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Booty Barre™

45 min - Class


The Booty Barre™ class is a unique fun, high energy class. It fuses legendary fitness techniques from Pilates, Dance, Calisthenics and yoga. You will streamline, firm, tighten and tone your entire body without adding bulk. Creating balance, posture, body awareness, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. The result is a body that looks and moves 10 years younger!

Tracey utilizes musical selections from Fit DVD Music.
What You'll Need: Table Chair, Hand Weights

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All right, guys, I'm super excited to be here with Booty Bar and I've got some amazing Pilates instructors here with me today so I told them to keep their legs a little bit lower 'cause I don't want to be shown up. No, I'm only kidding. But this workout today is a little challenging. I know every single one of these people in the class today have never done Booty Bar so if these guys can do it, everyone out there can do it too. Okay?

So, we have two dancers here and three... Oh no, sorry. Three dancers and two non-dancers so it proves that you don't have to be a dancer to do this. So, just have fun and remember, if it gets too hard, it's okay, just take a break. And you can smile and you can laugh and joke with me, okay?

And if you wanna take the spot, you can be the teacher too. (everyone laughs) I'd be like, "Get up here, let's see your stuff," okay. It's just about having fun, all right? That's all I want you to do is have fun. Are you ready, guys?

Yeah. Okay, can we have some louder music? I gotta have that energy in that music, otherwise... You're never gonna get through, especially when we start doing those hips. (energetic dance music) There you go! All righty, you guys.

Let's get that beat going. (energetic dance music) Now, we're gonna rise up, we're gonna go up and down. Up and down. There you go. Up and down.

And double time. Pick it up. Take it up and down. Up and down. (energetic dance music) Beautiful.

Four, three, two, now bend the knees. You take it forward and back. So you're kind of doing a figure eight. Now contract those abs, there you go. Reaching up and over.

Make it a little bigger. (energetic dance music) Now, we're gonna add a rise. You go in, lift up. In, lift up. There you go.

Using those feet. Beautiful. Now breathe. Make it a little bit bigger. (energetic dance music) Awesome.

Four more, you take it down and back. Three. Two. One more. Now turn your legs so you take it out and in.

Now, this is really important because we're turning out from the hips not from those knees. Okay? So, you're turning out and in, really working through external rotation. (energetic dance music) Now, one more. Now, hold it here.

We're gonna rise up and down. Take it up and down. Up. So you're working through the feet. As you pick up that tempo, you take it up and down.

Beautiful. It's amazing, we never seem to work our calves, do we? And who wants to look good in those beautiful Jimmy Choo shoes? Gotta have good calves. (laughs) (energetic dance music) Give me four more, guys. Four.

Three. Now, we're going to be stepping out to the right side. You ready? Step it out. You take it down, bring it in. Awesome.

(energetic dance music) There you go. Now, let's add some arms a bit so it's like a Port de Bras. Out, bring it in. Out. Out.

Now, we're gonna add three pulses and a plie. So it goes three, two, one, bring it in. Three, beautiful. (energetic dance music) Awesome. It's lovely having people that can follow you. (laughs) And again.

Now, we're going to go to the other side. Singles. Single. In. Single, now this is just to elevate the heart rate, get the oxygen around to all those beautiful muscles.

(energetic dance music) Awesome. Now, we're going to add that little beat in a minute for three pulses. Three, two, now squeeze those inner thighs. Awesome. Now, be careful not to arch that back.

Slightly posteriorly tilt that pelvis. Beautiful. Pulling that ribcage together. Working those abs at the same time. (energetic dance music) Last time.

(energetic dance music) Now, singles. Right, other way. You got it. (energetic dance music) Now, you're going to give me four more. On the last one, you're going to hold it out there.

(energetic dance music) One more. Now hold it. Hold. Prayer arms and lift the right heel up. Up.

There you go. (energetic dance music) Now, the whole idea for this to get low to the floor. Feel those legs burning? This is nothing yet. (laughs) Oh, yes. Here we go.

Down. (energetic dance music) Beautiful. Shoulder blades pulled down, press the energy into your palms. Now, we're gonna pulse. Pulse.

