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Standing Footwork

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Strengthen your legs with this quick Standing workout by Adrianne Crawford. She teaches a Footwork routine that can be done anywhere. She focuses maintaining good alignment so you can work your way up to doing this series without holding on to anything.

Adrianne uses the Cadillac for this series, but you can use any stable surface that will help you keep your balance.
What You'll Need: Portable Barre, Wall, Table Chair

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So Hi, I'm Adrian. And today I want to be doing a little bit of um, a footwork workout, little routine here. So you can basically do this anywhere you can hold onto the back of a chair. Um, I like the Cadillac, especially because the Poles don't move. So you want it somewhere where it's kind of stable. So what I'm going to have these two lovely ladies do is turn and face the Cadillac and they're going to hold onto the bars. And what I'd like you to do is about have your hands close to hip level, maybe just slightly above. Good. All right, so let's begin.

What I'm going to have them do is step back just a little so your arms aren't completely straight, but they're just slightly bend and you are holding but as lightly as you can because ideally what we do is we take the bars away and then you're gonna. You would do this without bars. Okay? So let's have your feet facing forward. Good. You wanna think about what we call your powerhouse. Everything between your shoulders and your hips. It's a box, right?

So you got shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to hip, hip to hip, back up to the shoulder. So that's your powerhouse. Everything inside of that being your shoulder girdle, your rib cage, your bottom, and more importantly, your enabled. You want to think of pulling it in and up. Good. Getting those backs really tall, right? Okay, so let's go ahead and just start to warm up. You're going to start to bend journeys, but as you lower yourself down, I want you to think about staying really tall. So pull in your waist and lifted up, and then straighten your legs again, holding lightly and lower.

Now once you're down there, it's really easy to let your bottom's kind of just hang out. I want them to be down so no sway backs. Pull up and stand up tall. Think of those legs really stretching. Good. Let's do that two more times. Then we're going to add a step. There you go. Down, bottoms, down.

Good job. And then stretch. Let's do that one more time. Bend those knees. Stay tall on top of those hips so we don't fall too far forward either. And then stretch. Now you're going to straighten your legs. You're going to think of the mill lengthening and keep that navel to your spine and lift it up and you're in irrelevant up onto your toes.

Hold. Bend both knees. Keep those heels up and think of those heels stretching down to the floor and straighten your legs. Standing Tall. So now we're going to go a little bit quicker. Relevate so up onto those toes. Hold. Good job correcting those hips. Bend journey's good.

Go a little bit lower and lower the heels. Stretch them down. Straighten the legs now a little bit quicker and up bend journeys. Lower the heels, straighten the legs, Walmart. Time up, bend the knees, lower the heels, straighten the legs. We're going to reverse that. Reverse would be bend the knees, hold, lift the heels, straighten the legs, keep the heels up good.

And then lower them all the way down. So now your legs are long. Bend your knees, lift your heels, straighten the legs. Keep those bottoms down left like the faces that go with us and lower your heels. Now what if I asked you to let go? If you are still holding on now you can keep your arms forward just for safety sakes, right? Just in case you want that there, you're going to go ahead and bend those knees, lift those heels, straighten those legs. I learned heels. It becomes a balance exercise. Okay. And then journeys, keep those tailbones down.

Tommy's that and lift your heels, straighten the legs, grow tall. As you do these tomorrow, bend those knees, lift your heel bone down. Left. That's it, Ella. Or sometimes it's good to have reminders, right? And then Jenny's last one, lift the heels, straighten the legs at lower, add rest, bring your heels together. Toes slightly apart, maybe two fingers apart. So kind of turned out good. You can go ahead and lightly hold the bars stem level, like lower towards your hips and you're going to bend your knees out. Once you're down, I want you to get those bottoms to drop.

Continue lifting in that powerhouse and straighten the legs and lower coming to check on ya. Good Pullen and straighten those legs. Good. And again, bend, take the knees out, drop your seat, drop your bottom. There you go. And then straight nicely. How do I do that? And now let's go a little bit lower. So you're gonna actually let your heels lift off the floor. They'll come apart. It's easy to let those bottoms go. Push them in. Don't go too low.

And then come back up, up. Draw those ties and lift them up. And bend journeys don't go too low. Good. Right about, there's good. It's like a squat right? And come back up with the heels drop. So once your up, your heels are back down. Ready. And we call this a plea. A good, I didn't have to tell her this time. Let your heels live.

She remembered cause I walked over right. And then come back up. Grow tall and two more plea a good. Hey, come back up. Zip. So think of those legs zipping up last time. And Ben, good. Tailbone down and stretch. Open your feet apart. Still slightly turned out.

Big Squad. So knees are going to go out as you go down. Go down, sit in it, fix the spine. So bottom, stay down, Tommy, stay up and lean back a little Nikita. Good. And then grow tall. Squeeze your seats. Think of those outer thighs are wrapping around to the inner thighs. You get a nice zip up in those legs and Ben and straighten and bend and straighten and Ben hold. You are going to want the bar here.

Lift your heels, straighten your legs. Grow Tall. Lower the heels, Ben. So kind of the same thing you just did, but now you're just slightly open with the feet. Stretch. Grow Tall. Lower the heels to mark. Ben, lift the heels. Stretch. Go back down one more time. Drop your bottom.

