Class #3082

Mixed Equipment Variations

70 min - Class


Work on extension and equality in the hips with this Mixed Equipment workout by Peter Roël. He teaches a session similar to what he would do in his studio, making sure to use the space as you move your body. Because there are many intricate variations added to this class, this is a great one to watch before trying so you will know what to expect with the detailed choreography.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, High Chair, Ladder Barrel, Reformer, Mat, Mixed Equipment, Triadball, Hand Weights, Fitness Ball, Theraband

About This Video


Thank you for joining us. My name is Peter Roel and this is Colleen. We will be doing a session that we usually do in our studio which is including a Partial Mat. After that we will do a Reformer that...


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So interesting to see the definite influence of both Kathy Grant and Romana K. It's a wonderful combination. Very refreshing that it does not all have to be "one way".
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Wow! Beautiful inspirational. Thanks.
This is a perfect class !! Wonderful teaching Peter ..
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Beautiful class! Thanks
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Yes, a beautiful class and movements! I saw the "shape" of the movemnts like the sphere etc. like never before! Inspirational! Thank you!
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Wonderful class! Clear and precise teaching. My body feels wonderful. Back and hips are open. Thank you Peter!
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Thank you. That was amazing. I couldn't do the end as I don't have that equipment at home but I still got a great workout :)
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Wonderful class! The hammock visual cue was invaluable... My hips, back and neck felt great for hours after this class! And no better place to do California rowing...!
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Great workout! Really enjoyed it and felt great. Nice usage of props to help "turn on" muscles that don't always work fully. I will do this workout again, perfect blend of equipment.
Thank u, Great work, loved Teaser with Backstroke and fun Rowing combos! Athletic! Super!
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