(energetic dance music) Push over that instep. Abs drawn in. Awesome. Switch to the other side. (energetic dance music) All the way over that heel.

(energetic dance music) Beautiful. (energetic dance music) Can we do two on the right? Let's go. Two. Keep pressing the energy.

You'll feel your chest start to contract. Scapula down. Beautiful. (energetic dance music) Four more. Four.

Three. Two. And one, now lift both your heels up. Balance, use your core to balance. Raise the hands all the way up.

(energetic dance music) Now, hold it here, take the arms out, lower the heels. Now, we're gonna press it forward. You take it forward, hold it there. Now pulse. Now, as you can see, I'm pulling my abs in so I'm in an upper spine extension.

Can you see that? There you go, nice work ladies. Now, from here, we're gonna go straight up. Straight up. Now, your heart center is reaching up to the sky.

Beautiful. Now, hinch forward from your waist. (energetic dance music) Gonna feel that booty burn. Oh, yes. (energetic dance music) Take it up.

Now, heart center up. (energetic dance music) Forwards. (energetic dance music) Heart center up. (energetic dance music) Forwards. (energetic dance music) Now, let's do our singles.

You ready? Go. One. Forwards. One. Forwards.

Breathe. Now, if you smile, it makes everything so much easier. See, when you smile, I know you think I'm crazy but it's so true. (laughs) Four more. Four. Three.

Two. One, now hold it here. Reach those hands forwards. Kind of like a tiger. Or let's say a cougar.

I dunno. What's better? Now, we're gonna lift it all the way up. (energetic dance music) Hold. (energetic dance music) Lower down. Now, pick up that pace.

You go up, down. Look back, look out. There you go. Really pressing the hips down to open out those hips. Lift.

Down. Lift. Down. Lift. Now, one more, now hold it here and pulse, pulse.

There you go. Trying to press the hips down. (energetic dance music) Give me 10 more. 10. Nine. Extend that upper spine.

Four. Three. Two, hold it here, hold, and extend. (energetic dance music) Feel that burn, Lisa? Oh, yeah! Come back down.

Now, hold it here. We lift the heels up. Down. Up. Down.

Up. Down. Four more. It's kinda like a spider. Four.

Three. Two. And one. Extend the hips all the way up. Now, slowly bring the legs together.

(energetic dance music) Let's take the right leg behind into a lunge position. (energetic dance music) Make sure your hips are facing forwards and we're gonna send the hips up to the sky to stretch out those hamstrings. Ready? Take it up. Down.

Up. Now, look down to your foot. Up. Beautiful. Really lengthen and pull up those abdominals off the thighs.

(energetic dance music) One more, now hold it here. Now reach the hands all the way up. (energetic dance music) Hold it here. Press and pulse. Now, little pulses for 10.

10. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six.

Five. Four. Three. Two, hold it there, hold. Prayer position and rotate.

(energetic dance music) Breathe in that beautiful stretch. Extend that back leg. (energetic dance music) Hold it there for four. Three. Two.

One, take the hands down, bring the legs together, switch the other leg back. Now, lift your hips up. You're taking up and down. Look up. (energetic dance music) Beautiful, we need to feel that length in the thigh.

(energetic dance music) Now, hold it down here, hold it here. Find your balance. Now, reach and extend forwards over that front thigh. Now, little pulses. Draw those abs, make sure your hips are facing forwards, and that back leg is lengthened.

(energetic dance music) Beautiful. (energetic dance music) Now, hold it here, prayer position. Now, rotate. (energetic dance music) Hold it down, drawing those abdominals. (energetic dance music) Four.

Three. Two. And one, take the hands down. Now, walk back into plank position, abs engaged. Now, bring your right knee to your chest.

You go right and back. (energetic dance music) Left. Now, pick up the tempo. You're taking right, left, right. Listen to that beat.

In, in. Now, reach out, look at me, there you go. Draw those abs in. Push away from the floor so you're not sinking between the shoulder blades. (energetic dance music) Now, work that core.

Exhale. Exhale. Nice work, guys. Now, we're gonna add a little rotation. Ready?

