Challenging Reformer Flow<br>Anula Maiberg<br>Class 3131

Challenging Reformer Flow
Anula Maiberg
Class 3131

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Anula Maiberg
Jacci Thank you so much. You can check out my previous class from my first visit to Pilates Anytime!
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So refreshing, Anula Maiberg!!! Thank you. Blue is my favourite.
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you are just simply AWESOME! Also thanks for a great class.
Anula Maiberg
Elyse mine too!
Anula Maiberg
Nathalia thank you so much for the compliment and for taking!!!
Great.... excellent!!!!! hard and criative class.. thanks!!
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"Martha graham, all the time..."😂. Also, those helicopters! Nice work!
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Brilliant Anula! I loved when you said "this might not feel so comfortable" or something to that effect because I was thinking it in my head! . I loved every single moment of this class. Started my day pretty frazzled because it's going to be a busy one. My second client of the day canceled so I was able to do this class and it really got me centered and feeling great about my busy day! And that end stretch really opened my thoracic spine...walking taller ! Muuuwah!
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Seemed easy but now my legs are trembling! Love your delivery style. Looking toward to doing the next one
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So much creativity! Thank you!
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