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This Class is challenging, but provides the student with easy steps into difficult exercises. It is a great class for the student who wants to explore the exercises more fully.
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Well, good morning. I'm going to have you guys start with your knees bent and your feet flat on the mat can go ahead and slide your feet slightly forward so that you're not crunching your knees and bring your heels together, toes apart. So you're in a slight Pilati stance and I'm just going to have you just take a nice deep breath in and begin to exhale. And as you exhale, think of pulling your navels in and up against the Mat, trying to imprint your spawns again. Nice deep breath in. We can to exhale ringing at the lungs, feel the back of your next lengthenings. Start to lower your chins a bit, letting your shoulders relax. And one more time. Nice deep breath in. And exhale. Exhale. Exhale.

Just get in your minds into your bodies. Take your arms straight up. Go ahead and stretch them up. Nice deep breath in and begin to lower your arms back down to your sides. Exhaling, bringing out your lungs, filling in those navels, pulling up scooping. And one more time. Stretch the arms back. Nice deep breath in.

And exhale. Lower your arms down to your side. Opening up with the chess, stretching the arms out, long restaurants and have you begin with your hundreds. So you'll start with your knees into your chest. Staying in that polite stance. Heels together, toes apart. Reach your arms out long. Start to lift them above your hips.

You can either add the heads now or leave them down, but do stretch your shoulders out long. Begin pumping in the arms. Nice deep breath in for five counts. Three, four, five. Long breath out. Two, five. Inhale, two, four, five. Exhale, two, three, five. If you're next, get tired. Just put your heads down, but continue with the arms and legs. Exhale. If you want more challenge, start to begin to straighten your legs. Two, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five, lots of energy in the arms. Keep breathing for five. Exhale, two, three, five. Vigorous arms, two, four, five. Curl into your system. That's it. Two, four, five out, two, three, four, five. Squeezing your bottoms and stretching the legs out long if they're straight.

Two more. Five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Feeling that scoop out. Two, three, four, five. Bend your knees. Rest your heads. Go ahead and place your feet down on the mat. I'll have you guys set up going into a roll down exercise so you'll hold onto the back of your thighs. Drop your heads, rounding your backs.

You're in a seeker from the top of your head down to your tailbone. You're gonna see from the side. You want to keep that scoop happening into your naval. You're going to slowly start to round backwards. Keep your feet still as you round back.

Curl your hips underneath you. Stop when your arms are straight. Take a nice deep breath in. Exhale, start to round, back up, pulling in. Try not to pull with your arms. Shoulders soft again, slowly round back. Think of those, the tailbone curling under, articulating one bird. We're down at a time when your arms are stop or straight. Excuse me. You start to come back up, pulling in, shoulders relaxed, adding on.

You can go ahead and round all the way down. Rest your head. Unless that's challenging enough. You'll just continue with those same movements. Once you are down, you take a nice deep breath in. Start to curl your chins up. Exhale as you come up. Don't let your stomachs pop up. Keep pulling them in.

Round over two more like that. Squeeze your bottoms, scoop. Exhale, very good. Exhale round up. That's it. Now continue with those. If those are hard enough.

For those of you who want more of a challenge in straighten your legs, reach your arms out long, going into a full roll up. You begin to round back down. Keep your fleets soft, squeeze your bottoms, wrapping the thighs. Arms will come up to a 90 degree angle. You take a nice deep breath in. Exhale, articulating one vertebral back off the mat as you can coming up round over. So don't flatten your backs out. It keeps that scoop happening and begin to round back down.

Soft knees, tight seats. Squeeze and wrap your thighs. Good. Okay. As soon as your heads touch, you'll come back up and exhale. Two more shoulders down, round back. I'm showing the modification.

Deep breath in. Exhale, peel off that mat and over this one you'll lie down on the mat and stay down. Squeeze your seats and rest. Bray your right knee into your chest and give it a stretch. Your left leg can either be bent or it can be straight if it's spent. Make sure that you really feel that support in your back, that flat.

