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BASI Reformer Flow

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Kristi takes two instructors Darina a BASI Pilates teacher from Athens, Greece, and Andy Davis, BASI trained from Santa Barbara. Kristi gives detail to each of the instructors but manages to keep the flow pretty well for those following along at home. Practice Abdominal Openings, Semi Circle, The Long Stretch Series, Single Leg Skate, Side Splits, Side Overs on the Box, and Pulling Straps.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Nov 18, 2010
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Okay, so I've got Darina and Andy here. Um, they both just done the a mat class, so would their warm as far as their spines are concerned. Please make sure that you do pelvic curl. Chest lift, chest lift with rotation. I have two trained instructors here though. They haven't been teaching much lately, so I'm just going to move them through a quick workout and see what I see. Okay, so go ahead and lie on your maths. Doreen has got three red springs on or three full springs on and Andy's going for all five, um, or all four depending on which apparatus you're on.

You want your head rest up. I think so too. Here's this app. So we're going to heels parallel. That's why we like to start with Bessie work. Make sure your feet are comfortable. Take a second. It's always worth it to feel is my spine neutral. Let the bones sit in the carriage kind of easily, heavily.

Then support yourself around that position. So we're going to take an inhale on an exhale. Just engage the back of your legs, lengthen yourself all the way out and stay there. When you get there. Take a second here. You still want to feel a little bit of your low back. Uh, not well, let's just say this way. Don't press your low back into the mat and I want to just check that out.

Let lift up a little. There we go. Is that okay with your back end? Just a little sinking there. Okay, so that's the general position there. I think it's slightly rolled back into the mat. Uh, down slightly tuck cause I'm looking for flat. There we go. Flat from the front is what I'm saying. Okay, here we go. Now email, draw an exhale, push out full extension and inhale Poland. So when you're doing this, just keep that pace going.

Try to make it so you don't feel a stop. In other words, when you go out handy, think the energy is still going until you actively pull it. I'm going to slow you both down just a little. Inhaling and exhale out. Keep going. Following me. Email and exhale if I, if I'm still going in. You're already there. Just hang out at the end and continue energetically reaching. That's it.

And out. Good getting used to each other. Right. So I'm going to do a few extra, um, repetitions. Harass a little heavier in your ribcage story. Now, one more time. Catch all right, come on in. And then at the same time, lower the feet to the balls of the feet. Same distance apart. Connect with the glute cyst a little bit. Exhale and lengthen out and inhale, pull in. Good. What you're feeling me do you keep going? Is that I'm just holding the heel. The feet still, which means it's got a break at the ankle a little and you're doing beautiful now. And good. Checking the ribs. Lovely. Just draw a little bit of resistance in the middle. Good. Good. Yeah. Lovely. So from both of you, keep doing what you're doing cause we, I can see that you're strongly in the center. That's right.

I don't count so much. I really don't relax your upper bodies. They'll think about that. Give me one more. Whatever that is. That's probably 10 or 11. Come on down. Good. Hold it here. Swivel so the heels touch each other. So we're in a small [inaudible] position. Before you go, feel your feet on the bar from, from then you're good. Andy. Relax your feet. Yeah, they're stuck.

They're like glue. Lift off your feet. Kind of like we didn't mat class. You're lengthening out. You're not going to drive the feed into the bar. It's like anything you want to squeeze above your knees, get you out there and then resist coming back in. So as the feet are just stuck in you lift and you bring it down and you lift, it's like one of those. What? Um, what are they called? Lava lamps. Like the reaches out and then it's sort of slowly comes back.

Maybe you're a little more graceful I think, but yeah. Nice. Exactly. Ease. Right. It's all about ease cause then you can disperse the energy where you really want to put it in the middle. Anywhere from the hip to the shoulder. One more, one more. We'll do good. And then, and heels wide. So during the, I'm going to keep watching you because I have this feeling, I'm not sure yet that you're, you're committed to that neutral pelvis and it might be over-committing so it's not even your ribs. It's a little more of the hips. And I'm thinking you may have to watch up.

Pull your hipbones away from my fingers down into [inaudible] carriage more. More there. Try it like that. It's flat. It's still flat. Here we go. Exhale. Legs are turned out a little. Um, externally rotate it a little. So from there. Good. In fact. Exactly. You feel okay? Yeah. I think that's a better position for you. That looks good, Andy.

So as they're doing the action of pressing out and in right, imagine you had this big magic circle in the middle that you're squeezing inward as well. Right? I don't mean to say turn the legs in, but that you are lifting and drawing all the way up through [inaudible]. Yup. Is it okay that, okay, good. Good. Thank you. That's right. You enjoy your workout. Unless it bugs you. Let's just do one more here. Good. Come on back. Yeah, I know it does. Right?

It feels good to just get out there. Slide your feet down to the balls of the feet and I'm going to do different things for you here. Andy. I'm going to encourage the knees going more to the side, the whole leg going more to the side so your feet will be affected and I'm bringing you in my dear. Just a know your feet. We're good. I'm sorry. What I mean to say is your knees are going to stay a little more narrow. Lift your heels a touch. Ah, sorry I didn't realize you were quite that flexible. Right about touch me. Okay, so let's just say for this particular emphasis right now, muscle focus, we'll kind of think hip rotators. Here we go.

Press all the way out, take a second, stay there and then resisting. Come in. Good, good. And now reminding ourselves that our feet are just there. We're not doing a whole lot with them. Fantastic. Very good. Very good. And so all you're fine. I'm just looking to make sure that they're evenly sort of putting pressure through. You can their toes.

You could probably put a bit more pressure on this big tail and the let it feel good. Right? You're warmed up. Yeah. Feel your neck elongating. Feel the breath. Just sort of going through your body. I'm going a little faster than I sometimes do, but are you okay? You're hyperventilating cause he could slow it down, right? I'm not counting. Let's do one more. I chose not to count because it just stresses all of us out.

That's it. Cut. Bring your feet parallel on the balls of the feet. Yep. Yep. And I'm going to just move your feet apart a little bit just to make it a little more in line with your hips. I'm, I'm thinking progressive calves. So what that means is press all the way up to the street, get out there, check it out, reach the heels under the bar and then from the back of the leg, lift yourself up, Ben Janiece and come back down and push out again. Due to this time, reached down and up one.

