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You will work your whole body in this Reformer/Tower workout with Sarah Bertucelli. She uses minimal changes in the springs so that you can maximize the two pieces of equipment. She includes wonderful variations for exercises like Rolling Like a Ball, Push Through, and so much more!
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Let's do a reformer combo workout today. So what I intend to do is to minimize the changing of things and maximize the two pieces of equipment. I hope to have fun with it. Here's what we've got goin on here, we've got the yellow springs with the loops on them hooked on the second eyelet and I'm actually going to hook them over my pegs right now so that I can get them a little bit easier in a moment. I'm going to use one red spring a little later and then I'm gonna use the handles a little later.

If you don't have handles you can make due with the loops and I do intend to use the box for the last two exercises. The foot bar is down and the springs are loaded for my footwork. What's important for this first exercise is that your carriage is locked down 'cuz you don't really want it to move at this moment so I've got three reds and a blue at the moment. So I'm going to retrieve my yellow springs and we'll get started. So let's first settle in for a couple moments and try to feel both sides of your pelvis equally weighted.

Wow, what a view today. Round through your low back, just moving back a little bit tipping down or tipping over your tailbone onto your pelvis and then sit nice and tall. So that cue was not my favorite, let's try it again we round back and I'm kind or rolling over my tailbone onto my pelvis equally, that's what I really wanted to say. Then I'm going to round and roll up and sit nice and tall. I was so caught up in the view I forgot to change my gaze so I'll do that now.

Rolling back now a little bit lower so the top of my pelvis will go down and as I roll back up my gaze is down until I sit upright and then that's when I'll look forward again. Then again, exhale to roll back this time a little bit further and I wanna get to the point where the top of my pelvis is down or perhaps the lowest part of my low back and then I'm gonna roll back up again. Sit nice and tall and this time let's bend the elbows opening through the chest and shoulders let the elbows straighten and we'll roll back again. (breathing) A little lower this time so my whole low back is down. Then I'm gonna round and roll back up and sit nice and tall opening through the chest and shoulders.

So let's do that again. Exhale to roll back so the whole low back is down and then we linger here for a little bit of time. So feel, let's work the mini roll up, lifting up just a bit and then lowering down. So try to keep your pelvis neutral lifting up and lowering down. I usually choose an exhale on the lift and an inhale on the down but whatever works for you.

Exhale and lower down. We lift again here, holding this high point I want you to lift one leg up, lower it down, lift the other leg up lower it down and should you feel comfortable here we do a little changing I had to lower my body. Switch and switch. It takes a little bit of a balancing act here. Switch and switch.

Put both feet down and then round and roll all the way up to sitting. Just gonna get a better grip with my hands, open through your chest and shoulders. Now, certainly you can do this with your handles as well. Let's bend the elbows again, lifting the heart as you do. If it's more comfortable for you, use the handles.

Good, exhale to peel back. (exhales) Now add a little bit of rotation here, so my low back is grounded, I wanna rotate to one side and lift up, come down around and up to the other side. So I'm doing a little bit of a half circle here, down around, good. Using the belly to support, feeling the connection of the low back each time you come down. So that your not loosing that nice bit of flexion in the low spine here.

We'll do one more each side, exhaling at some point. Inhaling and exhaling. Then let's roll all the way up to sitting. I don't know about you but my abdominals are nice and warm. So here I'm going to step up and place these now down by the side of the reformer just so that it doesn't clank around while I'm doing my footwork.

The foot bar needs to go up, I like the middle position. (clicking) As I mentioned before my springs are loaded, three reds and a blue for my footwork. You can adjust that as needed. So take a couple moments to settle in and try to really feel that nice openness through your chest and to place your shoulder blades down, feel your pelvis, settle your heels on the bar and then let's press out here. Exhale and inhale to come in.

Or again if I cue a breath that doesn't make sense to you just make sure that you are, in fact, breathing. Here, explore that both feet are weighted equally. So try to also feel that both legs are working equally. One of the cues I always embrace is this idea of lengthening my body a little more before I let the carriage come in so I'm trying to continuously lengthen my spine. (exhaling) Let's do one more here and then some little pulses down at the stopper so you're just gonna kinda idle at the stopper.

I often say that I really don't want this to be about the legs so much even though it is, it's about stabilizing through your core through your pelvis. Let this grow just a little bit bigger, breathing when it makes sense. All the way to straight and then we gently come on in. Shifting out of the toe position. The toe position is really the balls of the feet.

