Class #2955

Prenatal Reformer Workout

50 min - Class


Harness your energy so you can finish your pregnancy with joy by taking this Reformer workout with Leah Stewart. She hones in on the nesting urge that is common towards the end of pregnancy by incorporating gentle movements with stronger movements that require more focus. By using this surge of energy, you will be able to enter labor and birth with a strength and joy which you will be able to carry into motherhood.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

About This Video


Hi, welcome. This is Leah Stewart and we are doing a prenatal [inaudible] reformer class. This class. Um, I've kind of, I kind of called nesting and my idea behind this was really, there's this phenom...

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I would love to see a new mat class. I have done your classes with my last pregnancy and also with my current one. However, I don't have a reformer, and would love some new material. Thanks!
You are glowing and look beautiful!! Thanks for the great class.
What a fantastic class! Feeling full of energy and so lenghthen ❤️
Absolutely loved your vibe!!!
You are a joy to watch.. love your pilates voice.. great cueing & how you verbalize while you are feeling the body..
Wonderful class! Random question: where did you get your leggings in this video? Trying to find cute/pretty prenatal Pilates clothing is tough! Everything is black!!!

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