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You will feel so energized after taking this Mat workout with Colleen Glenn-Wilson! She starts with a standing warm up so you can activate your entire body, from your hands and feet all the way to your powerhouse. She then moves on to a basic Mat class designed for those who don't have access to apparatus and want to get stronger and work up to more vigorous exercises.
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So, hi, I am calling Glen Wilson. I'm here with Jackie. Thank you. And Kara, we are teaching. Um, I am teaching a basic level one, maybe sprinkle in level two mat class, maybe for those who don't have the other apparatus to get strong and progressively do the more dynamic vigorous mat. Some of that you can take on the road with you in your hotel room, in your, you know, living room. Um, I actually did it on the beach since I was here in beautiful Santa Barbara. So you start with a standing, getting connected. We're going to shake rock and roll so we got to get the Bejesus a little out of it. So just shake, let the joints go, let everything go.

I even need to see those shoulders kind of go. Are they moving? Yes. Let everything go. And even your feet. I don't know if plot is did this or not, but it sure feels good to me right now. And then just do a little twist to twist side to side, kind of letting the juices of the fly, a spine kind of move set. So you have your shake. We're going to have to do a little swing.

Have your feet parallel. Take a nice full breath in. Breathe in through your nose. Fill up your middle, upper lower backs. Breathe in, bend the knees and swing the arms. Oh, lean back. Let it out. Lean it back and again, stay up.

Circle the arm one. Circle the arm to circle the arm. Three pull those shoulder blades together and kind of let it go. Shake out those hands to pull the hands back and forth. Kind of activate the hands. We're going to activate the feet, the ankles, the legs, all the way up into our powerhouse, through the top of our head.

Push the hands together and good. Now let's do a little roll. So weight shake, rock and roll. So we have a slight Palase v and just take your finger, put it on your Chin and take your hand on the back of your neck. You can see the the ladies here, Jackie, I want the hand right on that. The, the base of the skull. She kind of lifts it up and we press the chin down.

So you feel that length from there. Draw your chin towards your chest and roll down the spine. Let your arms dangle Ben Journeys and straighten bend. Lift your belly up into the spine. Ben Tailbone to the heels one more and say, take a little breath in. Roll up, dropping your tailbone to your heels and then zipping up from your pubic bone all the way up to your breastbone.

Let your shoulders come into place in your head. Neck and shoulders are all tall and again, draw the Chin in like button the tin to the throat. And here we go. And Roll it down. One. Roll it down to Earl it down. Three, stay here a minute. Breathe in. Fill up your spine. Open the back ribs. Exhale Ben. Three times.

Bend, straighten one bend, straighten two, banned, straightened three pressure heels together. The back of the thighs, the back of the Tush. Roll Up. Buttoning your Chin towards your throat so you don't leave your head hanging behind. It follows the movement of the tailbone, spine, shoulders and neck. Last time, Marie, then get length. Draw your chin to your throat and roll it down. Stay where you are and transfer the weight forward to the midfoot and bend your knees. Band, straighten one, bend, straighten two.

Think wrap the back of the legs, then straightened three. Stay right there. Bring the weight to the center of the foot again, it's too far back in the heels. [inaudible] almost like you're gonna fall forward. It's like living on the edge there. And now straighten your arms, draw your Chin in and roll up the spine. One, two. Don't let the head come forward.

Keep it in line all the way up to the top and we're here. Now take your toes, all 10 toes. Lift them up, one and down. Lift them up. Two and down. Press your heels down, toes up. And you begin to feel this connection through your whole body, through the inner thigh, the low belly, the Tush. One more time. All 10 toes up. Can I see the bottoms of your balls of the feet?

Get that little toe up and push onto the big toe. Then you start to feel the connection through your low tush in your inner thighs. Yes. So when I say yes, I need to have some kind of response, I need to have some kind of response so that I know otherwise. We're gonna stay here for a long time at home. You guys just keep moving, but NFI low belly tush at the toes up. Now spread your toes out and get the little toe pads on the floor. Take your right heel, push it up like there's a spring on the bottom and push down.

Resist pulling it up and press inhale and exhale or just breathe naturally, but really have this press pool now hold up into the ball the foot. Keep that slight wrap. I say activate. Don't aggravate. Just have a slight activation. Now push into the foot like you're going to try and extend up to the ceiling. Extend ascend. I guess we can ascend here, but really push and you begin to feel the backside even more. Yes, no, yes, yes. Good. I like that. Affirmative. Yes.

Hold it there and low or that heel. Now Flex your foot. Lifting the midfoot up. You have three parts of your foot, right? The front of the foot, the midfoot. The back foot lifted up. So when we lift our foot up, we don't bring our toes with us as much as we bring our mid-foot and sync your ankle into the floor. Keep going. So you again, you start to feel this all the way up through here. Yes, really warms up your body pretty quickly. When you say [inaudible] and let's do the other side.

Now take just like on the other side, take the mid foot, lift up, press down, lift up, press down. Try Not to shift your weight over as you lift that foot and immediately you'll feel the whole backside, which is going to help you lift you and move you on your mat. Activate now press the heel up and down. Press and pull. See if you can create a lot of heat and positive tension, right?

So don't grab, but really let things work. Draw the inner thighs. Think, press your heels together, spreading your toes, lifting the arch of the foot. So really the class is going to be focused on some deep connections, some around the head, neck and shoulders that you can apply throughout the whole work. Now hold it. Push the foot down to lift the body up. You can feel that right away, right away. Feel this connection into your backside up. That's it. Up, up, and, and now take two hands like this, hand over hand.

Put it right behind your head and do that little button, your Chin into your throat, the back of the neck, and get those connections through your heels. Inner thigh lifts the heels and lower. Let's try and keep those heels together. Lift and lower. So you lift the arch of the foot, the back of the neck and the belly up. And press down is if you have springs or you're magnetised to the floor, like there's a magnet on the floor and you're pulling your heel up against it and you're pressing it down. Yes. Inhale, lift you up. Now keep your head where it is and lower your heels down.

Ooh, can you get that length? So you lift. And so your powerhouse is working to hold this length. Lower the heels, keep it down. Yes. Now lifted up. One more time. Breathing in. Hold it here and bend your knees. So we go down to three and lift it up to lower the heels.