If it's straight, same thing. You want to make sure that support's there. The vet need gives you more support. Take your right leg straight up. That's it. Keep it at a 90 degree angle. Going into a leg circle. It's a circle within the hips, so keep your hips very still. The accent is on the up towards your nose. Big Toe to the nose, three and four, not letting your hips move and five to make it more challenging.

Your left leg can be straight and reverse one. Keep your range small so don't make it too big. Three, four, stretch the leg out long and five bend your right knee. Give it a stretch. Switching legs, so left knee comes in. You give that like a stretch first and then you can extend it up. Back is flat on the Mat.

Hips are nice and still and shoulders down. Circle one. Push your left hip down more. There you go. Two up to the nose. Three, four. Try not to tense your shoulders on these end five, reverse five times up to the nose. One, two, soft knees. Three, four, very good. Last one and five. Bend your knee.

Give that leg a bit of a stretch and have you guys sit up getting set up for your rolling like a ball. So you'll put your hands at your hips to sit at your heels, either holding onto the ankles or the back of your thighs. I'm going to have you actually start by holding onto the back of your size once again in your seeker, so your heads there down, shoulders, relaxed. Try to find your balance. I'm going to have you just start to round backwards, not actually rolling just a little bit or articulating the hips lower back and then come back up. Trying not to fall two more. It's just a curl with the hips and around.

Back up and exhale. One more time. You can continue with these or you can go into the role which is still holding on. Literally roll back. Try to come back up and balance. Control the roll. When you go back, only rule to the tips of the shoulders. Suggest to here and little bit back. That's better and up. Inhale to go back. Exhale to come up. This is a centering exercise.

Keep your chins curl to your chest. Follow that midline right through the middle of your body. That's it. Now grab onto your ankles. If you want more challenge. Inhale, take it back. Exhale, come up a balance. Two more. Inhale on the back. Exhale, come up the balance. Last one, keeping the shoulder soft and enough place your feet down. Go ahead and put your hands at your hips.

Lift your bottoms up and stretch backwards to lie back down. Getting set up for your stomach series. At any point that you come to an exercise that becomes too challenging. Just leave it out and add it. Can, uh, join us on the X. Next exercise. Bring your right knee in. If you have any knee issues, hold onto your thigh.

Otherwise, right hand goes the ankle, left hand on the knee. You're going to start with your left leg at a 45 degree angle. It's all about your powerhouse that you want to make sure everything within your power house is supported on the mat. So in other words, keep your backs as flat as you can on the bat mat. Start to lift your heads up, looking at your stomachs. The lower the left leg is the more challenging this becomes. Switch legs, switch arms, left hand, left ankle, part of a coordination exercise, switch arms, switch legs, right hand writing ankle so it's outside hand on the ankle and switch.

Scoop your navels in and switch. Reach that extended leg out. Squeeze in your bottom and switch. Reach, switch, reach. If your next get tired, just put the heads down, but continue with the arms and legs and switch. Key, continue and scoop. Don't forget the scoop. Navel to spine and switch and switch and switch both knees and drop your heads. Okay. Going into a breathing exercise. Also part of your series of five stomach series in your Palati stance.

Heels together, toes apart here too. You can either hold onto your thighs or your ankles. You're going to begin to lift your heads, looking at your stomachs called the double leg stretch. Arms will go up. Take a nice deep breath in. Just the arms. Circle your arms around. Exhale, grab onto your ankles. Inhale, arms, legs, sorry. Arms Up, circle the arms, grab onto the ankles or the thought. One more time, just the arms up. Reach back. Exhale, scoop now at your leg, so arms and legs are going to move at the same time. Deep breath in. Exhale, bring it back together and he'll reach out. Long exhale, reach for the ceiling. Reach for your ears. Way back there, and exhale.

