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Feel the energy in your body with this Cadillac workout with Meredith Rogers. She focuses on creating depth and making each movement count. She teaches variations to Mat exercises you already know, like Rolling Like a Ball and Spine Stretch, and she also adds a few surprises with the Trapeze that will work your entire body!
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Jun 30, 2016
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Hi, thanks for joining me for this Cadillac class, I've gathered a couple of things that I'm going to have just nearby, so if you want to do that for yourself, that might be a good idea. So I just have blue springs up to the top of my Cadillac, red springs hook to the bottom, have my roll up bar attached to the, and I moved it onto the bar. It's not right at the top. It's about three quarters of the way up that with the sliding bar. Um, I also have the trapeze ready to go, some legs, springs ready to go and I think that is all that we need. If you only have a tower at home, the majority of this workout can be done on the tower just with the exception of anything that we use, the trapeze four, you'll have to get creative on your own.

So here we go. I want us to come around to the end where the Rola roll down bar is and his hold onto that bar. So organize yourself far enough back so that you have a little bit of space between the Poles and your body so that you have space to roll yourself down. And Inhale, as we exhale, I just want you to press down lightly on the springs, not all the way to the body, just towards the floor and feel the spine lift in opposition. So just finding alignment, finding an elongated spine, an axial elongation, and inhale to release.

As you press down on the bar, I feel that the bar helps you ground into your feet as you ground into your feet. Feel the stacking of the knees over the ankles, the pelvis over the knees, the shoulders over the pelvis, and then the top of the head reaching up towards the ceiling and then gently release the springs. We're just gonna do that one more time in here and press down to Ilan Gate. Grow Tall. And in here, this time as we press down on the springs, we're going to take the head down. So we pressing the bar down with the top of the head as the bar goes down toward the floor. Don't worry too much if it's going to go all the way to the ground. Worry more about creating an opposition or abdominal engagement.

A Pike like sensation through the body in yellow. Don't allow the stomach to push out. As we exhale, we'll pull back up feeling the pelvis rotate under. I mean just the heaviness, almost like you're leaning into the bar with your arms and then articulating up through the spine until we arrive back up straight again. We're going to do that two more times. Inhale, prepare XL checking in. Head goes down that way. Weight of the head and the weight of the arms.

Put pressure on the springs, the abdominals in opposition. Lift up. The legs are pressing down, so we've got down. Press and up. Lift to oppositional energies occurring in our bodies. Pause to inhale, deepen and exhale. Articulate that. Feeling the shoulders sliding away from the ears or just staying away from the ears is good enough and then coming the way up to the top.

Inhale last time it goes down the weight of the head and the weight of the arms as we lean to the bar. Create the pull. The stretch of the springs has the springs are being stretched. What's happening? The abdominals are lifting, creating uplift and down pressure. See if you can go down a little deeper this time. Pause to inhale and exhale.

Drawing into the center of the body. Continuing. Just feel the shoulders are heavy. The heaviness of the shoulders allows the shoulders to stay down and keeps the way to the body over the springs and standing tall. So coming around to sit down on the Cadillac. Now sitting with the legs out in front.

Hands holding onto the bar. Lifting up tall, so similar it. Move into what we started with inhaled prepare. Okay. Exhale. Press down on the springs. Don't go anywhere with your spine except for up. Inhale, release the springs. Exhale, draw into the abdominals. Press down and lift top of the head lifts tall.

Just one more time. Inhale the springs come up. Exhale, we press down. Grow the spine naval to the spine, getting more narrow through the trunk. Each time. Inhale, the arms come up. Now as you exhale, rotate the pelvis under. Rotate the pelvis under in. Feel that the legs are reaching out into the bars. Draw the tailbone under, flattened through the lower spine, and roll yourself all the way down onto the mat. Inhale the head and chest. Come back up, look down in front of you, draw into the abdominal curl forward, curl forward. But continue just like we didn't.

We were standing to create opposition through the abdominals. And then I'll light pressure down on the springs. Yes, we build the spine back up straight again. Inhale, prepare. Exhale, round the spine, Tuck the tail. Underfill the heaviness of the shoulders. Feel the energy through the legs, that deep posterior rotation of the pelvis to feel the lower back. Come into the mat and then the upper body comes down and inhale, lift the head and chest and exhale. Drawing in, sliding the scapula down, rounding the spine forward and lifting up. Last two, building the spine tolerance rate or every time round, starting from the pelvis. Keep the eyes out in front of you. Feel as though you're almost pressing them.

