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All you need is your body and the Mat for this workout with Adrianne Crawford! She teaches a basic class with preparatory exercises for more advanced movements thrown in. She offers great modifications for Open Leg Rocker, Teaser, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall

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Okay. So, hi, I'm Adriana and I'm going to be teaching a mat today and I've got three lovely ladies that we're going to be doing. Um, probably a little bit of basic Matt with some maybe intermediate as well. All right, so I'm what I'm going to have everybody do. So you've got your mat, there's really no other supplies we need right now. And at the end we might do a little bit of the wall. So let's have you move a little bit closer to your feet. So your bottoms move towards your seat and yes, you're going to hold onto the back of your thighs.

Let's have your heels together and toes apart. So what we call your plotty stance slightly. Got this turnout going. Okay? Now what we're going to start with is just a roll down, but I'm only gonna have you go to where your arms are straight. So let's have you start forward where your heads are down and you're rounding your back. So if I could came over to you, you look like a see from this side, good shoulders relaxed. Tommy's scooped in. And now let's start to go backwards. Keeping your feet on the mat.

You'll start around yourselves back and what's you're thinking about as you're doing this is trying to play as one vertebra underneath you at a time. Relax their shoulders and curl your hips. That's far enough. Once your arms are straight, I want you to stop. Keep your chins curl towards your chest, pull your navels in and come forward. Drop your heads down. Keep them down though. Whole time rest.

Get ready to go again. Good. We've got breathing going and go back. Curl back. Get a little pool on your thigh so you are holding on. Keep going. You'll stop. You'll stop and key to keep going until your arms are nice and stretch.

Now hold that all of you and think of your bottoms tucking a little bit more underneath you so that means you have to squeeze them and pull your wasted more. Keep that waist and come back up. Keep your heads down. Bring her nose towards your knees. Good. Let's do that one more time. Go back still holding on. Feel pool in towards your waist. Let your hips kind of Tuck underneath you.

So you get that good squeeze in your seat, you get a wrap in your thighs as you go back, and then you come forward, forward, forward. Now let's challenge that. Take your arms forward all the way. So now you're not holding on, you're stretching the arms out. You'll drop your head and you're going to do the same exact thing I want you to go to where you have control, where you don't feel like you're going to fall, but you're still able to come up, would go as low as you're comfortable. Oh, and once you get there, I want you to pause. Squeeze your seat, pull in those ways and come back up. It's a very slow set up, right? And Go back. Let's go ahead and go all the way down so you're gonna end up lying on the mat.

Good. Let your arms drop to your side and rest. Good. Alright, let's stay there. Bend your knees, bring them closer to your, let's have your feet HIPPA the part now doing a little pelvic curl now going into what's called a pelvic lift. So keeping your feet hip width apart, just like they are nice and parallel. And I'm just going to come around and make sure your feet are even so right. Foot, left foot are in the same plane. Your chests are open, you thinking of your powerhouse. So you're thinking about keeping your chest open, shoulder to shoulder, keeping your shoulders line with your hips.

So you kind of get this pool of your shoulders down towards your hips, good and hip to hip. Start to feel where your backs are placed. You wan to start to think, you can feel the mat underneath. You want to start to think about that pressure of the floor underneath you, but your tummies pulling down into them. Getting rid of any space between your back. And that mat is what we call imprinting is here.

You're pulling your navels down and you're trying to get rid of any arch in your back. And I want you to hold it for three counts. And then you're gonna Relax and let your hips release. And then you're going to do that again. So you're going to now pull your waist down. Very good. And if you can try to drop those ribs down to the mat as well.

Careful not to tense your elbows or your shoulders or your necks and rest. Let's do that one more time. Then we'll go into your pelvic lift. Sink down, get your ribs down if you can. Try to pull them down so you get a nice tight waist and release. I'll stand there for you. And now relax. Good.

So now we're going to put that into a role where you're actually in. Lift your bottoms off of the mat into a pelvic lift, but then you're going to articulate your spine to bring yourself down. So Begin Andrea, move your feet a little bit forward. Everybody else, you look good. You don't want your feet too close to good. And now you're going to start to roll those hips up. So think of your spine being really long. Start to curl your seat, pull up, let your bottoms lift off the mat and come as high as you're comfortable.

Once you're there, thank of your response. Don't let your bottom drop. So in other words, you want to get rid of any arch in your back. As you come back down, take a nice deep breath in and exhale lower from the upper back to the middle spine, all the way down. So you really kind of curling yourself down and tell your tailbones are all the way down. Head rest. Good. You're gonna do that again or curl up the hips.

Tailbones lift. Prop yourselves up. Try to get your hips up as high as they're willing to go. Use those seats. Deep breath in. Exhale and roll yourselves back down one. So one straight line.

You can always feel one hip wanting to drop lower than the other. So I want you to kind of really pay attention to that as you're moving, that you're not rolling those hips, that you're really trying to keep them squared off. All right, we're going to go a little bit quicker now and now curl up. Keep your knees hip with the part. Don't let them wobble out and [inaudible] sail. Roll down. Does ribs down with you? Imprint once you're down and two more and curl up.