Let's do something. Let's pull the elbows back, drawn down. Reach into your side, lengthen them away. You really are activating that upper back again. Pull the shoulder blades together. Keep the weight down in the heels, open the elbows, and then pull them apart. You get this length from your head to your heel and you start to feel everything lifting up under your sternum, out the top of your head. And again, inhale up, lift the heels.

Now keep that energy with the elbows as you bend your knees. One, two, three and come up to three and go down to three. Lifted up to three. That's it. Lower down to beautiful tailbone, pubic bone drawn together and lifting up. Last one, lower two, three. Beautiful carer. Tailbone down toward the heels all the way up and lower the heels. Bring your legs straight ahead. Often I will do that parallel. Not Today.

You're feeling pretty warmed up by now, I would gather. So just bend the knees without changing the spine. And then push the heels. Lift the ABS in and up. Four more times. Breathe in. Hence stretch up. Breathe in and stretch up. Breathe in. Keep that Chin down a little bit. Fill the back of the neck.

Lifting up last time and stay here. Point your foot forward. Lift the arch of the foot. Go with me. This one ain't easy. So even straight down. Sink into your seal, your shinbones go back. See if deep, deep in the ankle from this position, how low can you go and reach your arms forward. So what happens is if I'm in this position and I'm going to go further, I have to hinge at my hip and I reached my arms and go low.

Lift the leg up and come down this, get you more in depth. Here we go. Straight down. Keep that length. Don't forget all your resources. You all know how to do everything. Go lower, lower, lower, lower, lifted up and come back two more. Each leg. Whew. I feel the heat lower. Lower. Now bend, back, hinge Cara, hinge, hinge.

Cause eventually you could go to the floor and come up right and down. Yes. And you can, you can go all the way to the floor and come up lower, lower. Now let hint hold those abs in an up and come up and one more each side. Would that be for you can do four. Here we go. And here, that's it. Reach forward. Go, go, go, stay here. Bring your arms and legs equally up.

Getting to some of the more advanced Calla netics kind of exercise. But this is what, this is just a little knee bend and reach and go and go and see how far I am. Eventually you go all the way to the floor and now take your right leg, cross it over, take your leg in the back. Lifted up. Lifted too. So you're super knitting the foot. Actually going to the outside edge couple times. Hold it there.

Feel your inner thighs and low ribs. All this area. This little box connected. Yes. It's going to interesting. The feet relate to the pelvic floor and your core change size over lift the outside edge of the foot. It's much harder on the hardwood floor, but right. Lift that little toe lifts. Supinate the foot.

Yes. And put some weight on it. That's it. That's good girls. And you again, start to feel the connection in the inner thighs. Everybody. Yeah, you're going to use that through the class. All right, so we've got to get moving and do the regular mat work. So come to the front of the Mat and come to the very front. You guys might butt heads. So what I like to see is you actually do that position. You can use your hands as needed. Uh, we'll have our arms here and you'll just sit down on both edges of the feet straight from piles. Book. So you're going to have the hinge forward.

Keep going, keep going. Go to the outside edges. He go with no ado. Just get there. Put your hands on the mat, send yourself out, lie down for hundreds. Shake your, shake your legs one more time. Alright. Press your heels together. So you press your heels together. Slight pilates V, press your hands into the floor. Take a breath in, stay there. Exhale, pressure. Heels back of the legs and hover the legs a half an inch off the floor as you pressure hands into the mat and just hold two, three and calm down two more times. Ladies, let go of the head, neck and shoulders. Press into the mat and lift one, two.

We have this pulling under this draws long inner thigh inner thigh and calm down. You get more in BEP again and last time I need to see the back of the thighs wrap and then scoop your abs. Press your hands down and go hold, hold, hold and release. Bend your knees, points your toes to the floor with your knees bent. So we're going to a modified hundred just right there. Press your thighs together. Take that Chin, press it towards your throat, lift your head, feel the length and the back of the neck. And now can you totally let go of your shoulders. They just relax.

Lift your arms, six, eight inches above the abdominal wall and pump breathing in through your nose. And then exhale, scooping the belly in and up. Breathe in and out, in and out. How about up here and out. Inhale, pull your knees towards your nose, towards your cheekbones. That's it. Breathing in and out.

In and out. Arms up a little bit higher. Sixth, eight inches above your abdominal wall, pumping the arms. And now put your feet down. Put your head down. We'll stay right there. I'm going to do it one more time. Arms down. I just have to get less. I'm pulling down in here. It gets too much of the neck. So I want shoulders really loose.

So pull your knees in again to your chest. More to a tabletop. This position from here will extend our legs out to 45 so you see the 90 and then we'll go to 45 with our breath or stay here. So do all the legs together. Button up your Chin and come up. So we have this nice long neck this way. And begin to pump breathing in. Yes.

Stay here at 94 a couple breathing in three to five counts. Exhale. And the sides of your body right here should be totally relaxed care. Let those but straight arms. Straight arms, yes. And extend the lice to 45 degrees. Parallel or plot easy. And in and out.

In draw the belly toward this one and under the rib cage. Last one. And give yourself a nice hug and nice. Put your feet flat on the floor and extend your arms straight to the ceiling. So I really want looser shoulders with you guys. Straight elbows, right. As soon as we press too hard into this, we create a lot of tension in the upper neck, right?

So move your feet out Jackie a little bit further. All right, so take your hand, do this little deal. Chin into your throat, length in the back of the neck, and then let yourself come up. So from there the head doesn't move anymore, but the rib cage not forward. The rib cage is gonna kind of come up. That's an up and we stay right there. Now put your hands on the mat, push into the mat and come up an inch up. This way the crown of the head goes up, up, pressure in his eyes together and hold it like mad. Now roll down bone above bone Bourbon and put your head down only a couple of times. The net can only handle that a few times. So hands down, draw your chin to your throat. Lengthen the back of the neck. Think like a little little kitten. The Momma picks up the back of the neck.

This stays down. This lifts up. Press your hands into the mat and come up. Come up, come up. I get a little Shakey's. I liked those Shakey's pushed down your hand and roll down. Nice. Okay. Extend your legs parallel or in a polite is v for your roll up. Arms to the ceiling only. So lift your head, chin, chest up.

As you take your breath in. Roll forward for your roll up as you exhale and pull the waistline back. Pinch your seat. Roll off your seat. Roll the sacrum underneath you like a wheel. Lift the arms. Now drop your head and shoulders. Keep the arms here.

