leg is going to come up. Exhale, one. Inhale lower. So as you're doing these, keep your knee cap facing my way, like it's a big strong flashlight and now go up high enough that you feel the side of the hip contract. Two more.

Exhale and lift. Inhale, lower and last time. Exhale, lift and inhale lower. And then we'll go into external rotation. Five Times. Exhale, we lift. Inhale lower. Keep your foot soft if you'd like to exhale. N Do you guys feel that in the, yeah. External rotators and good. Two more times. Exhale and thigh coming up and down.

And last time exhale, left. Lower per turning to parallel. We just did a little slow separating in the leg. Sometimes I call it walking in place, but it's just a little mini scissors. So switch and sweating and switch. Brushing those inner thighs, staying balanced laterally. Switch, bottom waist still lifted slightly. One more each direction.

Switch and switch. Birth boom with both legs together and we come off [inaudible] way down. Okay. Up on our elbow. Almost done guys. I know, you know. So Sarah, because this is, you know, this is the bit, yeah, you know, I wouldn't, I wouldn't even lift the hiphop. Okay. It is really just enough to be on the position and slightly unweighted.

Maybe not the full thing. We're here with the other arm. Your feet can be flexed. We've got that long inner waist rather than occur. Okay. There and he'll prepare. Let's exhale and lift the hip. Ah, and inhale as we come back down, not getting comfortable. Just a gentle touch of that hip. And exhale. Come right back up.

Inhale. As we come back down, exhale, you're going to go right back up and then take that top arm over the ear. The shoulder blade should be pulling down. Inhale as we come back down. Beautiful. Exhale one more time as we lift up and get long. That should be a ribbon cue. That's it. Through the stern and through the top of the head.

Let's take a breath one more time. Exhale as we come. All the way down and let's rest there. Good, good rib check seal. Last one we can face in Persil seal. All right, thank you. Rolling. Like a ball. The two cues we use this distance from side to shoulder and quiet. There were a lower back. Okay. Your option to do the clap, clap, clap while your back over your shoulders. Definitely as we come back up to the top and you can either do clap with just the feet. I'm more of a hip mover. You guys? Yeah. Okay, good.

So we roll back. Inhale, one, two, three, roll back. One, two, three. Roll Up. One, two, three and make sure when you get back you're still chin down toward chest. You actually want to balance just on your shoulder blades but not on the head. So that means you can't stay back there too long because you may be tempted to bring your way back on your head. Let's do three more and roll back. One, two, three. Roll Up. One, two, three, roll back. One, two, three. Up. One, two, three. We'll all balance this. Next time. One, two, three, hold please. The feet down. Turn yourself around.

Just real quick for a standing roll up. Take an easy stretch through the legs. Drop that head down. Okay, everybody. Nice class. Let's roll ourselves up to standing. Drop that tailbone down bone by bone. We roll. Hopefully you feel better than you did when you came into class.

Little worked out taller. That's always a very good thing for us to hear. You look taller. Sweat a little. Okay. Thank you very much. Thank you. So nice to have visitors.


Great class, i really like the simple way you explain things. The class didn't need to be fancy, it felt great and challenging. The cuing on the one leg circle, i really felt my abs like never before in that exercise!
Hi Francesca! Thank you so much for your feedback and comments. I enjoy the simple exercises too....I think they can sometimes be the most challenging and most effective. Talk to you again soon I hope!
hI Francesca, I feel tension on the neck and shoulder when doing side bend. What should I do ?
Thanks for cueing on the swan, never realize it before
Hi Vivi.....tension in the neck and shoulder area when doing side bend could be coming from elevated shoulders and/or forward head and shoulders. Double check your scapula depression, feel and connect to a lengthening in the front of your body...your sternum---and reach it to the top of your head.....and of course, source those abdominals! Let me know if this helps some. Thank you for your feedback and questions. Talk to you again soon.
Hi Amy, it helps ...., no tension anymore.... thanks a lot.....
Great!! You're welcome!
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There were some really great cues in here that helped me with some movements I have always struggled with, especially on the sidework. Thank you!
Great to hear this Meg!
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I liked the teacher a lot, but won’t use again.
The weakness of the video is it’s a class, so remote viewers spend chunks of time waiting as the teacher corrects in-class student form. Need to edit that out or co-teach so the flow isn’t interrupted for remote viewers.
Hi Keith, this class was filmed a very long time ago when the site was brand new. We used to film live classes/studio classes with real students, which yes, did slow things down on occasion . We've grown so much both in filming quality but also in how classes flow etc . I would not let this class sway your opinion on what we have to offer here! I invite you to look at other classes of mine, newer etc, but also, look to the hundreds of other classes we have in our libraries to choose from. I know you won't be disappointed.

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