Head backwards instead of forwards. So your work is all in the center of the body. On the center of the body. A little down press on the springs goes a long way to help you feel more depth to your work and release all the way down. It's interesting to note. I feel inhale to lift that. Watch. If one arm presses the bar down, try to keep the bar across, round the spine and lift the spine up.

Last time. Breathe in, breathe out. To roll down. This time I want us to pause right as we come through that lower spinal area. Pause. Feel the spine flatten into the mat. Inhale. As you exhale, press down through the abdominals to lower the bar in heels. You really feel that the, it's not all armed, it's mostly abs. It's almost as though you're curling inwards to apply downward pressure on the bar and inhale, release and exhale curling inwards to apply pressure on the springs and inhale, release last time. Exhale, curling and apply the pressure.

Inhale, release. Take your body all the way down. Bend your knees, knees and feet together. Inhale, lift the head and chest up off the mat, hollow through the abdominals. Maintain the neutral orientation of the pelvis and exhale, curl, curl, curl through this spy. Inhale down. Exhale, draw in. So in my mind, in my body, I create this sensation of having to go out and around and imaginary something. So you're creating a hammock like sensation through the abdominals, a deepening, a scooping, and then the body, the spine stretches are around that place. And then work the springs down.

Don't just be so concerned all the time about working the springs up. Create the work in both directions. We'll do two more. Exhale, deepening forward into yourself last time. Exhale, pause at the shoulders. Rotate towards the leg that's at the left. Now exhale, feel the right rib cage. Reach across towards the left pelvis and down as the right rib reaches across towards the left pelvis. The left ribs slides towards the center of the spine, so it's the feeling of funneling both ribs towards the same side of the pelvis.

Remember to work down as well as up and lift and draw and and go down. Keep Energy. We'll do two more energy in the legs, pressing the legs together and last one. And then another thing that I've been working with in my own practice lately to find depth, find your center, rotate to the opposite side. The right ribs slide towards the center of the spine. His left ribs come up and across.

So I was saying what I've been working with in my own practices, trying to feel that the feet are stuck to the mat, but at the same time trying to pick the feet up. So that's two opposite things, right? The feet stuck, but we're trying to lift them up and that just feels like it helps to create depth. So concentrating in your movement, making each movement count for more, exhaling up, inhaling work, the springs, exhaling for a lot of us the biggest challenges that in the pool in on the down last to the pull in on the inhalation and down last time, left and down and then find center. Bring the knees up and over the bar. Place the feet down this time. Keep them separate and lay the body down. Inhaling to prepare, going into a pelvic curl. So first start flattening through the spine, press down through the arms, and then as you roll up, allow the springs to pull the knees forward. Hold on. The inhale, pressing up high through the hips. As we exhale, start the chest, the movement of the chest, the dropping of the chest, and then allow the springs or the needs to be pulled by the springs to create a little traction. As we're working through the lower spine, drop the tailbone all the way down and inhale again. Exhale, flatten the spine first. Articulate up through the spine, try to keep both hips level. So if one hip drops lower than the other, you'll see a drop in the bar. One side of the bar will be lower. So again, using the bar, not just to make this a little bit Yummier, but also to um, help bring awareness, awareness to alignment.

Two more. Lifting up high hips, low ribs, and really milking the spine. Rounding Spine, shoulders heavy or flats. Last time for the day, excelling to lift up, hold, inhale and exhale to go down. And then from there, curling the head and chest up, taking a hold of the bar. Stretch the legs out over the top of the springs. Inhale here, press the arms parallel to the floor for the hundred so we exhale. One, two, three, four, five [inaudible], two, two, three, four, five [inaudible] three two, three, four, five [inaudible] four to letting the springs help you in your curl. Five pushing from the upper back six too. Trying to keep the bar away from the backs of the lanes. Set two, three, four, five and n.