Lift your head through the windows that the arms make. This draws over and up. Keep those in our thighs. Let the air out. No dancing arms please and roll. Pull the waistline back. Poor. Pull me back. Convince me you're pulling with your waistline, not your arms. Head down again.

Chin Curl, lift. Yes, you can bend your knees as needed and roll forward as an exhale. Now Flex your feet, flex your fee, roll it back. Try and get the waistline down first. Roll. That's it. Bend your knees. It's okay and come down. Very nice. Bend your knees and put your feet flat on the floor and grabbed your right elbow. Elbow crease into the right knee.

Crease underneath for climate tree on the Mat. Keep your head back. No, this knee is bent at first so you're like that. If you can, you can hold onto the ankle. I mean to the wrist, the other ankle on the arm, keeping the knee, straighten the leg three times. Straighten and bend. If you can't straighten it as fine often I'm just where I am that day and it might be just here, hold this position, flex and point your foot, feeling that whole tissue really stretch. The goal I want is not a straight leg, but the knee there right now. Flex and point. You get a different pool in the hamstring, yes or no? Yes. Yes. Now Circle your foot around three times each way like you're a little kid playing in the cold mud. Does anybody do that anymore? And Go the other way? Nice. Now hope. Put your hands on the back of the thigh and straighten it.

One, straighten it to straighten it three and then pull it towards you. One, call it to pull it three. Now press two hands on the mat. Two back ribs in your head. Turn the leg out just a tad. Flex the foot. Remember we flex foot by pulling the midfoot back in the toes. Relax, right?

So up and down. Five Times. Breathe in here. Stretch the leg. Exhale. Inhale up. Exhale down. Inhale up. Exhale. Three. Inhale up. Press your pelvis into the mat because a door wanted to move and then hold it up slightly. Point the foot, flex the bottom foot and push the heel down as you straighten the leg. Now just take a gander, look up and make sure you're lined up.

So in other words, you want the heel and lift your head up. Look the heel and your breastbone and your nose in one line and both heels there so you're all lined up. Now put your head down, give me the two back ribs on the Mat, right? So stretch the leg, just cross over the one shoulder, cross over to the shoulder toward the ankle to the other shoulder and pause. Cross as you breathe in. Exhale, come up and stop. Cross swinging the leg like a pendulum and up and over. Cross around and up. One more.

Brush those inner thighs together as you go down and reverse open to the shoulder. Cross the body and up so you cross more than you open. Cross just to the shoulder or go straight down to the ankle. Letting go the front and down. Cross and up. So you open with the green light, red light. Stop Open. Press that waistline down and good bend both knees and do the other leg.

So put your elbow crease into the knee. Crease [inaudible] and I want this knee bent at first. There it is straightened three times on or go where you can cause the knee doesn't move. Right? If you don't move the knee, you actually get the benefit of the exercise, right? We always want to go like, oh, I got to straighten my damn leg. No, you just go where you can and let the tissue do what it can. One, flex to flex three, flex and circle three times a one and a two. Make the toes play. Move them around three times each way. Straighten the leg and pull it to you. One, pull it to you. Two, as the leg pulls to you, use your abdominals to pull the leg to you so it's not just you yanking on your leg, it's actually the belly pulling it in. Yes, there we go. Now straighten your bottom leg, connecting into that hamstring seat that we did when we were standing.

Now Flex your foot and pull that mid-foot back. When we did that, when we were standing, we'd pulled this up to connect here and we can do that here as well. And then there's like a deep fist in the belly and pressure wounds into the mat. And here we go. Cross the body, relax and swing up. One cross around them. Two cross down, around, up crossed and relaxed. The front of the hip lifts of belly one more and reverse.

So you open, cross more and up open, cross more n or just go straight down, crossed by the knee up. Make a little teeny little oval there and up and up. And then pull the knee in tight to your chest. Yeah, I don't think I did that on the other side. Get this and then extend the leg out long. I didn't do are low or lower. Lift the legs. We're going to go for it anyway.

It's all right. So lift your chin to your chest, look down at your belly, Huh? And roll up slow with control and then push your hands on the mat and bring your bottom to your heels. Bottom to your heels. So in this position for more to really get how we're supposed to do the ball. Whoa. Put your hands on your shins and like Kara's here. We're just gonna roll our spine back and slide our shins up.

Keep your feet on the floor. Roll the shins back to there, and then come up. So we're getting that connection with your head. If you're in this position, ideally Joe supplied, he said, put your head between you, uh, your head between your knees, like a piece of wood in a wood vice. You know, like this, right? So we're just going to slide open elbows, relax the shoulders, sly back guiding on our shins. Now don't let the head go forward. Keep the head back with you and then come up leading with your ribs, right? Your Rib cage is your compass. Roll it back.

I shouldn't feel anything in the side. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. This leads forward and up and your head follows, yes. And two more like that. Roll it back. Let your hands slide up and press your pelvis into the mat. Press it and come up.

Now can you work your belly that hard and rolling like a ball? That's what you're supposed to do ideally there. So massage your spine to the floor and back up. So roll upside down, right side, back up in with your breath. Now Xcel ribs in to bring you up. Keep your head off the mat little bit slower. Jackie, massage those ribs into the mat to come up.

Roll now push the ribs into your spot. Yes, two more. Very good. So you roll backwards and rolls through the spine up. Put your feet on the mat, put your hands on the mat, move yourself back to the of the mat, so pull that right knee into your chest. So the heels line with the bud bone align with the nipple. It's a plumb line to really keep this, the flexibility there.

Inhale for two and an exhale. Inhale and exhale. Now in with the breath and then out both legs out, roll through the spine. Pull the right knee in the outside, hand on the ankle. Really get this pulled in. Draw that chin to your throat and then lift it up. There's a little too much forward still. You're here.

Lift the chest and now eyes go to the belly, not your head to the belly. Eyes lift the leg up. 45 degrees. Hold it in. Pull it in twice with your belly on one. Exhale, one, one. Exhale. One, one, exhale in pull strong. Reach Long. Pull, strong. Reach long and the hand there. That way you get the stretch. Yes.

Now double leg. Stretch both hands on the ankles, pressing the heels to the Heinie. Massage your legs and hold them as you go out. So breathe in and now can we not move her upper body, the chins into the throat. The back of the neck is long. The shoulders are relaxed. Can we keep that and just extend our legs?