So imprint like you did when the very, very beginning lift as high as you can. Deep breath. Use that. Exhale to help control the movement. Pull out. Ac is the way he named Paul Lattes, the man Joseph [inaudible]. He named this the art of control for a reason and one more time and curl up. Hold that lift as high as you can. Keep your chest open, your next long deep breath in and [inaudible] fail. Roll down, upper back, middle back, lower spine and rest. Bring both knees into your chest, grab your thighs and just Kinda of rock around a little bit and just stretch yourselves up. All right, we are going to begin with your actual hundreds.

So you're going to keep your knees into your chest. These can get challenging, so I want to remind you if you need to drop your heads at any time you can, but try to continue with the arms. We're going to start with your heels together and your toes partner. Good. Okay, I'm going to get down here with you. I'm going to bring our knees that into a tabletop position so your heels aren't just flopped down.

You're going to take your arms forward and I'm just gonna kind of remind you what's going on here. You can keep your heads down for now and what you're gonna do, cause this isn't, not everybody knows this, is you're going to inhale pumping arms now for full five counts and then you're going to exhale for a full five cans. So it really is a deep breath in. Ready? Deep breath in. Two, four, five out, two, three, four, five in two, four, five, two, three, four, five. You keep going. So as you do this, you're going to pull your navels in, right? Especially on the exhale. One more time.

Inhale to five oh three four, five and go ahead and rest for a moment and you can drop your feet. So lower your legs all the way down. Good. All right, so now that you know what you're about to get into, we're going to add, this is where it gets challenging. You're going to add your head and chest. So bring your knees back into your chest, back into that table top position. I may challenge some of you to actually straighten your legs. We'll see right stretch your arms in front of you.

You're going to curl up into your sternum. So lift your heads, look at your tummies, hold that position and begin pumping deep breath in. Two, four, five, two, three, four, five. One two arms a little higher than your hips and out two, three, four or five. If you feel like you can be more challenged, straighten those legs. Otherwise stay right where you are. Deep breath in and out. Two, three, four, five into four, five and she can definitely be challenged. Turn in a little bit though. Add Up to three, four or five. Arms up high. Three, four, five, three, four, five. Deep present. Two, four, five, two, three, four, five. Both of you stretch your leg straight up to the ceiling.

You stay where you are. And out two, three, four, five. Curl up into yourself. Out Two, three, four, five. One more. I know it feels like forever, right? And two, three, four, five, bend your knees and arrest. They are warm up exercises. And as you can tell that for a reason, right? Okay, place your feet down on the mat. Now you did this a little while ago, but we didn't start down. You started sitting up. This is that roll down exercise that you did earlier. So keeping your knees, let's do this. Let's have your heels together, toes apart and not too close to you.

So maybe slide your feet slightly for you. Okay, Andrea, reach your arms out. You can always grab your thighs, but what you're going to do is roll up. You're going to sit up, so you're going to have to start by curling her chin towards your chest. Reach forward with your arms. Grab those sides of you need to straighten your legs and stretch forward to your toes. So now legs are long. Drop your nose to your knees and you're gonna go into what's called a full rollout. Let's keep through your heels together, toes apart. So you stay in that plotty stance and now you're going to start to go downward.

So you're going to round backwards to lie down to drop your chin. Start to go back. Arms can stay shoulder height. Good. You'll start to go back. You squeeze your seats, you curl your chins towards your chest, Tuck your bottom and down you go. Very nice you guys. All right, ready? Nice and smooth. No momentum. Deep breath in. I want you to squeeze your bottoms. Start to come up, curl your chin towards your chest, drop your nose to your knees all the way forward. Yes, you curl your chin towards your chest, but you don't want them to touch your chest.

Drop your shoulder so shoulders out of your ears and start to go backwards. Good. Soft shoulders. Good. Tuck your bottom by squeezing your seat. Good job all the way down. Arms come up and little bit quicker. Up to the toes. Stretch over to your knees.

Think of your heads falling between your arms, what we call an imaginary window. Start to go back. Your heads will come out of the window because your shoulders are down top the shoulders. Good job and all the way down. I want you to go a little bit quicker now. Ready three times and curl up over nose to the nice stretch and right back down.

Control the move. That's it. Two more and up and over. Don't let those feet come up with you. Stretch all the way back. Stay together. Keep moving. And Dan, you got Walmart, you guys doing great. Last one and up. Losing her past. That means she's using her tummy. Good sheds forward. That's good. And all the way down, but not on film, right at rest. All right.

Get yourselves comfortable and put your hands back to your side. Yeah, make sure you're not slipping backwards. Okay, let's start with both knees bent again. You're going to do a little bit of a leg circle here, so I'm going to have you bring one leg into your chest. You're going to add extended straight up. Keep your chest open and I want you to just hold and feel where you're placed. Make sure your backs feel like they're secure, that your tailbone is down, but that your spine is still very long. Now.

If that feels like it's too much of a stretch, you can lower your leg a little bit towards the floor. Lower down a little Nikita. There you go. Hold and burning it back up and circle it. Think of your big toasts are going over to your left shoulder and back up towards your nose. So a circle, five times three, circle around up four. Don't let your hips move.