With the toes reaching or relaxing over the bar but the metatarsals are weighted, we exhale out or change the breath as needed. So the rules here for me are always to pay attention to the back of the leg and feel that lengthening all the way through the top. So when your legs are straight, you're lengthening through the crown of the head. Feel the control as you travel in and see if can try to find the sensation of pulling the carriage in versus letting the carriage pull you in. We'll do one more here before we find those little pulses.

So we just kinda gently pulse at the bottom here. Again, the legs are moving but I'm almost trying to relax my legs a little bit and feel that my stability of my pelvis is what I'm focusing on. As the movement grows it's a little bit zestier in the legs. Then all the way out to straight and then we'll come back in. So here we slide the heels together making your small v position.

Start by really pulling the heels together to feel the inner thighs, engaging the abs, opening the chest and then out we go. (inhaling and exhaling) So try to feel the idea of pulling the upper inner thighs together as you lengthen your legs and again see if you can get that energy out through the crown of the head so the chest is open, pelvis nice and still. Both legs working equally. Then we take some little pulses down at the stopper starting to feel the legs a little more here. But still focusing on stability through the pelvis and the movement grows.

(inhaling, exhaling and clanking) All the way to straight and we come back in. Shifting to the open v from the heels position you wanna find that place where your heels are on the outer part of the bar, flex the ankles back. See if you can really weight your hip balls into your pelvis so your legs are heavy and then out we go. Again, check in and make sure that you feel equal weight on the bottoms of your feet. I like to think about bringing my upper inner thighs toward one another or creating a sensation of driving or drawing the legs toward one another as I straighten my legs.

Don't forget to pull up on the kneecaps at the end so you do wanna feel those quadriceps working especially at the end of the movement. Often times we're cuing so much hamstrings which is important that the quadriceps are working too. Then some little pulses here, trying to find equality between the two legs, stability in the pelvis. Calm breath, all the way, a little bigger. I almost skip those pumps, we don't wanna skip em here.

All the way to straight now and then come on in. So, I'm kinda doing like a softer pulse and then moving into a more vigorous pump if that wasn't 100% clear. So here I've got my toes on the bar, I'm sort of spreading my metatarsals out a little bit. Again, trying to feel this idea of lengthening out through the crown of the head each time I lengthen my legs. Both legs working equally.

Breathing with a calm, effortless ease here. Then some nice little pulses. Then the pulses begin to grow, legs working just a bit more there, all the way out to straight. Then in at the stopper, let's bring the feet all the way in together first, feel that you're centered and then separate your feet a little bit. Exhale to press the legs out to straight, lower your feet down and up.

Think about not shifting your weight to your heels but keeping the weight across the ball of your foot as you do your calf raises. So, ultimately our legs should be pretty straight. You should keep the weight on the ball of your foot as you go under and up with the heel. It's going to bring you a slightly different sensation on your calves, perhaps. (inhaling and exhaling) One more time, we'll press up and hold here, really find those inner thighs and move into your prances.

So when we prance here, make sure that you've got both feet working so we're pressing up with both feet and down with both feet, really pressing through the ball of the foot, on the bent leg as well, so I'm working that forced arch. (rushing train) One last we'll press up and then hold your stretch on one side. Now, here I really like to change the placement of my foot and find something new each day. So I've moved my foot up a little bit and really letting my heel sink under the bar here and the I'm gonna start just kinda bending my knee a little bit and enjoy the stretch. Now, you can certainly do whatever feels good to you here but for me, I feel like a little bit of movement in this position helps to open up the calf for me a little bit more.

Then changing sides again, I like to have my foot a little higher on the bar so I can just really let the bar in my foot and really find a nice release through the back of my leg and also through the bottom of my foot. Then little bending and straightening and exploration of what I feel. Notice, I'm moving my leg right now but my carriage isn't actually moving so it's more just like a feeling of movement without, without an up and down movement. Then we'll press up, bend the knees in and let's come up to a sitting position. So here's where we're gonna play a little bit with the Cadillac springs against the mechanism of the reformer.

So, I'm on one red spring right now, I've taken all the others off. I'm going to take these yellow springs once again and put them on the pegs so I can use them for a second round of abdominal work. (breathing and clinking) So we'll sit in the same way we did before except now the carriage will move a little bit as you begin to do the movement so just be cautious of that. If you needed to take your straps down one eyelet for stability or whatnot you're welcome to. I've got my toes off the edge, gonna reach down and hold onto my straps and as soon as I hold onto those straps I feel the carriage moving around a little bit.