[inaudible] two three. Keep the curl in. Nine two, three, four, 5,000 in 10, two, three, four, five. Inhale, exhale. Fold the knees over the bar. Bend the elbows, curling yourself up, and then come up, comma, come up and find your balance. Pulling the heels in towards the hips. Elbows wide. I'm pulling the bar into the back of my legs. We're going to roll back. It's a very slow rolling like a ball idea. So down, down, down, and curling fo trying to maintain stability in the pelvis.

Back, back, back. Curling forward. Two more in here and exa keeping the shape of the spy last time in here and x here. Take the legs out from underneath them or if you can do it more beautifully than that, that's awesome. Set up all the way in here. Now we're going forward. So you take the head forward, drawing down towards the feet with the bar, a little light pressure, or you can let your body fall into the springs from there. Ben, the arms.

Pull the bar into your chest. Lift up on the diagonal line. Keep that spine straight as you sit up and take the arms out in front. Inhale, Xcel always opposition. Always opposition. Always a scoop. Always a sense of drawing backward through the abs in opposition to the Lens, and then bring the bar into the chest. The feet are so pushing out.

We find that flat back position. Lift the spine and bring the amps. Four. Let's do that three more times in hand. Getting the spine nice and mobile. Then I sit in ready for all of the surprises that I have in store for you. Yeah, just kidding. No surprises. Well, maybe there's surprises you won't know until you find out.

So I guess that means press now. I've lost my count. So we'll do two more from here. Bend chest comes over the top of the bar, get that back. Nice and flat. Speaking mostly to myself there, but I'm sure all most more than myself. Have challenges with that last time. Exhale two round in Hilton. Bring the bar into the body, flatten out the spine, stick the back, and then lift the body all the way up and take the springs out. So leave the bar and come up and set up for some legwork.

So I'm going to use my safety strap. That goes on first and we're going to put two red springs on that bar. Yeah. Okay. And then coming all the way down, look after yourself as you come underneath that bar, sliding back to the back of the very far edge or into a place where you know that you can keep a neutral pelvis as your legs come up under the bar. So we're going to start on the heels. I'm just gonna have to organize a little bit to get myself in a really integrous place with my pelvis. Feet flexed.

We need to see that front of the shed and that muscle in the front of the shit and firing in heel. Bend the knees, resist the bar. I can't go very far and pull the abdominals down. Stretch the legs up. Inhale, bend the knees, bring the bar to the body and exhale, abdominals, draw. And then we stretch. Inhale, bend dominoes in and stretch. So we're already drawing the abdominals away from the flies to create space for the size to come into the body and press just two more in long arms the last time in. And uh, come on up onto the toes, points your feet.

Look for a good long straight alignment of the foot. Bend the knees, keep that point in the feet, and then tailbone drops. Press up. Exhale, inhale. Feel that like you're trying to create a hamstring contraction. And the way that helps me to find that as like I'm pushing the bar forwards as I'm bending my knee and left and then push the bar forwards and draw into lift. We'll do three more settling the rest of the body heavy too and reach last time and read. Swivel the heels together. Keep that active point in the feet as you bend your knees. Now the knees can go a little lower.

Tailbone presses and we squeeze the legs together. Inhale Paul, draw in and stretch up in hill. Paul, pull into stretch up feeling the resistance of the springs as we pull the knees in and Ben and press three more in here and letting the breath be a rhythm. Letting the breath set the rhythm. Set the tone and create a muscular awareness, muscular abdominal awareness. Come back to parallel with the feet. Pull the heels up towards the ceiling or Dorsey. Flex the feet and then articulate back up onto the toes and pulled down. Feel the springs feel.

Let them drop the pelvis heavy into the mat and lift and pull and lift. We'll just do two more. Pull and lift. And last time and then alternate for five. So we will stretch one lift both stretch, one lift, both one leg Benz, one leg. Paul's settling down in the back of the ribs. Creating an active pull up through that heel last too.

And to watching the alignment of the ankles and feet one and one. Bend the knees. Take the feet out from underneath the bar for just a moment. Remove one of the springs. Okay. Bring the left foot underneath the bar and press it up.

Yeah, so we'll start with the left foot. Right on on the heel. The rife, it's going to reach out and down. So squaring the pelvis, we're going to bend that left knee. And then as the left leg straightens, the right leg comes into hip flection. It reaches back to touch the bar. Keep the Pelvis Sto. Inhale, bend the left knee, press the right leg away. Exhale, reach and press pulling back through the center of the body to come and touch the bar. Bend and yes, Eh, Ben troll stretch last time on this time. This time as the leg comes through, we're gonna flex the foot. Place it under the bar.