Five reversing five circles. One thing, that leg being as long as you can, two, three, four, and bend your knee and rest. You're going to do the same thing on the other side. Bring your left leg in. Take the left leg up. Keep your spine long. Keep your next relaxed and circle one while you're moving, you want to keep your hips really quiet, so that takes powerhouse. Three, four, five, reverse. Circling.

One, two, three, four. [inaudible] by Ben Junee and rest. We're going to challenge that doing the same thing, but this time bring your right leg back in. Take your left leg and stretch it out on the mat. Okay. So the idea here, same exact exercise, but it's a little more challenging because your left leg is straight. Now you want to think of keeping those spines really long and anchored. Take your right leg up. Good.

And now you're going to circle in towards your left shoulder, down around a back up to the nose. So think of that big toe touching your nose. Way Up there. Stretch. Good knot here. And Circle and lift three. They don't have to be big circles, but think of them coming up and for. Turn your leg out the other way. Get Ama more.

Now reversed out one. So little but big kick to turn out that way. Three. Good job for Walmart. It should burn Benjamin and grab your thigh. Good. All right, other side? Same thing. So start with the left leg in. Give it a stretch. Take the leg up and then just check your lines here. Soft.

All right, keeping the chest open and circle in, down and up. One, two, three things that left leg lengthening. Four, five, reverse it. Don't let your hips go with you. It's not a whole of dance. Two, three, four. You guys are so serious. Bend your knee and rest. All right, let's go ahead and sit up.

You're going to move towards your heels. Get yourself prop, because what we're going to do next is called rolling like a ball. You're literally gonna roll like a ball. We're going to start by holding your thighs, drop your head and do actually you can go ahead and hold your ankles. If you're really familiar with Flonase, you can go ahead and hold your ankles and you've been doing this for awhile. You're back into that c position.

So you want to scoop your ribs back so those chests are kind of concave back. Your heads are down, your shoulders are soft and you're holding lightly. So I want to come over and just get you here. So here, pull into here. There you go. Now you fall back towards your sits bones so you can find your balance.

So in other words, your feet are coming off the mat to start to fall back so that your feet lift. Good. Keeping those heels together, you're going to literally roll back and try to come back up and balance already. Roll back, come on up and balance. Good. Keep your heads down. Hold on lightly. That will help you go back. Breathe in, breathe out and back and up. Now Andrea, make it tighter, so get tighter into your seat.

Try to keep those knees on your ears and back. The tighter your ball, the more challenging and back and up. Not always. It can be hard other ways too, but shoulders down too. More back. These are centering exercises, so in other words, keep yourself aligned in the center of the Mat and all the way up. One more time back, all the way up. Very nice. Drop your feet and just go ahead and stretch out so straight and your legs and just reach towards your toes. Good. Let your next relax.

Let your shoulders soften and then you are going to lie back onto your mat. Andrea, you want to move forward for this? Now we're going to get ready for your single leg stretch. This is part of your stomach series. So bring both knees into your chest. It's a bit of a coordination exercise. So mind body, you're going to put your right hand on your ankle and your left hand on your knee. So go ahead and do that first. Yeah, I already been coming. Challenging. There you go. That's good. All right.

So keeping your knee line with your right shoulder. Okay, so right knee, right shoulder. Good. And now let's go ahead and take your left leg and straighten it up. Turn your hips out. So that means turning your toe towards the ocean here. Good. And now I want you to just practice the coordination of it. So you're going to switch hands and switch legs and now it's going to be your left hand on your left ankle. Yes.

Good. And now again, switch hands, switch legs, soft feet. Good. And let me see that again. Left hand, left ankle outside hand. So left. Yes is kind of mechanical. So you're going to be like this, right? All right, so now that we're kind of over there, you're going to start off with your right leg, right knee is bent. So switch hands and switch legs. There you go. You guys are on. You're on the right side. Good.

And we want to keep the lake kinda high. The lower the extended leg goes, the harder it becomes for your back and your tummy muscles. So let's keep it up. Unless you've got that ability and you've been doing this for awhile, turn your hip out. Good. Add your head and chest. This is where we begin. So head and chest come up. You're going to look at your waist, you're gonna look at your belly button and you're going to switch hands and switch legs. [inaudible] mechanical arms and switch, right hand, right ankle. Switch and switch. And I know it's okay. You can always put your heads down if your next get tired and switch right hand. Good hand switch, left hand switch and hold.

Bring those elbows out. Pull up your waist, stretch that expanded leg and switch. I'm going to pull on you. Reach, switch, reach. Now double time and switch one one. So you're continuing moving two and two. You got it? And three and three add rest.

All right, throwing you in there. You guys. Good job. Told you it was a coordination exercise. Anyway, you're moving. Sometimes that can get confusing. So you did good. Alright, so heels together, toes apart. We're going to go into, the next one's called double leg shreds. So bring your knees back into your chest. We're going to start with the arms and legs. Heels together, toes apart.

Your knees are slightly turned out and you're going to actually, let's have you hold your thighs. You too. You're going to hold your ankles. Go ahead. Good. Alright, you're going to keep your heads down for now and just start with practicing the arms leg. So your intake, your arms and legs straight up. So do that first. So arms let go and you reach for the ceiling. Keeping the legs long, you're going to circle just the arms. Bend your knees and grab back onto those legs. Exactly. So same thing. You're gonna do that again.

