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Work on keeping a nice flow in this Mat workout with Adrianne Crawford. She teaches Cecilia, focusing centering her body while cleaning her technique. She includes exercises that really make you work deep in your powerhouse so you can stay strong and controlled in your movements.
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Okay, so hi, my name is Adrianne and I'm teaching Cecilia today a probably intermediate to advanced mat class. So, without further ado, let's get started. So go ahead and I'm gonna have you lie down to start, probably move back so your feet are all the way on here. Right about there is good. So I want her to have just enough room back here and if you're on the floor with a mat you have plenty of room.

So that when she does somethings going over her head she'll be able to still have mat behind her. So because we are doing more of an intermediate to advance you should pretty much know the order. If you don't I will help you. Bend your knees into your chest and let's start with your hundreds. So you're gonna take your arms slightly above your hips, take your legs straight up to 90 degrees and you'll lower them to about 45 or 60 degrees.

Just to the level where you feel you have support in your spine and then she's just gonna begin. Breathing in and breathing out. While you're moving you wanna think of that wrap in the thighs so squeeze your seat, hug your inner thighs and reach your legs out long. So you're not necessarily pointing but you're stretching the legs out. Nice deep breath in.

Nice long breath out. So you're really getting that oxygen moving. Good, so arms a little bit higher above the hips. Good. So I'm not counting.

This is up to her to get to her hundreds, breathing. Keep that wrap so keep squeezing your seat, good job. And out. And I would say that's probably a hundred. You know when you're in your hundreds and then go ahead and lower your legs and rest.

Good, so now let's go ahead and take your knees into your chest to start. Let's go into an overhead, so you're gonna take your legs straight up. You can start two ways here, you can start with the legs straight up or on the mat. For today, we're gonna start straight up and then I'm gonna show you the next position. So she's gonna go over her head, toes touch, feet flexed.

Open your feet hip-width apart and then you wanna think of skimming your thighs on your chest so you're just really stretching. Get those arms really really long. Chest stays open. Now, legs can go all the way down. Feet together.

Now same exact thing but you see the differences now she's starting on the mat. Legs over the head. Open, now we're gonna go a little bit quicker 'cause the idea here is to stay, keep the flow going. So ready, and up. Over.

Flex. Stretch. She's gonna reverse it. As soon as she's down there, open up the feet, go over. Now, feet together.

Long, long arms, chest open. Go ahead, all the way down. Tap, open. Over, and stretch. Just do one more.

So maybe three each. Together. Stretch, arms go down. One leg up. So right leg up, left leg down.

Now let's go to 90 degrees. She's gonna keep that chest open and go into leg circles. So I want these to be fairly big. Brush the heel to heel, back up to the nose. I want you to pause when you get to your nose.

Keep your tailbone down. Legs long. Good, so that left leg is reaching, and hips stay still so I don't wanna see either hip move. That's it. We gotta get outta the way, she's got good flexibility here and then reverse.

So five times. Now, I'm gonna correct her because as she's moving this hip has to work so squeeze your seat more and stretch this leg, so that left leg continues to reach and it doesn't pop up and down. Are you at five? And then rest, you're gonna scissor to transition. Chest open and now I'm gonna get outta the way 'cause she's got that nice flexibility.

So that right leg is reaching, she's squeezing her seat so that Powerhouse is engaged. She's not flipping, moving her hips, I should say. Three, and then the accent is up. Four, and up. Now reverse, so five times.

One. I can see this hip moving so fill this space up right there too. So what I had her do is fill that back in. So don't let your back arch. Four, last one and up. Okay, leg down.

Now, she sits up. Hands at your hips. You're gonna put your feet on the mat to bend your knees and then lift your bottom and sit at your heels. So you're getting ready to roll like a ball. So, knees are open, head between the knees.

You wanna be in a tight basket here. So, scoop into the space. Good. So she's got a nice concave in her chest. Go ahead and roll back.

She's gonna try to come up and balance. All the way up. Breathing, inhale. (inhales) Exhale, that's it. Now, nice and easy.

