Class #3148

Athletic Reformer Flow

50 min - Class


You will move from one movement to the next in this athletic Reformer workout with Tracey Mallett. She starts with a warm up that will get your heart rate up so you are prepared for the challenging movements to come. She includes many unilateral movements to help you see where your asymmetries are so you can work through them. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Hi guys, Teresa here today. I'm going to do more of an athletic flow for you. I love fusing movements together that go kind of synergistically, it makes you feel that you're moving from one movement t...


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Great!!!! Great!!!! Great!!! I Love your Workouts !!
I Hope i See more soon,-:) Please Tracey Tell me what trousers are that.
I wish me a barre workout when it goes.
I would like to make an teacher in booty barre.
If You are in germany let me know😀😀😀
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Tracey, thanks for something sweaty and fun. Also, bending the back knee on those box lifts was life changing for me. I can do the right leg with ease with or without the back knee flexed in between each repetition. HOWEVER, on the left side, I did the practice set in the beginning on a reebok step instead of using our Pilates box because I have a total knee replacement on the left side (8 months post op). After a warm-up set on the step, I decided to try the flexed back knee in between on the box. I can actually lift all the way up without any pain in the new joint simply by bending the back leg. Boom Shaka Laka
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Tracey, you kicked my butt and I LOVED it! Loved the flashback to step aerobics too! Youre awesome!
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Hi Tracey. This was one of my favorite classes EVER! I loved the pace and the creative routine. Perhaps because I was a big Step aerobics fan in the 80's! Anyways, loved the class. Thank you!
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Tracey, several body parts are saying your name this morning after taking the class yesterday!
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My new favorite class! Loved getting my heart rate up! I especially loved the single leg in strap roll overs. Thank you for an awesome class!!
Hi guys my outfit is from Carbon 38 I love their clothes, thanks for nice comments!!
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AMAZING!!! Love ALL of your workouts (and outfits)! Thank you for another awesome class!
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love your energy and creativity, thank you
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Thanks Tracey for a great inspiring! Oh my glutes. :)
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