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Elizabeth Larkam

Elizabeth Larkam

Elizabeth Larkam, National Certified Pilates Teacher, authored Fascia in Motion: Fascia-focused movement for Pilates (Handspring, 2017) and the Pilates chapter for Fascia in Sport and Movement (Handspring, 2015, 2e 2020). She was awarded the Medal of the Danish Society of Military Medicine in recognition of her efforts to improve the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers.
Read More As a Dance Medicine Pilates Specialist at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, Elizabeth created Pilates programs for orthopedic, spine, and chronic pain diagnoses. As Director of Pilates & Beyond for Western Athletic Clubs, she developed the internationally acclaimed Mind & Body Center. Elizabeth worked as a Pilates Specialist with the San Francisco Ballet and Cirque de Soleil, a lecturer at the University of San Francisco in Exercise and Sports Science, and a lecturer at San Francisco State University in Dance. She is a Feldenkrais® practitioner and a Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® teacher.

Elizabeth participated in the Fascial Net Plastination Project, sponsored by the Fascia Research Society at the Guben Plastinarium dissection lab. She hosts the Handspring Publishing webinar Moved to Learn! Elizabeth is a Co-Founder and former Co-Owner of Polestar Pilates and a Balanced Body Master Instructor and Mentor. Elizabeth is in private practice in Marin County, California and Georgetown, Texas.
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