Class #2946

Mat Workout

45 min - Class


Fascia-focused cues transform familiar Mat exercises into deeply satisfying whole-body movement in this class by Elizabeth Larkam. You will discover how to connect and guide your core structures with your eyes, tongue, and hands. You will also learn how to access information from embryology to improve your abdominal strength, mobility, and motor control.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall

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Welcome to Pilates Anytime. I'm Elizabeth Larkam, so honored to be back with you my sixth visit now, my sixth year for Pilates Anytime, and very honored to be with you the global Pilates community. Le...

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She has the best outfits!!!!
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Love your sense of humour !!
The work out is so interesting !!
Thank you !
Úžasné. Hodinárska práca.
I´m sorry, I don´t know enough English for a letter for you, Elisabeth, but I practice your exercises at home - Mat, Reformer. You are my teacher. Your´s sincerelly.
Viera, Slovakia
Dear Elizabeth, it's always such a pleasure to learn your teachings. You give us a tremendous amount of information, and your passion connects everything (like fascia does. I look forward to meeting you somewhere. Thank you!
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Thank you! I love your humor, the way you teach! Thank you for fascia focused….everyone like a workout with" fascia" now in germany… but I love to feel and understand the work in my body!
Elizabeth , you truly are a fantastic teacher ! I never get your classes first time round !!!! I love the knowledge you give us ! Thank you so much ! Please keep coming !
WOW! Great stuff Elizabeth. Had to really pay attention, which is great for all of us after doing the same exercises for a long time. Thank you
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Another Oscar winning outfit AND awsome lesson.
As a former Rhythmic Gumnastic Coach that had to deal with leotards for team, I know some very talented , creative seamstresses and their amazing work for Iceskating,Gymnasts and more.
Back to the lesson...
I would think that I should try to introduce one more detaill at a time, rather then eyes, tongue and all together..
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This class is awesome, love the cueing!
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wow this is wonderful and highly advance. i am sweat and feel so relief. thank you for teaching at pilatesanytime. and as you say sometime we had so much learn to feel how our abdominal work, instead we should learn how to feel another sensitivities parts of the body such a tonque and eyes. it make sens.
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