My goal here is to not move it that much, okay. I have enough space behind me to roll back onto my pelvis and my pelvis is down so you wanna gauge that. (exhale) Then roll back up. Now, if you go too far back, if you go too far or you tend to be, if you're a little taller or you don't feel comfortable with the bar up, you can put the bar down. I just felt like it was an extra step and I know that I'm not going to hit it here.

So, I'm rolling back with the exhale and then rolling back up. Now, here's where we're gonna change it just a little bit. So we roll back again, rolling over both sides of the pelvis equally, feel those abdominals working, feel your shoulders plugged into your shoulder sockets. Then we're gonna lift one leg up, feel the low back grounded we're gonna lift the other leg up, we're gonna balance here. So see if you can hold onto that shape and it's just like a very small rolling up, keeping the legs still and a very small rolling down to start with.

So we want the shape to stay quite rounded. Increasing the shape, the rounded shape here and rolling down. I almost find this to be more difficult than with straight legs. So here I'm gonna hold this up position now, okay? So it's like a rolling like a ball except my feet are not down, they're up.

Then I just wanna play with this idea of rolling. So the shape stays the same and I'm doing a mini roll. Little mini roll. Onto the top of my pelvis and forward and onto the top of my pelvis and then onto my, the bottom of my pelvis. Just one more time like that.

Hold the low back down. Place one foot down, place the other foot down and roll up to sitting. So now, we're going to put our straps on our legs. Little tricky to do it but not too tricky, I don't think. So put the strap up above the knee joint, on the thigh.

Again, you wanna make sure have enough space here the bar will not get as close on this one that's for sure. Your feet should be just kind of off a little bit the head rest. Then here, holding onto your knees or your shins, your knees or your legs, whichever makes more sense, I want you to find that same spot where you roll down. Woops, I need to move forward a little. (laughs) That same spot where you roll down your feet will lift off and you're gonna find (exhales) a chest lift, right?

So from here, we're gonna hold onto just one leg, how about the left one and put the right one down. Good. Then change. So it's like a single leg stretch (exhales) but with bent knees and the opposition of one leg still having tension while the other leg pulls in feels quite wonderful to me. (inhaling and exhaling) And changing, and one more time, now both legs are gonna be up for me, hold here, we're gonna take a little rotation to one side, take both arms around.

Up and over to the other side, so you're keeping the connection with the hip flexors as you do a real small rotation up an over. (inhaling and exhaling) One more time. Back to center, hold the knees. See if you can find that easy roll back up and then remove the straps. So here, we're going to use these straps for our hip work.

So I'm gonna put them back on the pegs and keep the spring the same so I'm on a red spring right now. You can do it on a red and a blue but I really like the red down there. It gives me a nice feeling of stability and instability at the same time so here, it feels a little interesting, I'm really enjoying this I have to say. Put one foot in the strap, okay? Then kinda get used to how this feels because you have springs from two places, whoa, and put your other foot in.

So, first press out to straight here and try to get your carriage to stabilize. One of the goals for me in this series here is to try not to move the carriage very much, which is quite difficult to do in my opinion. So feel your neutral spine, your pelvis, your abs. Pelvis in neutral, your abs working and I would like you to bend one knee and keep the other leg straight. So it's kinda like a marching and then we're gonna change.

So my knees are going inside of my springs and we're gonna change. So one leg is doing a frog and one leg is extending out or single leg stretch legs, basically, reaching out. So the fact that you have spring tension on both legs the whole time feels really delightful for me. We'll do just a couple more here breathing naturally. Can feel my inner thighs quivering.

Then, both legs come in for a moment so let's find external rotation and we do just a couple kinda classic frog. It's a little harder to keep the carriage still when you bend and straighten both legs at the same time and mine is moving around and that's okay but try to keep it a little more still rather than bouncing around too much. Now, I'd like you to bend your knees in and stay here. So, we're gonna do like a walking frog here so similar to what we did before my legs are now turned out. One leg is straight, one leg is in and we change, and we change.

I find this one to be a little bit more exciting for stability through my pelvis and my abs because the knees are out to the side or the one knee is out to the side which adds an element of challenge. Just breathe when it makes sense. Both legs then go to straight. So rotate to parallel alignment. How bout we take one leg down and one leg up and we explore that range there.