Rotation, you take it side, side. Now, look in the direction where your knee's going. (energetic dance music) Four more. Four. Three.

Two. And one, bring it back. Now, inhale, exhale. Come all the way up into your pyramid position. Press the heels down.

(energetic dance music) Hold that stretch. (energetic dance music) Now, slowly walk your hands back to your feet. Bend your knees, slowly articulate up so your spine is curling all the way up. Head is the last to uncurl. Nice, girls. (claps) You're feeling warmed up?

Let's pick up your weights. So, we're gonna either three, two, three, or five pound weights. (energetic dance music) I've got the fives today but (mumbles) you got threes, okay? So, let's turn the toes out. Now, we're gonna squeeze those inner thighs.

Palms are facing up. Pull the shoulder blades down. You guys okay? Let's take it as you go up. So, we're going to do to present.

We're gonna breathe. There you go. So, you're working on that beautiful upper body. Control. (energetic dance music) Deep breaths.

(energetic dance music) Four more. Four. Three. Two and now give me one more. Now, hold it here, now curl, bend the elbows, palms facing out.

Let's take it over head. (energetic dance music) You take it up. There you go. So, your elbows are in line with your shoulders. Remember, if it gets a little challenging, take a quick break and then just pick it back up again.

It's okay. (energetic dance music) Beautiful, nice work. Squeeze those inner thighs together. The booty should never be relaxed. (energetic dance music) Three more. Never.

Three. (laughs) Two, now one more. Now hold it right here, palms facing inwards, triceps extensions. Take it back. Up. Back.

Up, beautiful, keep those elbows high. (energetic dance music) Awesome, squeeze those inner thighs. (energetic dance music) Nice work. (energetic dance music) Good. Feeling those triceps?

Yes, no, maybe? Yes. Do I have to give you 100 more for the reaction? (everyone laughs) Four. I have to get a reaction out of these guys.

Three. Two. Now, one more, now hold it here. We're going to take it all the way down slowly. Bring your palms down parallel and take it down.

Now, we open. We're gonna go open, down, open. So, you add a little knee plie bends. Now, your body is forwards 'cause you're trying to work the mid of the back, your posterior deltoids. Beautiful.

Now, give me some energy! It's all about what you put-- Oh, see the energy rose there as soon as I said that. Honestly, the energy just went boom. (energetic dance music) Good. Eight more. Eight.

Seven. Six. Five, keep that body forwards. There you go, Amy, keep it forwards. Three.

And you, Lisa. Two. One, now take the palms back and pulse. Now, the further forwards we go, the more those arms have gotta work against gravity, haven't they? (energetic dance music) And we wanna work.

Come on, it's nearly Thanksgiving. What comes out of Thanksgiving? The turkey wobble! (laughs) We've gotta get rid of the turkey wobble, okay? (energetic dance music) (mumbles) So, really focus on pulling back to work those triceps. Beautiful.

Now, give me 10 more. Come on, I can feel the burn, let's go. You take it 10. Nine. Eight.

Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three.

Two. One. Roll down, slowly roll all the way up, turn your toes out, repeat. This time on a releve. You ready? Squeeze those inner thighs.

(energetic dance music) Four, three, two, and take it out. (energetic dance music) There you go. So, now those legs are actively working to support you. Every single muscle in your body is working right now, not just the upper extremities. Beautiful.

(energetic dance music) Can you give me four more? (energetic dance music) Four. Three. Two. Give me one more. Ready, what comes after next?

Over head. (energetic dance music) Gorgeous. Scoop out those abs. (energetic dance music) Woo. (energetic dance music) There's nothing better than beautifully cut arms, is there?

And I think it's one of the most neglected parts of a female's body. (energetic dance music) Four more. Four. Three. Two, now give me one more.

We're to our triceps extensions, take it back. Back and up. Squeeze those inner thighs just a little bit more. (energetic dance music) Woo. (energetic dance music) Beautiful, you guys are looking great.

(energetic dance music) Can you gie me five more? Come on! Five, elbows up. Four. If you need to lower your heels, you can. Two more.