Now a little bit quicker. Deep breath in, and exhale. Keep your chins gaze at your tummies. Exhale, don't go outside of your peripheral with your arms. Exhale, two more. Inhale and exhale. Last one. Nice. Deep breath in, and exhale. Drop your heads, drop your feet. Okay. Again, at any point your next guitar, just put them down. Continue with the arms and legs, right Lakos up.

You can walk your hands up as high as you can. On the lake. The goal being the ankle. Left leg goes out. Your head can come up. Shoulders drop, pulse, the right leg towards you. Two Times. Pool Pool, not letting your tailbones pop up. Keep those tailbones down. Pull, pull and scissor. Your legs, pull, pull and switch. Pull, pull. The real pool is into your powerhouse. Scoop, scoop, and scoop. Scoop. So the arms stay soft. You're not yanking the leg. Pull, pull and switch. Pull, pull. Keep going. Scoop, scoop.

Push your shoulders down. Ask now going a little bit quicker. Pool, full scope. Scope. Let me see a really deep scoop. Scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop. One more set to each side, right, right, left, left, and bend your knees. Drop your heads. Place your feet down if you want. Okay. Hands this time. Go behind your heads. Both knees come back in. You're going to start to take your legs up. The straighter, the better.

If you don't have that flexibility, it's okay. If they're bent. You got to start to lift your head. Go ahead and bring your elbows in around that. You're trying to get, just the tips of the shoulders should be on the mat, so not too high, but not so low that your shoulders are touching. And now try to straighten the legs as much as you can. Lower the legs just about two to three inches, not so low and come back up to 90 degrees and little bit down and up.

Lower back, lower powerhouse up. Push your shoulder blades down. Sorry. That's it. And Five, three more. You can't all the way to 90 degrees though. A little bit higher. Mark up last one. And uh, bend your knees going into your Chris Cross to finish.

When leg goes out, go ahead and take one leg out and you tap the knee. Stretch this leg out long and lift that shoulder way up off the mat. So left shoulder should be way up and switch. Hold, hold, hold, switch. Make sure your hips don't roll with you and switch to keep your hips still and switch that shoulder away up and try to bring your knee and there you go. And sweat. Try to tap the knee way over here. Yes.

And switch. Hold for three counts and one hold. One, two, three and switch. Hold one, two, three, switch. Keep your extended leg fairly high so you keep that powerhouse and switch old. One, two, three. Now three fast switch. One, one, two. Keep scooping to last set three and three Ed. Rest. Alright, and have you guys go into your spine, stretch forward so you'll set up.

Your feet are apart and flexed. You want to try to sit right on top of your hips. Again, if you don't have that flexibility, your knees may ven, but just it's more about your back staying tall. You want to squeeze your bottoms, take a nice deep breath in and start to exhale. Rounding down, think of the crown of your head going to the met. Go as low as you can. If you need to bend your knees, you can keep scooping your tummies in and then sit up tall, articulating one vertical, Rebecca on top of the head and squeeze your bottoms. Grow Tall. Exhale round over, kind of like you're rounding over and Imaginary Beach Ball. Shoulders are down, no shoulder, shoulders come back up tall. And now a little bit quicker.

Pinch your bottoms and exhale. Flex your feet. That's it. Really good scope. And come back up tall, do more. Nice deep breath in. And exhale round, back down. Shoulders are down. Still squeeze in your bottoms. Flex, flex, flex those feet. Come back up. Last one. Nice. Deep breath in.

And exhale, rounding over. So it's not a flat that want, yes, scooping shoulders, dropped, feet flexed, and then come back up and rushed or arms going to go into your open leg rocker stretch. So you start with your knees bent and your feet are together. You can take your hands inside your legs, hold onto your ankles, and you want to kind of round your backs kind of back in that secret again. So your heads are relaxed, shoulders, your leg, and you just want to try to find your balance here. Kind of balancing on your sitz bones. Going to take one leg up and just give it a stretch. And then rest left leg up and stretch.