What's nice here is you can take this leg down a little further than you can just on the reformer. Just pay attention to where your bar is and here you could flex your bottom foot if you needed to, to make a little more space. Then we change sides. One leg down, one leg up. So that feels really nice and I stretch and quite a lot of work in the hamstrings as well.

Then we can change that again. So I'm trying to change about the middle, so it's about that 45 degree range here that I'm changing and my goal is to keep the carriage pretty still. I can feel it moving around a bit but that's my goal, to keep it pretty still. We'll do one more like this, let's have your right leg up and we move into the helicopter which is quite fun. So the legs go out to the side, to an opening position and then down and around so the other leg is up and then you pass to center, come to center so about 45 degrees.

So my right leg was down. I wanna put it down again in order to reverse, so it goes back to where it came from, I circle around and the legs come together. My left leg is currently coming up so that's the one that's gonna go back down for the split and we circle around. Again, depending on the leg length and the spring length you might have to flex your feet or not go as far. Right leg goes down, around and back up.

Find center and this is the last one on the left leg going down, around and back together. Beautiful. So, let's bend the knees in and carefully take one of the straps out, find the foot bar. Take the other strap off your foot and I like to hook it right back on the pegs here it fits really nicely and just be careful when you get up because the spring is stretching the carriage back from behind. Alright, so we're not going to use these for a bit.

So I'm gonna take them off now and put them over here. So they're out of the way. (clinking) So now we're gonna change the spring to a blue spring. So I'm on one blue spring and then I wanna come to my knees. I keep saying I, you should come to your knees.

So, I'm on my knees and we walk out until you can reach forward and hold onto the push through bar. So here, holding the push through bar with two hands you can kinda find a nice little stretch here through the shoulders. Let your pelvis rest as far down on your feet as they can and certainly if you needed to be up higher, that would be okay, it's a little less stable that way so you might wanna sit on a ball. Here, try keeping the bar somewhat still as you bend your elbows and pull forward and then reach back out to straight. So again, this is sort of stage one of this movement here just a little pull up sensation, I actually feel quite a lot of sensation in my arms even though I'm only on a blue spring, it's a very light spring.

My goal here is to keep the bar, the push through bar, somewhat still as I pull in and out. I'm also trying to really feel that both arms are working equally. You can also explore a single arm version here if you feel quite comfortable. You can just take one hand down and place it on the shoulder rest and pull forward, it's quite difficult to do. Way more challenging than I expect it to be.

But, it's still quite nice to try. If you were to lift your body up a little bit in space you would find this a little more manageable. Where if you take your body down a little bit in space it's a little more challenging. So I'm gonna change arms here, put my other hand down on the shoulder rest and then I like to try to get the arm to go out to the side, the elbow to go out to the side so there's this spreading through the collar bones and the shoulder blades that's happening as opposed to a crunching or a squeezing together. So, we'll do one more on the second side.

Pull the arms forward and now hold with both arms. Let your elbows come to straight first, now we're gonna do an undulation through the body here so pull the carriage forward using your abs. You're gonna press the carriage all the way to the end there so I've stretched the spring maximum and then here's where I wanna see a little bit of flexion of my spine so my belly is working and then I'm going to stand up on my knees, keeping my body nice and flat, then we undulate back or reach back through the hips again into that deep stretch position through the shoulders. Undulate forward. Let's actually stay with this a few more times and reach back.

We'll do that final piece in a little bit, so here we go. Pulling forward. That feels too nice to not do a few more of those. So this is like the push through almost on the Cadillac but moving the lower half of the body instead of moving the upper half of the body. So try to feel that movement really coming from your spine.

So one more time, let's pull forward, holding here. Move your left hand into the center of the bar and open through your side body. Come back through. Now, certainly if you can't, go ahead and do the other side, if you're unable to be on your knees like this you could do this, you could modify this sitting or kneeling. Then we're gonna round all the way back through to that deep forward stretch.

So now I'm on a flat back here, so from this flat back, we're gonna undulate up, so kinda finding yourself into a kneeling position, pressing down through the tops of the feet, feel yourself upright. Here, bend your elbows a couple of times. Good. So you're using your upper back here, opening through the chest, I really feel a lot of hamstring work to try to stay upright here. Let's just do two more of these.

Pulling forward and one more time. (exhales) So the easiest way to get out of this for me is to come back down to my feet, I'm going to hold the frame with one hand, let go of the bar and then control all the way back to the stopper. Alright. So let's move into some arm work. We're no longer going to use the reformer mechanism.

