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Peter Roel

Peter Roel

Peter Roël, B.A., PMA®-CPT, director of Pilates Shop Teacher Training, Co-Founded and Co-Owns Pilates Shop/Yoga Garage in New York City. Peter was educated at
Read More the Dance Conservatory at Arnhem in The Netherlands, earning a B.A. in Dance Education, which entailed Psychology, Pedagogy, and Anatomy.

He moved to New York City in 1983 and danced as a principal dancer with Elisa Monte and the Martha Graham Dance Companies, among others. He started his Pilates education in 1984 with Kathy Grant, with whom he studied and worked with for 15 years.

In 1992, he became qualified to teach Pilates by Romana Kryzanowska and in 1995 became qualified to teach GYROTONIC® by Julio Horvath. From 1984 through 1999 Peter toured extensively in the USA, Europe and Asia while teaching dance, Pilates and performing as a Principle Dancer with o.a. Elisa Monte and the Martha Graham Dance Companies. In doing so, Peter introduced Pilates to The Netherlands in 1986. Peter also, worked with and performed works by Ulysses Dove, Maurice Bejart, Lucinda Childs, Susan Stroman, Pieter de Ruiter, Robert Wilson, and Ronald K. Brown. From 1998-2001, Peter was Co-Director, Teacher Trainer and Studio Manager at Power Pilates in New York.

Peter studies with Irene Dowd and Deborah Lessen in New York City, where he teaches clients and gives "continued education" workshops in the United States and Europe.

Peter has appeared in Pilates Style magazine, and has also presented Mat classes and workshops at the Pilates Method Alliance, The Human Movement Conferences in Sante Fe, Pilates Mentors of New York, and the Asia Pilates Summit in Singapore, among others.

Because of a lifetime as a competitive track and field athlete, gymnast, and dancer, Peter gives an integrative and individual approach to his Pilates teaching.
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