Yes. Stretch. Easy to forget why you're doing all this stuff and rest. How about reversing? Start with the heels up. Bend your knees, lower the heel, grow tall, so don't fall forward. It's easy to do that too. And come back up. Eh, heals up. Bend the knees, lower the heels. Hopefully you're getting a little shaky here and come back up, Eh, and it helps with the lights, right? I band. Sorry, I forgot to tell you. Lift those heels. Drop them and go back up. So one more time heals up. Bend the knees, lower the heels, lift your backs, added it back up, both heels back together.

Go ahead and hold that bar, make your feet a little bit slightly turned out, but just go ahead and stretch. But your hips fall away, way back. Let your heads drop and just feel a nice stretch. Hold those bars so that you can really let yourselves fall. Let your chest open. Come forward, round yourself up. So the last thing up, next time it should be your head walk. Well, bring your feet together. Let's go ahead and put one foot up on the Cadillac and then you're holding on lightly.

You have to hop your standing leg back a little bit because what you're going to end up doing is a stretch. So you'll end it. So put your the ball of the foot on the Cadillac. There you go. And then you'll fall back and stretch. So you're going to drop your nose to your knee as you go to straighten that right leg. Now the trick here is getting those hips to square off.

So do what you can to get your right hip to square off with your left hip red. Keep yourself centered, bend your knee, shift your weight forward. So your name Will Ben. You're going to sit your seat on your heel forward. Lift your backs and stretch two more times. Stretch back. So same exact thing. Go back, stretch out. Drop your head and Akita holding on, but not gripping.

I want to come over here and shift you there, your centered, and then bend journey and come forward. Straighten the back leg. Get it long. Lift your waist, not your shoulders. And one more time. Stretch back. Drop your head. Good. Drop that right hip a little bit if you can, and Ben and come forward. Lift your backs. Open your chest.

I know switch sides, the same thing. Other like, so left foot is up. Good. Same exact thing. So you're gonna fall back. Stretch the leg out. You might have to hop, you're standing link back a bit. If it doesn't feel like you've got enough range there, good. Let your next relax as you stretch. Um, get this leg straight. Good. Pull those wastes [inaudible]. Bend your knee, shift your weight forward, sit on your heel.

So keep your standing leg as long as you can. Okay? Then you can move your hands if you need to. Okay. And two more. Fall back. Drop your heads and stretch and come forward. Bend the knee, lift your back. One more time. Fall back and stretch. Wrap your heads square off those hips. Are they aligned? Is your right hip line with your left hip? Very good.

Good corrections for both of you. And come forward. Bend those knees. Lift your backs. Go ahead and take that leg down. You're still gonna hold onto the bar. Bring your feet forward a little bit more. Stand tall. So stand where you feel like you've got a good position.

Heels together, toes apart. I'm going to go back into a player holding lightly. You're gonna come back up, lift your heels up and I want you to just think of holding. Thank of really getting that waistline up. Get your tummies up, get your heels as close together as you can and think of that zipper. So you're zipping those legs up. Good.

And then you're going to rest by lowering your heels and you're going to come back up, zip up. Think of a stranger's with lengthening you from the lower spine all the way to the top of the head and cut back down. Turn your feet up just a little bit more and tomorrow and rise up and lower down. Had One more rise up and lower down. Now keep your feet slightly turned out.

You're gonna now let your hands drop and you're going to do some jumping. So you're gonna bend your knees and you want to think of when you're jumping, when you're landing, be very quiet. So land is soft as you can. Right? Spring up light on the down, spring up, light under that doll edge bone drop out and lift up and lower. So step back just a little.

I feel like both of you only maybe need to step back. Okay, so ready. So don't fall forward. Keep yourselves propped up. Tall and spring. Spring 20 Times two, three, four and five the length. And he touch your heads to the ceiling. Six, seven, eight. Tell me is that nine 10 now try to keep your heels close together as you can do that. Ten nine we've got some smiles going. Eight the seven don't fall forward. Six.

So ideally you want to land in the same spot. Five, four, three, two, add one. Grab your bars, peel it apart, stretch back, drop your heads, round yourself up, pull in your waist, grow tall, open your chest. Do that again, Paul back and stretch. Hold the bars. Let yourself really get a nice stretch. That's it. And then round yourself. Actually, let's do this. Shift your weight forward and drop your hands to the floor.

So heads are still down. Drop your Chin's head hang. And as you come up, you're going to bend your knees and around. Standing. Good. Turn yourselves around so your backs are two of the carriage here. You grabbed those bars and you're going to fall forward and open up your chest, lift your tummies and just stretch.

Good. Fall back to your heels. Rest. You'll do that Walmart time. You'd come back up it a little lower and then fall forward and stretch her. Hold the bar, push your hips into it.

That's is he really getting a stretch up here? There you go. And shift back. Let your arms drop. Turn around and face each other. Give yourselves a hand. You're all done. Okay.


Nice to do some standing work and enjoyed doing this 😊
I love standing routines! Great!
Terrific opportunity for movement in hotel after a day of sitting for work and travel!
It's nice to see you all enjoyed the standing routine, these are fun, simple, and can be done most anywhere!
Thank you Adrianne Crawford -great sequences and ideas for a functional balance class. My ladies will love it
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Mam , what do you exactly mean when you say .."keep your inside tight and up".
Nice to wake up my body in the morning. Thank you.
This was a great add on before a mat class. Thank you! I really enjoyed this. 

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