I'm going to slow these down a little cause I got stuff to say up. And then bend and come down. All I want you to do is think about, yes, it's calf work obviously, but let's how Kia, how can we pull it up? So as you stretch, stretch your waist to lower the heels, lift to pull up through. We're doing three right down and up. That's it. That's it. Look at that. I love it. And draw yourself back in and pressing out. Good.

And he stretches the waist. Any lifts just don't drop. You don't want to see, I don't want to see any bounce. So go ahead and you can go under as low. But did you feel that little kind of, and is this for up and bend and pull in? I'll show you what I mean. Go again. I know, you know, but it's a reach and a push. It's a re and a push. And as you're reaching down, imagine the hips are actually, I would think even higher. Yes, exactly. Exactly. Somebody's counting to five and bring it on in. Good job.

I'm stopping you at six if you want to stop, stop. Otherwise, one more. All the way out. And imagine now this time your neck is lengthening. It's an image cue, right? Huh? That's it. That's it. A, what are you doing down there with your hands? Six. It is. Come on in. Thank you.

And Bend your knees after you've done your sixth one. Be careful with that and if it feels good, it's fine. Good. Take a second. Let your feet rest over the bar. Shake the legs out a little. Ah, just to let them harass you. You know, I'll do it. I'll do it. You relax. Exactly. Okay. I'm going to skip single leg because we can, I'm moving.

He down to a one and a half to two springs for, yeah, I wouldn't give you too little for two big red ones. Okay. Grabbing your straps. Um, the logical thing here would be to do the a hundred wouldn't it? But you just did mat class, so let's not do that. Instead. We'll do what's called abdominal openings. So you're going to come in to the a hundred position. You'll externally rotate.

Once you're up, I'll have you just turn your shoulders and your hips out a little bit and then it's going to be inhale and XL is quite slow. You just stay curled up. You'll stay up. So arm start just above your shoulders. You put a little tension on them. Legs and tabletop. Good. Dorine just push on the straps a little bit more. Okay. Inhale to get ready. Exhale. Curl yourself up. Great. Stay there just for a second.

Breathe however you want. I just want your hands a little higher and then reach your arms to me. You don't have to curl anymore. It's just more, more my mark. Good. Alright. Turn the legs out to now. Turn the arms and the legs out. Good. And now inhale, open. Take your time, exhale all their good. And inhale open.

If you can recruit your bicep just to touch so that you don't hyperextend and good. Good, good, excellent. So the range are both almost maximal, so you don't want to go beyond your shoulders. So let's keep it where you can kind of see your hands still. I'm giving you three more. Inhale, start the exhale. All the energy right now. Chin just up at sign is a bit, Huh? That's it. And I'm trusting that you're low back.

Staying down in the mat cause you're curled up. This is your last one. Bend your knees, pull them in, then take your arms down. Nice job. The head touches you in the ready position for what? For regular coordination goes like this. Exhale, curl up, legs open, close, boom, boom. Just Libby on therap and the knees and take it down and exhale, curl up, legs open, close. Drag them in. And then down and exhale. Legs Push, pull, drag.

Yes. And down. You don't really have to lift any higher right here, but you think it almost, you know, I don't really want the position to change. Let's go two more there. One Push, pull in and last time up. Nice job you guys. Push, pull in and down you go. Fantastic. Push out on the foot bar and I'm gonna give you a little bit more here for you.

Tip Work, scrap work. Okay, you're good. Push out into, put your feet in the strap, right? Oh boy, I'm not watching it. Okay. Okay, good. So we're in just a simple frog for the moment. I get down and come into a frog. Okay, so that's, um, push out a little bit. Okay. That's about normal, right? For both of you, actually bring the knees in.

You aim for your shoulder right there. We're working within the powerhouse of approximately. Okay. Do just a few like this where you're extending and bending normal, but do it without using your leg strength. It's a thought. It's a thought, right? The feet aren't driving the energy. It's almost like as your legs float out to straight, you're drawing up through the pelvic floor and so on. Right? Yeah.

The spine is absolutely still kind of easy, but you can go as, as you want through your powerhouse. It's all mind stuff, isn't it? Okay. Go back to the starting frog. I'll change it a little bit and I'll use you actually push out until you feel my hand. So Andy, just stretch it out a little bit, like a diamond shape, a little bit more for you. Yep. That's where I'm headed. But push out a tiny bit more right there. Perfect. Okay. Now again, the feet are relaxed so you can let the toes go and we're going to encourage more rotation, sort of opposite what I told you a moment ago. And then using the entire outer leg, or really the lateral rotators, you're just going to press that shape downward without letting the spine change.

Hindering the hip. Thank you. And then thank you. And bring it right back up. Yeah. The legs are kind of relaxed. It's this action, isn't it? Right. Yeah. Some people experience it as a lot of work in the hips. Some people might experience it as a huge stretch to the front. You know, you don't hurt yourself, but control. Good. And I'm just checking and you might be okay. Yeah.

Relax your feet like completely dead foot. Yeah. Work from here. Because what I'm seeing is you're driving that strapped down with your ankle. That's Andy. Good. It feels kinda good, doesn't it? It's going to leave a mark. Oh my God. That's good. So let's make it more interesting men, since it's going to leave a mark. Anyway, let's, let's go to a almost neutral 98 right there. That's good.

No emotion in the carriage. It's like a screwdriver. [inaudible] good idea. It's not what I was going to do though. Extend your legs to straight, but keep them turned out and straighten them. Yes, and now bend and pull down like you did a moment ago. Same thing. A little combination. Relax those feet Darina totally, totally, totally. Allow the strap to pull you up. Stop. Just shy of 90 degrees. You're still to have the legs turned out as you extend.

No motion of the carriage and then pull down or bend I should say, and down with the legs. Yes, it feels kind of good, doesn't it? And up and the leg will lengthen. Good. Stay there for a minute. Wrap around and pull down on the table and you were good like that. Okay, good. Now when you lower the light, go ahead. Dandy bend. When you lower the diamond shape. In fact, I'm going to stretch this out a little bit. Raise up. Okay, now lower it. The knee angle doesn't change. Not even a little bit, not even a tiny bit.