So soften your shoulders and that will help you. And all the way up. Three. This is a centering exercise. Four.

All the way up. Do one more. Just to make it a good one. That's it, so there's just a slight hop. So what I want you to do is rest for a second.

Move backwards 'cause, obviously, we're up on a table. I'm gonna have her do three more because I really want you to get that centering idea going, so bend your knees, get back into position and I want, not too far forward, move back just a little bit. Yeah. Alright, so whenever we have a weaker side or more dominant side, I should say, it's gonna overpower this exercise. So really pay attention to that centering.

So when you come up try to land in the same spot you started, so drop your head. Soft. Good. Feet off the mat. These are really excellent exercises for lower back weakness.

Go back. As long as it's not an injury. Good, and I want you to fill up that lower back when you come up, so really articulating that spine. Think of that as you curl, right here, curl. That's it, one more.

Last one. Curl. Very nice, drop your feet, rest. Okay. Now you're gonna take your hands, lift your seat and stretch backwards and lie all the way down.

So that's just to transition to your stomach series. So, bring your knees into your chest. Right knee in. Grab onto your right ankle with your right hand. Left hand on the knee and she'll take her other leg, her left leg to 45 degrees.

Yeah, about there. So, I see a lot of nice strength going on in your leg but I don't want it in your knee. Use your seat, squeeze from here. Lift your head, look at your navel. Elbows out.

You've got symmetry going on. You want those shoulders lined with shoulders, shoulder to hip, hip to hip. Switch legs. And right here I'm gonna grab her. I want her to really reach.

Squeeze your bottom. That's it, switch. So always, as you're moving, you're stretching. Stretch, strength and control. Three.

Four, switch. Four, so now she's moving, flowing through the movement. I think that's five, right? Six, let's do eight. Seven, are you getting that squeeze in your seat?

Yes. And then both legs into a double-leg. So heels together, toes apart, let me see your nose, that's it. So the knees are open and then your arms and legs are gonna stretch, deep breath in, big circles of the arms, grab on to those ankles. Breathing, this is a breathing exercise.

Exhale, two. Inhale on this stretch, exhale on the in. Now get that weight centered. So as you stretch, so I can see her weighted on her right. Put some weight on your left.

Good, and then circle around and come in. Reach the arms and legs out, hold. Can you get a little bit longer? Can you get a little flatter in that lower back? So pull in to your navel, curl up into your sternum.

That's it, and circle and come back in. Two more. So I want you to pause, curl into it, circle, come in. So curling, in other words, getting navel down more. Reach and in.

Right leg up, scissor. So pulse, pull, pull. Switch, pull, pull. Keep your hips turned out. That's it, put a little weight on that left hip.

Three. Pulse, pulse. Pulse, pulse. Okay, now while you're moving through these, it's a really nice long breath for two legs, and a nice long exhale for two legs. So you inhale.

(inhales) Still inhaling and now exhale. (exhales) so casually moving through these like you're walking in the park. Yes, both legs straight up, hands behind your head. So your legs are too high. You always want to start above the hips 'cause that tailbone should always be down.

Now, unless you're doing something over your head, let's turn you out. You've got a nice hip and then curl up. Hold that position. Now, she's nice and controlled here. She's gonna lower those legs about two to three inches and lift them back up for the first five, and then, eventually, after that, I'm just gonna position you.

Hold your head, I'm gonna pull you up. Right there. So just the tips of the shoulders are on the mat. Go ahead, stay on that left hip. Now, she's gonna go all the way down, tap the heels to the mat and come right back up.

Right back up. Good, one. Three times. Two, stay on this hip. And crisscross.

Bend your knee. One that goes out, you still reach, get that stretch and squeeze. That's it, switch. Stretch and squeeze. Good, now I'm gonna have her do that again.

Keep going. Hold that right here. So about that level. I don't want you to go too low because what happens is you lose that lower back control. Can you get your shoulder up higher?

Think about your elbow touching your ankle. Good. Switch legs, hold. So a little higher so you have support, and then the shoulder way off the mat so good reach. Switch.

