Class #2933

Cadillac Workout

40 min - Class


Enjoy Reformer exercises on the Cadillac in this workout by Mariska Breland. She starts immediately with creative movements that will challenge your body in a new way. She includes variations to exercises like the Hundred, Cat, Parakeet, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Reformer Box

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WoW ! Love the splits with biceps, gives an incredible feeling of power ! Thank you...
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Thanks! For people trying this workout - in retrospect for the step down exercise on the long box- it would have been better for me to keep my heel down and limit ROM. I normally do this as an exercise standing on the tower and lunging down and pressing the spring leg back. I came up with this variation on the fly because if you do the former, you would hit your head on the Cadillac overhead bars.
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Thanks Mariska. Loved the workout and your innovative variations. Pity I only have a tower at home. Can't wait to try the last few exercises when I get near a Cadillac. Thanks again.
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Very much enjoy all your classes the challenge the creativity and your sense of humour
Thank you
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Thank you so much!m looking forward doing this class now. I love your sense of humor its just more fun smiling and exercising in the same time have a great day!
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That was great, thank you so much for the great class. Wonderful new ways to look at stretches with push thru bar. LOVED it. Please so us more soon !!!
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Added to m favs, loved it!! Thanks Mariska!! Great attention to unilateral movement in this practice!
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Really enjoyed this workout. Love the splits. so fun.
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Just watched it, can't wait to attempt it while reading a book. ;)
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love her she's hilarious!
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