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Mat Workout

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You will feel so energized after taking this Mat workout with Colleen Glenn-Wilson! She starts with a standing warm up so you can activate your entire body, from your hands and feet all the way to your powerhouse. She then moves on to a basic Mat class designed for those who don't have access to apparatus and want to get stronger and work up to more vigorous exercises.
What You'll Need: Mat

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So, hi, I am calling Glen Wilson. I'm here with Jackie. Thank you. And Kara, we are teaching. Um, I am teaching a basic level one, maybe sprinkle in level two mat class, maybe for thos...


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Wow! Fantastic and challenging beginner class. Love introducing upper body strength for advanced movements later. The twist set up at the end is very helpful! I have heard your name for years through the Pilates world (almost 20) and its so wonderful to finally experience your teaching! Bravo Kara and Jackie!
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My very favorite class on PA! This hits everything and is safe but very hard work for a level 1/2 class. Thank you!
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That was amazing!! Never worked so hard in a beginner class.
Thanks for making me think/cue differently regarding saw. Will have to study this video in more detail. Totally worth a 2nd and even 3rd viewing. Thanks again everyone involved..
Anel, Patricia and Lissa, thanks so much for your comments on my first class on Pilates Anytime. By your comments I know I did the job I wanted to do which was to give a challenging, safe and intelligent first class. And, I concur with you Angel, bravo to Kara and Jackie, thanks to Pilates Anytime staff. They are great to work with.
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A wonderful class!!! Thank you so much!!!
I am glad you enjoyed the class Anna, it's all my pleasure to have someone take my work, apply it and enjoy it.
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Ahhh, brings back so many memories. Great to see you on here Colleen and it's amazing how much my cueing still comes from you! Great class!
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Hi Brenda, thanks for your comment, keep on cueing. Sometimes i feel I've gotten a bit too technical in my cueing lately , cueing continually evolves. I remember Romana's cueing always being simple, effective and just wonderful. Have a great day Brenda.
Glad you liked the class Pamela!
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