Reach. Now, double time. One. One. Two.

Two, control the up and the down. Three, even though it's quick it's controlled. Five, and that's enough. I'm gonna have her sit up and stretch that out. So she'll go into her spine stretch.

So your legs are apart, feet are flexed. Arms forward. Now, this is a lengthening exercise. You wanna grow as tall as you can, so squeeze your bottom. Think of those sides lifting up, and then drop your forehead, chin towards your chest and then exhale, start to curl into yourself, so get into those ribs back.

Put your forehead on the mat and I want you to hold that because there's a missing piece and it's right here. So if I were to take a hook here and pull you back, you squeeze your bottom and push those heels out. You feel the difference? Uh-huh That's the idea so you're really deep in that tummy. Powerhouse and then come back up, so stack your spine and sit tall.

Good, so ready? You're gonna grow really tall, your gonna do that quickly. Now, deep breath in. (inhales) Exhale. All the way down.

Get those hips to pull back while you drop your head to the mat, and then come right back up. Good, let me see you lengthening, and three more, all the way down. All the way up. Two more. All the way down.

Get those ribs way back there. There it is, and all the way up. You can see it when she fixes it, and one more time, this one I want you to just grab those ankles and just give yourself a nice stretch. Good, and as your stretching you can still scoop. There you go, and sit up tall.

Now, you did Open Leg Rocker, sorry, you did Rolling Like a Ball a little while ago, so same philosophy for Open Leg Rocker. Move forward and I have her move forward and probably if you're on a regular mat too you'd want to move forward so that you have that mat still behind you. You're gonna take your legs up into a V. There's a specific way to do this but for today we'll just go like that for transition purposes. Relax your ankles, good.

Round into your C so your head is standing? You almost fall back on those sit spots a little bit more so you have better balance. That's your position to balance when you come up. So that's where you wanna make sure that you stay curled. Control it.

When you lower back don't roll onto your head. So just to the tips of the shoulders and then you're gonna try to come back up and then she finds her balance and she's gonna try to stretch her back by lifting up, so grow tall. As tall as you can, you can bend the knees but lift your back. Taller, there it is. Now, round your back again, drop the shoulders.

Relax your elbows. Good, stretch the legs. Alright, you ready? Center, roll back, round, no hop, and sit up tall. Let's turn your hips out.

Yes, that's gonna help you. Hold just a little bit higher. Hold right there, I want you to sit on this hip a little. Right there, round into your C, get a good C, bend your elbows 'cause your arms are too tense. Take that tension from your arms, keep it in that Powerhouse.

Control, you've got this. You just have to take some of it from the arms. There it is. Now, try to sit up tall. Stretch.

I'm gonna have you do two more and I'm getting out of the way. So no tension in those elbows. Yes. Stretch. That's okay.

When you come up this time remember you're getting ready to stretch. No tension in the feet, Romana would come over and slap her feet if we were pointing them, especially if you've ever danced before. Let me see that again. Go back, no tension. Nice and easy.

Graceful. You've got the control. It's there, you just have to take out that tension out of those extremities, and let me see you lift your back and stretch. Beautiful, lie down on your back with the legs still at 90. Yes.

I think, actually, because we're on the mat I'm gonna have you move back a little bit. We're on a tall mat, rather. Okay, legs are up, chest is open. Doing okay? Uh-huh {Adrianne] Alright.

So again, you wanna be about right here. That's your starting, so you tend to go a little too far. So right there is good for you. For everybody, really, you don't wanna be over your head too much. You're gonna Corkscrew, so leg go to the left.

I'm just gonna kinda watch to see how she does it. Keep your hips down. So Corkscrew, you're gonna reverse the direction each time. So you just got left, now you go to the right. It doesn't matter which direction you start but reverse it each time.

Good, so big thing here is not letting those hips lift. So stay in here. Yes, now do the same thing without losing that. So you go as far over as you can without losing that hip. Center, as far over as you can.