One more. Now, finish it off beautifully. Ready? Take it forwards, let's go. You take it out and in and out and in.

Keep that body forwards. Scoop out those abs. (energetic dance music) Work on those muscles we're intending to work. Put your mind and focus to the middle of your back. Your back and your shoulders.

(energetic dance music) Gorgeous. Down. Four more, ladies, nearly there. Four. Three.

Two. One more triceps back. You take it back, pulse. Now, come on, who's with me on this one? (energetic dance music) Ooh yes, Kristy, let's get down.

(energetic dance music) Woo. (energetic dance music) Awesome, can you give me 10 more? Let's go. You take it 10. Nine.

Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four.

Three. Two. One, roll down. (energetic dance music) Turn your toes out, take it nice to second position. Plie down, elbows in.

Now, cross, out. So, let's work a little bit into our rotator cuffs now. Start a rotation. (energetic dance music) Now, do you think you could go down a little bit more, maybe an inch? There you go.

Now, keep those elbows really close to your body, there you go. (energetic dance music) Breathe, now hold it here, little pulses. Out, out. Good, nice, Meredith. (energetic dance music) A bit little lower.

I always wanna push that little bit more. (energetic dance music) I always believe there's that further inch that you can go. (energetic dance music) Four more. Four, three, now hold it here, hold it here, take it down, up. Now, add a lift, down, lift.

See, I'm being nice. (laughs) Good. (energetic dance music) (laughs) Now, diagonally open. (energetic dance music) Full range of motion so you're kind of slightly on a diagonal. Four more. Four.

Three. Two. Now, one more now hold it here, back again. Take it out, in. (energetic dance music) Now, if you're feeling really challenged, you can bring the heels up.

Is there any takers? Yeah, Amy! She's a go girl. (laughs) Eight more. Eight. Seven. Six.

Five. Woo! Four. Three. Two. Now, one, lower the heels, pulse, pulse, pulse. Diagonally out.

(energetic dance music) Let's take it forwards, gradually forwards. (energetic dance music) Take it diagonally out. Okay, last one. Let's go down. Come on, come on, you can do it, Meredith.

You've got conviction, I love that. Woo! Eight more. Eight. Seven. Six.

Five. Four. Three. Two, hold it here. Reach.

Lift up. Take it all the way out, roll down. Place the weights on the floor, take the hands. Reach forwards and hold. (energetic dance music) And then slowly bring the hands forwards.

We're gonna walk back into a plank position. We're going to try and go for 12 pushups. Either here or here, your choice. Ready? Four, three, two, and you take it down, lift up.

Two. Use those abs. Three. Keep the scapula as still as you can so there is no movement in that scapula. Nice stuff.

Keep it there, keep that scapula open up. Not so far down, Amy, there you go, beautiful. Keep this nice and open. See, I lost count now. (laughs) Four. Woo! (laughs) Three, that's a (mumbles) Two.

And one. Okay, walk your hands back. (energetic dance music) And then bring your hands back to your feet and pick up weights and slowly roll all the way up. (energetic dance music) Nice work, you guys. Let's put your weights away and we're gonna come back with the barre section, okay?

(energetic dance music) Okay, let's come back into center. You guys are awesome, just keep that energy level. This is the fun part, on the barre. So now, if you're at home, if you've got a ballet barre or just a nice, sturdy chair, we're going to our ballet barre section now. So, let's face the barre.

All right, let's turn your toes out, place your hands on the barre. Now, lift all the way up, heels are together. You keep that diamond position all the time, squeezing your sit bones together, abdominals are pulled in. You ready, ladies? It's single down so you take it single and lift.

Single. It's really important that you pull those abs in and you're lifting right through the gluteal (mumbles). So what we're working on is pulling those sit bones together all the time so you really focus on that external rotation through the hip and you're squeezing the inner thighs and the heels are staying completely still. Those heels are not moving, just like you would be when you wanna be a performer and you do your leg work, you do not move those heels. Here we go.

Four. Three. Now, we're gonna add little plie pulses like we did in the warm up. Ready? So it goes three, two, one, squeeze.