Now you're going to try that together. So first the right leg goes up, then the left leg goes up. You hold it. Bring your heels together, open and rest. Place your feet down. Do that one more time. Find your balance right leg. Just go to where you can. May Not straighten all the way. It may just stay bent and rest left like rest. Right, left, closed, open and drop the feet. Alright. Take your hands outside of the legs. Put them back underneath your calves and open up your feet.

Going into the actual open like rocker. You drop your head. Find your balance. We'll start with bent knees. Just like rolling like a ball. You're kind of in a tabletop position with your legs and you'll inhale the go back. Exhale, come up to balance. Sit Up Tall, find your seeker and he'll go back right through the center. Come back up. Sit up tall. Now if you want to add chat a challenge here, the straighter the legs are, the harder this becomes.

Find your seeker and inhale, take it back. Exhale around, up. Lift your back. Open your chest not too wide with the legs and c curve to go back. See curve to come up. So keep your head down. So the weight of your head doesn't take you back. Now lift your back up. C curve. So Chin tucks. Go ahead and bend your knees.

Come on up with Benton. He's hold it. So don't worry about the legs yet. And two more. See a curve. Take it back. C curve to come up. The higher the hands. So in other words, if you're holding onto your ankles, the harder this becomes. And C curve. Last one. Inhale, go back, hold onto those ankles. If you're there already, come all the way up. Bounce. And for those of you who are up, close your feet, walk down your legs and lie onto your backs. Go ahead and bend your knees for just a moment and arrest.

Okay. Going into your corkscrews and you'll take your legs back up to 90 degrees. Keep the back of your next lengthening. So 90 degrees would be there for you. [inaudible] all right, very little movements. Keep like zip up the legs like one long leg. You're going to circle them to the right around and center as you're moving left around center. Don't let your hips move. Very small movements and left and center.

The bigger the movement, the harder they become. So be very conscious of what your shoulders are doing or next. You don't want them tensing and your backs. Don't let your tailbone move around. Keep that tail mow flat and your hips. Don't let them move and center. Drop your case a little bit and around and center last one and you know, bend your knees and give yourselves as stretched by holding onto the back of your thighs. That's a great side strengthening exercise as well as lower back.

Go ahead and set up feet flexed again, arms out to the side, getting set up for your saw. You're trying to sit right on top of your hips. You have to bend your knees to do that. Then that's what you do. You're going to turn to the right. Take your pink skin. Try to reach for that little toe as you reach. Don't fall over to that right hip. Keep pulling your left hip back.

Come back up. Center yourself back out. Turn to the left as you reach. Don't let your feet shift. Keep them very still. Scoop in. Come up and Sandra and turn and stretch those goes to the knee and up in center and turn. Flex your feet up and center and one more set to the right.

Reach. Shoulders relaxed, scooping. Come on up. Center. Last one to the left. Stretch. Flex, flex, flex. Squeeze your bottom. There you go. And up and center. Restor arms are going to have you turn over and lie onto your stomachs.

Yes. All right, getting ready for a little neck roll exercise. I'm going to first have you start with your elbows at your side, palms kind of underneath your shoulders in your foreheads down. Try to keep your heels together here and it's just a little hovering exercise. I'll have you first lift your heads up off the mat, then your chest and then both hands. Try to lift them off the mat and just hold that for about three counts. One, two, lifting your ribs up. Three powerhouse and exhale, go ahead and arrest and head.

Just palms whole. Now try to come up a little bit higher. Two, three and come back down one more time. Head, chest, palms. Keep the back of your next long by dropping your forehead. So your next a really long lift. Lift, lift really high and rest this time keep your hands on the mat. Getting room set up for your neck roll. You'll push into your palms, come up as high as you can. If it's just to the elbows, that's fine, but lift your ribs up. So get those tummies up. Shoulders are down. Look to the right. Roll your heads down, massaging the neck. Look left. Look Center. Now look left.