Up. Center. Okay, so that's your work. We all have different spaces we need to work on. And circle, I'm gonna have her do a little Jackknife.

So just about the first four vertebra off the mat. So you're gonna circle around, toes go back, a little kick up, and control it down so just don't plop down. And to the left. Around, center, little kick up, control down. When you go back your toe's not gonna fall to your nose.

You're gonna stop about right here. Maybe 60 degrees and now do a little kick up. Chest open, shoulders, neck is long, that's high enough. Now, let me see you roll down, so I like to tell people to drop their toes to their nose as they come down. So again, circle to the right.

Back to center. Little kick, don't let those feet drop too low and then when you come down they can drop. Go to the left. So ready, right here don't let the legs go too far back, keep them kind of high. Little bit further back with the feet, and now a little kick up.

That's it, now control it, now let's make it move. Ready, circle. Around. Lift. Control.

Circle to the left and she went "which way do I go?" and up, and control, and one more set. Around, chest open. Up. Control. Left.

Around. Up and sit on up. Good. Very good, that's all Powerhouse. Very good strengthening for the sides too.

Move backwards. So you're on the mat, feet apart, going into a Saw. So both feet are flexed, legs are a little wider than your shoulders. Maybe mat width or just slightly further, arms are to the side. She's gonna grow tall before she twist.

She's gonna turn to the right. Take your hand and saw the toe. So the hand is gonna twist. The hand is straight and you're sawing off the little pinky. Put your nose to your knee, so turn your nose to your knee.

That's it, so your spine is lined with your neck. Just like you did for Spine Stretch Forward, I wanna see that scoop and I want you to sit on both hips. So don't fall off this hip, so lean to the left. There you go, and then articulate by scooping and articulate all the way to sitting tall, and now turn. Stretch.

This hand, the pinky goes up so both hands are flat. Side, flat. Great, get a scoop in here. Yes, and come back up. And turn, and pinky to the ceiling as you reach.

I want you to reach forward while I pull your ribs back. And then come back up. And turn and stretch. That's it. Way up here.

Good, and one more set. Tall, turn, reach, stretch. Where are those ribs? Get them way back, there they are. And last one to the left, and turn, reach, get those ribs to scoop.

Yes, beautiful, come on up. Turn over to your stomach. Alright, so now you're gonna go into a neck roll. So you're gonna push into the hands to prop yourself off of the chest. The arms will straighten, the knees stay down and you'll push into those hands, rise up.

Very good. Now, we wanna get that lower back strength so that you don't hurt your back. You squeeze your seat, you keep that tummy up and you open your chest. Yes, turn your head to the right. Roll your head down so you're stretching the neck.

Look left, look center. Look left. Roll your head down, don't let your shoulders shift as you move. Let's do that one more time. To the right, so as you're circling don't let the shoulders go with you.

Center, is your chest open? Look left, down, around. Now, don't let your shoulders move. Good. Center, lie all the way back down.

Come on to your elbows, with both hands make a fist with your hands. Knuckles will be like this. Good. And you, maybe, wanna move your elbows back just a little so you have a little more prop. You should feel this in your thighs.

You're gonna do a single leg kick. Before you kick, again, we wanna get a nice position and strengthen that lower back so get those ribs up. Get your bottom tight. Now, as you kick you shouldn't feel your bottom bouncing. Kick, kick, kick.

So she's got a little bit of a collapse here, so I'm gonna pull you up more. Drop your hips down, so hips are pushing down, ribs are lifting, shoulders and chest open. So let's open up your chest. So drop your chest more. Open up here.

Way back with the scapula. Hold, now I'm gonna hold you and now kick, kick. Switch, when you kick, squeeze your bottom, push those hips down. Kick, there it is. And kick, much better.

One more at each side, right, and left, and rest. She did a little foot transition there. Go ahead and lie down, that's perfectly fine. Take your hands back, but normally we don't do any, but that's fun to do with a foot flex and a point. Alright, take your hands behind your back, she's gonna do a double leg kick, turn her head.