Press the ribs down. Eyes down. Use Your hands. Pull in no move with the body. Only the knees come towards your cheekbones in with the breath and out with the breath. Now extend your arms and legs equal distance. Reach long and thin. Circle the arms. Hug it in. Hands on the heels. Heels, your Heinie in with the breath. Exhale, extend from your armpit, lats to your fingers. Go breathing. Circle around. Hug. One more.

Breathe in circle round hug. Good. Jackie. Put your feet flat on the floor. Two hands behind your head like we did in the beginning. Feet flat on the floor and head on the mat. So pressure, elbows into the mat, activating your upper back and then bring your elbows forward. Pulling out with the oboes. Press your elbows onto the mat. So when you press your elbows, you feel your upper back connect.

And now just lift them a little bit and pull them apart, not forward. So you feel that expansion through your upper back. You start to feel a little bit of length in the back of your neck. One more time. Gently press gentle. Activate. Don't aggravate. Don't give me a hundred pound effort for a one pound exercise, right? I don't want the bull. I want the cat. Lift the elbows up.

A little pull out. Yes. Just a gentle length there, right? So you really get that feeling. Now pull the right knee into your chest for your elbow to knee modified. So twist, press one elbow into the mat and twist. So you kind of get this.

Turn your eyes down to the elbow and there and lie down other side. Let the knee relax and drop in. Twist your rib cage towards your thigh. Turn your eyes and look back at your elbow. So we get this and now other side, use that little pressure in the elbow to get that down. Let this relax. This comes in this Nice, Huh?

And down last time. There it is. Let this relax in, right? So you get this kind of a twist and around. Yes. And reach your arms to the ceiling. Grab the backs of your legs. Come up.

And I want you to open your legs very wide for your spine stretch. So it's like this. I want them wide, wide, wide, wider than you think per Joseph. Florida's books. Open your legs as wide as you can, but the won't be that wide. Flex your foot sinking down in the heels. Put your hands behind you. Give yourself a nice little breath. Work the back.

Feel the activate and sit down. Put your hands in the front. Breathe in. Lengthen the spine, and now draw your chin to your chest. Round that upper back, nose to your naval crown of the head to mat as you reach first, get the belly working first. Now drop your tailbone. Roll up that lower back. Pull the arms forward, upper back, middle back. Good. Let's put the hands. You can do it this way. You keep your hands down. Ready, take a breath in. Exhale, chin to your chest, nose towards your navel.

Crown the head toward the Mat. Reach arms straights. Pull the tail drops down as you roll up, up, up the spine. And again, let the air out and roll it down. One, roll it down to roll it down. Three, that's it. Flex your feet even more. Push through the heels and come up. You can glide the hands and you're here.

Bend your knees and you two can put them on the floor so your feet are on the floor like so. Two hands behind your head. This is a thoracic mobility exercise before this saw, because rarely do people bend and twist the spine in the saw. It's more of a flat back reach often. So you guys twist toward me to a me. So you're here. And then why don't you to put your feet on the floor.

[inaudible] so you're here. Bring your elbow in between your legs, the mat and come up. Twist breathing in. Let the air out. Twist, twist, twist. Good. Sit Up. Now that you know what you're getting into, put your feet on the box and see how you do. Bend your knees though. Bend your knees. Do it once or the bent knee, little closer so you can even go here.

So you want to twist round and pull that elbow to the ceiling like that. Can you go? Can you go? I think that's how I got [inaudible] come up. Breathing in over around you get isn't that good one. That key you could do every day and come up and open the arms. Put your feet out wide on the box. When we have a wide, wide saw, we feel it through our lower backs a little bit better in the right way.

So breathe in and twist and exhale over one. Exhale, two, exhale. Three. Breathe in, come up so you twist round and ring out the lungs and one and two, palm up, three and up. Now hold it here. I really need to see the rounding, not the reaching. So here I need to see this round. Bring your ear to your knee and then pull that back. Arm. One, two, three. Breathe.

And to come up expel all the air outs. You have to come up, you have to come up because you've excelled all the era. And again, breathe in over and one and two. And to re like that it's called saw because we saw off our little pinky toe. We go one further to further. Three further hand up, bring your legs together, shake out your legs swung around so your heads are here. Actually go to your hands and knees. Very Click prep for Swan.

So we do a little cat cow. We know what that is. We just lift our sit bones up, lift our heart, chest forward, look up, breathe into it. Let the tail go under and the Chin towards your throat. So I want the Chin to the throat. Don't dive it so far forward. And again, breathe in, look up. This drops down. Nice. Exhale, tail under. Yeah, so that's enough here.

And then just flatten it out to a nice natural position. Take your right leg out, slowly lifted up so it lines up. You feel that catch in the hamstring buttock. Take your opposite arm or leg. Walk it out and hold, hold, hold. Bring your hand down.

Keep the leg there and shift just a little bit over to the leg and back center a little bit over to the leg and center. One more time. Over and center. Nice. Bring the leg down. Other side. Straighten out the leg. Feel the connection from your heel to your seat from the back of the neck. Long lift the other arm. Sometimes we have to crawl it out and lift it up.

Oh, oh, hold shift. Yeah, put your hand down and shift the weight over and center over and center. Not Too much movement. It's just a shift. It's not a shift. A transference of the weight of your body, not your pelvis. And then bring the leg down and now we'll do it a little quicker.

Each side, you just stretch it out. No shifting and come back. Other side out. No shifting and back. Now a little trick, right leg, right arm. Hold Ho, hold. This is where the truth meets reality here.

[inaudible] [inaudible] and then bring it down other side. Same arm. His leg. Ooh, what happened? That's it. That's it. Yes. Same arm. His leg. Yep. You might have to use your fingertips and hold it for a minute to get the connection. One more time. Each side you should be feeling your backside activated.

Erector spinae. Everything ready? Yes. And one more, right? Or is that it? There it is. It's not a dance arm. It's just an arm and counting. Yes, there it is. Okay, so a scoot back toward your mat a little bit and just slide. Sit back a little bit. Hold that muscle right by your low low belly button.