Three. (energetic dance music) Let's do four more of these then we're gonna do our grand plies in four counts, okay? (energetic dance music) Nice, keep those heels together, high on those toes. Ready, for four counts, ready? So it goes plie, down, plie, up, plie, down.

Now, if you have bad knees and your knees are hurting, then limit your range of motion. Don't go all the way down. Good, now keep those heels together so you hold, down. Hold, squeeze. Hold, down.

Hold, squeeze. Hold. (energetic dance music) Can you give me three more? Three. That's why it's important that you always cross train your work outs.

That will help your other workouts. You have to cross train. One more. (energetic dance music) Now, single counts. One, up.

Two, you've got 10. Three. Four. Five. Six.

Seven. Eight. Nine. 10. Woo, how you guys feeling?

Okay? All righty, so let's turn, put your feet nice and wide. Now, we're gonna go plie, lift, up, down. Plie, lift, so you're rolling through the feet. (energetic dance music) Good.

Down, lift. (energetic dance music) Now, we're gonna pick up the tempo. Down, lift. Down. (energetic dance music) Woo.

(energetic dance music) Four. Three. Two. One. hold it here, down and up. (energetic dance music) Keep the shoulders pulled down, no stress in the upper body.

(energetic dance music) Pulse for three. Three, two, one, lengthen. It's very teeny tiny. Squeeze. Teeny tiny.

(energetic dance music) Nice work, guys. Three, two, one, up. (energetic dance music) Now, give me two more. (energetic dance music) Last time. (energetic dance music) Now, hold it here.

Lower the heels, bring your feet together, let's turn around to the side, feet turned out. We're gonna stick it out to the side. You take it side, now lift, point. There, point. (energetic dance music) Point, now we're gonna add the arms.

So, it goes arm, lift. Lift. Lift that leg. Now, when you can, take it a little higher. Down, lift.

Down, lift. There you go. Now, the dancer is coming out. Woo. (energetic dance music) Go, Lisa! (everyone laughs) Four more.

Four, lift, down. Lift, down, lift. Three. Two. One.

And hold it here, hold. Turn the hand to the hip. Tilt. Tilt. So, every time you tilt in, you're pulling your abdominals in, focus on that Kegel.

We want some pelvic floor action going on right now. Okay? You can take both hands if you need onto your hips or you can still hold onto your chair. Now, we're going to go a little bit quicker, girlies. Let's go, woo hoo, quick.

(energetic dance music) Oh yes. (energetic dance music) Now, we're gonna take it down for two. You take it down, down. Up, up. Down, down.

Up, watch that back. Exhale, exhale, use those abs. (energetic dance music) Now, reach the hands up. (energetic dance music) We're gonna add those elbows in a minute. Oh yeah! Ready?

Let's go. You take it down, down, up, up, down. I don't care what you do, just enjoy, even that disco. And you're going for it. Woo! Down.

Come on, guys. Yeah, you're smiling now. (cheers) (energetic dance music) Four more. (laughs) Four, woo. Three more. (energetic dance music) See, you don't even know you're working those legs. (energetic dance music) Last time, now hold it down.

Ready, hold it here. Go. 10. Nine. Eight. Seven.

Six. Five. Four. Three. Two.

One, lift all the way up. Woo! Stretch it over. (energetic dance music) And lift. Stretch it over. (energetic dance music) Now, we're gonna repeat that on the other side so turn it around.

Ready? So we step it out, so you go step, point, step. (energetic dance music) Now, we're gonna add the arms. Out, lift. Out, lift.

Out, lift. There you go. I'm gonna turn around so you guys can see me. There you go. Down.

(energetic dance music) That's better. Now I can see your pretty faces. (laughs) (energetic dance music) Four more. Four. Three. Two.

One more, now hold it in that plie, hold it here. Take your hands onto your hips and we're gonna take it out. A little bit different. Some external rotation. (energetic dance music) Woo.

(energetic dance music) Can we go a little bit deeper? (energetic dance music) Oh yeah. Now, take your body forwards. Now, hands on your knees. Oh yeah, and push, push, push, push, push.