You're doing good. You're doing a cushion. Push, push, push, push, push. Good, happy. Stretch your legs out from there to straight. They're still turned out. Do you feel your inner thighs at all or is it all outer thigh, which would be totally appropriate to inner good. Love it from there. Raise up just a little for an inhale. Relax. Exhale as you lower down. I'm only on it cause it's my thing to separate. You are doing down circles. Okay, so you keep going. You're fine.

Um, let's make you close the space at your knees here at the top. Even with a Turner. Yeah, like that. Exactly. Uh, I was going to say something important. Oh, the range is totally dictated by your ability to keep your hips still. You're both doing fine. You're both happened to be flexible. You're not going to some crazy distance that I need to control for. Can we do just one more and be happy with that many of that direction.

K Finish a by coming down on an Xcel just like Yanni did. That's how I like to end it for some reason. Now I know, right? It's crazy. The less you work your legs, the more you're going to feel it. I don't get it. I do kind of hands somewhere on your chest or just below your chest line. That's where a little higher.

That's where we need to think about lifting your legs. Okay, so you are going to do the lifting, not the strap. Here we go pick it up and oppose it with your hamstrings. So you feel the tailbone Kinda anchored. Then we're just reversing it and around good and up open. Just before you pull, sort of re relax the leg tension if there is any.

You guys are looking quite good at this Mama. Yeah. Good breath. Use of breath. Just sort of cleansing. Um, I the more, you know, when I get to work with someone, like you guys keep going. A, I don't count because it doesn't matter. We're watching what we're watching, right? Get into your body. Um, secondly, if I breath, great, but if you need some different, you guys are at the level where you get to explore what do you need? So, you know, feel free to ignore me or if you want me to tell you more I will, but I think that's plenty finished. The next exhale or the last exhale that you're on. Okay. Not that last I open, but anyway. From here, how much do you have left in yet? A little bit. I love where you're at. Come down a little bit and we'll match Andy and turn out a little if you're not there, if you're there. Cool. Separate your feet for openings. Just open.

I'm going to bring you up just as knowledge. Yeah, that's much. That's fine. Now take a brief moment. It's I'm, we're not going to see difference. Relax the legs. Don't drop them. Just don't tend some. And now with as little energy as you can, you're coming straight across. Not Higher, not lower. No hamstring, no hip flexor. Well, barely open.

Let the strap kind of holds you out. That's great. And then straight across. Yes. Keep going. I'll say five is probably good. So this is three. You're fine, you're just fine. Stay touching the pole, but don't push on it. Well done. Well done. One more. Don't drop away. Stay on it and don't push it. Sorry, one more for you. And the only reason I'm saying that you did a beautiful reach out.

It's hard to see. But now when you come in, don't push up just across. Great. Yeah. All right. Um, I would like to do a little semi-circle. So let's get yourself out of there. Take your feet out of the straps and I'm going down to just one spring. Um, both of these have a spring in the, and it doesn't really need to be heavier light. I just want the one in the middle preferably and some support. So is this going to be okay for your shoulders? Okay.

You can take it to the top of the shoulder rest or wherever you can. So what they're doing is they're pushing out onto the shoulder s or with the shoulder rest feed are going to go down to the balls of the feet in that Small v position, you can lift up to do it. Andy, just kind of bring yourself up. Yup. Yup. Exactly. And because we know that Andy has been surfing a lot and his shoulders are tight from doing so. Is that okay? That's fine. That's fine. So we're during, his hands are really low on the shoulder rest, which is also fine. That just, she's a little more open there. Then Andy's gone higher to accommodate all his paddling he's been doing. Okay.

Come in and get up. Get up, get up. Come with me up as high as you can. Bring it into as close as you can where it's still manageable. And let me just look at you. Okay. I'm liking what I'm seeing. I just wanted to see a side view of you. Okay. So we're to keep your hips up and bring this ribs down.

Now push your legs, your hips higher note. And I'm not even done setting you up yet. Lift your hips higher. Feel this? I need more hamstring. Okay, good. Yeah. Yeah. Two tactic during any, you've come down to your, your ribs are perfect. Just pressure, but to the sky, it's all leg, hamstring, hip flexors, glutes.

Okay. All right. They're like, shut up. Do not move the carriage. If you can help them on an exhale. Oh, you should see the looks on your faces. Melts your way down into the carriage. Now, no one's on the stopper. No one's going to be on the stoppers, so don't worry about that. No Hero's here or contortionists beautiful. Andy. Keep going. See, just articulating nice during an ice. When you feel it. Stay there. Love it.

Are you okay in that position? Okay. If not, you can wiggle back a little. Push out. Not all the way to straight though. You're going to stay touching that spring and keep the knees slightly bent from there. Exhale. It's a hollowing of the belly to peel up. Good. Good, good, good, good. Excellent. That's about it cause right, you're stretched out so it's not gonna feel as high, but as you come in and you're going to lift the hips and pull with the hammies. Good. That's close enough, Andy, and exhale roll down. Good. I'm going to narrow your knees a tiny bit. Touch my hands. Good, good, good, good. Yes, and she touches in Jiu pushes out. Andy, don't go quite as far as this time. I'm going to say right. There's plenty.

And now stillness on the carriage as you go up as well. And then come on and close this upper ribs, Andy, as you come in. Yep. And now push the hips up. We keep the ribs close. So you're going to get a lot of glute. Yep. And out again. Let's go. Uh Oh. Sorry. You're right. You're right. You're right. Sorry.

Now what you do to accommodate is pressed to the side. Yeah. You don't need that. You don't need it. You just gotta enjoy that ride. Good. Come a little closer to me, Andy. All right, here we go. Stop. Now, use these. Imagine your feet were wrapped and put good.

Can we go the other way during and get your hips a little higher. Here we go. Uh, inhale out. Stop. Andy, you've gone into new, you're okay. You're okay. Now you've fixed it. Exhale, roll down. Melt the chest. Melt the chest and push the carriage away. Yes, this would feel pretty good. Then stay on the spring.

Come in as close as you feel like your knees can accommodate. That's good. And now it felt the peel up. Yeah. Yeah. Nice job during on the knees. Very good, very good. So you should feel the hamstrings if you don't. It looks good. Push out. Inhale out. Exhale, roll down. Good, good.