Press. And then just slide yourself out. Put Two hands, um, together with your forehead on the mat. Same thing we did in the beginning. Almost pull the elbows apart. Not too far. That's it. And then lift your head a half an inch, you hover, it's just hovering the head right off the the hands and then down. And then let them relax. And again, pull them apart. Let the head just hover so it's more the elbows pulling apart this way and come down. So you feel the connections here. Last one, not so high there. Bring your hands with you. Hold it up, hold it up. Let your legs relax almost.

And then bring the whole thing down. Flex your feet, bring ankles together. Your knees are bent and you isometrically contract and press your legs together and hold and hold these down. So Kara's got it going on here. Knees down. Press two. Yes, you can feel the connection in her thighs and calm down. Let it release. Let's do that one more time with the leg connection. So flex your feet, bring your thighs together, NIESR down, and you just press and bolts your hips together.

Pubic Bone tailbone come together, and then the pelvis bolts together. And this stays down right now you're just getting this connection and very good. And let it relax. Take your boxes and pull them in. [inaudible] that's it. Let's take those box, pull them in and put your elbows on them for what we call our gold post arms. So she's like this and we lift our forearms.

First we lift our hands or forearms. There it is. Now lift the elbows a half an inch off the mat. Almost the externally rotate to get this connection. Yes. And then come down. And again, the legs are together and allow the spine. It's reversed. Imprinting. Allow the spine, the sacrum, the thighs, the bones to come forward into the mat.

And it's not so much of a lift of the arms come down as it is a rotation. First the hands, the forum. So you're like that. Then you might lift it up a half an inch. Keep your breastbone heavy into the mat. And now last one, pull it up and then put your hands right by your armpits.

Pressing the heel of the hand into the floor. However the head up for your Swan. One neck roll. So from here, we lift the chest first, bend the back, then lift your eyes, chin, chest, come up, stay here. Stretch your neck to one direction. Circle it around, circle to the other direction, structuring and reverse it. Let your sacrum come forward. Go ahead, circle forward to lift your spot and then come straight down. Exhaling, the return is an exercise. Pull your belly off the mat.

Breathe in, come up, lift your eyes, chin, chest. Exhale. Pull the belly in to come down. Just come straight down. Three without the neck roll again. Breathe in. Eyes, chin, chest. Bring your chest forward, bend the back, let the air out. Come down. And if you can, I'd rather have the legs to gather so you might not come as high. Breathe in you guys. Pull your hearts and chest towards one another.

Bend here in this bind forward. Less neck, more spine. Yes. And then calm down. Sit back, lifting your powerhouse in and up on your heels. Stretching out your low back. Pull the tailbone to the heels. Lift the ABS in and up off your thighs so you get a great stretch through that. Low back. Very good stretch.

Okay. Sidekicks lie on your side, one facing this way, one facing that way your feet are on the box. So the mat, the reason I like a nice cushy mat is as much we're giving to the spine, we'll just get them all forward again. Here we go. So come on down. So put your foot in the middle of the mapbox so it gives you that Nice obtuse angle that we want to have. So the hand on the floor I want pressed into you. So the palm down and this forearm, it's kind of like I used to have to put my hand here and pull my visceral organs up. So I want this end to give you support and you push down with the hand.

Your head can be down or your head can be up as Kara has it. Either way. Well, I'm not going to go into that right now, but I want the, the sacrum, the shoulder, the sacrum, the shoulder, the elbow, all lined up perfectly in this really into your body. Okay, here we go. So take this foot, turn it in first from the hip and turn it out. So you kiss the heels and then you come in, kiss the shields and in kiss the heels and stay there. Kara, don't move your pelvis please. No, move the pelvis. Dang Q and last time. So hold this connections. You feel that all the way here. Now she can flex her foot. Maybe. Yes, there's a nice flex butt and we can kick it front and then return it down toward the heel. Now not to go with me and then kick it again.

So I'm going to have Ted's slower. I got like a bull over here. Once a rep through the mat, three here. So you kick it, lower it down and then kick it bigger. Bettering your first kick. So it's kick and then kick. Here we go. Ladies. Ready, kick, small kick, bigger kick, small kick, bigger.

And in Hale and x, hail, two leg. All body exercise with control here. Push your hand into your mat and your form into your powerhouse so you don't move so much. Yes, he still helps draw the shoulders down, belly in and up to more push through the bottom heel and back. Back. Last time kick, kick and go back, back. Join the legs together. Then that right knee and put the foot on the floor, a little prep. And then relax your buttocks in.

Open the knee and then release. So we open the knee, keeping the spine long and the pelvis stable. So you just feel this work here and you feel that stretch in the front. Yes. And release two more times. Open. Very good. And release. [inaudible] open. Yeah.

Perfect. And release. So you get that great connection here. Now hold the leg and straighten it up to the ceiling. With that rotation, aiming the knee behind the shoulder. That's it. Flex the foot. Tall the leg. One Mile. Kick it up. Pull it up to room house.

Now you do it for three miles up and four miles. Kick it up and hold it there. Good. Down at the bottom of this. Yeah. Now bend the knee for inner thighs. So I'd like you to grab behind the back of the yes. Grab behind the back of the ankle and pull it up so you get a great hip stretch.

I really like your foot up more. Can you get it up? Turn it in like you're Super Nady and I grabbed the back of the ankle there. That's a whole different exercise. So now she's getting a hip stretch. So we pull our waistline into the back. Lift this leg lifted one and lift two.

You have to instill dance cheek to cheek. So the thought pulls in. Yes. Cheek to cheek. Aha. So not so high up like a little teacup here. No spilling and up. That's probably close to five. Hold it up. Circle five around one five around to get your buttock to the other side.

Thank you. And up and reverse it. And on and two and three. Pull the kneecap. Up or around. Up and around. Five, hold it up. Draw the waistline long. Nice. And then this comes down to listen to me. Ladies, you're just going to sit up and we're going to do a nice hip stretch with that leg that's bent. So we just sit up. Just go ahead. Follow me. Sit Up and then keep one leg extended on the box. That's fine.

And we do a little pull into the chest. So gently use your hand, press in. Yup. And now, tailbone, twist, waistline, twist, rib cage, shoulders, neck, eyes and release. And again, two more times two whist tailbone, belly button, ribs, eyes. You stretch that neck. And last time if you want to, you can bend that bottom leg and come in or not. Are you going the right way? You're going to, yeah you are. I was wrong. Sometimes I'm wrong. Oh my God. Okay. So the leg that is here, just bring your legs out for today.