Take a minute to reestablish a good pelvic position and then take the left leg down towards the Mat. Press actively down into that mat. Bend the right knee stretch and Paul. Then so one knee bend. Both legs are focusing on hip extension, right. Just one at a time.

The left leg now is in hip extension with a straight leg as the right leg is in hip flex. Chin and left last time lift. Take that leg all the way through this time. Put It on the toes. So in a good position with the foot square, the pelvis right leg goes down. I'm going to bend the right knee, keep the right foot pointed as the, sorry, the left leg as the left leg goes up.

Flex and bring that right like all the way through so I'm not very flexible. You won't see mine coming back too far under the bar, but get it back as far as you can. And Ben and deep hip flexor work and Ben and Paul and last time and Paul. Now reach for the toes. Put the toes on the bar. Opposite leg goes down to the mat, then that knee stretches simultaneously, bringing that left leg back and then push and flex.

Pull and push and flex pool and two more. Stretch pull. Last time. Stretch. Pull both feet under the bar. Then both knees take your feet out. So bringing the hands to the bar now, legs on the mat together.

Energized shoulder blades down, lift the head and chest, draw into the center of the body and curl the spine all the way up until it's vertical. So if this is too far back for your shoulders, you could always back the body up a little bit before you start moving. We're going to bend the arms straight in the arms and then tailbone talks. Shoulders fall down the back. As we articulate here, you can push up on the springs to deepen into the center of the body and then lay the spine all the way down. And then again, inhale, lift the head and chest XL articulate up through the spine. So I'm looking to bring my body to into a perpendicular line to the mat, drawing the abdominals back, send the elbow slightly forward as the eldest Ben, I straight ahead shoulderblades dropped down as the arms reach up, lift the spine and around, pushing up on the bar to deepen the abdominal work and lay all the way down and in. Lift the head and chest and drawing. Curling up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up and bend and stretch and [inaudible].

Yeah, control. Feeling each bone individually as you lay your spine back down into the bed. Here's our last one in how to lift. Exhale to articulate. I've controlling that up just as much as the down lift, bend, straighten, and yeah.

Okay. From here we're going to slide the body forward or down the mat is a different way to say that. Hands on the Poles want to get so that when your arms are straight you want to get so that the arms are straight. Then we're going to bring the feet back up underneath the bar. Trying here again, just to drop into the best neutral alignment that you can. Point the fie. Take an inhale as you exhale, start to bend your knees at the same time. Cruel the spine up off the mat, curling up, up, up to the shoulder side, bending my knees, bending my spine. Arms are actively pressing forward and up into the bar.

Shoulders are pulling down. I roll away from the bar simultaneously. As I roll away from the Bar, I'm allowing my knees to straighten, dropping the tail all the way, way down, and then flex the feet and point the feet and then bend the knees and and curl. Curl, curl, curl, hold and articulate. This fine down. Rounding down bone by bone. Timing that with the extension of the legs, timing the extension of the legs with the dropping of the pelvis. Flex point and round feeling the hamstrings, working to help to support the springs.

Excellent to articulate back down bone by bone, bone by bone, all the way down. She'd feel delicious. If delicious is a word for a body movement, I believe that it is. So now with straight legs roll [inaudible] use the abdominals, but also think about using the back extensors, taking the body up tall, then the knees just to about a 90 degree angle and then straighten them back up. And then keeping the leg straight, keeping the fee pointed. We are [inaudible]. He laid the spine down, down, down, down and back. Flex point.

Exhale, lift up, up, lifting the pelvis off the ribs. Ben, control the spring straight and control the spring. So the trunk stay still at that moment and then rolling down down to strong, long legs all the way back. Last time. Who Roll Lap Ben. Stretch and enjoy as you come down.

Flexing Halloween, anchoring and keeping the feet flexis. Reach up for the bar to pull down. Give yourself a little bit more stretch and then bend the knees and take the feet out from underneath the bar. Come out from underneath the bar with your own body and stand up. We're going to take that spring away and set up the trapeze. Okay, so taking the safety strap away. I was putting it out of the way.