But this time we're going to add an inhale. On the stretch up. So arms and legs go straight up. Deep breath in. Circle, just the arms. Bend your knees, grab your legs. Good and a little bit quicker. Now inhale, arms and legs up. Exhale, arms and legs come back in. Okay, so you kinda got the rhythm of the arms and legs. You feel like comfortable, calm. Okay, no head, Janky, but we're going to keep going. All right, keep those heels together.

Don't let them come apart. Add your heads so heads and Chesser up. You want a girl into yourself? Hold now keeping your heads and chests up for as long as you're comfortable. They get tired. You can always put him down.

You're going to take your arms and legs and stretch out. So arms and legs up. Good stretch. Circle around, grab back onto those legs and in and arms and legs up, and then those knees as you come back in two and stretch, you'll grab your thighs. That's it. Three stretch, four. I might come around and grab you, but keep moving and you can't. You got it. Five stretch, come back in. Six. Keep going. Deep breath in. Reach, lower your legs a little bit, come back in and one more reach. Come back in and rest. Very nice. Drop your heads. How's everybody doing? Hanging in there.

Okay. Alright. Bring your knees back in. You're going to take one leg. We're to call these scissors. You're gonna walk up one leg with two hands. You will have to lift your heads for this. So go ahead and take your right leg up. Take both hands and grab that right leg.

Left leg will be out and it's not actually going to touch. We're going to lift your left leg up so you're in like a scissor position. Reach for your ankle, add your head. Look at your waist. Now you're going to switch legs. So switch and hold. Switch and hold. As you switch, keep going.

I'm going to just talk. You want to think of those legs being really, really long. Good. Drop your chin towards your chest, kind of curl into your sternum switch. We're going to add a step. You keep going. When you get your leg, you're going to pulse it towards you two times. Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, good to clear. Pools. Paul. Paul doesn't have to be big because you want your bottoms to stay down. And Paul Paul, that's a good job. And Paul Paul, good and long long leg care.

Yes. Good job you guys. And last one, bend Unis and rest. Okay. Lower your feet hanging in there. Okay. Are you starting to feel your powerhouse working here? That's what I want to make sure. All right, you too. All right, good. All right. We all have different strengths and different backgrounds of Pilati, so this is good and we all coming from different places.

Bring your knees back into your chest. Hold the back of your heads. So you're going to grab on and you're going to bring your elbows into your ears and your head. I want you to keep your elbows open. Okay, so the wider your elbows, the harder it is. So I want you to, to have him here to begin. Good. You're going to start by lifting your head and looking at your navel. So go ahead and lift your heads and chest. I'm going to get you into position. I'm going to pull you up a little bit more. Drop those elbows a little bit.

Good. Hold the head. And now the toughest part. Okay. You're going to straighten your legs to the ceiling. You're going to try to zip them up. This is all lower abdominals. You're going to lower a little bit and lift just the legs are going to lower and lift. That's the tough part. But as you're moving, don't let those lower backs come up. So you want to keep your backs flat.

Stretch those legs very hard. It's a combination with a stretch and a strength. And lift, tumor and lift. Now you could almost touch the mat. Keep your sternum up though, and all the way up. Last one. And Bend your knees. Rest. Lower your feet. Good. Last set. You'll still be holding your heads.

You're going to bring your knees back into your chest. Good. Alright, so you're back in that plotty stance. So heels, toes apart. Good. You're gonna take one leg and extend it away from you. Do you ever one? You're gonna keep it Kinda high. That's it. So you have support in your, your back, your lifts, your head, and look at your tummy. And you're gonna take and tap that bent knee. So you're twisting, trying to tap. We call it Chris Cross [inaudible]. But as you're crisscrossing, don't let your hips go with you. If you need to take a break, take a break and switch, not a quick twist.

Switch and whole, try to stretch towards that back elbow. Good. And switch. As you're moving, continually pull your wasted. Don't roll on those hips. And now double time switching one switch one switch to switch to switch three, switch three and rest. That is called your series of five. You all made it through, you survived.

Go ahead and sit up. Legs apart, feet flexed. And what you're trying to do is prop herself up on top of your hips. So sit as tall as you can. If you need to bend your knees, you can do that. But think of your knees pointing to the ceiling. Take both arms forward. Take a nice deep breath in. Drop your head, pulling your waist and trade around your heads to the mat.

So think of the top of your head touching the mat and also flexing your feet. So I want to come back here. I want you to pull in those ribs, drop those shoulders way, way down. There you go. And then around yourself. Back Up. So think of stacking your spine. One Vertebra back on top of the other. As you come back up, open the chest, grow as tall as you can by squeezing your seats. Take a nice deep breath and push those heels away. Exhale, drop your heads around down, lowers.

You can push those heels out. Good. And then come back up. We're going to go a little bit quicker. Come all the way up. Tall. Ready? Deep breath in, and exhale, go down, stretch. You can soften your knees down there. We call this spine stretch forward cause you're actually stretching your back.

So bend your knees if you need to. You get a much better stret. Don't lock those knees and come back up. Last one. Deep breath in. Pinch your seat and exhale, bring yourself down. Stretch, grab your arches or your ankles and just try to give yourself an added stretch. Good.