Roll your heads down around to the right look. Center. Lie Back Down. Okay. Come up onto your elbows this time. Make a fist with each hand. Lift your stomachs up, your ribs up. Drop your shoulder so you squeeze your bottoms. You kind of push your hips down and take your right heel and kick your bottom two times. Kick kick. And as you're kicking don't let your backs collapse.

So keep those tummies leg lifted and left. Kick, kick, kick, kick, left kick, kick, right kick. [inaudible] left kick, kick keeps scooping and right kick, kick, left, kick, kick. And that's enough. Go ahead and lie back onto your stomach. Stick your hands behind your backs, clasp your fingers together. Are Your hands together so you're not actually locking the fingers. You're just kinda holding your hands.

You slide your hands up as high as you can towards your shoulder blades and drop your elbows. If it's too hard on the shoulders, just keep your arms down at your side. This time turn your heads. You're going to take your feet, keep the heels together and kick your bottom three times. One, two, three. Drop the feet and then lift your head straight and your next out and try to touch your heel. So you're stretching back so your feet are down. You're holding it for three counts, two, three and then switched cheeks, both feet. Kick your bottom three times and kick one so your heads are down. Turn your head to three, drop your feet and then take your hands stretch back.

Lengthen the back of your neck so your foreheads are down and hold. Switch cheek. So you turn your head and kick one, two, three. Drop your feet and reach for the heels. Stretch back as far back as you can. Lift your ribs and switch, switch cheeks and last kick one, two, three and reach for the heels and hold. That's it. And enough, go ahead and sit on your heels giving your backs a stretch.

Alright, I'm going to have you guys sit back on your bottoms. Same way you started facing, you'll face the same direction. This time your feet are hip width apart. Once again, you're going to hold onto the back of the thighs like you did earlier and round into your seekers. Want you to round as far back as you can articulating your spine so you can roll all the way down. As long as your feet don't move. You'll lie all the way down and rest. Take a nice deep breath in.

Reach for your thighs. Try not to grab onto them, but if you need to use them so that your feet don't move. That's what you do. Come on up. Then sit as tall as you can. Take your hands behind your head, bring your [inaudible] elbows in to start and begin to round back down. It's a lot more challenging without the arms. So if this is too hard, reach for those sites.

Rest and nice deep breath in. Peel one vertebra off the mat. If your feet move, that means you need to hold onto your thighs and you'll get much better workout. You'll get deeper if you're not forcing and then sit up tall and begin to round back down. For those of you who have been doing this for awhile, you straighten your legs and flex your feet for more challenge. Got to keep squeezing your bottom. Deep breath in. Exhale, peel off that mat round over to the knees, flexing and sit up tall. Now you're going around, back down. Keep the elbows in and shoulders down. Soon as your head touch the mat, you'll come back up and push your heels out around Uber.

Sit up tall. Feet shouldn't be wider than your hips. Curl your chains to your chest. Lie Back Down, squeeze your bottom, Tuck your hips and deep breath in. Exhale all the way over to really rounding into yourself. Sit up tall and around, back down, shoulders down. [inaudible] and flexed. Last one and deep breath in. And exhale, peel off that mat. Push your heels out, sit up tall, curl your chins to your chest and start to lie back down.

Once you are all the way down, stay down [inaudible] lie on your left side. Setting up for some leg kicks. You want to line yourselves up with the back of the mat hip on top of hip. So from shoulder to hip, you're in one straight line. Swing your legs forward so you're in a kind of a v or a boomerang position. Yes. Good.

Keeping those hips right on top of each other. Your right hand can be in front of you for support. You're up on your elbow or you can lie flat with your arm. Straight up. If you have any problems with your neck or shoulders and then it feels better.

All right, you're going to begin with that right leg up about hip level slightly. Rotate your knee towards the ceiling. Keep your gaze forward to your neck is long and swing your leg forward as you swing that leg forward. Don't let your hips go with you. Swing the leg back about two to three inches, so not too far. Swing it up, swing it back in. Add two kicks. The first one's a little one, and then a big one front. And then back and kick. Kick keeping your upper body still and kick, kick and back. So powerhouse stays solid and kick, kick back. Rest your head on your palm or all the way down so you're not straining your neck and kick. Kick and back to more.