Woo. Come on, eight. Seven. Really work those glutes. Five.

Four. Three. Two. And one. Hold it here, hold, hold it.

Lower the hands down to the floor. Come into plank position. Now, we're gonna start to go knee, knee, knee. Now, we're gonna go into a little interval now. We're gonna go as fast as we can so start to jog.

Jog. Jog. Jog. Jog, there you go, use those abs. Beautiful, nice work, keep it going.

(energetic dance music) 10 more. 10. Nine. Eight. Seven.

Six. Five. Four. Three. Two.

One. Jump together. Roll all the way up. Now, bring it to a march, keep that heart rate. Turn it to the barre.

(energetic dance music) Now, we're gonna really shake the booty now so hands onto the barre, we're gonna bring your heels together. Let's just go for singles again. Single. (energetic dance music) Four more. Three.

Two, now one more, now hold it here, hold. Now, hip. Hip. Hip. Hip.

So you're working your obliques. Side, there you go. Focus on those obliques. Keep your knees wide, keep your heels still. No movement in those heels.

Uh-huh, no movement. (energetic dance music) Now, double time, go. Woo! (energetic dance music) Oh yeah, swing that booty. (energetic dance music) Back to slow. Slow.

Now, we're gonna go down the chair. Kind of a burlesque-y, you know? Ready, girls? Here you go down. Down.

Down. Down. Up. Up. Up.

And again. Down. Down. Down. Down.

Up. Up. And again. Down. (energetic dance music) Good.

Ready to pick up that tempo? No. Let's go, you go down. (energetic dance music) Just have fun with it. (energetic dance music) Three more.

(energetic dance music) Two more. (energetic dance music) One more. Do I hear groaning? I like that. (laughs) And lift up, pull back, stretch it out, nice work, guys. Brings you back into a beautiful position, hands forward, stretched out, heels are together, abs are engaged.

Take your right leg, we lift. (energetic dance music) Now, you've gotta be careful that you're keeping your upper body still, your arms are straight, your shoulder blades are pulling down so your upper body is still. Now, toss that leg. (energetic dance music) Now, we're gonna cross it behind so it goes up, cross. Up, cross.

(energetic dance music) There you go. Keep that upper body still. (energetic dance music) Give me four more. Four. Three.

Two. Now, one more, hold it here, hold. Now, pulse it, pulse. So you're externally rotated in that hip. You are turned out in the hip.

There you go, turn it out. (energetic dance music) Eight more. Eight. Seven. Six.

Five. Four. Three. Two, hold it there, hold. (energetic dance music) Now, bring the leg forwards into a lunge and lift it up.

Heart center pulled down, stretch it out. Now, slowly bring it together. Let's switch to the other side. Scoot back. Left leg.

Ready? You take it up. Now, really keep that upper body still, drawing in those abdominals. Nice. (energetic dance music) Try and get your head to your ears and level with your biceps.

And you're just swinging that leg, getting the lactic acid out of those thighs. (energetic dance music) Now, let's cross it behind so you lift up, cross behind, up, cross behind, beautiful. Up. (energetic dance music) Deep breaths, keeping that heart rate consistent. (energetic dance music) Can you give me four more, guys?

You look beautiful. Four. Three. Two. Now, hold it here, hold.

Now, little pulses. 10. Nine. Eight. Seven.

Six. Five. Four. Three. Two.

One. Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it. Slowly bring it forwards, bend the knees. In a lunge position, your pelvis is facing the chair. Draw the scapula down, heart center lifted, getting that beautiful openness through the chest.

Draw those abs in and hold, press the pelvis forwards. Okay. (energetic dance music) Slowly bring the hands down, walk back, bend your knees. (energetic dance music) Now, we're going to slowly do up a double pulse. Out.

Double. Down. Double. There you go, nice. (energetic dance music) Now, your focus is on your abdominals, kind of like a pike.

You're using your abs to pull yourself up. Single count. One. Two. Three.

Four. Five. Six. Nearly there. Seven. Eight.