Okay, let's move you a little bit forward on the Mat. Your knees are still bent your heels together to the part. You're going to take your hands inside your legs and grab your ankles. Slide your heels a little, quite a bit closer to your bottom. You're okay.

Fall back, your hips. So you tuck your bottom. You're going to balance. You're gonna take one your feet off the mat face. You can you see me too? Okay, so you're going to take one leg. I'm going to take it up and I'm going to drop it down a rest. And then we're gonna take the other leg, stretch it up.

You can kind of relax your backs and round into them. You don't have to stretch out at a rat. You're gonna do that again or right leg rest, left leg rest. Drop your feet and rest for a second. Okay, and then fall back. But we're going out of step. You can go back into that same position. Take your right leg and stretch.

Bend it left leg and stretch. Bend it right leg and stretch. Now hold the right leg there. Here's where it gets a little tricky. You can slide your hands a little bit lower if that's too challenging. Lower your hands towards your knee. Good.

Hold your calf and left leg stretch. Bring your legs together. Open. Bend your knees and rest. Grab the top of your knees. Sit Up really tall. Fall back. Go ahead and lie back down. Good. All right, let's bring your knees back into your chest. Keep your heads down. Both knees will come in and then you're going to keep your hands at your side.

You're going to zip up those legs and do a little corkscrew exercise. So the idea is to think of the legs as one. So you're going to take both legs and straighten them to the ceiling. Take both legs, circle them just a little to the right and back to center. And then you'll reverse like a corkscrew. You're going to go to the left, around and center.

Zip up the legs and to the right center to the left center. Now as you move, don't let your hips go with you. Center left. Good job center. Walmart set right. Center left. Bend your knees, grab your thighs and relax. Stretch out back. Good. And then you're gonna sit back up.

Legs apart, feet flexed. Now let's see. I'm going to have you smooth backwards, Kara, Nikita, you maybe move forward just a little bit. Both feet are flexed and apart. You're sitting as tall as you can. Take your arms out to say you're going to twist and try to reach for your toe. Good. We call it your scissor. Here's your saw, and then you can come back up and grow tall. Turn.

Now if you can flex those feet as you're doing this even better. So push your heels away and come back up. Center and turn. Think of your nose going to your knee as you do this. Good and come back up tall and one more set.

Turn and stretch up center turners that on your hips though, as you do this good up and center, that's enough. Turn to your stomachs. You'll lie on your stomach. You're going to have your palms underneath your shoulders. Your legs will be long behind you. Your foreheads can go down. Go. We're going to do a little hovering exercise to your legs will not lift.

You're going to lift your head, chest and hands off of the Mat. So you're just going to hover there. So now take your hands off the mat and keep your legs down. Head and chest come up. And I want you to count to three. One, two, three, rest. Let your hands drop. Good. And again, head, chest, arms come up. Once you're there, think of squeezing your bottom, getting that to drop and hold to. So your hips, ones drop into Matt. Three rest. Now try not to let those legs lift with you.

Just your upper back. So the legs and feet. Stay down. Ready, head, chest, arms come up. That's it. There you go. Pull up your waist hole two. Sorry. And rest. Good with your next last one. Had chest arms come up. Hold to three rest. Good. Let's go ahead and sit back on her heels.

I just stretch back so you're just going to stretch out. Good. Come up onto your palms and knees so your hands are underneath your shoulders. Knees are underneath your chest, or excuse me, your hands, knees are underneath your hips, around your backs. We call it cap back. So you're going to drop your head, pull up your waist, take a nice deep breath in. Exhale, go into an arch. So you're going to end up with your head up and your chest open and arch your back like a back like a cat with stretch.

[inaudible] and do that two more times. Drop your heads round up. Pull up the waist. Excuse me. Deep breath in and exhale arch. Last one. Andrea. Move your hands a little forward and round up.

Dropping your heads. Pull up the waist. Deep breath in and exhale arch. Shift back. Sit back on your heels. Do One more. Just relax. Stretch. Good. I want to have you guys turn back over. Sit back on your seats. You'll lie back onto your backs. We're getting ready to go back into a roll up exercise.

So you might want to hike your pants up just in case cause you're going to be rolling up and they will flip. [inaudible] you do. You have slippery pants, right? Okay. Let's start with your feet. Hip width apart. Both of you flex. You're going to have your hands behind your head. This is called Neck Paul, but if you're not familiar with it and they're new to you, I'm going to have you start with your arms straight up like you did earlier. You did these earlier, but this time we're going to have the feet apart. So straighten your legs on the Mat. You're going to have feet parallel and apart. Your toes will points jury that, so that means push your heels out. So you're in a flex position the whole time.

Now for you to, you're going to take your arm straight up. So challenging is hands behind your head and elbows open. Elbows ends a little less work, but it's still work and arms up is still work. It's just a little bit different gravity. All right, so try to get a nice imprint of your spine. In other words, get rid of any arch as best you can in this back. Get the outer thighs to wrap around so you squeeze your seat so you got a powerhouse working. You're going to begin. You're going to come up.