Feel that stretch you're giving yourself. The shoulders are still down as you push into the shoulders. Come on in and I'm going to do one more full round. Peel up. Go ahead. Good. That's great. Now something you think about as you push out, Andy, let your back come down as you push out a little bit.

Just so you don't end up in a back bend. Yeah. So this park is to come down and there you go. That's about it. Now you can melt down. Tough, tough talking. Not quite done there. Good. He's on and he's in and Dorina is in almost and we peel back up last bit.

Make it good. Make it easy. The breasts getting awful loud up here. I know now from there if you'd like, and I would encourage it, do not lift your hips any higher than you have them. Take one arm down. You either can reach for the frame or you can reach it. You can bring it in and reach for your ankles or the flip bar, make it and then the other one to the other arm. But make sure you're on that far enough. And here's the point. That's plenty.

That's plenty. You're secure with your shoulder blades up there. Okay. I'm trying to just get a quad and hip flexor. Stretch happy. This is the only half the reason for doing this exercise. Good. And then just a little shift to the pubic bone. Keep that and I'm going to pull your music.

Yeah, that. Okay. All right. Then when you've had enough, you're going to easily take your arms back as graceful as possible. Wiggle yourself back onto the carriage. You can adjust your feet however you need to for help. Yeah, and then we go all the way back. Just for a moment. Settle in, let your back kinda adjust. Take your head all the way to the headrest. I feel better. Yeah. I was like, oh, okay. Hip flexors. Okay. Is it time for a hip flexor stretch? Okay.

Okay. When you're ready. Help yourself off to the side. Yeah. And I think, um, what do I want? I can talk you through it. I think I might be able to, so there's a one that we, a stretch that we use at Bassey if I can use, you know, you can do it, um, that where we normally would have the foot way up here and then go into a nice long stretch. Actually it might work there. When I think about it, let's try it. So here's the deal. Let's take both hands to the frame to the foot bar still on one red spring and, and he's kind of already there. So when you come back to second, cue it a little bit differently. Hold on with both splits at the shoulder rest and then both of you are thinking to slightly posterior tuck. Okay? Yup. But lift your chest too, so it's just the direction you ended up in an arch.

Now go ahead and push the carriage back goes much as you need to so that your, but you're still opposing what the foot's doing as it pushes back. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead and as look how Andy is and Darina are both of them. That's gorgeous. The only thing I want to make sure of is that as your chest is, this lifted is the front of your pelvis coming with you? It is. Right. It's different if it's not different, right? Yeah. And it somehow it just looks like I don't drop into your back there, but it actually looks well good before. Yeah. So, um, it's a general rule of never changes as far as I can tell if I'm lifting here, I got to bring it all, otherwise I'm shortening it back from where you are.

Let's see if we can challenge this. You're going to put a little more weight, Sandy. You'll have to lean into it. Kind of lose some of the lovely extension, a little more weight into the palms. Try to push the carriage away until the knee comes up. So don't travel and you may have to lift the hips cause that's going to be intense. Your Katerina. Okay, good, good, good, good. Believe it or not, those of you can straighten your leg more. There's the intensity. This is critical little bit more.

Yup. That right there is critical. The hamstring for all your hanging back for all. Lots of things that takes pressure off your back. Now from there, extend the forward leg for hamstring. Good. Everybody okay? If it doesn't feel comfortable to flex your foot, you don't have to. Meaning if it's going to slip. Okay. Is that enough handy? It's gorgeous.

Are you still ton in the right leg? Okay, I'm going to have that change so I'm not so concerned about the hip flexor. Bring the carriage forward a little. Yup. And you can either go to the knee, but you could have also just lift the knee back up. Yeah, you could be up here. Right? That's better, isn't it? Now, aren't you more here on, yeah, so that I'll try and cue that a little differently next time. Or you enough in your hamstring that you're happy. Not Enough. Right. Okay. So what we're going to do is also bring the carriage forward just a little bit so that and then let your hips come back.

Like you're looking forward more your, yeah, what you did was right. I just now noticed. Okay. Instead of instead of this starting up a instead of that, it is a reach of the tailbone, but you're going to have to come down a little bit with it. Meaning it's this backbone reaching behind you that he'll reach in front of you. You're still on the hip flexor that let that rest. Let that rest. That's down. Sorry. How's that still have like, so bring it more forward.

Ultimately you can come off the reformer sticky but out. Sticky about out. Sticky. About up. Okay. Now, but bring the ribs back so that you can feel my arm right here. There you go. You can still stick your butt out though. There you go. Is that doing it? Yeah. You don't have to say that. That's not true. It looks like it's doing it though. Pick your head up and it's perfect for me. Okay. Right.

And then we're going to just switch. Andy, you got two hamstrings. Okay. I'm going to just go to the one and we'll find it on the other side too. Did you do the stretch twice? Good. Other times, and I know you only did it once. Good. So starting with a sense of upright vertical with the spine, a little bit of posterior tech, or at least be thinking in that direction. Yeah, during a bench or forwarding a lot more and come forward.

Meaning just draw it. Yes, like that. Okay. Now you're going to look different. There's no doubt about it. So muscle focus in terms of stretch left hip flexor for Andy, right for during it. Everybody happy? Kinda sort of. Okay. So then you going to keep your hands here. You want that? Lean forward to stretch the carriage out. Okay.

Now let's go a little just so it's not so sorry. Both sides. We can carry Jen and Jess lift up so it's not so intense on it. In other words, if you are here and you're sliding back, you can lift up a little. Yeah, yeah. Right. There you go. Now Andy, your your you're good to push back a little bit. I don't think you need much. I actually just want you to strip both of you.

Just straighten your right legs now, but leave the carriage where it is. Okay. And then if you need more from that point, what you're going to do is reach the tailbone to the sky, Huh? Yup. And your knee goes to, you can. Yup. That's good. X. I'm going to pull you back here, but as I, as we go back through any lift into my hands. Yup, that's here. Good, good. And if you want, you can bend this knee. That would be fine. We ended up doing that last time. Then we're going to spend this knee a little, believe it or not. Uh Huh. Yup. That looks good to me. If it's not enough, all you have to do, cause the line is good, is to think energy of reaching the sit bone back and the heel that way.