So once she gets on the mat, both feet are together, legs are long. Slide your hands up as close to your shoulder blades as you can, elbows down. Alright, so now she's gonna kick her seat three times. So heels stay together as you kick, two, three, drop the feet, stretch the ankles. Now, the feet stay here.

You're gonna stay here in that stretch. You're gonna reach as far back as you can and then you're gonna switch cheeks. Now these are quick, one, two, three, stretch. Hold the stretch, though, I want you to pause on that stretch. The kicks can be quick and getting into position can be quick.

Ready and switch, one, two, three, stretch and hold. Longer, can you reach further back? And lift your chest, lift your navel, switch. One, two, three, stretch. Last one, switch.

One, two, three, stretch, hold, a little bit higher. Good and that's it. Let's go ahead and have you sit back on your heel and stretch out. She's getting a workout. Good, I'm just gonna push on you, tell me if it's too much.

Good. Alright, she's gonna turn back around to lie on her back, getting ready for a Neck Pull. So you will lie flat. These exercises are humbling, aren't they? (chuckles) They really make you work but what's great about them is they do make you smile when you're doing it.

'Cause they're fun. Alright, legs are long, feet are flexed. We're gonna start off slow. The pace will start to pick up once the form is correct. So, you've got the long legs.

Next part, really important here is try to fill up that space. So you want that Powerhouse control, so you don't hurt that lower back, especially. This is called the Neck Pull 'cause you wanna keep that neck long as you curl in towards your chest, push your heels away. Round over to your knees and then stack your spine to sit up tall. Right on top of the hips, a little forward, right there.

Now, you're gonna curl yourself down. So you're continuing those heels pushing away as you curl down. Very good, let's see that again. Curl up. Drop down.

Come up tall. Go back down. So when you're moving, drop your gaze to your navel, so that your neck follows that line. So drop your gaze down. There you go.

Sit up tall, we're gonna add a step. Here, you're tall. You're gonna hinge back until you can't hinge anymore. When you start to feel a little weak curl, your lower back and curl down. Keep that flexion going so heels are pushing out.

Drop down. Sit up tall. The wider the elbows, the harder, more challenging it is. Get those ribs in, get that lower back controlled. There it is.

And over. Stretch up tall, you're gonna three quick ones. And round back, down, and don't slide. Forward, try to stay in place. That's really difficult so that means you really have to use those legs and stretch them.

And come back up. And all the way down. Last one, so she's not hinging anymore. Just forward. Up.

All the way down and you'll stay down. Okay, let's have you lie on your side and do some kicks. So either side, get yourself lined, generally, with the back of your mat. So you want your hips to line with your shoulders, and you could do that by measuring yourself to the back of your mat. Alright, toes slightly forward or off the mat.

A little bit more so you're in a pretty good V or a boomerang position. You're gonna take that right leg up hip level. Its gonna stay there, you're gonna get that hip turned out. So both hips are turned out and directly on top of each other. This is a good Powerhouse exercise so you're pulling in and you're lifting up and a lot of times our ribs will wanna pop out on these.

So you got that energy in your knee, I want you to put it in your seat. So less in the knee. Less, it's still there. Now more seat. Push that hip forward.

Right there. Okay, so soft feet, tight seat. Ready, kick, kick, forward. So not up, we're gonna go straight to the nose. Kick, kick, stretch.

No knee. Less, uh-huh, what feels like soft is still locked. So softer back here, there you go. And kick, kick. Stretch.

And now kick, kick, so moving. Stretch. Look forward. So you're neck is long. Your chest is open.

Your back is long and straight. Are your feet soft? Kick, kick, I'm talking about both of them. This one too. And kick, kick.

Back. Hip on top of hip. That's hip on top of hip. Now, two more. Keeping those hips on top of each other.

Kick, kick. Back. Kick, kick. Back. Bring your leg on top of the other, hips turned out.

Leg hip level going to the up and down. So this is at when you were about to do at the beginning. Your hips stay right on top of each other. You're gonna take this leg up towards the ceiling. As you come down, think of that right leg growing longer.