Take a nice deep breath in. Exhale, round over to your toes. Drop your nose to your knees. Keep flexing those feats who'd get a good stretch. This time though, you're going to stack your spine instead of really, really tall on top of your hips. Open up those chest. Try to relax your elbows. Deep breath in. Drop your chin to your chest or to go back. Push your heels out as you go down. Tuck your bottom. Pull in. Good job all the way down. Rest. Okay, looks good for all of you. You're ready and do four more. Same exact thing.

Arms are up. Deep breath in. Stay centered. Curl into yourselves up. Drop your head. Drop your nose to your knees. Sit up tall. We're going to go a little bit quicker now come on up. Everybody sit up together and are already a little bit Kircher. Star to go back.

Control the move and deep breath in. Exhale all the way over to those toes. Sit Up really tall and go back down. Round your back. Good and three more deep breath and keep those heels pushing away. Drop down first.

Sit up tall second and bring yourself back. And two more. Ready and back. Deep breath in. Up over tall back. So we're gonna stay together. Ready and go back down. As soon as our heads touch, we're coming back up, up, over.

I'm gonna make you do that one more time. All the way tall. All the way down. Last one and up, over lift and all the way down and rest. Okay. We're gonna do some leg exercises next. So you're going to lie on your left side. Is that getting you the sun a little bit? You're okay. Alright.

Get yourself aligned with the back of the mat to try to get your bottoms to line with the back of the Mat as well as your shoulder. So shoulder to hip line. Good. [inaudible] okay. You're going to swing your toes forward so they're off the mat. So you're in like this V or kind of boomerang position. You can prop yourself up on your elbow. Good. You want to keep your chest open, your back backs long, same spine that you just had lying down on the mat.

You want to keep that kind of imprint a position so you don't want to sway back. We want to try to fill that up. Okay. These are not easy hip on top of hip, so shift your hips for a good shoulder on top of the shoulder. So there's that powerhouse skin just keeps coming back. Your right hand is gonna support you a little bit. It's gonna stay on the mat, it can move around.

You're gonna keep your children up and get taking that top leg up about two inches. You're gonna squeeze your seat strong, powerhouse your toes towards the ceiling so you're slightly turned out, but the foot is soft and you take your leg and just kick forward toward your nose. Height the nose as you can. You guys got enough space, you're not gonna kick each other and then come back. If you kick her, she deserved it. I squeeze your bottom and kick forward and kick back. Now as you're moving, keep your leg lined with your hips. Don't let it go outside of the hip range, forward and back forward.

That's it. And forward and pull in and forward. Pull in and forward. Pull in now keep those hips on top of each other. Double kick forward. So two kicks this time, little one, and then a big one front. So little kick, big kick, that's it. And back and kick, kicked.

Don't let your hips fall back again. Feel it wants to kick, kick back, especially as you go back to where you have to use your seat and kick. Kick. Good job. Walmart, kick, kick and rescue legs on top of each other. Okay, going into the next one. You're going to still keep those hips right on top of each other. Take your right leg back up two inches, squeezing your seat. Good. You're in. Take that leg to the ceiling up as it comes down. Think of it lengthening.

Make that right leg a longer than your left. Stretch it and lift and stretch. And as it comes down, watch those hips. Are they on top of each other? If not, fix it up and reach. Great. You guys, keep going and I'm going to add a correction. Do not use your knees. Try to relax them.

So don't squeeze in those knees. Squeeze in your seats. Good flex on the up point on the down, flex and point, flex and point. So you're pointing on the down and point. Very good. One more flex and all the way down. Hold the down about two inches, just hovering above the other leg.

Hip on top of hip. Squeeze your seats circling five times. Brushed the other leg one too. Don't let your hips go with you three. It should burn in her hip for five if you're doing this correctly. Reverse and one, two, three backwards for [inaudible] and rest. All right, relax those legs.

You can bend your knees and kind of shake them out a little bit. Take your right leg, cross it over to the left so the knee is now bent. You going to prop it up. The either leg is Wong correct in front of the other foot. Grab your ankles. You can lie all the way down. Just like you were hip on top of hip.

Good. You're in. Take your extended leg and you're going to try to lift it up and get some faith. You can see their faces lift and lower. Good lift and lower. Now lived her whole three little circles. One, brush them at two, three and two big ones. Really big as big as you can. One, two and lift around three reverse three little ones too. Don't let this fall back. Three and big two little ones, one and two and rest. Okay, you're going to now turn over to the other side. So switch legs [inaudible] yeah, so get yourselves lined up with the back of the Mat.

So hips are lining the back of the mat. Shoulders are lining the back of the mat. Toes forward to the swing. Your legs forward so your toes are off the front of the Mat. A little bit more. Good. Take your left leg at the hip level. We're going to go a little quicker now that you kinda know what you're doing here. Hip on top of hip, swing forward.

Swing back about five times and then we'll add a double kick front back. The further back you go, the more stretch you'll get, but it becomes more challenging. You don't want to arch those back, especially going backwards. Keep your backs long and flat forward. Back forward, back, double kick, kick, kick, front swing, back, kick, kick, front swing back, kick, kick, front swing, back to squeeze. There you go. Kick, kick, badger powerhouse, kick, kick back and squeeze. You got it. Kick, kick back. Walmart, kick, kick back and leg on top of leg and arrest. Okay, you're going to once again, take that leg up, hip level, ready to go.