Let's get the trapeze [inaudible]. So for those of you who are doing this with a tower, if there are anyone, is anyone doing this with the tower? I apologize for this short moment. I'm sure you can find something very creative to keep yourself amused. So I want the bar and the trapeze to be at the opposite and I'm gonna set it up about as long as my own wingspan. And then I want to make sure that it's nice and still okay. Get ready for some fun. This is fun.

So we're going to come onto our knees hands wide. So you could do 'em, you could do with the fingers facing forward. I'm going to choose, we're going to do some pushups. I'm going to choose to take my fingers to the outside of the Cadillac. We're going to do some Pec pushups. So from there, stepping one leg in. Now what I'd like for you to think about before you get that other leg up off the mat is get into your position. Get into your position of dominantly, get into the position with a strong trapeze leg. And so that when the other leg lifts up to step in, nothing else.

Changes and hold here. We're going to bend the arm. Yeah, it's and straighten and bend the arms. Straighten and bend the arms and hold. Now bend the knees and Pike Pipe Pike and straighten out and draw the head, pulling the knees into the chest. [inaudible] and bringing the knees into the chest and recheck and arms. Push in and exhale last time in here and hold.

Now this time keep the legs straight and lift the hips up straight like straight leg, straight legs and back in. Yeah, and it goes down. Pelvis lifts, set lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting and that last time excelling, Huh? Okay. Yeah, yeah. Pushups three. How I get myself closer to that bar? I don't know to add one.

Take one leg down. Take the other leg down. Fucker and hard, but mostly friends. I'm a set up with one blue spring on the top now and come around to lie down on our backs with the feet and the trapeze. Okay. Taking the legs into an externally rotated position. Inhale, bend the elbows, keep the ribs down, reach the arms over the head.

Exhale to bring the arms back forward. Yeah. Inhale, roll the pelvis up, pressing down into the springs, making sure that the ribs stayed below the pelvis. Exhale, roll the spine down. Starting from the chest. Feel the shoulder blades pulled down and allow the hands to put pressure against the bar. As the tailbone drops, we're going to lift the head and chest, the no roll through this spy reaching into the teaser and then roll the spine.

So twice more through Ben Neon. Reach back. Exhale, arms come forward. Inhale, articulate up. Exhale, articulate down in how, if the spine up, up, up, up. Look where you're going. Keep the head just slightly back of the arms and exhale down.

Dan. Yeah. Yeah. Last Time Ben, reach fill. I know that feels kind of like a massage on my upper back. I might be alone there, but that's all right. I've been there before. Xcel to roll up this time at the top. Bend the knees, lift the pelvis even higher, straight in the legs, back out and around the spy.

Back all the way. Lift the spine up, up, up, bend the knees, lift the back even more. Stretch the legs. Keep that length in the spine. Point the feet, lift the feet out of the trapeze and roll down. Keeping the legs right there, right there, right there, right there. This is the hardest part to bring the head down, but allow the legs to stay stuck and then rest the fi and Ben one knee and bend the other knee and come up and take that bar down. Okay, so I'm going to slide my trapeze back just a little bit more, or I can do a hip flexor stretch. Okay, so I've taken my sliding bar almost to the far end and we're going to come to the opposite side. Let's start with the right foot.

Bring the right foot back and into the trapeze and then really get that leg to straighten and be strong. So now the hands are on the bar. We're going to bend that forward leg as the leg on the Cadillac Benz. I want you to think of lifting the spine, drawing the abdominal, then keeping the back leg strong. And reaching backwards. I'm not actually straightening my leg. Actually I am. I just changed my mind.

So we're going to straight in. Then we're going to bend and drop into that hip stretch. And then we're going to pull up with the arms up with the arms, with the upper back. Rise up onto the toes, continue to lift the back, lower the heel, bend the knee just over the ankle. Resist that downward pull of the arms and reach backwards. Stretch the front leg, Ben.

Front leg. Pull through with arms lifting, lifting, reaching forward and up. Really keep those abdominals engaged. Really keep that back like active and strong. Heel goes down, knees bend. And we do one more. Bending the knee or bending the elbows. Excuse me. Sometimes I forget which joints are which, and then lifting. And then let's just take that foot down from there. Bring the right leg forward, step the left leg back. Can't quite do that without looking yet.