Keeping your tummies solid, pulling them in. And last one, kick kick and back leg on top of leg rest. Getting set up for the and downs. You'll take that right leg up, hip level, rotate it out a little bit, and then you're going to take that leg up, lower it down. And as it comes down, squeeze your bottom, pinching the inner thighs and reach that right like out of the hip. Lengthening it down and lengthen the leg so it's a stretch up. Knees are soft so you don't want to lock those knees and bring it down. Feel your bottom.

Squeeze navels Po and chew more up and reach. Squeeze right in here and reach, reach, reach, and rest your legs. All right. Take your leg up, hip level again, going into circles. You're going to circle that leg down, around and up. Five Times hip hop on top of hip. Two, three, four, five. Reverse your circles. And one, two you'll listen. Three, four and five rest your legs.

Flip over to your stomach's getting set up for your transition beats. So palm on top of pump, forehead on your hands. So you're actually in. Put your forehead on top of your hand. So palm on top of the pump. Yes, legs are long. Think of your legs reaching out of the hips to the back room. Okay.

And then you'll begin to lift the feet off the mat. Your knees will actually come off the mat and you're going to kick out. Excuse me, Clap your heels together for 20 counts. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and 10 left. And one, two, three, four. Drop your head. Six, seven, eight, nine and 10 that's enough. You'll lie onto the other side. So you're on your right side. Now with the left leg on top, hip on top of hip. Swing your legs forward. Get your alignment so you should be right in line with that mat.

Hip to shoulder. You can check by taking your back arm behind you to follow the line of the Mat. Move your shoulders back a little. Good. Alright, keep your gaze forward. Shoulder back. Take that left leg up. Hip level. Rotate your knees slightly to the ceiling so you're kind of turned out and go head and right. Go into the kick kick. Front two kicks forward. Swing it back, kick, kick front. Swing it bad and bring this leg forward.

Kick, kick and back. Kick. Kick your bottom leg relaxed, kick, kick and back. Now two kicks. Front kick back to mark. Kick, kick. Keep those ribs together. Last one, kick, kick and back. Rest your legs on top of each other. Careful not to tense your knees on this. Keep the tension of your knees.

Keep, keep it in your powerhouse. So use your bottoms. Take your left leg up, hip level. Now you can go into your up and down and you'll take your leg up towards the ceiling. Come right back down, heel to heel and up. Think of that left leg growing longer so it's not just up and down. It's all about that resistance up and squeeze me down. Squeeze. There you go. So don't just lower it down. Soft feet.

That's it. And up. It's not just up and down. It's a resistance coming down, so I should see resistance bringing that down, up and resisted. Now stay out of the knee. Same thing. Good. Much better. Last one, up. Soft, knees and rest. Okay. It's very hard not to get into your knees. All right, take your left leg back up about hip level. Going into those circles. Think of brushing the knees together. One south feet to five times three, four, five. Keep your upper body still reverse the circles to brush your knees together.

Three, four, that's it. And five rest. Okay. You'll feel you should feel burned in your hips. Lie Onto your back. Getting ready for your teasers. We'll just go into a single leg teaser. So I'll have you start with your knees bent and slide your feet forward pretty far forward to your knees aren't crunching and glue your feet together. Knees are bent, and now you're going to take your right leg out, but keep your knees glued together right. Take your arms up to 90 degrees so you're in kind of an imaginary window.

You can see your window. You don't want your arm to go outside of that window. You're going to slowly start to lift your head and around up to your toes. Come up to where you can without that left foot moving. So the higher you go, obviously the harder this McCombs. Now lift your arms to the ears and start to articulate the movement to lie back down. So you don't want to just collapse and fall. You're controlling the movement.