Right in front. Okay. Just swing them around and take one leg forward and actually went two hands inside the leg and straighten the back leg to push through that back heel. Hamstring to the ceiling. Breathe in. Then the knee. Inhale and exhale. Inhale. No work the squaring just like you would, you know on equipment. Yes. And down last time square.

Now bring your knee down, bring your hands to your knees, bring your hands to your knees and come up a little bit and straighten that back leg. Put Two hands behind your head. And here we go. We breathe in and come down. [inaudible], straight leg. [inaudible] so you're just going down and stretch down and connect your ribs, your pelvis down and up. Stay here, lift the arms. Come forward. Hold your hands here and go to a clank. Bring the other leg forward outside the hand.

Lower the knee and stretch lower than knee and stretch. Eventually we just do our sidekicks and go into a split one day. If not today, tomorrow, my teacher would always say, yeah, Huh. Last time bend and stretch. Now put your hand on your knee. Hold it a minute. Gather your resources, spread your toes, right. Nice.

Now put two hands behind your head. You're lengthening your hand over hand and you're lifting the back of your neck, right? So stretch elbows a little forward. Get all this connected. Let the air out. Breathe in as you straighten both legs. Exhale with, keep the length in the body. Inhale, exhale. It's good. One more. Inhale, exhale, and both hands up. Come forward and into your plank.

Stay here now for us through the heels, but keep your head where it is like we did standing. And now lift the heels up. Keep your head there, pry and push the heels away. Ooh, [inaudible] and now pull your head forward. Try and keep your heels there so that really gives a good force. Reach forward. Reach Your Chin to the floor, come down, and then put two hands on the mat. Beats on the belly. Ready. Long, low, hover and squeeze the inner thighs gently and go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one last 10, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. These are beautiful, Jackie. Hold the legs together and lower down and flip around for the other side.

For Your sidekicks, align your feet on the center of the box. Take that top leg, rotate it in, rotate it out. Simply teaching you how the range you have and how to move just from your hip, not your pelvis. Often people say, Oh, here's my hip. I mean here's my pelvic bonusing. No, no, no. This is the hip lizard pose. And then hold it there, lengthen it a little bit longer.

So then you get this little teeny space. Naturally. It doesn't have to be programmed to put there. If you lengthen enough, this comes up, all connected. This takes away me because often I will come in and do that and we don't want that. Not Today. Ready. And here we go. So we kick it, lower the leg, kick it again. Better your first kick. Now kick lower kick. And in Hail it's a little slow. Ex Hale.

I really want a dynamic kick though. Kick back, back heel, press press and long. And then bigger, short kick, bigger kicks. The dynamics makes your whole body, whatever that means. It pulls it all together. Boom, boom. Two more. Not so lifted in the hip though. Hiking, hip, turn that leg out a little bit.

One one that's better back. Join your legs together. Then the knee [inaudible] just right here. So we do the prep and we open and then we let it come in. So we really see what's my range here and then we activate the muscles that are going to hold the leg here when we go to kick it up and then we get the length to the waistline in their little space here. Sometimes we say it's a little hole, right? Like a little house for a mouse, right? You had that little hole.

It comes in there. Now stay in this position. Points your foot, extend the leg to the ceiling. Don't change the knee position. However, aim that knee, wrap that thigh around Amy behind you. Flex the foot and length and here we go in with your breath. Kick, Flex Pool. Inhale, lengthen in with the breath and out. Better. Get out of the way. Mike, get kicked in the face, kick it up and I scan that Lang, hold it here. Bend the knee, grab the outside of the ankle, pull it up as high as you can to get the hip stretch.

And I'd like the foot turned in like we sat down in the mat on the outer edge. Has this little theme there and you feel more stretch and lift and lower. Not so high lifted. This is here. You won't move so much. Two and three and four. Keep this down. Five. Now hold it up.

There it is and one and two and three and four and reverse and a one and a two and a three and a four. Nothing like nice little tap to get a muscle to activate. Squeeze that right there. That's nice. And calm down. Sit Up and stretch your hip three times. [inaudible] so you press twist your spine as you breathe in. Inspiration opens the Vertebra, opens the spine. Exhale, let it go.

And again, breathe in to start from your tailbone. Spiral it up and out. Exhale and again, spiral stretch and very nice. Stretch your leg out in front of you. We don't have to do our little grasshopper beats on the belly or a little push up again, but we get to do our one leg teaser. So bend your knees, not too close away. Pressure, inner thighs, your hips together and roll back when you roll back. Nice. I want you to take your head with you so we roll back with the chin. This way. Not this way. Keep it back.

Keep it back right there. Chin in light in the shoulders. Can you move your shoulders here? Can you shake them with your head like this? Can you say I'm a pro Audis anytime right now that's it. Come on. You can say, you can say stretch it out. Pressure thighs. Now your rib cage, your body lifts up to your knees. Lis, up to your ankles, to your toes. Lift up, bring your head with you and you'll see. Press that pelvis into the floor. End of the floor. Stay right there and knees, ankles, toes, lip, Perot, back, knees go, Rah, Rah, Rah and go. Knees, ankles, toes, lift. Press those ties. They don't move. This stays together.

This stays together and lay down. Keep your arms here. Change legs. Yeah, it makes your smile that here we go. Lift your head, chin, chest, arms, straighten out the other leg. This is what leads you. So here we go. Knees, ankles, toes, pelvis. Roll the public's underneath you like a wheel. Keep moving, keep moving. Keep moving. The Rib, cage, knees, ankles, toes, lip roll through the spine. Bend here. Knees. Yes. Fight for it. Show me the good stuff. Yes. Roll through.

I like the good stuff. Let's do one more go ribs, little jerk of the head. I'll give it to you. I'll give it to you. Roll down. Waistline reached the arms. Opposition, opposition, reach. Squeeze. Good for both. Knees into your chest. Nice. Put your feet down and again, pull the left knee and this is just a little activation for more advanced exercises to come later. Not Today. Maybe another time.

Just let it stay here and just lift the pelvis up. Probably only two or three inches. If you keep your knee as close to you as you can, you can't lift the pelvis very high, so come down. It doesn't have to pull us just there. Now lift up and come down and three so you should feel the hamstring.