Okay, so straightening the leg strong straight. Then go down and then back down and then back and then pull, oh, ah, ah, ah, ah, arising under the toes. And then he'll comes down. Then the knee reaching back. Keep the upright position of the spine. Keep the back leg so strong and so straight. Pull up, feel the work in the upper back. Feel that front foot.

Begin to plant our flex lifting into the stretch, lifting the chest through the arms, then the knee and reach back. Yeah. Last time. Pulling through reaching Aye. Aye. Aye. And lowering the, yeah, and taking the foot out. Okay. So that's it for the trip piece. So we're going to take that down.

I neglected to mention earlier that I also have a pair of handles. So while I set the Cadillac up, if you don't have handles nearby, grabs them. I'm gonna move this bar back again because I want it to be out of my way. Okay. Okay. So we're going to take this bar now and we're going to move it down.

So it's just about level with the shoulders. It's about even with the shoulders. I'm gonna take the handles onto those springs. [inaudible] Hey, are there, and a little bit of equipment changing. Okay. So coming onto the knees, bringing the arms out to the sides.

You'll know where you need to be. If you can control the tension in your springs. And to take the arms forward, drawing back into the abdominals. We're going to go up, leaning into the springs down and inhale. Exhale, reach forward. Inhale, reach, ah, up, up. Find your stretch, press and India.

Excellent. Cry In here. Aye. Down. Open to more. Press in. Yeah. Uh, I'm the navel to the spinal, leaning into this springs dam and out. One more open, I mean close live with Dan and open and then side bend reached through the top of the Cadillac. Take the other, I'm back to that same side that come back into that side.

Stretch and center. You just have to watch your fingers a little here in Hilti. Reach over and make a fist to reach through. Reach through the top of the Cadillac right through the center of the bars. As the backhand reaches in towards the back thigh. Come back and sent her twice more. Inhale, exhale forward and through. Back in, around stabilizing the scapula.

Come back and open. And in here, I mean like you're trying to reach up and also down at the same time. And then back and center last time in here and reaching up, up and back and back and center. Last time in here, reaching through and back and bend the arms. Take one arm forward, keep the body still and then the other pulling back through the center of the body to stabilize the trunk twice more last time. Now add trunk rotation. So reach, reach.

So you're twisting from the spy three pull back to reach forward to pull back to reach for one ah one find center. Press up and take the springs down. All right, great job. Take the springs away for, I can stay right where it is. You set the leg springs up, coming down onto our back straight arms. Bring the feet into the straps. [inaudible] so starting in a frog position, press out and then renegotiate that position so you're externally rotating and creating a long diamond.

So I want the diamond to come up and the diamond to press down all the way if you can, without losing your spinal control in. How to lift up, stabilizing the trunk. Excellent. Press down, squeeze the glutes for, keep the seat tight and ah, Eh, down to strong arms. Meredith and last time. And now anchor the heels. Just one leg up and press the other side. One leg. Ah, it's pretty challenging to control for me. You could be really good at this, but this is a big challenge for me, so I'm doing my best to control that down.

Spring and lift. Press one more time. Left press is my toes. Cramping and lift. Press and now both legs up. Bend the knees right into the pelvis. Press the heels down, shoot the legs out and up. And then he's in press, legs down. Press the arms away, length in the whole spine.

There you are standing with your arms overhead and lift. Last time pressed down. Reach out and lift. Let's take that in reverse. So press down straight, legs strong. Hips bend in, dragging the heels out along the mat and then press away from you.

Control the pull of the springs. Press down, bend getting the heels right in close. Lift the feet and press away. Last time, press down, standing in a point, arms overhead. That's what that feels like to me. Feel the alignment of the body. Then reach up and take your feet out of the straps. Leave the straps where they are. Bring the arms forward, lift the head and chest and roll all the way up through the spine. So we're going to set up the push through bar. Again, just one blue spring is going to be fine for me today.

So sitting on [inaudible], getting centered in here. Exhale, round the spine. Press the bar down in through reach all the way forward. Inhale, elongate back. Exhale round tucking the pelvis. Keep the feet against the Poles. Hold there, take the arm closest to me off the bar. Reach around through the rib cage. Keep the spine flex, reach back back through the center of the Poles and then take the arm up towards the ear and side bend, reaching into the heel of the opposite foot, elongating the whole body, and then engage to the obliques to come back to center and lift and round.