Are you there? I just don't feel the life. My head screws are pretty flat. Okay, so go further. So go further. Keep the shape though. You're repeating years yet, right Andy? Quite good. Yes. You got it. Good, great, great. I think that trip. Okay. Yay. I'll sleep well tonight. It's a tough one. So yeah, go further. But before we had the hip flexor so far back, I was thinking it was only there when you've had enough and you've done your two and you've done your full one. Come on in. Alright. Walk away and make sure things are okay. And we're heading into a stretch. One, two and three.

So the springs are light. I'm going to probably do, I'm going to give you this just cause I don't work with you that often. And then if I need to I'll lighten it. So I just threw a little baby one on for him. And you're going to keep your one so when you stand up on it, just do it in a way that's not gonna move the carriage around. Okay. These foot bars don't lock. So now walk your feet back to the shoulder. Rest.

Heels are partway up. It doesn't have to be super high, but I do want the heels up. Yup. Just like Andy has him. Right. I also want the palm of your hand on that bar. I don't want you to some, I don't want your fingers. I want the whole hand. Thank you. Good. Alright, hang out for a minute. Your ears lining up with your upper arm. And what we're going to do for you is for now just bend your knees a little and now reach your tail into the sky. You keep, keep your hands. Nope, that was perfect. Keep that. What I'm trying to do is get you a little flatter so you're going to travel forward just a little huh? And as take your bed up a tiny bit. Okay. You happy with that? Um, right. And during it, head down a little from there, allow the carriage to travel back.

What we're going to do for you is we're not going to come back and straightened her legs now. Exhale and bring it until you touch my hand. Just there, push out to go further, further, further, further for the good and out. Good. And that's it. And gently rotate that way. Good, nice. Ah, love that. Give yourself one more. Then come into the almost stopper. We're going into ostrich two, which means you're going into plank from where you are. Keep your heels up. Inhale to plank, which need, is it too much shoulder? Yeah. Okay.

During you're almost there, you're going to lower down a little bit. Tuck your pelvis ever so slightly and extend your upper back. Stick your chest out toward the bar. Yep. And not sure. Back to pyramid to extra shoe. Right. Good, good.

And Andy, you might because your shoulders are tight today, turn the hands out of it. That would be fine. Good. Inhale to plank. Exhale pyramid. Watch this. I'll show you what I'm doing. I'll show you what I'm doing. Um, stepped down from the side for a second. Yep. And beautiful. Take a break during it for one second. So when we're coming from upstretched too.

Whoa. Oh this is [inaudible]. Okay, well the is a little low for me, but that's okay. I'll do it. You want to keep your arms where they are. Basically you're spiraling around the hip and the arm so they don't move or at least not much. Boom. [inaudible] as opposed to you had a little bit of a, yeah, exactly.

So let's do a couple of mart. What you can do is open and come forward upstairs. Three. So whole hand on, I'll be afraid to have weighed in your arms. Right. It's got, you have to, you're about to put everything in there. Good. And he'll rotate around your shoulders or chest points with the foot bar. Good. And now right back. That's it. Yeah, that's it. Yeah. And now rotate. Boom.

So you also don't want to travel back and you're not, you're okay. You're about to travel back. That's why I'm holding my hand. Nice and easy. Rotate your chest to face that bar soon or there you go. That's easier, isn't it? Yeah. Let your body move. Body moves a lot. The arms don't that their body does. Here's one way, way I go. Chester Bar, she has to thigh. One more time just to var justifies and that'll do it.

Let's skip the elephant as you think we've done enough of that. Step down off the side please. Oh, because exhausting, right foot bars are down. Um, how's good? That's good. That bars just wide enough for you as okay. We are going. Kneeling, arms, kneeling, facing the back. Uh, let's give you that. Yes. So sorry. Right up against the shoulder rest. Kneeling, chest expansion. Yeah. So you know what before you, well, that's right. Grab the straps and hold the shrink wrap the plastic part. Here's the thing, like with the legs, how you kind of didn't work them, right? You sort of let go.

I'm going to say the same thing here. So for now, reach your arms long in front of you, sorry, in front of you. And then Andy, what you're going to do, oh, this is going to be fun. Shift your shoulders over your hips. You're going to feel like you're about to topple, right? So I am looking almost for those hamstrings to kick in. Keep that for now.

You might love our good right there. Your knees are perfect. You're about millimeters away from perfect. You're going to press your hips forward. Fabulous. Okay. From there, it's a subtle, don't change a thing. Diarrhea. And I don't even think you need to either. I'm gonna say it anyway though.

It's a sense of the shoulder blades pulling down as you allow the arms to follow or almost relaxed back. It's back work and then your arms go down and forward. Okay. We're just going to keep looking out on the horizon and as you gently pull during your hips are traveling behind you. Again, I want you to feel that hip flexor stretch for you. Yup. As your chest rises now, just a little up there. Right there and then. Good. Good, good. Okay, well you get to do it. Go ahead and go forward. Because of your nice broad shoulders, you, you run into a little situation where the further back you go, yeah, I actually want them to go out. Let's not avoid that because you need to, you've got lots and you got triceps and you've got shoulders, so you get to be a little wider in order to avoid stay there.

You're good. And during you got about four or five more in there. Okay, good. Now how did the upper arms in clothes like that now? S easy hands relaxed with hands and externally rotate. Oh my God, that is hard. Oh, I love it. Darn. Any pressure, hips forward for your very last one coming up, right? Intense, Huh? All right, you're done. You can put those away for the moment. We'll turn you around.

Can now once you worked. So we let you go wide Andy. But don't overdo it. Yup. One more for you. Good. We're coming to, we're just reversing. So switching you down to your half spring and just for fun, Andy, sorry, one more. You can actually start during it. Your, your circles. You know what I'm talking about? You can do up circles. Okay.

Now from right here, come right to the side of your body. So your arms will travel forward a little. That's it. Pull back three times, but make it look easy now. Way Back or, and two and three. Let them go in front of you one more time. Just like that. Okay. And then you'll join us elbow straight, straight, straight. Reach from through the floor. From, from the side of your body.

You pull back from there three times. One from my arms back. One, two. Excellent. So good. So yes, so we have a light spring on. We're going right to there. Right above you and then that's right. You're right. Coming down the side. She's controlling her carriage. She's not letting our arms go behind you. Let's take a take the yellow ass. Good. Okay. Okay, good. Just narrow knees. All right.