Up and down. So now you're take your leg up towards the ceiling. As you lower it down, you're trying to lengthen and stretch, stretch, stretch and lift and reach the leg out. It's really easy. Keep going for the hip to fall backwards on these. So get your hips back on top of each other and all the way down. Add your flex on the up point on the down.

Flex to get that length on that down by point to your toes and reaching out of that hip and flex and point to more flex and point and flex and reach. Go to hold the down. Now keep the legs stretching away from you and little circles. Circling five times each way. One to brush those knees together. Three four, five, reverse or you're working those hips. One, two, don't fall back. Three, four, five and rest. Cross that left leg over the right.

Grab your ankles. So your left leg is, your foot is on the mat. [inaudible] good. If you can reach for your ankle, great. If not, it's okay too. I might just get help you out here so you're okay. Move this hip back way, way back towards me. So hip on top of head. [inaudible] let's put your leg on top of the other one.

Just straighten it and let's just get you in a position. Hop this hip way back towards me. Good. Alright, you're getting, you can just keep the knee down. So if that doesn't work for you, you can keep the knee down. Take that bottom like stretch it out. Now take the leg up and lower and lift and lower and lift and lower. Now hold the lift and three little circles. Circling. One, two, three, big ones as big as you can. One, keep the leg along two and now reversing three little circles. One, two, three and then as big as you can. One, two and rest. Okay, lie back onto your backs. Get yourself recentered knees hip with the part B bent.

Actually, I think I'm going to have you glue your heels together. Go back into your body stance. Take your knees, bring them together as well. Take one leg extended up to your feet are still on the mat. [inaudible] and I are going to bring one leg in towards your chest. I'm going to slide you in a little bit. Bring one leg in. Maybe you're right, your left leg will stay bad. You're going to take that leg straight up.

You're going to lower it down and glue your knees together. Turned out that way. Good, good. Now hold that. This is challenging. We call them single leg teasers. Take both arms straight up. Now what you're going to do is you're going to try to round up and touch your toe. I only want you to come as high as you can without moving this foot.

Just go to where you can't. It might just be through the shoulders. Then I want you to hold it and then I want you to lift your arms, your ears. If you are all the way up, lift your backs, grow tall and and bring yourself all the way down. And the Nicaea moved down. Just wills here on the Mat and again, so your legs going to stay up, curl up towards your toes, go to where you can. It's challenging and whatever position you are, hold pulling those ways.

Good stretch of your up there and come back down and you got Walmart and to the toes. Hold here. Drop your chin towards your chest. Look at your tummy. There you go. Now each for the ears, keeping your head up and then lie back down. Switch legs. Yeah, left leg is up, right knee is bent. Need a knee. All right, you ready? Nice and smooth. Arms are up.

Reach through the toes. Hold. Once you're there, reach for your ears. Lie Back Down. Very nice. You all look very pretty doing this and two more arms are up. Legs are up. Come on up. Reach for those toes. Don't give up yet. You're almost done. Reach for the years and come back down. Good job. Last one and two, the toes.

Okay to the ears. Lift those back. Good. And come on down and arrest. Very nice. Rest your legs as well. Alright, you two are going s you're all gonna sit up. [inaudible] you're going to have your knees bent. We're going to take our feats. Ah, pizza. Our feet up. Doing good here. Okay. You're going to reach forward. You're going to go halfway down and then come back up.

Keep the knees bent, go back down. And don't let those like drop and come back down, up and go back down. Come back up and hold. Stretch legs. Bend the knees, stretch the legs, bend the knees, stretch legs and hold. Go halfway down. Come back up. Go halfway down. Come back up. One more. Down, up. Bend your knees and lay all the way down. Bring yourself up to sitting. Take your hands inside your legs. Um, actually you two are going to hold your ankles this time so outside you're going to hold inside and under for seals.

You two are doing what's called rolling like a ball. Heads down. This is more challenging the seal. And if you're not familiar with these, I would wait. So pull in. Good. So get into good. See Fall back. Find your balance. You're going to roll like a ball, so your hands are going to be on the outside of the legs for you. Slide your heels towards you. Get into a nice tight basket, what we call basket heads down. Shoulders down. And now you're literally gonna roll back and roll back.

I don't all the way up. And Andrea, you're going to add the clap. Three claps back. Three claps up. You two are just rolling. That's hard enough to just take the shoulders out of it. Drop them. Good job. Three more. Inhale back. Exhale. Two, three heads down, and two. Inhale back. Exhale. Last one. Inhale back. Exhale up.

Drew up the feet. Stretch forward both legs long. Good. And then I'm gonna have you sit back up and we're gonna finish over on the wall. Okay, so now we are at the wall. Who wants your back's against the wall, which means you might have to walk your feet forward just like you applied to the mat. You want to think of that long flat spine so you can see how flat a wall is, right?