This is where I would like to use my handles. I'm bringing the yellow straps closer to the top so I've got one, two, three eyelets down from the top here but really it's about a little higher than my shoulders that I like. We're gonna do a little bit of single arm work as well as some leg work here. Which is kinda fun and some stretching. Here we go.

(clinking) So, I'm holding with my left hand, this is gonna be the main hand for this entire series here. My toes are turned out and you'll see this on the other side my toes are turned out just a bit like this, I'm in a small v position. I'm gonna keep my arm pretty still with my body. Lot's of abdominal work. So I'm reaching out to a lunge position.

My one leg stays straight, this leg is bent and then we're gonna find balance, whoa, and come back up. Talking about it and doing it at the same time can be challenging and we're gonna reach out into a nice lunge, trying to keep my other leg, my left leg straight, there we go. Hopefully not dragging the toe, here we go. Out and up, there it is, there's the one I was waiting for, I think and again out and we'll do one more and reaching out. So, I've kinda been going back and forth between bringing my foot to my ankle or up to a pose position, it's really up to you.

So now we'll turn and come into a deep lunge. So my back heel is lifted but my back leg is endeavoring to be straight. My front leg is quite bent here and I'm going to punch reaching out toward straight and come back. Keeping the abdominals engaged as I'm punching and reaching back and out and punching. Now, if you wanted to add just a little bit of rotation here it feels really nice and reaching all the way forward and opening and reaching forward again.

Now, we take this same shape into a bicep curl. So, I'm going to bring my back leg in a little bit and flatten the foot. My arm is straight behind me, nice and open through the chest. I wanna actively be in this sort of chest expansion position and then bend the elbow. (inhaling and exhaling) So try to feel that you're actively extending the elbow to straight each time.

The final exercise in this grouping, we turn around. You're gonna hold with both hands just to get you back here. So, I'm kind of near where the little, in front of the foot bar but where the reformer ends and I'm sitting into a little squat position like a chair pose in yoga. I'm actually using my leg, putting my leg up against the frame of the reformer, okay? Then I'm going to release this arm as if I'm shooting a bow and arrow, I look, I rotate and I rotate the other way and exhale so if you want more work for your legs, just sit a little deeper and we'll do one more.

Now, onto the other side. So let this strap go gently down and then step to the other side. So the first exercise, I'm holding the handle with my right hand and I've lined my foot, you can see now where my feet are. I've lined my foot up about with, my heels about with the edge of the reformer bed, somewhere around there feels good and then I wanna keep my arm pretty still I'm using the spring to help me control and it's so much easier on this side. What's that all about?

There's always one, right? So here I've got a nice straight leg, a standing leg or the balancing leg. The other leg bends, straightens and bends, you don't have to overthink that but this is as much a squatting exercise, a glute a balance exercise and it requires you to stabilize a little bit there with your arm. Alright, so shifting into the punching. We take a nice lunge, now you can move forward or back, depending on your strength and your comfort level here.

So, I've got my back leg pretty straight. The heel is lifted and I'm bending the front leg here and we punch. So I keep my gaze forward for the first two and then feel free to add a little bit of rotation here as well, it's kinda nice. (inhaling and exhaling) And one more time here. Now we move into the bicep curl so bring the back leg in a little bit, flat foot, straight back arm and we wanna feel that active straight arm before you bend and reach to straight again.

So, I'm really thinking more about where my shoulder and my arm is when I do this than what my bicep is doing. To try to get that support that I need here to stabilize this position so that I can strengthen my bicep. Then the final position here, we'll take that spring and reach back. So I'm in like a chair pose type position, my knees together, my feet together and I'm gonna sit as deep as I feel comfortable and then we work into a nice reach back and forward. I guess I did a couple without rotation.

There we go, and we rotate around and rotate around and rotate around and bend and rotate around and reach and one more time we rotate and reach and come out of that. (clinking) Alright, let's go ahead and do a little bit of side work here. So I'm going to put my green spring on. (clinking) I'll step around here so the views a little bit better. We're going to work a side plank so my hand is at the very center and my top foot goes forward.

I'm gonna start differently, I'm gonna start on my knee actually, I'm on my knee and my top foot is forward. So here, I'll push out first until I feel that I can straighten my leg and support, okay? That's where I want to lift up. My arm is up to the side here, squeezing those inner thighs together we go out and in just a couple of times with the arm. So this is really a full body work but it's also really nice oblique work.