And you can actually in slightly narrow your knees too. Or actually just think inner thought. Here we go. So the hands aren't doing it right. If I could strap these things to your risks or even upper arm, I would. So here we are. You can reverse your actually come with me one more time.

It's down with the shoulder blades. That right. Get right up here. I was getting a little scary there. Then turn and don't go behind you next time. Sorry for the late call on that. So you want your, your lifting your arms from your back. I'll be right there. You can rest for a second, right? Yeah. And again, you have to go wide. Actually it's not that wide, but if the straps wrap around you, you have to close right here framing. Oh, I'm making you work hard, Huh?

Fine tuning him. Okay. Here's the next one. Look down your peripheral vision that you can see your hands. Okay. And you want to see them the whole time. Do not, they, they're going to try to pull it behind you. You're not going to let it cause you're in control. Beautiful. They do end up by your ears.

Then they just turn and they come down and again they don't wrap and you resist the temptation to fall and around arms are basically straight. Right. With the bending of the elbows, it's just not necessary here. Yeah. I always imagine I'm, I dunno, I guess on stage and what kind of stage but, okay. So I can tell even from the front and keep going that we're getting this nice play with the shoulder blades. Right? You're not having to redraft it. It's just like easy. I know it's, I know it's not easy.

I know how hard that is and down and let's go one more actually just to get to the top for a tricep. Okay. And it is going to be directly up. So you're going to have to, well actually we both are Feminine Index Finger and as opposed to a normal tricep, you are pointing sideways and we're not going to bend. And it's just straight up. Okay, good. Now that can be pretty tough. If your weight's too heavy, you easily could steal that in your low back with this angle. So make sure you're holding yourself on the front. You guys look great.

This is really nice. Really Nice. Both of you. Nobody's leaning too much. We're fine. We're just fine. Now you can tell me how many you've done. Eight. Seven. I'm happy with eight. Just let it down and even if it's nine. Okay. They want that last one. Come on down. Oh, all right, 10 it is. So now we're going into biceps.

You'll have to tell me if this isn't appropriate for your shoulders after all the paddling. But again, you get to go wide, right? So, um, we're going to go back to a blue for you. I mean two a red for you taking the blue off. She's got one red. What do you want deal? They sure I can leave it. If you want to test the red and it will. I know, but I mean I could leave it on red chip all. Alright, so we know and he's got tight shoulders. I'm going to come back to you and make sure she's okay. Um, we know that you hyper extend a little at the elbow, so we're not going to do that. I love what I'm seeing here actually. Nice.

Very nice. Bend your elbows. Okay. And then what you get to do is broaden your back. It's gonna f lovely. Keep that for one second. And all I want to do with you is bring your hands in a little bit. I didn't mean it. I didn't mean to quite change it so much. There we go.

So ideally they're right in front. Andy, is it possible without too much strain? Don't go further back. It's plenty. Just bring the elbows close. I liked where you were. I liked where you were. Okay. So from where you are now, can you raise yours anymore? I see it would be like this. No, no. You're better where you work. Okay. So from there, extend your arms fully. I straight ahead and then rebound. Oh, it's a patch. Okay. And again, I mean, I've been thinking so, but then I thought it was like, I thought it was an ad me to lengthen your low back.

I thought you're like sponsored all that. You're sponsoring someone all of a sudden like, wait one 800 [inaudible] one 800 muscle milk. I mean, I just, yeah, it's not that I need to Tuck. You see me keep doing that. I, it's not that I need to talk, I don't want to talk. I just want energy. Yeah. How you doing? Who's counting six. Good. Keep going.

Yeah. So what you're both doing really well is you're not dropping that upper arm. You both have the tendency to get into, actually that is where you start heading. So don't pinch him so close. You're, you're okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. You'll tell me when you've done 10 or enough and we'll rewrite those, sort of speak with those. Good. Okay. Um, that, that, that does that. Okay. It's time.

Let's go into, um, single leg skate as a prep for full skate. So, exactly. Standing onto the wood. I'm going to just get something to wipe that. So you're not slippery. So this is a prep, but I have to say that I, we may just stay here cause I kinda like this as a, um, the full, this is plenty honestly. All right, so we're on one spring with they're climbing board. I'm on the wooden stable part and then they're stepping on the edge of the carriage. Okay, I'll just move it for later. All right.

Okay. So using both of them then as things to look at, you bend your knees as much as you can without pitching forward. From there you're going to see him shift all the way that looks good onto the the leg that's on the woods. So much so that they could lift the other foot for a brief moment because all the weights over there. Perfect. Now put it back on. And the kind of funny thing is we're going to allow the foot to kind of angle inward. So the big toes on big toe, sort of inward, and the knee even gets to accommodate that a tiny bit, tiny bit, and the body is upright from there without tr. Push it in without leaning out to it.

You're going to extend the one like good work and then drag it back in. So notice how Andy staying completely over on his right leg or on the leg that's on the wood. They both are like, and if you do that, you are likely to feel your glute medius if you travel with the leg at all. Can we just show what that would look like? If you travel with it, you're gonna think what's the point? Who Cares? But if you stay over here and fully straighten the leg, I want a full straight leg. Seven good eight. It is the tough part is getting the leg district. Okay, that's plenty, right?

You got to do this again. And I'm like, okay. She goes for nine or 10 good standing like, yeah, you do get a lot on the standing leg. I'll tell you what, let's just, let's do full scale another time and instead we'll go into um, side splits, right? I had no warning. So like we did earlier or before and step forward. Yep. And then you're holding the carriage and the frame. I'll do you want this out here? I'll get you a box and you travel thinking is that too far?

Let's see. I'll tell you what, I'll go like this. I'll go like this. I be like that. How's that? Is that okay? Okay. So you bring it into the carrot, the stock room, bring it all the way in. If you want to move in during the you can you happy? Yeah. I just feel like personally knee on the inside or outside? Inside, inside. When you feel pressure on inside.

Sometimes this helps put weight on the outside edge of your feet, but if it doesn't work, move the foot in. Truly. Was that enough just to set up? No, I know I'm helping you put a little more weight on this leg. Yeah, on the outside edge of this leg. You're still standing on that like there you go, man. Let go. Okay. Don't go far. Just let it drift apart on an inhale. Give me the pubic bone exhale. And it's okay to do that. I'm actually, I was going to teach it that way.