Two more nice deep breath and peel off that mat. So curl your Chins, drop your shoulders, reach for your toes, reach for the ears, and control the movement to come down. That's it. Last one, keeping your feet soft, round up. That's it. Pulling in very good. Reach for the ears and start to lie back down one vertebra at a time and drop your right foot switching side. So left leg will come up. The knees stay together the whole time.

You don't want them to move and exhale to come up. Follow that center line. Make sure you don't hinge or tilt as you're moving this to try to keep your shoulders up with your hips, following your midline as you round down, arms behind you and exhale. That's it. Not No momentum to come up. Reach up for the ceiling where your ears and then kind of control that movement to come back down. Last one.

Nice deep breath in and exhale, reach for the toes. Reach for your ears and float down. Making this look effortless and drop your feet. Go ahead and sit up or have you finished with a little rolling going into your seals. You'll hold on to the inside of the ankles so your hands are inside the legs holding onto the ankles. That's too much. Just hold onto your thighs.

You'll find your balance. Your heads are down, shoulders, you're down. Tammy's are scoop, just begin by role. You'll roll to the tips of the shoulders and then you're going to try to come back up and find your balance. Staying grounded the whole time and go back. Inhale, exhale and come up as you exhale. Pull into your stomachs. One more time. Like that. Inhale back. Exhale, come up.

Now you're going to add on the clap. He owes clap three times. One, two, three. You roll back, clap three times to come up. One, two, three, before you come up. And this is where it gets tricky and head stay down. So keep your gaze on your tummies. One, two, three with the heels. Go back. And one, two, three, up. One, two, three, back, one, two, three up. Keep your gaze down. So think of your gay staying on your navel as you're moving. So the weight of your head doesn't take you back. That's it. And one, two, three back or one, two, three, up, two more. One, two, three.

Back. One, two, three, up. Last one, one, two, three, back. And one, two, three. Come on up. Place your feet down and just go ahead and straight your legs and a reach for your toes. Just however you'd like to stretch. All right, and have you guys stand up. You can face me, but you'll stay on your math. Have you do a little push up, heels together, toes apart. You're in your plotty stance. You want your thighs rapping, so you squeeze your bottoms. Kind of wrap those thighs around so the inner thighs are working. Take both arms up and then you're going to walk down your legs.

Walk out into a pushup position. If this is hard on the shoulders, just stay in the pushup position, but don't actually do the pushups. Heels up as high as you can and one straight line. You're going to try to glue your elbows to your ribs so you bend your elbows, load the body, and then come back up and bend your elbows just a bit and then come back up. Just keep this filled up. Scoop, scoop, scoop, and three, two more if you can, and up and last one and up. Walk back to your feet.

They don't have to be big pushups. That can just be a little bit down and then back up. As you round up, make sure your hips stay on top of your ankle. So shift your weight forward. There you go. And take both arms up. Last set. Walk down, walk out. He's gonna also be done on the knees. One straight line and elbows n and three times. And Tommy's lifted two and three.

Go ahead and walk back. You can either stretch back, walk back. Yeah. As you round up, shift your weight to your toes. Keep those hips on top of your ankles more on your toes. That's it. Soft knees, both arms straight up. Come up to the toes, take a nice deep breath in and exhale. Drop to a flat foot. Drop your arms to the side, shake yourselves out. You are all done.

Good job. Yes. How far apart are the, it's really two fingers apart. Two fingers apart, so when you're in a hundred the feet are only about two inches apart. Okay. Yeah. Great. Thanks. It's supposed to be, yeah, I find myself hyper rotating. Yeah. Yeah. Especially in that way. It's, yeah. You don't have to use this good.


Good stuff!
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Love this class! Thank you!
Great class with side-leg series at 28 minutes
Thank you this was a fun group to work with. Glad you enjoyed!
Nice and focused. Enjoyed it very much. Namaste
I enjoyed the class; good flow...thank you 

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