Well that's the idea of getting your backs to be really long and really powerful and tall. Okay? So once you're there, you want to make sure there's no gap in your backs. And if there is, it just means walking your feet a little more forward or even bending your knees a little bit and it's okay to bend. Your knees might even be better that you don't lock your knees. Good. And then I want to shift you. You like your right side a lot. You relax. Go ahead, let your arms just hang. Okay, let's just start with a roll down. So you're gonna drop your chin towards your chest.

They're gonna curl off that Mat. Follow a center line right through the middle of the body. Your arms will drop with you. And I want you to stop when you're on top of your hips, so you're not going to go all the way down. Just halfway. Let your next drop. [inaudible] let your knees soften or arm soften.

Can you go a little lower? There we go. And now hang. Now you're going to come back up. Stack your spine once again. Follow your center. One Vertebra at a time. So literally stack them. Get your backs against that wall so it's not, that's it. There you go. Good job. And then come back up. Let your arms relax. Do that one more time.

Drop down. So you're pulling in to the wall as you go down, just like you did on the roll ups on the Mat. It's the same exercise, but now you're standing, you'll go down, you'll relax, and then you'll come back up. Pull into my hand here first. Not, not appear into your tummy. So squish my fingers way back here and then arrest. Now you're not gonna go down. You're gonna keep your arms right with the, where they are for the moment, but keep your backs into the wall. Good. And you're gonna circle the arms up, out, down and around. Stay in your peripheral.

So don't go too wide circling. Said continue circling. Yeah, I know you're all close together. Left leaning a little this way. Good. As your arms come down, think of those ways. Pulling into the wall and lifting up. Good. One more circle and then you're going to reverse.

Usually we'll do this with weights, but today we're going to do it with our minds. You're going to reverse that. So think about when your arms come down, some resistance, like you're pushing through some very heavier and you're lifting your back to opening up your chest, letting their shoulders soften though. Yes, and arms up, arms down, not locking our knees while we're moving all the way down and up. Okay? Not all the way back. More forward and all the way down. Last one out, side up and all the way down. Now you're going to open your feet, slide them forward, but keep your backs against the wall going into a squat, so not too wide and slightly more parallel.

Just slightly turned out and I like you're going to do is you're going to slide down that wall. Tell your arms are shoulder height. Go a little bit lower than you think you can hold lower hold lower hold. It's good to fill up those backs. Three as your arms come down and you're gonna slide back up, it gets a little sticky sometimes here. Good open of chess. I don't do that again. And slide back down. Bend your knees, make sure you're not arching those backs that you're playing in, that you're not tensing your shoulders.

Your next are long and then you're going to come back up. Yeah, I get sticky and one more time and go back down. Hold, pull in. Very nice. Come back up and rest spring. Well not completely rest. Bring your heels together, toes apart, just like you did earlier where you roll down where you're gonna do that again, but start with your arms up high, round to the top of the head. So remember you're pulling your back, your waste into that wall as you go down.

So you're really getting good curve in your spine. Once you're at the top of the hips, you're gonna stop and just hang out. Let your necks relax. Let your shoulders soften. Yes, your legs are long, just not locked. If you need to bend them a little, you can. You're far enough. Good. Now give your arms a push and let them circle.

So you're going to start to push them and they're going to dangle. Circling around for five counts to taking all the energy out of your shoulders, out of your body. Let them just hang. So a less from you. Just let them hang and then a little push to reverse your circles five times. So no momentum. Let them just hang. I see a lot of work going on there we go through really, really relaxing.

Good, soft. Let yourself relax here. That's better. Now, like you did earlier, you're going to come back up. Keep your heads down. Pull in those ways. Pull in here. Stop. So squeeze your bottom as you come up. There we go. That's powerhouse all the way up. Place your hands back towards the wall.

Open up your chest. Once you get your chest open though, make sure you don't arch those back. So wrap the thighs that will help you. Good. You can stay slightly parallel or slightly turned out. Now the toughest part, you're going to start to walk backwards, rise up to your toes and let your heels touch the wall. This is where where you're trying to do is get your backs to pull into that wall while you grow tall against it. It's you're filling up this space as much as you can.

It's not gonna be complete unless you're like super woman. Okay? Now keep your hands back, push forward, open up your chest, and you're going to step away from the wall to a flat walk foot. So forward and step away. Keep your walls with you for the rest of the day and hopefully longer. You're all done. Got The startled faces going. Hey, you do good.


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I like that part that Adrianne teaches from easier way to harder .It prepare the students for more difficult exercise.

Thank you Adrienne
Very well planned class. Loved it all, particularly the wall work at all he end
At the end..... even!!!
This was a very positive class and I always appreciate going through the basics with a talented teacher, giving her own interpretations and ideas. Thanks Adrienne.
First class today ,,,,, I am 77 so it was challenging for me but enjoyed it immensely 😤
Great class as normal, it's great to go over the basics and some really great instructions 😊
Thank you, I am impressed by the responses and that you all found the class both challenging and clear. Thank you, and for Elizabeth I am very impressed you stuck through it, not an easy first class for most!
Finally !!!A real class with different level students, some actual beginners who were given wonderful modifications .It was nice to watch a class in real conditions with the teacher being observant of their bodies reactions' ,providing the correct cueing.Thank you!
Thank you for your comments Vasiliki, I appreciate your feedback!
Great progression, thank you.
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