There's a little more weight on the outside edge of your foot. Both. Okay. And I don't want to no more than five hit the stuff or hold and out. Take your time up. Well, there you go. Something change. Right in the powerhouse there. Yep. Pulling up. This has to be your last one. It's gotta be five cause we gotta do the other side. Now hold it on the stopper.

Round down. Do not move the carriage. If you can help within the needs. If you have to a little bit, put weight on the outside. Hold your carriage step to the back to come down. That's it. Well done is me okay. It's a common thing. That's why I'm one. Okay. Yeah. It's as, as the first one that we did sort of rolls the feet in just a little. No, no.

I mean the whole leg is still aligned. It's not like you're dropping the knee and it's together. The, okay. And then the side splits because of the tie, it just stretched in those adductors so much. If you're dropping in here, it's just adding more. And we're so used to, I mean, ideally I suppose we'd be even, but the sense of scooping to bring up, okay, so just turn around and I don't know, were you using this for the single leg? Okay, so climb aboard right on the inside edge. Looking straight ahead. So Andy, you might be able to get away with not bending quite as much. Um, to see that support leg. All your weight goes to the standing leg. That's on the word. Good. Everyone's proved it. Here we go. Excel. The push out. One, two.

Let me slide in here a little bit. Sorry. Now go. Yeah. Yup. Right. Different. Oh, it's clicking. That hurt the click. Okay. Yeah, so we've challenged our unit a lot right here because she's so badly wants to pop up. How many Andy? Eight. I think that's what you did on the other side. Good. That's good. Good. All right. A round down, just so you can hold your carriage. Right. And what we're doing is lining up with that. Um, forward shoulder rest.

You could do it to the back shoulder rest as well. Um, just so that the carriage doesn't move and Dorian is going to put weight on the outside edge. Lift up. There you go. And hold that Keratin. We don't want to start moving this if we don't know you can hold it. Yeah, yeah, there it is. There we go. Oh, so now it's somewhat of a relaxed out, but just controlled. There's your inhale. Start the exhale. Light legs like before. So we don't want to drive the feet into the ground. It's just float up. And I say that as if it is that easy, but we can go in and thinking that, hold these back a little bit as you go. That's where it happens.

You're fine right now and please no more than five. If you can do more than five, there's too much tension going on. You want to kind of ease in and keeping the pelvis neutral. And once you've done your fifth one, you come in, you can bend the knee that's on the wood like this. And lean this way to help yourself off step to the back or the front?

Yeah. Everybody. All right. Okay. We're close. We're close. Uh, what we need now is signed back, right? Any requests side Everbach she said at first grabbed the box. Uh, where is the, there's one and I thought I put it one out. So we're going to lock down the carriage. I just moved the spring bar forward and put her springs on and I'm doing that simply because that's where my strap is. So Andy is going to probably cover the shoulder rests and Jeremy Marina is not good and as far as the position is concerned.

Okay. What does your room look like? Just kidding. Alright. I'll lay them on the ground so I see what you're doing there. Yeah, I do. I don't know. I need all that room, but I'm going to leave it. Okay. This is perfect. Keep what you have.

You need to be a little more on the side of your hip. So instead of this, here's how we're doing it. Hand to the headrest. Lovely. Let's get rid of this. Good. That's it. That's it. Okay. Both of you are long and you're, you're reaching out the crown of your head and now out of the foot. Yep. More of that during it. That was great. And I think you're there. Andy had just going to do it anyway. It's reached like that.

You can keep your hand down there. It's just one bodies going. There you go. Okay. Now I think I'm happy with what I'm saying. You just check your shirt. Yeah, you're good. I know. Already shaking. So use the hand. Write the set up is everything though. So for you, because of your height, we're going to have you come up to your fingertips and that's where you are. Yup. Good. So now, yeah, actually this is how actually half the time how I teach it.

So going to the straight line, right. You could teach us where you come all the way to vertical, but that's and [inaudible] need that. We won't be here very long. If you are in good position, you'll take your hands off and put them back down. Cause I think Andy might've moved. Let's go again. Oh well done. Alright. From there. No, that's okay. You proved it.

I just didn't want you to have to move to adjust hands behind your head. Here we go. Inhale. As you reached down, exhale up to that line and a little higher, but it with a straight line. Good and down to come ugly and down to come. Is that okay on the hip where I did kind of good reaching, reaching, reaching. So we've got nice position so that was a bit high.

Eddie reaching this way to go that way. And I have no more than six and I'm going to call maybe just one more. Here we go. Good hand to the headrest. Then either the form goes to head rest or perhaps you can reach the floor if you want the stretch. Yup, there you go. Alright. Yes. Again, another reason for doing an exercise. So you're welcome. Now to be, you want to be careful. I mean this is a quite a lot of body weight.

Just be in a heavy position, hand to frame, just like you did. Then he's rotating. Thank you. Keep arms, go straight. And then imagine extending your back. So you're gonna look in front of you, your chest is slightly reaching and won't be totally flat. Then the best part, reach your foot through the strap more as your chest goes the other way. [inaudible] it's my version of heaven right there. But that might just be me. When you're done with it, use your hands to walk back to the box and we'll go to the other side.

Yeah, so I mean all of these like the forms. Good. Right? But then you've done it before so we will try to find more energy in it. Right? Not Strain, but more dispersion. That's the deal. That's why I'm making the setup so important. Okay, so you're a little up on the side. Lean out to where you know your hips are stacked good.

And I like what you, you go ahead. It's fine. If it feels comfortable, you can hook your foot. If that feels good. What? He's, don't worry here. Good too. All right, long. You've got a mirror this time you can see hands go behind your head. Yep. And I like it. We'll do a couple tests only because I held you on the other side so long Dorian, and go down a little bit more. That's about where I want you to end up.

Okay. All right. Hands are up when you're ready to give yourself your six. Go for it. Inhale as you're going down, start the exhale. Come up right. Give yourself that power. Yeah. Good. Stay there. There's straight levitate in that position. Just that little extra. You see what I mean? Now reaching. Go down.

You come straight and that's it. How many Noreena last one? S good. Take your stretch. Well done. Well done. Yeah. You feel like your quadriceps is okay? You know I almost said something to both of you. Actually, not so much on Annie.