Two more. Nine. 10. Open your legs. Stretch it back. (energetic dance music) Now, slowly bring your feet together.

Slowly roll all the way up. And let's walk to the side of your chair. Now, we're going to place your elbow down onto the chair. We walk out, externally rotate the underneath leg, lift that leg all the way up so I'm all the way over. Be careful on your chair.

Push your weight down. Open your hip. Now, reach the hand up. Just keep your hand right there for right now so you're in that nice position. Now, you are internally rotated.

You're not externally rotated, guys. There you go. (energetic dance music) Now, place your hand behind the head. Now, side kick. You flex it forwards, forwards, pull back.

Inhale, inhale, exhale. Beautiful. (energetic dance music) Just side kick from Pilates. Forwards. Keep that hip high, keep the same level forwards as you do to the side and back, same height.

Nice work. Four more. (energetic dance music) Three more. You guys look amazing for the first time, you guys. Two.

Just give me one more, that's all. One more. Now, take it to the side, hold it here, pulse it up, go. Pulse. (energetic dance music) Now, reach the hand out, we can take it around.

Now, take your body around. Now, make sure everything is square now. So, your hip is square to the floor. (energetic dance music) So, your hip is square. Now, open, open that pelvis.

So now, you're opening the pelvis. There you go. Hand down. (energetic dance music) Now, we're going to try that again. I know that was your first time.

These are all first timers. Now, ready? Rotate the pelvis, forwards, forwards, forwards, forwards. There you go. So, now everything is parallel.

You're leading with the heel. (energetic dance music) Beautiful, abs engaged. Now, take it back, open, open, open, open. Lift up. Come on, your knee there, don't lower that leg.

Eight more, go. Eight. Seven. Six. Five.

Four. Three. Take the hand behind the head. Now, contract in, now open out, reach open. One more slow, then we're gonna pick up the pace, use those abs.

Open out. Ready to pick up that pace? Let's go. You take it down, up, look down, look up. (energetic dance music) Now, when you feel ready, in a second, if you wanna add a nice kick, you can or stay where you're at.

Ready, ladies? Up to you. Kick it out. In. Kick.

In. Kick. In. Kick. Awesome.

In. Kick. In. Contract. Four. Three.

Two. One. Bring it in, take your leg forwards, and reach. (energetic dance music) If you can balance, reach your hands forwards and hold. (energetic dance music) Nice work.

Slowly roll all the way up. Let's turn around to the other side. I'm gonna turn around so you guys can see me. Ready? Elbow down.

Woo! Ready? Lift that leg up. Elbow on there. (energetic dance music) Lift it up, lift. (energetic dance music) Just get your nice stable pace. Make sure your weight is out of your shoulder joints.

(energetic dance music) Take the hand behind the head. Ready for side kick, ladies? Flex that foot. You flex one. Two.

Point. Back. One. Two. Keep that hip high.

Same level. (energetic dance music) Very nice, Amy, beautiful. (energetic dance music) Gorgeous, yes. Keep taking Pilates mat work to a standing position. It's going to be a little more challenging, a little bit more functional.

Not there in our kitchen doing this while we're doing our washing up, I know that. (laughs) Three. And back. Two more. Two. Can you give me one more, guys?

One. Take it out to the side, pulse it up. Now, take the hand out. Ready, we're gonna turn the hips, close the hips. Close.

(energetic dance music) Now, rest your forehead on your forearms. The heels are up. (energetic dance music) Abs are engaged. (energetic dance music) Now, let's open our pelvis all the way out. (energetic dance music) Good, now make sure your underneath obliques are pulling up.

Reaching out. (energetic dance music) Ready? Let's turn it around. Close that pelvis. (energetic dance music) Nice work, good job. (energetic dance music) Four more.

Four, three, two, one. Take it out, out. (energetic dance music) Eight more. Eight, then we're going to go into our stall. Six.

Five. Four. Take the hand behind the head slowly. Breathe in. (energetic dance music) Out.

Bring it in. Ready? Pick up that pace. You take it down. Out. Down.

Out, so you close it in, close out. Now, really contract through those abs. You ready for a kick, guys? It's the last set. Give me four more.

