Class #3147

Back to Basics Mat

35 min - Class


Learn to move with grace and intent in this Mat workout with Tracey Mallett. She goes back to the basics, encouraging you to listen to your body so you can learn what you need. She focuses on establishing a mind-body connection so you can stay present in your practice and really enjoy each movement.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Excellent moves!
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Great!!! Please please please more Tracey !!!!
I Love your Workouts!!!
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I love using the Overball !!! Great class....
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Awesome Tracey - LOVE it!!
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A "NICE" class indeed!! Thank you Tracey!!
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Very nice. Basics feel good and are very intensely focused. I needed that ! Thank you! ❤️
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Nice! You are such a sweetheart :)
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It felt really NICE !!!
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Hips & thoracic spine thought it felt super NICE!!
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Great! Going to fit into fave . I love it when we had ball at the sacrum with one leg straight and the other knee bent.. the thought of pulling the bent knee in really does give a much better extension in that hip psoas area of the opposing side. Thank you for the great cue!
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