Lower it down and stretch. Let's stay away from the feet for right now. Just soft feet. I just wanna see how you're moving without getting distracted with the other pieces. Which is definitely something you can add as long as that control is there and looks like you're there.

So now you could flex up and point down. When you come down, so go ahead and go up. Let me see how you come down. Better. I'm gonna have her do it again 'cause I'm gonna show you what I mean here.

Come on down and I want you to squeeze me here, push me down. More. Yeah. That's where you wanna feel it. So it's just not falling.

Two more, up. Reach. That's it, beautiful. Yes, one more. Up.

Reach, so it's all in her bottom, her hips, her Powerhouse, and now let's do little circles with that same intention. Circle, one. Two. Three. Four.

Five, reverse. Little bit quicker. Two. Three, no knee. Four.

Five. You should burn in the hip if you're doing these correctly. That's enough, she's done five each way. Let's stop with that, turn to your stomach. Palm on top of palm, forehead on your hands.

Good, so the left side will be even better 'cause now she really knows what she's doing. Reach those legs out, squeeze your seat. Good. Keep those legs long, bottom is tight, hips are down. She's gonna reach those legs even further, just to start to lift them off the mat.

Higher. Hold, clap both feet together 10 counts. One, two, three, wider. Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, and rest. Okay, over to the other side.

Alright, so same exact thing she did on the other side. Hip on top of hip, shoulder on top of shoulder, toes forward. Scooped in. I'm gonna shift you. Now, you're arching your lower back so I just want her to correct that.

Okay, she fill it in so it's just a little bit of a pop. She pulled it back in. Take your left leg hip level, keep your hips turned out. Right and left, good. Kick, kick, forward.

She automatically corrected her knee so that was good, so that stuck. Two, these you can as far back as you want as long as those hips stay on top of each other and you're stretching. It feels good. And kick forward. That makes those nice long muscles.

Kick, kick. Stretch. Kick, kick. Stretch. Kick, kick.

Stretch, she's doing great. One more. And stretch. Leg on top of leg, getting ready for your up and downs. Leg hip level.

Good job fixing your Powerhouse. Leg comes up so she got back into that wrap and then reach out. Remember, when you're coming down, how to control it. It's like your cracking a walnut between your thighs. Right, you know those nutcrackers squeezing down.

Uh-huh and squeezing down but while you're squeezing you're stretching away. Three more, up. Reach and squeeze. Two, so I should see resistance pulling you down, not momentum. There it is.

Circles, five each way. So just slightly hip level. Two. Three. Four.

Five, don't let those hips move. One. Two. Three. Four.

Five and rest. Alrighty. You're gonna lie back onto your back. Face the beautiful ocean there. Good, get yourself long and centered so I wanna shift you so that you're centered.

(laughs) Good, sometimes what we feel is centered is not. It helps to have some eyes on all of us. Alright, bring your knees into your chest. Take your legs to 90 degrees. We're gonna start with Teaser one, move to Teaser two and then to Teaser three.

So let's get that turned out. You got a lot of energy in those knees. Yes, they can be long. Go ahead and stretch them but just don't tense them. Worked out here more.

Now, she's gonna take her arms to 90 degrees. Before she rises she's gonna lower her legs to about 45, no, stay down here. She'll lower her legs to 45 degrees and curl up into her Teaser. Now she peels up. All the way, so lower your legs a little bit more so you have that ability to rise.

No knees and then curl back down, chin curls and legs stay there. Arms go all the way back. Arms come all the way up, three times and curl up. Hold. Control it down, tuck your chin.

Come all the way down. If you take all that tension from your elbows and knees you'll have a lot more ability to move. Up. Hold that, go ahead and just stay up there, sorry, and lower the legs and lift them three times. So just a little bit down, not all the way down.

Just little taps. Two, stay tall. Three, everything down together, arms go back. Teaser three and I like these, I feel like these are easier in a lot of ways but if you do them correctly, they're not. So get a good wrap.

Good, nice and controlled. No momentum, so arms up first to 90. Chin towards the chest just like a Roll Up. So you're starting in a Roll Up. That's it, keep pulling it.