Then we're gonna hold in a position where you feel quite comfortable using the belly here, round down see if you can touch the bar and open and round down, touch the bar and open. One more time, we round down and open. Place the bottom knee down, gently bring the carriage to rest and we step away to the other side. So this is an accessible amount for most people in this position, not that this is easy, but I feel it's somewhat manageable, so I'm going to put my leg on and then sort of reach my leg out to straight and see if I feel good here. Now certainly, you could still do this exercise with this bottom knee down which is why I put it there but then you can go ahead and lift it up if you feel comfortable.

So both feet are wedged up against the shoulder rest, the arm is out to the side and we go out and in three times. Quite a lot of oblique work here. (inhaling and exhaling) Then we add that little bit of rotation so I'm almost lifting up through my belly to round and reach to touch and open and up through the belly to reach and touch and open and one more time. (inhaling and exhaling) Then put your back knee down, bring yourself in gently to the stopper and step off your reformer. Here's where we use the box.

Now certainly if you don't happen to have a box there's always ways to modify. But I certainly like using the box here. You can come to your knees and pull your arms to the side. Here I'm going to, actually I can leave the bar up, there's no point in putting it down. I'm on a blue spring right now.

I'm gonna lie down on my belly so now, what's nice about keeping the bar up is you have to really extend through your hips here or use your legs a lot. So we're gonna reach forward and hold the ropes above the buckles for extra range of motion you wrap your hands around and that'll give you a nice long range of motion. So lifting those legs up above the bar or put it down if you're unable to do that. My arms are now stretched straight out in front of me. My body is in a pretty straight line and as I exhale I'm going to lift to a nice but full back extension.

It's really thoracic extension and then lowering down reaching the arms forward. Reaching to a nice full thoracic extension with big strong arms and lowering down. (inhaling and exhaling) So try to keep your legs glued together. The back of your legs are quite engaged, the inner thighs are quite engaged. Here we're going to stay, open the arms out to the T.

We're gonna change the gauge so I'm in a more neutral spine and pull the arms down five and four and three. (exhales) One more time please. Keep those legs lifted or that bar will catch your toe. Take the carriage to rest, we put the straps away. Then we're going to do one final exercise with this red spring.

So put the red spring on the push through bar. (clinking) Have a seat on your box. The spring back there stays the same. You wanna be kind of forward on the box. Here, if you can't quite reach the bar you can use your foot to bring yourself out but if you sit really far forward on the box, I think just about everyone should be able to reach the bar here.

So and then I'm gonna pull forward. Much like we did from the knees, we're gonna do a variation on sort of a push through here so here, I want you to tuck your pelvis round through your back. This is like a spinal articulation really. Until you feel your whole back down and then articulate back up all the way back up to that c-curve and let's do that two more times before we do anything more. Scooping the pelvis through.

Now, see if you can hug your heels to the box, a little more hamstring engagement. Rounding up, that feels so nice after that back extension. Riding on this time so we're squeezing the heels to the box, feel that stretch through the back. Rounding all the way up. This time, tip the pelvis forward, open your chest and just feel that nice, slightly extended back position.

Pull forward all the way again so we round through the low back. In that deep stretch so I'm just gonna shimmy my body forward a little more because I want just a little more range here and then round and roll back up. Play with your placement here and straight back and round and roll forward, just one more time like that. (inhaling and exhaling) Using those abdominals to support but then there's this uncoiling, this kind of letting go right here. Just like we got into it, if you can gently control that bar right back where it came from.

Bring your carriage to rest, relax your head toward your legs, you could open your knees if you needed to. I like my legs together, it's like child's pose here. (inhaling and exhaling) Taking a breath, letting go. (inhaling and exhaling) And one final breath. (inhaling and exhaling) Slowly stack your spine.

Sit up right. Just take a moment. Opening your chest. Energy through the crown of your head. (sighs) Thank you for playing.


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Loved it! Very unique integration between tower and reformer exercises! :)
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Can't wait to workout tomorrow! Great variations!
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Wonderful creativity! Strong and yummy!
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Loved it....have done it twice...feels great!!! And so creative 😊
Creative and fun!! Thank you!!
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Got all my juices flowing!! Very creative and loved incorporating the push thru bar along with the rest of the practice! Thanks Sarah!:)
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Great workout, I stopped when the box started (I have one, and occasionally do use it, I just find it to be cumbersome). I love the cues and find your instructions to be very good. Thanks for the workout!
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Great class!!
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Great class!!
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love all the innovative moves!
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