No. You know what? I have a feeling if you will use your arm for help. Go ahead and go back into position, but don't work real hard to do it. Just keep your hand down on the head. Rest. Just keep your hand on the headdress so your leg, the quad is going to work. No doubt. But what you can do is with that reach of the leg, push your thigh into me. Your hips go forward in your thigh reaches backwards.

So it's like that. Yeah. More hamstring. More hamstring. Is that all I need you to say? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. If it ends up, certainly if it ends up in the, um, quad dominant, um, this looks really good. Um, try to push back into the hamstring and check your alignment too. Your alignment was fine, Daria as far as I could tell anyway. Good. Almost there. Almost there. Go ahead and enjoy yourself during take your time. Alright, I would like to have you do, you should probably do pulling straps.

Let's do pulling straps for the same chest expansion thing. You get to go a little wide, but you have to pay attention to the wide collar bones. And then once you get up near yourself near your body, we're going to hug them in again like you did. So for the lower back, you don't like it. So what would you prefer? I'm happy to give it to me. I'll asked, oh, who needs to get high? I'm like, all right, I'm going to say it. In fact, in fact, since she just said that, the thing was this is hard on my low back cause I can't get up so high. So I know I'm almost certain I know what's happening. But even if it's not, um, I'm going to suggest that. Um, sorry. Am I am going to use this spring?

It's assumed my head is spring here. Um, I'll start you flat basically not hanging but flat. Alright. Am I good at springs? Yeah, that's good. All right. So if we're flat, we don't need to get up here. There's no point. I mean, you can see where that is, right? It's all low back. I don't need it. I want upper back.

So we're going to articulate like you would if you were doing a pelvic curl from the top of the head. That's where it starts. Or actually if you want to choose, I think of it right here where my thing, my clip is and it's, my arms are basically relaxed though. Straight. That's where I'm gonna get their work. Shoulders. And then it's, I mean, do you see the difference in my low back and I'll have us go up and down. You wouldn't have to, but it's the sense of as my shoulders go down, my Chin reaches forward and I'm not talking that, but it is going to go in that direction. The back of my head and my shoulder blades, there's a relationship that's about as high as I would go right there. My arms will keep pulling, but any higher and it's just low back. So allow, give yourself an opportunity to feel that. It's fantastic.

It feels like, oh, I'm so low. Well you are, but you're also more, okay, here we go. So good, good. You're happy. Good, good, good. All right, so their chest is just at the edge. You're good. You can even back up a little if you want. Wrap your hands around once if you're with the ropes.

If you have leather straps, you wouldn't need to. Yeah, tell you what, go like we took pie. I'm gonna actually just do it for you and then leaving a little space on top. I'll come get chest and then the strap. The handles are on the outside. Yes. I'll be right back. Did you get it? You're happy. As long as it's not going to slide. Okay. So allow the arms to be in front of you just as you did the chest expansion so you can go a little further forward for you. Good. You're already lifting two high. Yeah. Remember you're only gonna lift. You're gonna flex there. All right. So you have their hips into the box.

The abdominals are lightly engaged. When you're ready, you're going to draw the shoulder blades. That's what you want to feel. You're already lifting too high. Yup. Now just the chin reaches forward, the chest reaches forward. That's it. And I think you've gone too high. Lower down. There you go. Do you feel the difference now? It's like, yeah, yeah. And now, exactly. Keeping it low. As you pulled these number, you're moving your arms from your back. I wouldn't go any higher than that. You can pull now, stay there Andy. And just, uh, you can actually lower down here and reach forward there. Yes.

Do you feel that? Good. And down. Yes. During your, don't you think it's like way better isn't it? It actually nice. The opposite of what we do all day. You're getting high on me now. Just ribs into the box. Yeah. Right. Okay. Now I need a side view, but good, good. Let the arms almost be easy. And Andy, as you start pulling, you're turning the, you want to turn it outward? A little firm up here that way. Yeah.

I don't care where the hand setting up is much lower. The ribs down Darina he yes. Yeah. That's going to be a tough one for you cause you're used to going high and your, your low back is flexible. So I'm happy with this last one. I want you get one more Andy. Good. Good.

It's, it's a tough deal but it's, yeah, come down on me here and then if you want to do anything it's just your sternum reaching forward. You're good though. That's good. Okay, good. Whew, Angie didn't that class. Okay. Put those away. Step off to the side. And what I'm going to say is just hold the box there and you're reaching across to hold the box, sorry towards me and just allow your back to stretch. And from there you can round your back to sort of start to straighten your legs and just whatever feels good is really what I'm wanting you to do. Uh Huh. And then when you're ready, allow your arms to come away from the box.

Turn to face, whichever way you want to first standing. Roll down. Yeah. Yeah. Why don't you turn that way? Yeah, that's fine. That's fine. That works. That works. All that works. Just don't want you to too close to the performer. Feel your feet on the ground. Take a deep breath in, loosen up. If anything sort of collected. If you're not ready for a roll down, you don't have to do that. But otherwise sort of take it as a moment to go.

Okay. Just challenged my body had to translate this teacher good. Very nice. It's fine to bend the knees if you want to. In fact, I think we should, let's bend them a lot. Heels, the stay on the ground. Bend the knees way down so your hips lower, and then head towards straight. Folding yourself in half and bend again. This will be the last one. Exhale to straighten. And if it feels okay, uh, roll up from there. Or you can bend the knees to roll up. Make it feel good. Arms heavy. Just drop them. Good.

Wila well done. Good team. Good team.


Kristi, Great review for me. Heading into Module 7....this is a great refresher. Thanks! Joanne
Great class!! I really love watching and then doing your classes! Many thanks! Nicole
Great it all covered. Thank you!
Great class Kristi! Especially enjoyed the kneeling arm work
Thanks for the comments!
Great class. Probably one of my favorites to date. The instruction was excellent & detailed without slowing things down.
Thanks Britt! I was concerned it may be too wordy for those trying to follow along, so I really appreciate your feed back!
A little slow for me
Fantastic Kristi! Was waiting from another reformer from you, Great instruction and fun class.
ummmmmm i think u know i meant to say,i was waiting for another reformer from you! but its monday here so brain not in high gear just yet.. many thanks!
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