Class #3032

Mat Workout

30 min - Class


Let go of your day and be present in this Mat workout with Rebecca Urban. She works on finding your center so you can feel each movement. She flows through the class working breath, movement, and a deep gratitude of being in your body.
What You'll Need: Mat


Welcome, I'm Bex, and I'm honored to be guiding you through a mat practice. So, come to your mat, sit down, feet grounded, and before we begin, just put your hands on your knees, and j...


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Inspiring and motivating! Good flow. I love it.
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This class was amazing. You are amazing.
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So wonderful to come across a 30minute class and such quality. Really enjoyed the layering, will use in class
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Wonderful class! Thank you Rebecca!
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Big Sigh....
thank you, Rebecca, this was what I needed to feel good about myself. All your words and the atmosphere you are creating is beautiful!
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Thank you Rebecca for reminding me to be grateful for this body and it´s capacity to move and make me feel good. I really enjoyed your playful and grateful attitude.
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What refreshing cues and sense of humour. Going to try the pedeling tonight Loved this!! Thank you for a great workout. xx
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Love love love!!!!
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WOW, thanks so much for all the kind words. It fills my heart to know the class resonates with many of you...thank you
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Soft eyes! and soft lips! Oh, I needed that! I have been clenching my eyes! Who knew? Also, loved the tricycles!
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