Buttock connection right here. Yes. Haha. Now stay right there and lay your tailbone down and press up one press two, press it. Three four digging the heel. Five, six, seven, eight nine hole 10 this will help you with your bridging later. Put your hands on the mat. Lift the leg straight equal to the other knee. And now again, lower down, lift up, one down. Press the shoulders into the mat down.

Pull the ribs long toward the pelvis and down. You don't have to come too high. It's more about just getting the connections. Pressure, tricep, Linda, man, hold it here. Five quickies down, up, one, down, up to, down, up three, down up. Four, down up. Five. Hold five. Hold for inner thighs. Touching, touching, touching, and come down. Change legs. Let the other knee. Yeah, so your bridge, your bridge should be pretty good. After this. We're not doing it today. This doesn't have to hold hard. Here we go. We're only doing five.

So lift up five and four and three and two and hold it up. One. Now a little quickies and a one if from the bottom and two and three and four. Dig Down the heel. Keep your knees straight. Yes and nice. Now extend your leg. So the legs are, the knees are parallel with one another. And now here we go. We go down, come up, one, not so high care and down.

Think of the sacrament spine coming through down. You can let the rib cage come up. A little [inaudible] down, up, but it's not a force high. Now, 10 quickies and one don't pound the floor. That's it. Fi reach the knees long and get that sacrum through. Nice. Now hold it fi hold it for, I see shaky puppy dogs.

That means they're happy to see me. And then come down. Bend both knees [inaudible] face when you face this front one, you face his back and we'd come up to our forearms getting ready for a preparation for side body twist, leg pull, front leg, pull back. They require a lot of upper body and shoulders, stability and strength. And often we don't have it. So come back here. Put the feet in the middle of the box. [inaudible] so 45 degree angle, that's it. And you're like that. Got It. All right.

Feet relaxed. So we take it, make sure our elbows underneath our armpit run through these pretty quickly. So we're like, so this hand can just be, yeah, let's put it here. So it's like you're hanging out at the beach, which surprisingly, there's one here and then we lift up because somebody interesting walks by. Pick up a little bit, right? So from here, now lift your pelvis. Don't do that when somebody walks by at the beach. Okay, but lift one and two and three and four.

Hold five. We'll do five more and five and four and three and two. Hold it up. One, open the knee, one, open the need to, but don't move the pelvis and three and four. Now you feel muscles working through those obliques lot differently, right? And hold it up. Hold, hold three, two, and one. Come down.

Straighten out your legs so that the top leg is on top. Come to your forearm. Press your forearm into the map and see how much space you can create in the shoulder. All right, so now come up, hand on your hip. Hold it up. Now take the arm to the ceiling. All class we've been pulling the shoulder blades apart. Having me often do it.

Now pull the shoulder blades apart. Turn your head to take the tension out. Now lift the pelvis higher. Touch the mat side, bending one, bring the pelvis down. Touched to bring the pelvis down. Touch three. Touch the mat over if you like, and all over and down. Put your hand on your hip. Lift the pelvis back up, twist, put your hand to the floor and then come center. Put your hand on your hip. Pull the elbow behind you. Look up, twist to the floor, hand on the floor, twisting the rib cage around the shoulder joint here and twist back up and center. One more twist toward the floor.

So you're taking more the rib cage and trying to rotate it around the shoulder joint and come back. Put your hand on your hip and then bring the elbow behind you. It's a small movement to make this work. Lift up [inaudible] come center and then come down. So saying right here, we just came down.

What goes down? Let's come up. So we go back up and go to your plank on your forearms and hold. We already did this one, so we'll just do a little bit of it. So press through your heels like you two want to touch each other's heels right now, pushing through the heels. Try and reach your head into my hand with your heels not moving.

So that's truly where you get the pool from your center. And now after you've done it so much, your body has to go a little forward. Keep your head down. Body goes forward. Trust the heels back. Eyes up six inches out in front of you. I'm sorry, I keep grabbing your hair care. It's just like old times. Yes. [inaudible] you're okay.

You can say right here on your knees. Yeah. See the Shakey's and want that intrinsic strength. Okay, now bring your knees down and twisted the other side and elbow underneath. Here we go. Huh? So you guys mixed base in the joint. You literally can open up your shoulders and pull them apart. Ready? And here we go. Lift up on down, lift up two down, lift up, three down, lift up, four down, no rotation. Five, five more and five and four.

Your knees need to be further back and now go to wherever. We're probably there whole now open your knee one. [inaudible]. You okay with that on two three she's getting some deep intrinsic work and you're not supposed to sweat and plots, you know. Ah, Dang. Now hold it fi. Hold it forward. Don't tighten your butt. It's going to tighten anyway. You bought going to work. I want it to work, but I don't want you to grab it so hard. It's just working. Yes and calm down.

Extend the top leg and the bottom leg. Top leg front. Yes. Let this shoulder, this rib cage. I'm trying to get that scapula into the rib cage. They're ready. Add, lift, lift up. Hold it. Take your arm up to the ceiling. This is where you pull this apart. You can turn your head if your neck is starting to get you now lift up.

You need to end. Reach over and come back down again. Inhale. Should I stay here and come down? Inhale. Pledge, shoulder apart. Polit apart and down. Last time, up, up, up, and come down. Now we get to put her hand on her hip or here, right? First, let's do this on the side. We're going to pull the elbow back. Like let it drop by. No, don't move your head to slip.

The elbow come behind you. So you feel this shoulder blade work together. Yes. You feel that? That's kind of what I want. Now lift up and look up to the ceiling with this back. See how it opens at shoulder differently. Now twist, put your hand on the floor for support and think of twisting the rib cage. Now the pelvis will go, but I wanted you to move the rib cage around the axis of the shoulder and over.

And again, just like we have to do for more advanced exercises on the mat and also the reformer. We have to have so much deep strength in that shoulder and the shoulder is more, more capable of moving than it is straight. The most movable joint, the body. Good and Huh. And then good. And then come down. Whew. Holy Guacamole. All right, so from here, instead of going to our, um, come to your back, instead of going into your plank, hands out to the side. And here we go. We press up one and two.

Press three and down ankles, down, toes straight ahead. For more. Stay here. I want the chest to come through the shoulders. Pull those shoulder blades together. Yes. Uh, how to more up nice and down. Get your ready for your leg. Pull front and back, won't it? And come down. Don't guess what seal. Yay. Happy Day.

