Booty Barre™<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 304

Booty Barre™
Tracey Mallett
Class 304

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Is there an "I Survived My 1st Booty Barre" tee? there's gotta be...I was doing anything but getting down to my morning workout post turkey day..too much travel and not enough Pilates!! I loved this and am very excited to be able to do it with you ! I am purchasing the DVD..can I do 1hr 20 min??? aaahhh!!!!! You're so fun!! thanks for kicking me back into gear this am!!!
I love this class. I would love to join them :) Please continiue
I have barre at my studio and this will be a great addition for me as well as my students. Im a little afraid to even attempt the pace....I will be the tired instructor.
Tobie, I will be doing a Booty Barre certification next year plus a licensing/support program for studios just like yours. I personally teach three classes a week at my studio and it never gets easier but so worth it :) The new website should be up in a few weeks with all the information.
So glad you enjoyed it!!!
Janice, great idea for new T-Shirts..LOL..! The class I teach is actually 1 hour and 15 minutes "The Booty Barre Plus" :)
Oh my god I needed that. I am just glad no one was around to watch me. Nice booty Ames... ;)
Wow what a great class, I am really going to feel this one tomorrow! Thank you so much Tracey and also Pilates Anytime for the diversity of your classes.
Please add more of these full length classes! Loved the challenge.
This is going straight to my favorited classes. Thanks so much Tracey for giving me gumby legs for the rest of the day!
I would love to get certified for this class. I live in Minneapolis, but if you have one coming up in Ca. I could come there!
HI Leslie,
Thanks so much so glad you enjoyed it :) Yes, we're doing a cert in January in LA and do plan to do some in MN in the future but no set dates. Please email me at and we can connect. Look forward to talking soon. Cheers! Tracey :)
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