Keep pulling, now bring the legs with you. That's it. Now, take the arms to 90 and grow taller in your back. And now arms go down into your peripheral and then lower all the way down. You're gonna do that two more times.

Arms go all the way back. Arms come all the way up. Remember you're rolling up, and then lift, come back down. Let's do that again but make it look like purposeful, that when you come up with the legs that it was meant to come together. And curl up.

Better, and grow tall, and then all the way back down and rest. Okay, let's have you sit up for your seals. Lift your seat, sit at your heels. Bring your feet a little bit closer. Hands inside the legs, hold onto the ankles.

Now, you can either hold the ankles. So you were correct on the inside, so go back, and then you can bring your fingers here or you can hold the top of your arches. If you hold your arches it's more challenging. This is where you'd wanna start. So this is a good position just like you had with your fingers in.

Bring the knees in a little bit more. Get a seat curve first before you, yes. So you kind of have to fall back to those sits bone. Good, now take the feet off and balance. Alright, can you bring your knees in anymore?

So, I mean, towards your ears, yes. Alright, so she's in a nice tight rounded position. Now, just do rolling, no clapping first. So I just want you to roll. Because it's right there.

That's a really challenging part to curl up. All the way forward, so fall a little bit forward. Yes, now ready, shoulders down, soft. Inhale on the back, exhale on the up. Ready, inhale.

(inhales) Exhale, good. Now, through your nose. Inhale, put it into your diaphragm. (exhales) Inhale. Exhale, as you're clapping.

Three claps, one, two, three. Three claps to come up, two, three. One, two, three, back. One, two, three, up. One, two, three, back.

One, two, three, up. One more time, stay centered. And one, two, three, up. There you go. Good.

Let's have you turn around, and because we're on a tall mat, I'm gonna actually, well. That's right, I'm gonna turn you into a push-up position. You could stand on your mat and walk your legs into your push-up position but today we're gonna start here. Get the hair out of the way. Alright, you wanna be in a nice long line.

Your shoulders are forward, can you pull them back more? So your chest is more open, yes. Neck is long so you can gaze down. She's got a really good position. Squeeze your seat, so she's nice and long through here.

She's gonna bring those elbows in towards her ears and lower herself down. Now, you can go as deep as you want or as little as you want. It depends on how strong you are and how much you're used to these kinds of things. But keep using your seat so you have that back control. Squeeze your bottom more.

That's it, hold. Sit back on your knees and stretch back, and then I'll have you do that one more time. And then get back into position. One more set. Chest open.

Hips down. Seat squeezing. So lower, yeah, and one. Three times, elbows in. Think of those elbows skimming your ribs, two.

And hold. Sit back on your heels and stretch. One more exercise. We'll finish with this one. You're gonna go back to your hands and toes.

Back into your push-up position and just go into it, a stretch with the ankle. So drop your hips more. Squeeze. See how different that is when she lowered down? So now she's in one straight line.

You're gonna take one foot. Pointed, that's fine, pointed, and shift the ankle back. Shift forward. Switch legs, so just one time but when you move, don't let your hips pop up, drop them. Yes.

Just one time forward, one time back. And shift back, forward, switch. Shift back, forward, switch. Tummy up. Bottom tight, that's it.

Good, get a nice long spine. Last one to each side. Switch, and switch, and sit back on your heels. Stretch. And we will conclude with that.

Very nice job.


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wow , that got my day off to a great start , thank you , i really enjoyed this.
Thank you! I like focusing my body and I really feel the deep work…..
Love this thanks Adrianne 😊
Enjoyed watching your astute hands on corrections.
Éxcellent cues, very clear and precise! Thank you!!
Sweet simple n to the point.
Great instruction always helpful with reminders like squeeze your seat and Knee awareness! Thanks so much!
Fantastic class with clear precise cues in progressive order!
Very nice workout with a lot of coaching on proper form and body position. Thanks!
Thanks- lots of focus on control and good positioning. Great class.

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