Class #3131

Challenging Reformer Flow

40 min - Class


Flow through an entire class on one blue spring with this Reformer workout by Anula Maiberg. She starts right away with movements that are deceptively challenging for the entire body. She includes creative variations to exercises like Rowing, Snake, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Jul 25, 2017
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Hi guys, my name is Anula and I'm going to be teaching a reformer class today. I have James and Devika here, and what I'd like you guys to start doing is set up your machines so you have your footbar ...

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Oh man, how do you come with this stuff???? Brutal, awesome, love it!! Thank you!!!
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super! you are genius!!
Thank you Ingrid !
Thank you Elsa !
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Really enjoyed your class - thank you very much.
Dianne thank you for watching!
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I loved it. Thank you Anula!
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Awesome class!! I enjoyed the creative flow on only one light spring. And the one legged standing roll down in the end was very instructive to my body!!
Thanks a lot!!
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Yes, challenging yet felt good too. Will you have more reformer videos on here in the future? I appreciated your witty style.
Claudia thank you so much!
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