Class #3211

Towel Mat Workout

45 min - Class


Lengthen the back of your neck with this Towel Mat workout by Blossom Leilani Crawford. Her class is inspired by a head lift that her mentor, Kathy Grant used to teach. She includes a mixture of creative variations and traditional exercises so you can find new ways to challenge your body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Towel


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Very creative class. I love knowing a simply bath towel can and should be used as tool. My cycling clients will appreciated these exercises. I also connected to Blossom's personality.
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Every time I take your classes I cannot wait to teach. Thank you, Blossom! Your teaching is a gift to all of us. You are so beautiful and this was so much FUN!
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Loved this and especially liked all of the foot/arch stretching in addition to everything else.
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Loved this! So yummy! Thank you, Blossom!
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Beautiful class!!!!! thank you very much, from Spain!!!!
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excelente clase
Love, love, loved it!!!
What a Super class with the towel....very invigorating and effective for the total body especially the core and neck. Felt Great!! Thank you Blossom.
Love that
Great class and fun!
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