Press the bar forward. Lengthen the spine out. Round, eyes forward. That was a self cue, but if it worked for you, that's great to open, open, keep the spine round. I'm coming up and we side bend, dropping the shoulder laid on the side that we're turning towards. Fill that nice open position in the back. Then reach back out, come back to the bar, lift the bar up, press the bar down, turn around, legs out in front of us. Um, keep the Scapula, excuse me. Itch. Keep the Scapula wide on the back.

So I mean don't squeeze the shoulder blades together is what I'm suggesting. And now exhale, curl under, under, under, under, under deepening into that shoulder stretch. Take that top of the head towards the thighs. So you're diving into your own body. Lift the arms and then press the bar up.

Press down through the arms with the back muscles. Lift the spine tall. Inhale, exhale, round, round and round. Round and forward. And uh, one more time. Press the bar down. Lift the spine to stray. Yeah, it is round, round, round. Keeping the shoulders wide and forward. And uh, and then all the way down, keep the bird in one hand. Turn yourself over.

Careful as you readjust yourself, as I'm sure you know. Okay. So lining the body up through the center of the Mat. Fill the arms, resting on the bar and not pushing on the bar, resting on the bar. Then lift the head and feel the bar. Slide the shoulder blades slide backwards. As the spine lifts up, just small.

So I'm stopping at the bottom of my ribs and then reach back out. Just do three like that. Slide the scapula backwards. Feel almost as though the arms are weightless, weightless. Try not to push down to lift up here anyway, and then release down. Keep in the back of the neck long. So we pick up the back of the head.

The eyes travel forward slightly, slightly. And so I'm um, prone to is the name of this exercise as I know it. Uh, you may need more spring. If you need more spring and you know that you do get yourself some springs. So we're going to bend the elbows wide, keep the elbows reaching in your periphery as you start to straighten the arms. As the arms are straightening, we picked the spine up, lifting the spine up, and then take the head down, drop the body through the arms, then the elbows wide and reach forward.

Bend the elbows. Inhale, keep the elbows in your periphery as they start to straighten. Then let the arms pull the spine up, up, up. So now you have to push on the bar a little bit to push back through the body, lower the head and the chest, and then bend and reach the last time. Pull. Okay, reach bringing the body through.

That's my shoulder doing something funny and I'm going to work through it so it's a good stretch to the whole front of the body and then take the body down and bend and reach. Take the bar in one hand, let it go. Press the forums into the mat. Reached back to sit back on the heels, rolling the spine up. Now all the way and just coming into the bar. I'm going to give myself that second blue spring here just to give. Have a little bit more support, have nice support, or we're going to do the cat stretch. Starting with the elbows bend to the side.

We're going to press the arms down. Keep the shoulders anchored as you articulate down through the spine, articulate down through the spine, and then take the body out and India [inaudible] and round pressing the pole of us forwards, forwards, pushed down on the bar so that you can really work through part of the spine, the part where the pelvis wants to go back. Lift all the way up to the top and fold the elbows back on. Keep the shoulder blades down, press down, lift the spine. Round down, reach out.

Yeah, round back, pushing the bar away from you and [inaudible] all the way and last time. [inaudible] creating mobility, moving with ease, feeling the energy is created in your body. Well, thanks for taking class with me.

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I was waiting for this for soo long. This will be my motivation for today untill I come home to practice . Thank you Meredith.
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Great class! You always make it look so easy and effortless when we all know it's not!
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Thanks for another great class??. I love your classes, always very thoughtful movements.
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Ignore the question marks above??
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I really loved this class. When I add classes to "my favorite" I would love the ability to add note to myself as to what I specifically liked about it, particular moves etc. Do we have that ability...really a question for the web support peeps.
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Susan ~ Thank you for your forum post. Here is an FAQ with information on how to add notes to classes you add to your favorites. I hope this helps!
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Meredith, Pilates' has sculpted your body beautifully.
Thank you all for your lovely feedback!
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Thank you Meredith! That was a wonderful class! I really appreciate all of the advance setup info, it was so helpful!
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