Ready? Kick that leg! You take it down, kick, down. Come on, Kristy, get that aggression out. Kick, kick that leg up. Awesome, down.

Go, Lisa! Down, up. Four more, you're looking awesome. Contract, lift. Three. Lift up.

Two. Up. One. Up and gracefully finish it up. Bring that leg forwards, stretch it out.

(energetic dance music) And then slowly roll all the way up. Let's face the barre quickly on your tippy toes and the thighs connected together. Ready? We're gonna pulse it in. We're nearly there. I'm cutting the class a little shorter today.

It's only 45 minutes today. Usually it's an hour and 20. (laughs) For today it's quick and simple, here you go. (energetic dance music) Now, we're gonna finish up. We're gonna go a little bit lower. (energetic dance music) And up.

(energetic dance music) Keep that back straight. Two more times, that's it. (energetic dance music) And up. (energetic dance music) One more. (energetic dance music) And up.

Woo! My legs are shaking too. Now, up and down. Up. Nice work, ladies. (energetic dance music) Take deep breaths.

You're going to slowly bring that heart rate down. (energetic dance music) Not only are you toning your body up, but you're also burning calories, you're getting your heart rate elevated. Four. Three. Two.

And one. Lower the heels, extend. Now, we're gonna the out so your right leg, take it behind. Now, hold onto your ankle, we're going to lift up into a dancer's pose. Now, if you have your chair, you can take your hand all the way down for balance and just hold it there.

Go a little bit further into that stretch and look down to your hand. (energetic dance music) Breathe. (energetic dance music) And then slowly walk back. Let's switch legs, the other side. Take hold of your ankle, inner side.

Abs engaged, now pivot your body forwards. (energetic dance music) Your supporting leg is tight, reach the hands down, and lift up. (energetic dance music) Holding that beautiful stretch, take deep breaths. Bringing that heart rate back down to a normal pace. (energetic dance music) And then slowly walk all the way up.

Gently come all the way back. Extend, lift up. (energetic dance music) Now, contract your abdominals and pull back. Lower, roll through that lower back. Once again, extend out.

(energetic dance music) And then contract. Just do one more so you get that really length through the upper thoracic spine as you're reaching out. Now, release shape on those abdominals so you curl your pelvis through. Hold that beautiful stretch. Walk your hands down to the floor.

(energetic dance music) Let your head hang and take hold of your elbows. (energetic dance music) And just swing if your legs will let you do that. They're probably a little bit wobbly right now. (laughs) (energetic dance music) Now, slowly release the hands. We're gonna slowly roll all the way up. Remember, the head is the last thing to uncurl, one vertebra at a time as you're rolling through the spine.

(energetic dance music) Nice work. Come back to center, take a deep breath in. We're gonna breathe up. How you guys feeling? And out.

Did you go into the ocean 'cause you look like you've been in the water or something. I dunno where that'd come from. One more time. (laughs) Reach up and out. Nice work, you guys. Thank you for playing for the first time.

Woo! (energetic dance music) I'm hot now, my God. Woo! (laughs)


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WOW what a workout. Loved your fast pace high energy class. Hope you are going to instruct more classes on Pilates Anytime.
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I dig this bootylicious ballet barre inspired class!! thank you than you thank you!!
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I earned my "I survived my first Booty Barre" tee shirt. Please don't tell me we have to complete an hour version to qualify! LOL.Thank you professionals for admitting it was hard work for you too. That was actually motivating.
Joni...I knew you were going to love it. Congratulations and good work!!!
Great workout! Loved the music!!!
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Really fun! Thanks for the terrific class. Please film more!
Thank you guys! Yes, we really had so much fun that day hanging out together. Even as professionals we are just human like you too and find new moves challenging, this is why we need to switch it up a little!! Keep up the amazing work :)
Great addition to Pilates Anytime workouts, so different, challenging & fun
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Looking forward to more barre...all hail Lotte Berk!....,and of course, Tracey. Thanks!
Loved this class! Great combination of strength and cardio, perfect for post-Thanksgiving workout. More like this please!
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