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Mat Workout

30 min - Class


Get your body moving in this standing Mat workout with Tracey Mallett. She teaches a flow of Pilates, yoga, and dance for a beautiful fusion of movement. She starts with a standing warm up, moves on to the Mat for traditional Pilates exercises, and then finishes with exercises to challenge your balance. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hey guys, it's Tracey Mallett here. We're going to do a fusion. A nice flow of Pilates, a little bit of yoga and just a little bit of movement just to feel good and get that body movin...


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Can't wait to try this class tomorrow morning. Love your work Tracey!
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That was lovely thank you! And I'll stick to my -almost- daily Pilatesanytime regime.
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Love the challenge of open leg rocker!
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Great class love the fusion workouts!
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Enjoyed this fusion class! Thanks!
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Fantastic exercises..many new moves for me....very energetic..smooth movements and progression. Loved it!!
Thank you so much, .Tracey
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Thank you. I've enjoyed the class very much! Nice flow and rhythm.
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This workout is no joke! Something to work towards but good development for the open leg rocker. I'm really liking the fusion concept and like the addition of dance and yoga elements.
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love it!
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