Happy Day. So take your hands through on the outside. Like at the beginning of Class I had you sit on the outsides or supinate your foot. Let's supinate the foot, right? And if you supinate the foot and put your hands here, you'll find a little roll you back a little, but I want you to stand up after six. Stand up and rotate around. Ready? So not so hard, Ms. Bullock. Ready.

Roll back to your shoulder blades and come up and hold it up. Jackie, stay here. Keep going. Kara. Jackie, stay here with me. Stay here. I want this now slower. I kinda went into my upper back a second, but pull the pelvis up and keep your reds. Where this don't go back so far. Pelvis up, ribs in smaller movement. Pull your feet towards you. Yes, that's it. Pelvis, pelvis, pull the feet. There is a pelvis now massage through it. That was a little better. One more come up. Pelvis, not eyebrows.

Elvis. Good. And stand right up. Just like that. Beautiful turnaround. Opposite directions. Walk to the back of your Macklin. Don't fall off. All right. Um, let's go ahead and do one, one, just one set of pushups. So we reach your arms up to the ceiling and let's just, let's just get connected like we did at the beginning of the map. So where do you, how do you, where's the weight on your feet?

Put it in the mid foot. Feel a gentle connection through the back of the thighs, the Tush and lift your heels three times from your center. Right? I don't want to see you lift your arms. It starts the pubic bone, tailbone kind of connection and inner thigh. Low belly. Inner thigh. Low Tush. Yes. Now the beginner wouldn't keep their heels up necessarily, but you are actually, if you could use your first-class, I might have you do that. Keep your heels up to roll down. Ooh, so not nice. Roll down. Nice.

Hold onto it. Yes. Now three hands to walk out. And that's it. One Hand, a bigger hand. Third hand flat. Now that's it, Jackie. If you need to go to your elbows, you can do that. Pull your shoulder blades apart once again. And three pushups. Reach Your Chin. Forward and up. Reach Your Chin. Forward and up.

Reach and uphold it. Lift your hips, dive your head through your arms. Stay there. Don't move yet. Okay. Walk back three times with control. You can keep your heels down. Jackie. Kara, you keep yours up. Hold the back. Hold the back. Chin. Bring your head with you. As you roll up. Chin to your throat. Tinder, your throat. Tinder, your throat. Nice. And then lower down low are the heels.

You guys come back here in the back of the Mat. Come in the back of the Mat. Um, and here we go. Just cross one leg over the other. Wow. Do you feel energized? You feel a little strong in your center. So take that left leg way over there. I'd like the little toe. Um, rather the big toe on the floor. So do not, I don't want this stupid nation. I want the big toe on the floor. Do that. You feel the difference in this hip.

When you put the big toe on the floor, pretty much you're going to feel a pretty big difference. Hands are here. Lift and just kind of bend back and down and one come up and to wait on this big toe two. And it's not the forward and down as if the whole body, not just the rib cage. And now third time, stay down. Reach your hands over to your foot. Reach, reach, reach, and then bring your hands back to your thighs. Lean all the weight into one leg. Can you take your weight off here, here, and then come up? Whew. Yeah.

So often you might use something like this or here, right? Just so you, you have some assistance, but it's a great stretch. So here we go. So over. So if you need to hold on to here, we can no shame in that. So we're like this, right? Sometimes I need to with the side. So then down the one and stretch.

Bend down to two toes, all 10 toes facing forward and three there. Last one four. Stay down. Reach your hands over, lift your abs. Your head goes with you. Can you sink even further cause you know eventually you could probably just keep going and go to the floor. Not Today. Ah, there it is. Good. Now take your weight off of that back leg. Put it all on the left leg and use your pelvis to lift you forward enough.

Who loading that? Toughie. Toughie. Here we are. Slight v. Just bring your arm straight forward. Push away again in with your breath to lift up. Now how much could you squeeze your inner thigh? Low belly. All the air out. Push it up again.

Okay. Pause. But keep growing in the body. Push to more and breathe in. Lift, lift. Allow the shoulders to go. It's okay. Now Push. Sure. Last one in.

Push right arm up, left arm, back. [inaudible]. Now hold it both arms down. Class two hands behind you and you press and hold that a second. Now bend the elbows. So when we straighten our arms, the shoulders stay where they are.

We just straightened from our risk to our elbow. We don't have to push the shoulders down. Then you get a lot more back activity, which will help your neck. Yes. One more. Ben, you feel that difference? Don't jam those shoulders down so hard. Yeah. Now that backs really working as in it's all fired up. Ready to help you stand tall in your world today, keeping your posture good and let it come down.

One of the thank you for being here with us. We're going to stay if you'd like to, and we're going to do all the math that we just did without any preparation. Just going through the exercises so that you get it in your mind. You get it in every cell of your body, in your memory, because if you don't own it, you don't get the benefits. All right. Thank you.


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Wow! Fantastic and challenging beginner class. Love introducing upper body strength for advanced movements later. The twist set up at the end is very helpful! I have heard your name for years through the Pilates world (almost 20) and its so wonderful to finally experience your teaching! Bravo Kara and Jackie!
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My very favorite class on PA! This hits everything and is safe but very hard work for a level 1/2 class. Thank you!
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That was amazing!! Never worked so hard in a beginner class.
Thanks for making me think/cue differently regarding saw. Will have to study this video in more detail. Totally worth a 2nd and even 3rd viewing. Thanks again everyone involved..
Anel, Patricia and Lissa, thanks so much for your comments on my first class on Pilates Anytime. By your comments I know I did the job I wanted to do which was to give a challenging, safe and intelligent first class. And, I concur with you Angel, bravo to Kara and Jackie, thanks to Pilates Anytime staff. They are great to work with.
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A wonderful class!!! Thank you so much!!!
I am glad you enjoyed the class Anna, it's all my pleasure to have someone take my work, apply it and enjoy it.
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Ahhh, brings back so many memories. Great to see you on here Colleen and it's amazing how much my cueing still comes from you! Great class!
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Hi Brenda, thanks for your comment, keep on cueing. Sometimes i feel I've gotten a bit too technical in my cueing lately , cueing continually evolves. I remember Romana's cueing always being simple, effective and just wonderful. Have a great day Brenda.
Glad you liked the class Pamela!
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